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Daily Steals Hosting “Last Call” Sale on Motorola XOOM WiFi, Grab it for Only $240

The popular deals-site Daily Steals, is looking to clear out their inventory of Motorola 32GB XOOM WiFi tablets with their newest “Last Call” sale. The tabs only run $240, but are factory re-certified and come with a 90 day warranty for anyone who is wary of buying “used” tech items. As we always say, the XOOM is the OG Android tablet -being the first pure Google Experience tab on the market, the XOOM has a very healthy developer community and is also kept up quite well by Google themselves. For this price, I don’t think you’re going to see a better deal.

Via: Daily Steals

Cheers Justin!

  • CoryMichael

    The Xoom write up on the Daily Steals page is pretty funny.

  • LewisSD

    For the Xoom wifi + 3g could you simply pop in the tmobile sim card and be connected? Or do you need to change something on your plan to get it to work with this device???

  • LewisSD

    Just bought it!!! I have been waiting for a deal like this to pop up. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

  • ….just got three. damn you impulse buys!!!

    • LewisSD

      3!!!! Damn, what would you possible need 3 xooms for? and yes damn impulse buy because i also bought one lol

      • one for le me. one for le gf. and one for le friend who decided to have an impulse buy with me. still not sure why i want it, or what i’m going to do with it….

  • Worst. display. ever. Get an old galaxy tab instead.

  • are these 2 tablets that are on daily steels pretty much the same except for unlocked 3G?
    i am looking for my 1st tablet.. would this be a good bet? i dont think i would need the 3G .. i would prob only be using it at home or office..

    • Josh Groff

      It’s always good to have the 3G just in case you decide you want it, but if you know you won’t need it, they are the same besides that.

  • EricRees

    I bought my XOOM Moto refurbished and never had any problem. Love that guy to death.

  • gs

    Thinking about jumping on this…not having the fastest processor or best screen isn’t a big deal. Just looking for something to replace my nook color. Any major negatives to the Xoom? I vaguely remember something weird about the sd card?

    • bakdroid

      SD card is read only from the tablet.

      • gs

        even with a custom rom?

        • EricRees

          It can be write only with the right fixes. I’ve had a 32GB card in mine since I’ve got it.

          • gs

            I assume you mean r/w…write only would suck even worse. 🙂

  • James_Kernicky

    1Saleaday.com has it for $320 shipped new

    • motrain

      I would prefer new, is this still a good tab for the money? There is an official update to ICS right?

      • EricRees

        Yes, there’s an official update but also the largest dev community being that it’s the Google Experience tablet.

  • steve0617

    Specs say: GSM 850/900/1800/1900

    Would that then run on TMob’s HSPA+ ( since the 1900 band is the same ( http://goo.gl/JQjoz )? Or only Edge?

    • bakdroid

      Wrong info. This is the wifi only one.

      • steve0617

        You’re right. Should have mentioned I was asking about the 3G one Daily Steals is also selling – ” Motorola XOOM 10.1″ 32GB WiFi+3G GSM Unlocked Android Honeycomb Tablet” for $270. That’s what I was asking about.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Love my Xoom wifi.

  • Teng Taing

    I love my wifi Xoom. EOS rom’d and virtually unbrickable. The only negative is, its a little on the heavy side and the screen isnt the greates but build quality feels excellent

  • picaso86

    I want something that is ten inches long from Google!

    • JSIN

      inch envy

  • gadgetryan

    Did you see the Other zoom. 32gb, wifi/unlocked for $270..If i didnt pick up a Galaxy note I would grab this one!!

  • ocdtrekkie

    Half tempted to buy the Wi-Fi version just to finally actually get ICS. (Thanks Verizon for the screw!)

    • Seriously, I was the biggest anti-ROM fanatic out there – until I put AOKP on my Xoom LTE. Its seriously worth it.

      With Hide My Root – you don’t miss any of the functionality in the google play store and all of the hardware features are supported.

      And it FLIES…

  • I’ve had the Xoom 4G since it came out in Feb of last year as the Xoom 3G. It was getting old until I finally bit the bullet and installed AOKP on it.

    ICS makes the Xoom FLY. It also turns it into the tablet experience that we were all waiting for.

  • MotoRulz

    I have had the Wi Fi Xoom since day one and have only fallen deeper in love with it since ICS…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    No thanks. With the Nexus Tablet right around the corner I see a better way to spend my 240$ . . .

    • htowngtr

      Good idea in principle, but I wonder just how long you might be waiting. Could be months and even then it’s 7″, not 10.1.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I always thought 10.1 was too big… 7inches is definitely more my size… well 7.7. And i’d take better performance from better internals with this years hardware for the same price.

        • I feel the same way, my mom got an iPad from her bosses a few years ago as a christmas present, and every time i use the device I feel like I’m holding a cookie sheet. I’d much rather have a 7-8.5″ tablet rather than a 9.7″+ tablet.

          • hkklife

            I’m stuck in the middle between screen sizes, actually. I first had an Archos 101 (a joke) and then a Viewsonic G-Tablet (what a disaster) and then went to a rooted Nook Color. I then upgraded to a 7″Galaxy Tab so I could get BT & Cameras. Then I went to a combo of an Acer Iconia A500 and later a 7″ Evo View 4G. 10.1″ is definitely too large for travel but it’s perfect for use around the house.
            I love the Evo View/Flyer formfactor but 7″ and 1024×600 are still a tad small for my tastes, especially with onscreen buttons gobbline precious extra pixels. I personally think the 7.7″ Galaxy Tab on VZW (why no wi-fi!?) or the 8.2″ Moto Xyboard are almost the perfect in-between sizes.
            I also find the 4:3 8″ formfactor such as the Vizio Tablet or Archos G8 intriguing but there are no really high-quality alternatives in that size, especially running ICS.

        • RedPandaAlex

          I just don’t see the point of a 7-inch tablet if you already have a 4-5-inch smartphone. I think 7 inch tablets are great for those who don’t have smartphones, but it just doesn’t seem to have much more utility for those that do.

        • LewisSD

          Thats what she said…. Sorry I couldn’t resist!

    • Usually, I’d be with you, but Google seems to be taking their time on this one. I don’t see a Nexus tablet coming out until the fall, and even then, it’ll probably b late in the fall. I’d like to have a tablet through the summer.

      • LewisSD

        Amen to that!