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Five Months Ago Today the Galaxy Nexus was Released on Verizon, It Hasn’t Been Updated Since

If anyone told you back on December 15, the day the Galaxy Nexus was released on Verizon, that it wouldn’t receive another update for at least 5 months, would you have believed them? I wouldn’t have. But that’s where we stand now that it is May 15. The G-Nex, as we like to call it around these parts, was bumped up to Android 4.0.2 on release day and hasn’t budged since.

Two different and “official” Android 4.0.4 updates have leaked, along with an Android engineer pointing out that carriers may be to blame for the slowness, but none of it matters. Here we are with a “Nexus” that feels more like a skinned mess of a phone at times, supported directly from an OEM or better yet, the carrier. Is this a Nexus? Yeah, it essentially is. However, if your definition is that a Nexus should receive timely (or before anyone else) updates and be supported by AOSP “officially” from Google, then the line has been blurred. 

Who is to blame for the lack of support? Your finger can be pointed in a variety of directions. The Android team has been able to push updates to every other Nexus on the planet other than the Verizon variant of the G-Nex, so I think you have one option there. Verizon’s call centers (at least according to our readers), tend to point out that the update is coming from Samsung, so there is another culprit. And Samsung, well, they shouldn’t have anything to do with it since Google is producing the fully-stock software.

At this point, I don’t care who is to blame. It’s beyond all of that nonsense now. The problem here is that stock Android 4.0.2 is garbage. Hell, even Google knew that, having announced the day that the Verizon Nexus was released that Android 4.0.3 would be the new starting point. Dating all the way back to my week at CES, I can tell you that this software should have probably never been released to the public. My phone would reboot at least a dozen times a day while completing a normal task, the battery life was horrific, and at times, the mic would cut out during calls.

And yes, I know that custom ROMs are all the rage. I’m a part of that crowd. Love me a good ROM. However, not everyone bought this phone to make it their own custom Android playground. They bought it because it was stock Android, with zero bloatware (OK, almost zero), and most importantly, for the fact that it should receive updates more frequently than any other phone. So much for that last part.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Something told me to stay away from the Verizon nexus..switched to AT&T last year (I have LTE and great coverage) and haven’t regretted it once…love switching between my 4S and my one x

  • This doesn’t surprise me. Red sent me a survey & I wrote it like it is -bad-. Then a rep called me about it & when I re-called all I heard was a computer, so I said it figures my survey was correct & I told the boss of Red (computer) to have a nice day & hung up. So my advice is to really make sure what phone you really want before you buy it simply because your on your own & don’t forget where that money is going… (may not be much but I use the D3, the Xoom -bought for $344-wifi- & my windows 7 prof.)
    Good Luck

  • I still find it crazy that the phones in the Verizon stores are all running 4.0.4 while we still have to wait for it to be pushed out.

  • interstellarmind

    God. I wish i could leave VZW, but I’m stuck with their sweet unlimited data. But because of BS like this, I’m on my eay out, VZW. Next quad core beast from HTC or Samsung comes out, and if it’s stock, I”m jumping ship. FU VZW.

  • If Google became their own carrier by buying Verizon I would be happy!

  • D Myers

    ya know, no matter who you blame for this, personally I am holding it against Verizon. Right or wrong. I just know when I bought this phone I KNEW it had radio issues and I was under the impression there would be an update to address it. Honestly very close to being VERY done with Verizon. I do not want to have to provide my own tech support.

  • Daishi

    I must have a good phone then. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen my phone spontaneously reboot since my purchase on day 1.

  • roger

    Root. AOKP with 4.0.4 and all the trimmings. What is everyone doing stock?

  • I am new here I always thought the droid phones would receive the fastest updates- well at least for verizon

  • Towelie420

    Kellex, thank you for this.

    I’m rooted and ROMed, and running android 4.0.4. But I still find it unacceptable that this phone hasn’t been updated.

    If you’re reading this, please email Verizon, or call them, and tell them how shameful this is. And that there is absolutely no excuse for this.

