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Five Months Ago Today the Galaxy Nexus was Released on Verizon, It Hasn’t Been Updated Since

If anyone told you back on December 15, the day the Galaxy Nexus was released on Verizon, that it wouldn’t receive another update for at least 5 months, would you have believed them? I wouldn’t have. But that’s where we stand now that it is May 15. The G-Nex, as we like to call it around these parts, was bumped up to Android 4.0.2 on release day and hasn’t budged since.

Two different and “official” Android 4.0.4 updates have leaked, along with an Android engineer pointing out that carriers may be to blame for the slowness, but none of it matters. Here we are with a “Nexus” that feels more like a skinned mess of a phone at times, supported directly from an OEM or better yet, the carrier. Is this a Nexus? Yeah, it essentially is. However, if your definition is that a Nexus should receive timely (or before anyone else) updates and be supported by AOSP “officially” from Google, then the line has been blurred. 

Who is to blame for the lack of support? Your finger can be pointed in a variety of directions. The Android team has been able to push updates to every other Nexus on the planet other than the Verizon variant of the G-Nex, so I think you have one option there. Verizon’s call centers (at least according to our readers), tend to point out that the update is coming from Samsung, so there is another culprit. And Samsung, well, they shouldn’t have anything to do with it since Google is producing the fully-stock software.

At this point, I don’t care who is to blame. It’s beyond all of that nonsense now. The problem here is that stock Android 4.0.2 is garbage. Hell, even Google knew that, having announced the day that the Verizon Nexus was released that Android 4.0.3 would be the new starting point. Dating all the way back to my week at CES, I can tell you that this software should have probably never been released to the public. My phone would reboot at least a dozen times a day while completing a normal task, the battery life was horrific, and at times, the mic would cut out during calls.

And yes, I know that custom ROMs are all the rage. I’m a part of that crowd. Love me a good ROM. However, not everyone bought this phone to make it their own custom Android playground. They bought it because it was stock Android, with zero bloatware (OK, almost zero), and most importantly, for the fact that it should receive updates more frequently than any other phone. So much for that last part.

  • Verizon and a true Pure Android device just don’t work together. Verizon made a deal with Google to install crap ware, “My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant”. Google caved because they needed there brand to get out to as many people as possible. But Google learned that this hurts the Pure Android “Nexus” brand, it will be the last time Google plays with Verizon like this. Anyone wanting a pure Android phone should stay away from Verizon.

  • Five Months Ago Today the Galaxy Nexus was Released on Verizon, It Hasn’t Been Updated Since*


  • dooooood

    Techsup just said 5/22 to moi.

  • Just got this from Verizon Wireless Customer service (wfmmwirt) after I kept pushing my complaint about the bugs and lack of an update in the last 5 months. Issues that have kept me from using my Galaxy Nexus for any calls that are important or serious. After a few emails back and forth they simply started blaming Samsung.

    “I have reviewed the previous emails and I know you are waiting a software
    update to fix a lot of the bugs that are on the device. I receive many emails
    like this and I wish that I had the ability to expedite the process on sending
    the update. Unfortunately, this update comes directly from Samsung. I know this
    information was provided from the previous representative but I would like to
    provide the direct number to Samsung so that you may receive even more
    information. Samsung can be reached by dialing 888-987-4357.”

  • Cefiar

    Meh. Verizon is further up the chain than Telstra (Australian carrier).

    On Telstra, the GNex still at 4.0.1. No OTA updates at all.

    Stupid carriers.

  • Yes, but…
    I recently traveled to Paris on vacation and, since the Galaxy Nexus won’t work there, I got a world phone from Verizon through their Global Travel Program. The two Android options available through the program (Droid 2 Global and Incredible 2) were all loaned out, so Verizon gave me and my partner LG Fathom Windows devices. Using them made me feel like a stroke victim who used to be able to perform a particular task (say, use a touchscreen, look up information on a webpage, or play Words with Friends). The only way to “turn off” data usage was to create settings that don’t work–there’s no off switch.
    The thing I missed most during the vacation, other than my pets, was my Galaxy Nexus. I missed it more than my car, more than my TiVos, more, even, than TV. It’s got it’s issues, yes, but I would gladly go two years with the current unupdated OS rather than switch to anything other than another Android 4.x phone.
    BTW, device manufacturers should be begging Verizon to use their best new devices for this program. What better way to get customers to switch device manufacturer or OS next time they get a new phone, than to loan clients the best, latest stuff? Giving us old devices made us think poorly of the makers of the device (LG), the OS the device was running (Windows Phone), and the provider (Verizon).

  • I know everyone has to start somewhere. I know enough about computers and phones to be dangerous, BUT where do I start? Is there a link or somewhere that I can look that will take me from step one to the final rooted GNEX? I would love to learn how to root my GNEX without bricking my phone, that way I can be part of the rooted community. Especially now with the information about the unlimited data plans being changed.

  • itswhip

    I’m soo tired of waiting. When I got the Dinc on its release I quickly became connected with the world of rooting and ROMs and kernels and such… but once CM7 came out, that was it. They perfected it and I had no more use for tinkering.
    I used that ROM on that phone until I got the Gnex (VZW v). To be honest, I got that phone for the pure Android experience. I didn’t feel like going through and learning how to root again, and testing out ROMS and kernels and doing 5 Nand restores a day. I thought GOOGLE would be PUSHING UPDATES to this phone.
    I’m seriously thinking of going to Verizon, telling them that they falsely advertised the device I bought, hence negating my contract. The only reason that I won’t is because I’ve been a VZW customer for 15 years (like they care–$30 upgrade fee??) and I have unlimited data at a fixed rate.
    It’s seriously so out of hand, and I should have known after the long wait for Gingerbread on the Dinc, but I figure “Nexus” IS GOOGLE’s phone, NOT Verizon’s and things would be different. In a world where change is the only constant, I suppose being the same is different.

