Motorola Sending Invites Out for Possible XOOM WiFi Jelly Bean Fixer Update

Motorola’s Feedback Network has begun to send out friendly invites to members of their community. The invites are for owners of the Motorola XOOM WiFi that recently received the official Jelly Bean update. Since it hasn’t been too long since that update rolled out to owners, we are assuming that this is just a minor update and it is to fix any possible bugs that went out with Jelly Bean.  (more…)

Factory Re-Certified Motorola XOOM WiFi Just $230 Through Daily Steals

The one and only Motorola XOOM WiFi tablet is on sale through Daily Steals for $230. The tablet is factory re-certified, but at this price, it might be perfect for those wishing Google would release a 10-inch Nexus tablet. Since the XOOM WiFi has received Jelly Bean, it is still the only 10-inch tablet in the world running an official Jelly Bean build from Google. Awesome, right?

Long live the XOOM.


Cheers Inspector Butters and Cory!

Motorola XOOM Speaker Dock on Woot for Just $20

If you still don’t own an official speaker dock from Motorola for your XOOM tablet, then this is the time to do it. For just $20, you can pick up the black classy dock for your 10.1″ slate that runs the almighty Jelly Bean (if you own the WiFi version). We can’t see it becoming much cheaper than this until the day they start just giving them away, so if you’ve been looking, here you go.


Cheers Jeremy!

XOOM WiFi Receiving Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 Build JRO03H, Here is the Changelog (Updated)

From what we understand, the XOOM WiFi Jelly Bean update hasn’t started rolling out just yet, but once it does, it should be Android 4.1.1 build JRO03H. That is a slightly newer version of JB than even the Nexus 7 has, even though it was updated to JRO03D a little over a week ago. Other than numbers though, this newer build probably won’t contain anything that we haven’t already seen. The biggest difference here is that it is the first 10″ tablet to receive Jelly Bean. We finally get to see the full tablet experience of Android 4.1, rather than the portrait style that the Nexus 7 has.

Members of Motorola’s Feedback Network will receive the update first. Once they have had it for a few days and no one is hurt in the process, it should be made available to the public.

Update:  There are reports floating around the internet that the update has been delayed. Actually, it was delayed some time last night and still hasn’t started. As soon as it does, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Soak Test for Motorola XOOM WiFi Update Starts Today, Still Assuming It’s Jelly Bean

Remember that soak test for the Motorola XOOM WiFi that we told you was on the way? It’s pushing to devices this evening and is more than likely Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). Assuming the test goes off without a hitch, it shouldn’t be long before it rolls out to everyone with this WiFi version of the world’s first Honeycomb tablet.   (more…)