  • I have a feeling that most people that own a G Nex have a different rom on it by now.

  • Next time around I am just going to switch to AT&T and take my five lines with me. Sick of Verizon and their outdated update process. it is truly a joke.

    • Tim242

      Haha at&t just blamed update delays on Google. They have no clue. Go to at&t…you will be sorry.

  • Troubled_Asian

    Kellex, you are exactly right. I really don’t know who to be pissed at. So I think I’m a little ticked at all parties involved. However, I put most of the blame on Verizon.
    I expect so little from any new phone that Verizon gets, meaning, I pretty much accept the fact that any phone they get will suck in some way. They find a way to ruin every good prospective phone that they get their hands on. It’s unfortunate, because since my work pays for my phone and they are on Verizon, I’m pretty much stuck with them. Their service is good, but it’s not that good…

  • joe buck

    This phone will go down in history as the worst smart phone ever released,nice outside , all crap inside, speakers,camera, radios, just total crap

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Verizon GNex is a fake GNex or you can even call it an unsupported dev device much like the OG Droid was. AOSP ran fine on it but the updates still came from Moto/Verizon.

  • keepinitreal

    I bought the VZW GNex to have stock android updated in a timely fashion via an OTA update from Google. The GNex is my first smartphone. After this experience, I’ll be purchasing an iphone on either Sprint (or T-Mobile if they get the next iPhone). As far as I’m concerned, Google dropped the ball by not ensuring VZW would represent the Nexus line properly, and VZW dropped the ball by dragging its feet on the release and updates of the phone. I’m ready to be done with both of them.

    • Get the Nokia, When they had a software glitch they gave there customers a $100 credit on there bill and released the update to fix the problem 3 days ahead of the time they said it would be ready by.

      • keepinitreal

        You know what – I might just do that. All bets are off. I’m so pissed at VZW, and to a lesser extent Google, that my loyalty is up for grabs to whichever companies can convince me that my experience won’t need to degrade, or become less superior, while I own the phone. My next phone/carrier will be a well informed decision. That’s for sure. I regret buying the GNex on VZW.

        • LionStone

          Aw man, sounds like you picked a good carrier…but just picked a bad phone.

  • Life must go on keep using my GNEX till Android 5.0

  • thanks for reminding us fuzz nutts. I’m almost done with android just because of this. I want my phone to be a phone first. Having a phone that i can barely make calls on is not fun. I love to root/rom/mod too. But if i can’t make a call on it first and foremost then i don’t give a care about any roms.

  • Jarrod

    I have the unlocked gsm galaxy nexus running on t-mobile. Mine was updated over the air to 4.0.4. Since then, the phone is still pretty good, but the gps almost never gets signal. This never happened with 4.0.2. For those on Verizon, maybe you should be happy the upgrade hadsn’t come yet.

  • Jason

    I the heck it hasnt! updated mine 30 min ago! #AOKP b36 ….give me an unlocked bootloader and who cares about Verizon’s update?! I love my nexus

    • blackmagick20

      Wow…you can type, but you obviously can’t read. This article is discussing official updates…nice try, dingus.

  • jawtab

    my Droid X was more reliable that this “phone with a pretty screen”.

    just when you start to enjoy the screen, you realize the phone need to find it’s way to a charger and/or you get poor reception in more remote/indoor locations.

    It’s back to motorola for me. Solid build, great antennas, battery life that lasts forever. Use the phone and not be afraid it’s going to die from use! Not that’s a concept. And I’ll take that ugly android skin with horrible colors! bring it!

    I’m working on getting the Razr Maxx…. not going to wait for the Droid Razr HD/Fighter… will end up spending too much for another new phone.

    A good try Google/Samsung but FAIL.

    • bionicchimp

      Smart man moto wins big time not the pitiful pieces of plastic that Samsung religiously pumps out

  • dtraini30

    Hopefully this will cool you all down..