  • Scott Holstein

    I live in a rural 3g only area. The signal strength in db on my gnex has been terrible from day one. I have held on and on and on hoping new radios would help, but none of them have. I resort back to my old DX2 because the signal in db beats the pants of the gnex. The camera does too. While I would rather have ICS than gingerbread, all operating systems suck when you can’t get a signal. The gnex playing second fiddle to the DX2? I would never have thought so, but if you live in a sub par signal area with no 4g service, it certainly does. I know people in strong signal areas who are completely satisfied with the phone. I have traveled to 4g areas and used it…it is amazing then…but for a daily driver where I live, it can’t compete with a DX2…unbelievable and not what I would expect form a “nexus.”

  • Happy VZW GNex Owner

    Rabble rabble rabble. You bought a phone on Verizon. Switch carriers. I heard that Sprint has a two Nexus phones and that they have Google Wallet and Google Voice integrated as intended. I personally love my GNex on Verizon, problems and all. When it updates and I get better battery life, great. Better signal, great. No reboots, great. My phone lasts for 17 hours on an extended battery. My signal issues are minimal. I plan ahead when I am going to be in a poor signal area and I change settings. Not hard. I understand what I bought and it was not Verizon’s unicorn. It had all of the features that I wanted on the network that I wanted it to be on. Get over your first world problems.

  • this is my last Verizon phone im gong back to ATT

    • Q

      Have fun being throttled.

  • edmicman

    My money is on no updates until Google IO, where they will push out Jellybean to the VZW Nexus.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    im running an aokp 4.0.4 and i STILL have 3g/4g handoff issues. I drove over a bridge that is a data dead zone yesterday and couldnt get my music streaming for about 5 minutes after that.

  • cherriza

    I will tell you my experience with the GNEX. Yes I am upset that it hasn’t gotten an update that’s one reason I waited for the GNEX because my OGDroid got updates quickly I thought this would be the same. I haven’t had the problems that most describe but I will tell you I bought an extra battery and my phone started rebooting and shutting off by itself and rebooting to the android screen like it was trying to install something. When I had my other battery in my phone worked fine. So I took the other battery in and made them replace it. They told me it couldn’t be the battery and ordered me a refurb phone along with replacing my battery. With the new battery I haven’t had any problems with my phone at all.

    It may be the battery.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Granted, it took three tries but since I got this third Nexus a couple of months ago (via Amazon), it’s been absolutely flawless on 4.0.2. I mean, completely and utterly issue free and I totally love it. I have zero interest in rooting/rom’ing, and I don’t think that’s a pre-requisite to owning this device either. In fact, that’s a silly concept, that’s it’s ok to accept faulty equipment because of the “developer’s phone” caveat. Puh-lease. Developer phone or not, the thing should be useful as a *gasp* phone… at the very least.
    Having owned two Nexuses with the signal issues, I know first hand how massively disappointing and frustrating the situation really is and I hope 4.0.4 shows up soon and actually addresses the problems for those that are still hanging in there.
    I still wonder though, that if the delay isn’t intentional to try and force as many devices with bad hardware out of the market through attrition because the software update is incapable of fixing the issues. So to lessen the impact of releasing an update that is perceived as not fixing anything, they are waiting for a certain percentage of faulty devices to be returned or exchanged before proceeding.
    Sounds a little extreme, but I could see this happening before anyone at Samsung admitting there was a problem with hardware. Everyone assumes software updates can fix anything, but what if they can’t?

  • Oldman_58

    If you want a stable incredible build look to BAMF… I have been running their ROM since the beginning all I can say is WOW… incredible work.

  • no

    My Thunderbolt still has no ics ……..

  • Darkseider

    Seems to me that Big Red is the culprit here. All the other G-Nex handsets out there on carriers all over the world are getting updated except for this one. Me thinks that Verizon sucks ass.

  • Dom Suppa

    and thats why I traded up to a Maxx. Firgured if i wasnt getting updates from google on gnex anyway, might as well have a better phone.

  • Magnus

    Its simple really…VZW will not release an update for the Galaxy Nexus until other devices on the network start getting ICS. Then magically the Nexus will get it…they do not want their skinned versions looking super far behind the Nexus.

    Sad really because with the new multiple Nexus thing and buy direct option ALL VZW customers are going to be screwed…here hoping for a AT&T promotion like bring your Unlimited Data Plan to us or something. Otherwise only options on VZW are going to be skinned “Droids” and the iPhone.

  • brando56894

    I understand the situation is different with the GNex since it should be getting updates frequently, but I’m in the same boat with my Rezound. I was told back in November that it would probably get updated to ICS within a month or two. Here it is 7 months later and IIRC not ONE update has been issued. Definitely no mention of ICS over half a year later. We know they’re working on it since we have 3 leaks and I’m currently running the latest one but 7 months with no update for any device is pretty damn ridiculous.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Something told me to stay away from the Verizon nexus..switched to AT&T last year (I have LTE and great coverage) and haven’t regretted it once…love switching between my 4S and my one x

  • This doesn’t surprise me. Red sent me a survey & I wrote it like it is -bad-. Then a rep called me about it & when I re-called all I heard was a computer, so I said it figures my survey was correct & I told the boss of Red (computer) to have a nice day & hung up. So my advice is to really make sure what phone you really want before you buy it simply because your on your own & don’t forget where that money is going… (may not be much but I use the D3, the Xoom -bought for $344-wifi- & my windows 7 prof.)
    Good Luck

  • I still find it crazy that the phones in the Verizon stores are all running 4.0.4 while we still have to wait for it to be pushed out.

  • interstellarmind

    God. I wish i could leave VZW, but I’m stuck with their sweet unlimited data. But because of BS like this, I’m on my eay out, VZW. Next quad core beast from HTC or Samsung comes out, and if it’s stock, I”m jumping ship. FU VZW.

  • If Google became their own carrier by buying Verizon I would be happy!

  • D Myers

    ya know, no matter who you blame for this, personally I am holding it against Verizon. Right or wrong. I just know when I bought this phone I KNEW it had radio issues and I was under the impression there would be an update to address it. Honestly very close to being VERY done with Verizon. I do not want to have to provide my own tech support.

  • Daishi

    I must have a good phone then. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen my phone spontaneously reboot since my purchase on day 1.

  • roger

    Root. AOKP with 4.0.4 and all the trimmings. What is everyone doing stock?

  • I am new here I always thought the droid phones would receive the fastest updates- well at least for verizon

  • Towelie420

    Kellex, thank you for this.

    I’m rooted and ROMed, and running android 4.0.4. But I still find it unacceptable that this phone hasn’t been updated.

    If you’re reading this, please email Verizon, or call them, and tell them how shameful this is. And that there is absolutely no excuse for this.

  • I have a feeling that most people that own a G Nex have a different rom on it by now.

  • Next time around I am just going to switch to AT&T and take my five lines with me. Sick of Verizon and their outdated update process. it is truly a joke.

    • Tim242

      Haha at&t just blamed update delays on Google. They have no clue. Go to at&t…you will be sorry.

  • Troubled_Asian

    Kellex, you are exactly right. I really don’t know who to be pissed at. So I think I’m a little ticked at all parties involved. However, I put most of the blame on Verizon.
    I expect so little from any new phone that Verizon gets, meaning, I pretty much accept the fact that any phone they get will suck in some way. They find a way to ruin every good prospective phone that they get their hands on. It’s unfortunate, because since my work pays for my phone and they are on Verizon, I’m pretty much stuck with them. Their service is good, but it’s not that good…

  • joe buck

    This phone will go down in history as the worst smart phone ever released,nice outside , all crap inside, speakers,camera, radios, just total crap

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Verizon GNex is a fake GNex or you can even call it an unsupported dev device much like the OG Droid was. AOSP ran fine on it but the updates still came from Moto/Verizon.

  • keepinitreal

    I bought the VZW GNex to have stock android updated in a timely fashion via an OTA update from Google. The GNex is my first smartphone. After this experience, I’ll be purchasing an iphone on either Sprint (or T-Mobile if they get the next iPhone). As far as I’m concerned, Google dropped the ball by not ensuring VZW would represent the Nexus line properly, and VZW dropped the ball by dragging its feet on the release and updates of the phone. I’m ready to be done with both of them.

    • Get the Nokia, When they had a software glitch they gave there customers a $100 credit on there bill and released the update to fix the problem 3 days ahead of the time they said it would be ready by.

      • keepinitreal

        You know what – I might just do that. All bets are off. I’m so pissed at VZW, and to a lesser extent Google, that my loyalty is up for grabs to whichever companies can convince me that my experience won’t need to degrade, or become less superior, while I own the phone. My next phone/carrier will be a well informed decision. That’s for sure. I regret buying the GNex on VZW.

        • LionStone

          Aw man, sounds like you picked a good carrier…but just picked a bad phone.

  • Life must go on keep using my GNEX till Android 5.0

  • thanks for reminding us fuzz nutts. I’m almost done with android just because of this. I want my phone to be a phone first. Having a phone that i can barely make calls on is not fun. I love to root/rom/mod too. But if i can’t make a call on it first and foremost then i don’t give a care about any roms.

  • Jarrod

    I have the unlocked gsm galaxy nexus running on t-mobile. Mine was updated over the air to 4.0.4. Since then, the phone is still pretty good, but the gps almost never gets signal. This never happened with 4.0.2. For those on Verizon, maybe you should be happy the upgrade hadsn’t come yet.

  • Jason

    I the heck it hasnt! updated mine 30 min ago! #AOKP b36 ….give me an unlocked bootloader and who cares about Verizon’s update?! I love my nexus

    • blackmagick20

      Wow…you can type, but you obviously can’t read. This article is discussing official updates…nice try, dingus.

  • jawtab

    my Droid X was more reliable that this “phone with a pretty screen”.

    just when you start to enjoy the screen, you realize the phone need to find it’s way to a charger and/or you get poor reception in more remote/indoor locations.

    It’s back to motorola for me. Solid build, great antennas, battery life that lasts forever. Use the phone and not be afraid it’s going to die from use! Not that’s a concept. And I’ll take that ugly android skin with horrible colors! bring it!

    I’m working on getting the Razr Maxx…. not going to wait for the Droid Razr HD/Fighter… will end up spending too much for another new phone.

    A good try Google/Samsung but FAIL.

    • bionicchimp

      Smart man moto wins big time not the pitiful pieces of plastic that Samsung religiously pumps out

  • dtraini30

    Hopefully this will cool you all down..

  • K

    The amazing Samsung Devices get the least amount of updates…always been the case … but they keep pushing new devices out.

  • I’m SOOOOOO ready for an update!!! WTF?! And now I’m having issues with phone connections (ie Nobody can hear me!) I have a love hate relationship with Verizon right now!!!

  • bionicchimp

    Hahahahaha is all i have to say all you gnex fanboys five months and no update my bionic is updated more frequently that is sad for your glorious nexus

    • kevinc

      yeah, but your updates kept your phone on android 2.3, where it has always been.

      maybe someday you’ll get to experience ICS, most like whenever you buy your next Moto phone

      • bionicchimp

        I would say that burnt but id rather have reliability than ics

    • Tim242

      Your Bionic is still on 2.3. We’re over the 4.0 mark. Your Bionic needs updated every few days. It was the worst smartphone released since the BB Storm.

      • bionicchimp

        You sir are the kind of fanboy i fight so hard to counteract “me and my super piece of flimsy plastic known as the gnex are awesome .” You sir are almost as bad as an apple fanboy

        • Tim242

          There is nothing flimsy about the Nexus. It survives drops better than my metal thunderbolt did. It doesn’t have a single scratch, or scuff mark. I dropped it face down in a toilet ugggh. But, didn’t hurt it one bit. This notion of cheap or flimsy plastic…that’s the fanboy talk.