  • K

    The amazing Samsung Devices get the least amount of updates…always been the case … but they keep pushing new devices out.

  • I’m SOOOOOO ready for an update!!! WTF?! And now I’m having issues with phone connections (ie Nobody can hear me!) I have a love hate relationship with Verizon right now!!!

  • bionicchimp

    Hahahahaha is all i have to say all you gnex fanboys five months and no update my bionic is updated more frequently that is sad for your glorious nexus

    • kevinc

      yeah, but your updates kept your phone on android 2.3, where it has always been.

      maybe someday you’ll get to experience ICS, most like whenever you buy your next Moto phone

      • bionicchimp

        I would say that burnt but id rather have reliability than ics

    • Tim242

      Your Bionic is still on 2.3. We’re over the 4.0 mark. Your Bionic needs updated every few days. It was the worst smartphone released since the BB Storm.

      • bionicchimp

        You sir are the kind of fanboy i fight so hard to counteract “me and my super piece of flimsy plastic known as the gnex are awesome .” You sir are almost as bad as an apple fanboy

        • Tim242

          There is nothing flimsy about the Nexus. It survives drops better than my metal thunderbolt did. It doesn’t have a single scratch, or scuff mark. I dropped it face down in a toilet ugggh. But, didn’t hurt it one bit. This notion of cheap or flimsy plastic…that’s the fanboy talk.

          • bionicchimp

            I will stop this before it goes further you are entitled to your opinion as much as i am mine and do not wish to start a moto samsung flame war good day

          • Tim242

            I never said I hate Moto. They have some decent phones. Although, the bezels and corners need to be addressed. The Bionic, however, is utter crap. When they scrapped the original Bionic, they should have cut their losses. Releasing that mess 2 months before the Razr was just wrong on so many levels. I bought the Razr, but exchanged it for the Nexus. I just didn’t trust Motorola’s promise of unlocking the bootloader, and ICS in early 2012. Maybe Google will take care of that. Regardless of opinion, the Nexus is not cheap plastic. It is a well built phone. By the way, the Bionic is plastic as well : )

          • LionStone

            Come on Timmy, you know every time you swap a battery, that the back cover on your GN screams “cheap” and “flimsy”…and the front has a pretty fat bezel too.

          • Tim242

            The back cover is made to be flexible, so that it doesn’t break. When it is attached, it feels just fine.

  • AhsanS

    Razr MAXX > Galaxy Nexus IMO, especially when it gets 4.0.4

  • WTB a petition for big red to get their heads out of their arses and treat the nexus like a nexus.

  • SprintGuyzx1

    Same can be said for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. I just checked and found there has been one update that came out a few days ago (5/5/12) for minor bug fixes. No OS update.

  • AndrewNeo

    To be fair, there have barely been any updates to Android at all during this period. It’s not like we’ve missed out on 2.2 to 2.3 or something. The phones came with 4.0.2 and 4.0.4 is out.

  • Akuma

    My G-Nex has Android 4.0.2 and it has none of those problems. Everything runs excellently, and I don’t even power cycle all that often.

  • I don’t have the GNex. I have a Razr Maxx & Bionic. But I thought the MAIN reason that it was released was for a open Bootloader. With thousands of ROMS, Kernels and other things that can be done to the phone with DEV support. Who needs a Google/Samsung update?

    • kevinc

      umm, no. the gnex is first an foremost a consumer device.

      MOST gnex owners don’t unlock or root their phones.

      • Tim242

        Ummm no. First and foremost, it is a developer phone. Verizon pushes consumer phones, the Nexus they do not.

        • joe buck

          And where is one verizon rep that said to any custoner that it was a deveopers phone ? There are ten times more consumer purchased than developer.get over yourself

          • Tim242

            In case you have been under a rock, Verizon reps push consumers away from the Nexus. No signs, no banners, no ads, nothing! The Nexus is a hacker’s phone. Deal with it.