          • bionicchimp

            I will stop this before it goes further you are entitled to your opinion as much as i am mine and do not wish to start a moto samsung flame war good day

          • Tim242

            I never said I hate Moto. They have some decent phones. Although, the bezels and corners need to be addressed. The Bionic, however, is utter crap. When they scrapped the original Bionic, they should have cut their losses. Releasing that mess 2 months before the Razr was just wrong on so many levels. I bought the Razr, but exchanged it for the Nexus. I just didn’t trust Motorola’s promise of unlocking the bootloader, and ICS in early 2012. Maybe Google will take care of that. Regardless of opinion, the Nexus is not cheap plastic. It is a well built phone. By the way, the Bionic is plastic as well : )

          • LionStone

            Come on Timmy, you know every time you swap a battery, that the back cover on your GN screams “cheap” and “flimsy”…and the front has a pretty fat bezel too.

          • Tim242

            The back cover is made to be flexible, so that it doesn’t break. When it is attached, it feels just fine.

  • AhsanS

    Razr MAXX > Galaxy Nexus IMO, especially when it gets 4.0.4

  • WTB a petition for big red to get their heads out of their arses and treat the nexus like a nexus.

  • SprintGuyzx1

    Same can be said for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. I just checked and found there has been one update that came out a few days ago (5/5/12) for minor bug fixes. No OS update.

  • AndrewNeo

    To be fair, there have barely been any updates to Android at all during this period. It’s not like we’ve missed out on 2.2 to 2.3 or something. The phones came with 4.0.2 and 4.0.4 is out.

  • Akuma

    My G-Nex has Android 4.0.2 and it has none of those problems. Everything runs excellently, and I don’t even power cycle all that often.

  • I don’t have the GNex. I have a Razr Maxx & Bionic. But I thought the MAIN reason that it was released was for a open Bootloader. With thousands of ROMS, Kernels and other things that can be done to the phone with DEV support. Who needs a Google/Samsung update?

    • kevinc

      umm, no. the gnex is first an foremost a consumer device.

      MOST gnex owners don’t unlock or root their phones.

      • Tim242

        Ummm no. First and foremost, it is a developer phone. Verizon pushes consumer phones, the Nexus they do not.

        • joe buck

          And where is one verizon rep that said to any custoner that it was a deveopers phone ? There are ten times more consumer purchased than developer.get over yourself

          • Tim242

            In case you have been under a rock, Verizon reps push consumers away from the Nexus. No signs, no banners, no ads, nothing! The Nexus is a hacker’s phone. Deal with it.

          • joe buck

            Wow you are so dense , you paid top dollar for a pretty screen with nothing but crap inside and you had to do all the work to make it right, and you worship it, are you really this crazy ? A person with an average IQ would have figured long ago that all they should have spent on this pos was about 50 bucks , never seen anyone this dense even kellex admitted it was crap, how can you not see it must be the rainbow thing

          • Tim242

            Kellex also said the entire Droid Brand is crap. I didn’t have to do anything to make my phone work right. It worked just fine. I root/rom to add features not found in stock ota’s.

      • joe buck

        Tim is not really in touch with reality

  • weapon x

    Five months ago, this website more than others encouraged, no, practically said that if you did not buy this phone, you were not only not a”true” Android fan, but a stupid consumer…now, you rant and [email protected] about the very phone you couldn’t get enough of?! F that, this is what you clamored for…what you couldn’t wait for, what you self proclaimed yourself Android royalty for….you spewed it like vomit..you couldn’t shut up about it…now eat it!

    • ive called it crap from the first one I had and now 5 gnexes later,,,, still garbage

      • Q

        5 phones? What are the odds of getting 5 bad devices?

        • joe buck

          all gnexuses are bad

          • Tim242

            Mine is perfect.

          • joe buck

            Doesnt seem like Kellex shares your thoughts, he pretty much said the gnex is crap

          • Tim242

            Yes, and a few days ago, he called the entire Droid brand, crap….on DROID-LIFE.COM! He is wishy-washy with his opinions. Are you new here? Do you ever read the articles, or just post crap?

          • I guess you never read anything,cause if you did you would see how many people agree with me about this pos nexus

          • Tim242

            There are a lot of bitch*y whiners that are never happy with any phone. I’m used to it by now.

          • LionStone

            Oh boy…a friend of mine was touting his GN too and then it proceeded to lose 4G and dropped down to 3G right before our eyes. 🙁

      • Chuckers

        Insanity – defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

    • blackmagick20

      THANK YOU very much! I definitely agree with your post 100%. That piece of junk was supposed to be the savior of all phones and the phone to end all other phones according to most people on here. It’s a lump of crappy plastic!

      • I agree its so sad that tim242 cant read, they are like blind sheep the way they worship that pos

    • Chuckers

      Way to bend the words. I’m really looking forward to your book release: “When dummies take paraphrasing to the extreme”

    • Troubled_Asian

      Seriously, calm down sir. It’s just a phone, and there is no reason to get your panties in a wad. Look, it’s not this site’s fault that Verizon is not keeping up it’s side of the bargain by not releasing the update(s). This phone very well could be all of the things people expected it to be, but not without carrier cooperation. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus apparently gets updates and is all that is supposed to be. Verizon sucks.

  • MttFrog13

    I completely agree with this post. Most carriers will give you and upgrade after 20-22 months. So basically 25% of this phone’s time in my pocket has gone by without an update that would make a pretty big difference in the phone. Besides some of the more complex issues people are having, I at least wish that the problem with the task switcher button lag was fixed as well as the long delay to rotate the screen.

  • daniel.archibald33

    Isnt it interesting how the Nexus has not recieved any official updates and…….yet the Droid RAZR has recieved many updates(albeit not ICS). All those who brag about the google device dont have much to brag about.

  • well i’m on my 5th and every one was worse than the one before, hell just yesterday,everytime I pressed the text message icon,something different loaded up, had to reboot, mic cuts out, etc etc, still to this day its the worse phone I have ever owned

  • Destroythanet

    IMHO, if you aren’t down to unlock the bootloader and root, you might as well not own an Android phone and stick with iOS. I, personally, couldn’t care less about OTAs as long as devs come up with awesome ROMs for the phone like AOKP or a number of others available for the G Nex.

    • we are all so happy for you, now sit down and shut up

      • Destroythanet

        LOFL, u mad bro? Learn how to use an Android phone, cuz rooting and ROMing is one of the huge advantages of this platform. It ain’t rocket science, chump. For most other people at least, haha

        • joe buck

          This phone is crap even kellex said it. Read the article again cause you seem to be a real dim wit

      • Destroythanet

        LOFL, u mad bro? Learn how to use an Android phone, cuz rooting and ROMing is one of the huge advantages of this platform. It ain’t rocket science, chump. For most other people at least, haha

  • 99 problems and an update ain’t one. Root for life, Nexus for life!

  • Trevor

    And 5 months from today, they might even release an accessory or two for the Nexus.

  • and everyone here said I was the only one that thought it should not have released , was a pos, or garbage as stated above

  • Sporttster

    Think I’m going T-Mobile the next phone I get. Tired of Verizon. Where’s ICS for the Razr? It needs it. They are so completely slooooow getting these updates out. I understand testing but sheesh….can’t testing happen in a month or two or does it take MONTHS?

  • Jack Daniels

    These comments are a welcome change for me. For the past 5 months, everyone has attacked me shouting that my Bionic(which works is flawless nowadays) sucks in comparison to the phone Jesus would carry(the GNex) and now it seem like all of u are actually sensible people that are admitting the GNex kinda sucks… Idk how it happened but thank you all for finally coming back down to earth and not sucking the nexus’ pp anymore.

    • Q

      Bionic does suck though. Had one prior to the GNex and it had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more issues that the GNex on 4.0.2 does. I think the issue with the GNex is people expected it to be flawless compared to phones like the Thunderbolt and Bionic. It turns out it’s still a smartphone. With that said, the GNex on 4.0.2 has been much better than my Droid X, Bionic, and Thundebolt were out of the box.

    • bionicchimp

      Man i agree bionic is just simply better than the gnex i find it to be more solid and guess what we’ve had an update in the past 5 months yay bionic and moto down with gnex fanboys

  • Sith77

    I got one better , the rezound has bee out for almost 8 months and ICS STIlL isn’t here . I hate Verizon

  • trigun123478

    I’m so angry at Verizon, I bought this phone thinking the updates would come straight from google. I thought Verizon could have no say in a nexus device. I want to leave them, but I know no other carrier will have better signal and lte. 🙁 the iPhone is the only phone they can’t have a say in anything. F Verizon.

  • I still love my G-Nex regardless. I hate Verizon’s take on updates but love the phone. Now to be fair, I did HAVE to purchase the extended battery and currently run the Gummy ROM, but my 13yr old son’s is still stock and he loves it, zero problems… I have no reason to switch to anything else, Period!

    • blackmagick20

      Explain to me why in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that a 13 year old would need a smart phone for ANY reason?!

      • Tim242

        Why do 8 year holds use computers? Kids grow up quicker these days. They are savvy.

  • Aside from 3g to 4g switching I haven’t had any of these problems. My phone has restarted on me roughly 4 times in 3 months. Never lose mic, and the stock battery was comparable to my Droid incredible.

  • ByeByeAndroid

    5 months ago, I elected to buy an iPhone instead of a Galaxy Nexus. I’ve had 2 updates in that time. I’m so glad I left Android behind after suffering through things like this for over two years!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Once again this is not surprising in the least. You all were warned that update status wouldn’t change just because it’s a nexus. Vzw are control freaks.

  • AS

    These update issues seem ripe for a creative attorney to turn into a class action.

  • realfoxm
  • Jim2468

    Great commentary, exactly on the money. I would bet on Verizon as the culprit, I think Verizon believes their network is so good than no one will leave, even if they don’t update their phones, though they are testing my patience severely.

    • Q

      Verizon network is so good. No way I’d give up unlimted 4G LTE to go to throttle-happy ATT or Sprint who doesnt even have any LTE markets stood up yet. I broke down and installed the IMM76 update myself and didnt even have to root or unlock the bootloader. Yea, It shouldnt be this way, but whatever…. Took me all of 20 minutes. If it comes down to having to install an update myself or jumping ship to a POS carrier… Screw it, I can find 20 mins of free time.. ill do the update myself.

  • QUICK! Someone give me the changelog from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4! No Googling! Oh wait, you can’t and you’re simply mad that you don’t have the same numbers? You’re as bad as the iPhone users that bought the latest one for the “S” on it. Get AOKP, anyway. No OS is good out of box. The users know what they want and the ROM devs are users. Get AOKP Milestone 5 if you’re concerned about having 4.0.4 and TONS more useful stuff than just… Facebook photo sync? LOL

    • AS

      Battery life is improved, reception is improved, hand-off issues are (somewhat) corrected, automatic brightness for the display is now allowed to automatically brighten the display, and the volume controls no longer assume you have bat-like hearing. Off the top of my head, those are the ones that impacted me the most, but there were probably more.

  • Verizon and its partners (Moto, Samsung, Google, etc.) are making a mess out of Android devices on the network. Where the hell are the updates for other devices? I’m looking at you Razr (and Maxx). Oh, and while we’re at it, What happened to ICS for the Xoom 3G/4G?!

  • shehippie

    I’m so glad I traded mine in for my Rezound! Its awesome having a phone that actually works 😉

  • fed up

    I for one am regretting the purchase of this piece of crap. I rushed out on release day to get it and have been kicking myself in the ass ever since. I’m to the point that I’m ready to try an iphone.

    • Mack

      I will gladly take it off your hands buddy. My upgrade isn’t until this August and I didn’t want to pay full pop for one so I have been left jealous of those I know who have one, running AOKP of course.

      I’m dead serious about taking it off your hands though. Want my Droid X2?

      • fed up

        I’m kinda tired of moto too. I think I wanna try the iphone 4s. Thanks though.

        • Mack

          Haha well if you don’t want my phone you can still throw the nexus my way. The 4s isn’t that bad, just hope you’re cool with the smaller screen and no LTE. Btw didn’t mean that in a sarcastic way, just saying.