          • joe buck

            Wow you are so dense , you paid top dollar for a pretty screen with nothing but crap inside and you had to do all the work to make it right, and you worship it, are you really this crazy ? A person with an average IQ would have figured long ago that all they should have spent on this pos was about 50 bucks , never seen anyone this dense even kellex admitted it was crap, how can you not see it must be the rainbow thing

          • Tim242

            Kellex also said the entire Droid Brand is crap. I didn’t have to do anything to make my phone work right. It worked just fine. I root/rom to add features not found in stock ota’s.

      • joe buck

        Tim is not really in touch with reality

  • weapon x

    Five months ago, this website more than others encouraged, no, practically said that if you did not buy this phone, you were not only not a”true” Android fan, but a stupid consumer…now, you rant and [email protected] about the very phone you couldn’t get enough of?! F that, this is what you clamored for…what you couldn’t wait for, what you self proclaimed yourself Android royalty for….you spewed it like vomit..you couldn’t shut up about it…now eat it!

    • ive called it crap from the first one I had and now 5 gnexes later,,,, still garbage

      • Q

        5 phones? What are the odds of getting 5 bad devices?

        • joe buck

          all gnexuses are bad

          • Tim242

            Mine is perfect.

          • joe buck

            Doesnt seem like Kellex shares your thoughts, he pretty much said the gnex is crap

          • Tim242

            Yes, and a few days ago, he called the entire Droid brand, crap….on DROID-LIFE.COM! He is wishy-washy with his opinions. Are you new here? Do you ever read the articles, or just post crap?

          • I guess you never read anything,cause if you did you would see how many people agree with me about this pos nexus

          • Tim242

            There are a lot of bitch*y whiners that are never happy with any phone. I’m used to it by now.

          • LionStone

            Oh boy…a friend of mine was touting his GN too and then it proceeded to lose 4G and dropped down to 3G right before our eyes. 🙁

      • Chuckers

        Insanity – defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

    • blackmagick20

      THANK YOU very much! I definitely agree with your post 100%. That piece of junk was supposed to be the savior of all phones and the phone to end all other phones according to most people on here. It’s a lump of crappy plastic!

      • I agree its so sad that tim242 cant read, they are like blind sheep the way they worship that pos

    • Chuckers

      Way to bend the words. I’m really looking forward to your book release: “When dummies take paraphrasing to the extreme”

    • Troubled_Asian

      Seriously, calm down sir. It’s just a phone, and there is no reason to get your panties in a wad. Look, it’s not this site’s fault that Verizon is not keeping up it’s side of the bargain by not releasing the update(s). This phone very well could be all of the things people expected it to be, but not without carrier cooperation. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus apparently gets updates and is all that is supposed to be. Verizon sucks.

  • MttFrog13

    I completely agree with this post. Most carriers will give you and upgrade after 20-22 months. So basically 25% of this phone’s time in my pocket has gone by without an update that would make a pretty big difference in the phone. Besides some of the more complex issues people are having, I at least wish that the problem with the task switcher button lag was fixed as well as the long delay to rotate the screen.

  • daniel.archibald33

    Isnt it interesting how the Nexus has not recieved any official updates and…….yet the Droid RAZR has recieved many updates(albeit not ICS). All those who brag about the google device dont have much to brag about.

  • well i’m on my 5th and every one was worse than the one before, hell just yesterday,everytime I pressed the text message icon,something different loaded up, had to reboot, mic cuts out, etc etc, still to this day its the worse phone I have ever owned

  • Destroythanet

    IMHO, if you aren’t down to unlock the bootloader and root, you might as well not own an Android phone and stick with iOS. I, personally, couldn’t care less about OTAs as long as devs come up with awesome ROMs for the phone like AOKP or a number of others available for the G Nex.