          • fed up

            No LTE? haha I hardly ever see any bars of signal as it is. 3G or 4G.
            I can deal with the smaller screen though. That’s not a big deal to me.

          • fed up

            What are you looking to spend? I might just sell it to you. Shoot me an email if you want at jeepxj94athotmaildotcom

  • Keith0606
    • I saw that too. Again though, the problem is the carriers. If they refuse to let Google update their devices, then what’s the point?

    • Bionicman

      unfortunately you dont see too many unlocked phones on verizon (due to CDMA?) so these new Nexus phones probably wont be coming to our “beloved” verizon (/s). it is an interesting idea if its true.

  • RoadsterHD1

    GNEX really sucks B@#$LLs

  • RoadsterHD1

    WOW I never knew the GNEX was so bad. Considering all the problems this phone was plaqued with I’m not feeling so bad about the Bionic. My Bionic never really gave me the issue allot of peoples gave them. My been for the most part perfect. But i hate when people bag on one phone and praise another and that other one was worse…. Good thing ROM’s fixed the GNEX, otherwise it was a fail….

    • Bionicman

      really? worse than the bionic? umm I had a bionic and had a crapload of issues with it. what would have probably enraged me though is knowing moto released a significantly better phone right after the bionic. so im glad i returned it.

    • blackmagick20@

      ‘Plaqued with?!’ Does it need to possibly go see a dentist?

      • RoadsterHD1

        My bad. I corrected it.Dam that spell check.

        • blackmagick20

          Haha…it will always catch you with your pants down

  • I’m selling this phone and going back to my previous carrier, I left my other carrier for this “Nexus” device to get no official support. Thats BS. I got more support when I had the Sensation….and that wasn’t a “Google Device”

  • itsacardigan

    I love reading everyones rants…..makes me wanna go over to the VZW store and skull drag a rep through the parking lot!!!!

  • David Rosen

    Every day I’m getting more and more upset with Android. I just switched from my T-Mobile MyTouch4g Slide (ehh…) to an AT&T HTC One X (HUGE multitasking issues, might be returning it). And now I’m reading this article about the Galaxy Nexus which I honestly had no idea about. I really had no clue that it hadn’t been updated past 4.0.2 officially yet. That’s INSANE. It’s all just so half-assed. Bah…

    • MyStroPro

      Note – Only the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t. The author mentions that. If you have AT&T now, you should have an up-to-date Nexus (provided you had that phone and not the One X).

      That being said – Google did mention that the CDMA version was no longer considered a “Nexus” device.

      • Q

        No, they didnt.

        • MyStroPro

          Referring to this article: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/03/google-issues-statement-regarding-cdma-nexus-devices/

          They did – and they also said while its is still a “Nexus” device (i.e. AOSP HW), it isn’t supported due to the CDMA radios requiring a key. yes, they “will make” software for the device and keep it bootloader unlocked, but the aren’t pushing it like the GSM/HSPA+ devices – which in my opinion, makes this device a non-Nexus.

          If Google still was supporting the device, and making it a true Nexus device, why hasn’t there been any update since launch. We could point the finger at all three companies and should for their lack of support – Google included. If they choose not to push Verizon to help with the CDMA task, they aren’t supporting the development and aren’t supporting the device. Inaction is an action after all; contrary to popular belief.

          • Q

            Ok, so it’s your opinion that it’s not a Nexus device because I dont see anything from Google saying it’s not a Nexus.

          • LionStone

            Ok, it’s a non-supported Nexus, there, fixed.

          • MyStroPro

            So for you a Nexus device doesn’t have to be supported by AOSP? Strange… that’s the whole point of a Nexus device isn’t it – Vanilla AOSP builds and timely updates due to quick AOSP build pushes by Google. Otherwise, its just a brand slogan like “Droid” is for Verizon.

            The CDMA version is not supported by the AOSP; which in turn means it isn’t supported by Google (another reference on this site for you: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/03/google-no-longer-considers-verizons-lte-galaxy-nexus-to-be-a-developer-phone/)

      • David Rosen

        no that is true. i know it’s not google’s fault, but i’m just saying the state of android is so weird. that there’s all these devices from major name manufacturers out there with such issues.

  • I have to look at the evidence, and, if the Xoom 3G has anything to say about it, it probably is a Verizon issue. After my Xoom contract runs out, I’m never buying another tablet with a data plan.

    • LionStone

      Way back in the day before tablets, I contracted a mini HP for $40 bucks/mo for 250 mb per month! Crazy huh!? It actually worked out for me because I rarely used that much data…at the time. I still use the lil mini, great lil netbook 🙂

  • Bionicman

    i have had the hand off issue but mainly with Wifi then switching to 3g/4g. am I frustrated that verizon is probably blocking this phone from being updated? Yup. was I hoping verizon wouldn’t have a damn thing to do with updates on this phone? hell yes i was hoping that. do i still think this phone is one of the better or the best android phone in the market. ummm YUP

  • fillyo

    While this sucks, moreso for those that refuse or don’t know how to root. Verizon never had a Nexus bofore, and if dealing with this was what we had to do to get one, 90% of you would line up, saying you would update yourselves anyways. So, while this is annoying, this doesn’t change anything.

  • VaPhilly

    Ridiculous, where’s my OG Droid???? Oh wait, I let my two year old use it as a toy phone, doh…….

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m blaming Samsung for the late & crap software. My Droid Charge just
    got a some what stable update. (MONTHS LATER) I’m not really interested
    to upgrade to any new Samsung. There hardware seems good but there software takes a
    HUGE nose dive.

    • Tommy Thompson

      That would make sense, expect Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is running 4.0.4 out of the box.

      • Alleycat51699

        Also if this poster knew the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.


    Wait a minute, did Kellex just go off on his prized Nexus. 🙂

    • No, think he was directing that more at Verizon than at the device itself.

  • enigmaco

    You said the keyword though “nexus released on Verizon” means you have to wait forever for a update and dead silence on why it is taking so long to update.

  • Bristecom

    I had a feeling this would happen. But everyone told me “No no, don’t worry because the updates come directly from Google… Verizon and Samsung won’t be able to interfere.” And it turns out my suspicions were true, it appears Verizon and Samsung do in fact hold things back. I just want a more stable phone for my business. It’s not terrible but I was hoping some things would be fixed by now.

  • If you all care in Canada most of us haven’t got updates either. I’m stuck at 4.0.1

  • LiterofCola

    “stock Android 4.0.2 is garbage”??? BUT, BUT, ITZ PURE GOOGLEZZ!!!!!

  • Tim Buchanan


  • MotoRulz

    Whoa…. Is that Kellex Sh!tting on the worlds greatest phone, worlds greatest manufacture, worlds greatest network, or all of the above?

  • ramp1188

    F*** you, Verizon.

  • Has anyone tried taking one to a Verizon store and telling them that since it can’t receive the update, you want one of the ones that comes with it? I bet that’d be an interesting response.

  • Tsabhira

    Totally agree. I don’t care who’s responsible, I really don’t. JUST FIX IT.

  • What angers me more than the fact that this phone has been out 5 months without an update is Verizon’s silence! I tweeted to @VZWsupport asking why the store models have 4.0.4 and I don’t and low and behold, no response.

  • schoat333

    I would never use the official update anyways. I’m just happy to have an AOSP unlocked Device on VZW.

  • I agree as well, but… In my opinion it is still the best phone out there. Just sayin’! EDIT (Although I really do hate all the reboots happens with aokp m5 as well.)

    • Jwhap

      The 4.0.4 leak has no reboot issues at all.

  • C-Law

    From all I’ve seen on Verizon since the OG Droid, which got more OS updates than most, although slow(I think), is that if you buy a Verizon smartphone, you should buy it with the expectation that it will never receive an OS update or newer OS than what it has when you bought it, and assume that if you ever do see an update, it will be bug fixes and nothing more. I feel for the Razr guys who all bought the phone being promised ICS was “coming soon.” Verizon is clearly waiting to release a new Razr model with ICS so people will update to that and older Razr owners will pay full retail for it before they release the ICS update for the original razr.
    Clearly all Verizon wants is money. They will update the device for bugs, but if you want a newer OS, expect months and months of wait and delays to the point that you want to buy a new phone at retail from them, which is their whole reason for delays in the first place

    • Jeff Tycz

      well thats not true because the nexus is has bugs so that just blows a hole in that theory. That begs the question then, what is verizon actually testing that takes so long?

  • DanWazz

    Another disappointed GNex owner sounding off. Give us our updates!

  • jmart

    I bought this phone because I wanted a stock experience. I can’t root and receive my companies email. This phone has been nothing but problems since I got it. I don’t know if it’s the 4G or the phone but it’s gotten worse. The 3G/ 4G handoff fails at least 50% of the time leaving me with no service. They sent me a replacement and it happened more often. I tried the new radio/ update leak, it was a little better but only about 10% less. I’ve been testing the One S from Tmobile, the service is faster, more reliable, the battery lasts way longer, the camera is better, music volume is better, call quality is better and the phone is just the right size. While I don’t like sense the phone is fast and reliable. I think I’m switching. Oh yeah, the small market I’m in is NY and this is happening right in the middle of the City. Since the LTE *p*d’s started rolling out, Verizon’s network just sucks

  • Nick

    Every time people complain that their stock Android phone doesn’t receive timely updates to the latest OS, the common response has been “if that’s what you want, you should have bought a Nexus!” Now they too are starting to feel our pain. My money is on Verizon being the reason that an update hasn’t been issued. The fact that they were able to add any ‘bloatware’ in the first place proved that this phone was not going to follow the previous Nexus rules.

  • This rant echoes my sentiments 100%. Verizon’s handling of the Nexus is akin to the retarded kid dropping the ball and then kicking it repeatedly while trying to pick it up.

    • moelsen8

      i wish i could vote this up twice. hahaha.

    • shcommish

      That is not very nice.

      • PC_Tool

        You’re right. We should go easy on Verizon…it’s not nice to make fun of the retarded kid…

  • Well let’s take stock of facts here: GSM Nexus S, GSM Galaxy Nexus, and Wi-Fi Xoom have all been updated. Mysteriously the Verizon Xoom and Verizon Galaxy Nexus are the ones still late to the party. So I’m putting the blame on Verizon.

    Anyone who thought Verizon wouldn’t do this with the Galaxy Nexus is a fool – flat out. They canceled the Nexus One, they have a horrible track record with this. They put bloatware on the phone, then put their name on the back, and even redid the box. If they’d put so much effort into controlling such little things why wouldn’t they screw with the big picture? This was and has always been a Verizon phone first and a Google phone second. It’s why I imported the phone instead – so I wouldn’t have to deal with their nonsense.

    • frankandsimple

      you did a good thing. I am seriously considering giving my business to T-Mobile.. now especially considering they might either get the new iphone, or their networks will support it.

      • WickedToby741

        I would, but they’re coverage area is just flat out garbage. Leave the highway in a rural area and you’re most likely high and dry. You may only be paying half the price, but you’re definitely getting half (or less than half) of the service.

  • none

    Well you better get ready to jump ship. After the way VZW handled the Nexus flop, I doubt Google will choose them to be first in line for a Nexus flagship phone.

  • RW-1

    It’s sad, but truly the ones who suffer are those out there who haven’t a clue as to that they could unlock and root, then place an unnoficial update or ROM on it … Those lemmings need to deluge VZ with calls as to why the phone still underperforms, and the issues they have with it and when VZ will fix it.
    you don’t have to mention when will you get the update, let them tell you how they plan on fixing it. enough of those calls and you’ll see it released to the masses.
    VZ doesnt give a rats butt about us who want the update, they know we have ways around them, but the ones simply complaining about the phones issues and demanding a “fix” ro refund, etc. . . . think about it, its the approach that matters.