    • we are all so happy for you, now sit down and shut up

      • Destroythanet

        LOFL, u mad bro? Learn how to use an Android phone, cuz rooting and ROMing is one of the huge advantages of this platform. It ain’t rocket science, chump. For most other people at least, haha

        • joe buck

          This phone is crap even kellex said it. Read the article again cause you seem to be a real dim wit

      • Destroythanet

        LOFL, u mad bro? Learn how to use an Android phone, cuz rooting and ROMing is one of the huge advantages of this platform. It ain’t rocket science, chump. For most other people at least, haha

  • 99 problems and an update ain’t one. Root for life, Nexus for life!

  • Trevor

    And 5 months from today, they might even release an accessory or two for the Nexus.

  • and everyone here said I was the only one that thought it should not have released , was a pos, or garbage as stated above

  • Sporttster

    Think I’m going T-Mobile the next phone I get. Tired of Verizon. Where’s ICS for the Razr? It needs it. They are so completely slooooow getting these updates out. I understand testing but sheesh….can’t testing happen in a month or two or does it take MONTHS?

  • Jack Daniels

    These comments are a welcome change for me. For the past 5 months, everyone has attacked me shouting that my Bionic(which works is flawless nowadays) sucks in comparison to the phone Jesus would carry(the GNex) and now it seem like all of u are actually sensible people that are admitting the GNex kinda sucks… Idk how it happened but thank you all for finally coming back down to earth and not sucking the nexus’ pp anymore.

    • Q

      Bionic does suck though. Had one prior to the GNex and it had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more issues that the GNex on 4.0.2 does. I think the issue with the GNex is people expected it to be flawless compared to phones like the Thunderbolt and Bionic. It turns out it’s still a smartphone. With that said, the GNex on 4.0.2 has been much better than my Droid X, Bionic, and Thundebolt were out of the box.

    • bionicchimp

      Man i agree bionic is just simply better than the gnex i find it to be more solid and guess what we’ve had an update in the past 5 months yay bionic and moto down with gnex fanboys

  • Sith77

    I got one better , the rezound has bee out for almost 8 months and ICS STIlL isn’t here . I hate Verizon

  • trigun123478

    I’m so angry at Verizon, I bought this phone thinking the updates would come straight from google. I thought Verizon could have no say in a nexus device. I want to leave them, but I know no other carrier will have better signal and lte. 🙁 the iPhone is the only phone they can’t have a say in anything. F Verizon.

  • I still love my G-Nex regardless. I hate Verizon’s take on updates but love the phone. Now to be fair, I did HAVE to purchase the extended battery and currently run the Gummy ROM, but my 13yr old son’s is still stock and he loves it, zero problems… I have no reason to switch to anything else, Period!

    • blackmagick20

      Explain to me why in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that a 13 year old would need a smart phone for ANY reason?!

      • Tim242

        Why do 8 year holds use computers? Kids grow up quicker these days. They are savvy.

  • Aside from 3g to 4g switching I haven’t had any of these problems. My phone has restarted on me roughly 4 times in 3 months. Never lose mic, and the stock battery was comparable to my Droid incredible.

  • ByeByeAndroid

    5 months ago, I elected to buy an iPhone instead of a Galaxy Nexus. I’ve had 2 updates in that time. I’m so glad I left Android behind after suffering through things like this for over two years!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Once again this is not surprising in the least. You all were warned that update status wouldn’t change just because it’s a nexus. Vzw are control freaks.

  • AS

    These update issues seem ripe for a creative attorney to turn into a class action.

  • realfoxm
  • Jim2468

    Great commentary, exactly on the money. I would bet on Verizon as the culprit, I think Verizon believes their network is so good than no one will leave, even if they don’t update their phones, though they are testing my patience severely.

    • Q

      Verizon network is so good. No way I’d give up unlimted 4G LTE to go to throttle-happy ATT or Sprint who doesnt even have any LTE markets stood up yet. I broke down and installed the IMM76 update myself and didnt even have to root or unlock the bootloader. Yea, It shouldnt be this way, but whatever…. Took me all of 20 minutes. If it comes down to having to install an update myself or jumping ship to a POS carrier… Screw it, I can find 20 mins of free time.. ill do the update myself.