  • punk

    One word: Suckers.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    That’s why leaked 4.0.4 was worth downloading and slapping that sucker in this phone!!!

  • WickedToby741

    If T-Mobile had better coverage, I’d currently be rocking a Galaxy Nexus bought straight through Google on T-Mobile contract free. I love my Verizon service and love LTE, but this update crap is garbage. I have a Bionic, not a GNex (unfortunately), and the GNex should have been updated a long time ago and I should have ICS as well. The leaked ICS build for the Razr looked all but complete. Verizon should already have approved an ICS build for the Razr and Moto’s engineers should have moved onto the Bionic or Droid 4, but no they’re still tweaking on ICS for the Razr. I wish so bad that Verizon was a GSM carrier because GSM phones can be offered without carrier intervention. The integrated CDMA radio is screwing us all over.

  • Guest

    If Google wants the Nexus line to continue to make us happy, they need to pull an Apple and demand Verizon to keep their hands off the phone.

    • frankandsimple

      if Google could become an Apple.. then I could become Superman too.

    • moelsen8

      damn skippy. the nexus program needs to be controlled by google. with gentle oversight from verizon. i hate apple, but they would have never let a carrier sit on an update for months and months. there’s really nothing wrong with the phone that would take 5 months to solve.

      • thugjedi

        never gonna happen. GSM nexus is the real nexus I switched to from the verizon version and am much happier for it the network speeds are only faster in speedtests and in tethering other than that you wont notice the difference

    • cphilano

      Well, that will probably not happen. Apple negotiated their deal on the power of game changing IPhone sales. We have to remember that Apple came to Verizon first with the IPhone and Verizon turned it down because of terms.

      I don’t see a Nexus garnering that type of deal. The Nexus will not garner sales like an IPhone to receive negotiating power like Apple had.

    • HA ha, all Google can do is deny Verizon the use or the Android trademark and logo. Verizon would laugh at them because they licsened the Trademark “Droid” from LucasFilms and even if they did deny them the Android Trademark no one would ever know. They could deny them access to the Play store also I suppose but Im sure Samsung would happy provide there samsung store in its stead.

    • noyfb

      the one and only time i’ll ever say this, this is the one thing google should do like apple and that is to not allow carrier interference with their updates, but their phone is 3g, When the new 4g apple phone comes out in october we’ll see what verizon does then to apple’s new phone and follow closely.

  • Hazadriel

    The lack of support for the G-Nex on Verizon is scary. It’s the only reason that makes me think twice about getting it cause I love me some vanilla Android.

  • I know this article is about the G-Nex but the Moto Xoom 4g is in the same category. Here is the commonality between the two:

    Stock Devices
    4g LTE
    Verizon Network

    So we have two manufactures, that are having the same problem with 4g LTE devices, on the Verizon network.

    I do enjoy having no stock though 🙂

    • Jeff Tycz

      Exactly, you have to remember that the Xoom 4G still has not been updated to ICS yet the WiFi version has had it for months

  • Austin

    I agree this is really rediclious, maybe verizon needs to stop worrying about their damn network as much and put some updates to phones

  • I bet Resound and Razr get the ICS update before the G-Nex … wouldn’t that just burn some panties up. ;^)

  • Mike

    yup. never rooted til I got this phone. didnt get it to root (which some will flame) but after I while of waiting, I decided to just take it into my own hands. Will never look back either btw. Dont know why I didnt root earlier.

  • I’m switching to AT&T after my contract is up. I’m tired of Verizon and their tight control over devices as well as updates.

    • moelsen8

      i’d like to head this direction too, and just buy an unlocked gsm nexus or whatever phone i want and use it on at&t. but then everything’s heading toward LTE, and that creates a huge problem for importing phones since it’s not really standardized at all. it’s going to be stupid to do that at this point in time since we’ll never get better than 3g in that situation. unless you actually buy at&t’s phones. in which case, i doubt they’re any less evil than big red.

  • If you bought the Nexus, the primary reason should’ve been that you weren’t relying on a carrier, OEM or Google to update your phone.

  • I think at this point VZ might just know that 99% of the buyers of the Nexus would just look to the community to fix. Which of course is wrong but thats just what I think.

    • Ah, the same way ViewSonic did with the gTablet?

  • Keith0606

    i bought mine b/c I thought i could get stock android with regular updates without having to deal with roms, i just don’t have the desire to install roms anymore. Too bad it’s not happening. My nexus isn’t having as many issues as some but i definately want the kinks fixed and i’m tired of waiting. It’s getting harder and harder to recommend android to anyone I know who doesn’t want to install ROMs to keep current/functional. Bugs take way too long long to squash.

  • Q

    I was able to update my phone to the latest 4.04 build WITHOUT rooting or unlocking my bootloader. Didnt lose any data either… just FYI if someone is adamantly against unlocking and rooting and dont want to lose their data…


    My phone worked really well on 4.0.2 except the reception seemed to be very finnicky. This update has made the phone noticeably better in signal reception.. also made it a bit snappier.. and like I said, no permanent rooting, unlocking, or wiping required.

    • You’re missing the point. You had to actively do something to update your phone to 4.0.4 – it wasn’t pushed to you automatically. Most users (who aren’t on this site) don’t even know that a 4.0.4 update exists.

      • Q

        I get that. It’s the principle of the matter.

        For users on this site though, this is a simple solution to the problem. If you’re savvy enough to post on Disqus, you can install the 4.0.4 IMM76 image and not lose any data or have to unlock and/or root anything.
        In a perfect world, we wouldnt have to resort to such measures, but it is what it is. I held out on principle from installing the initial 4.0.4 leak or installing any ROMS like AOKP because I thought I shouldnt have to do that stuff.. especially on a Nexus..

        I finally broke down and installed the IMM76 image and havent given all this update crap a second thought since.

  • moelsen8

    they should push that newest 4.0.4 leak out. the new radios are awesome and the system seems snappier overall.

  • joemega2010

    I don’t understand why we can’t sign a waiver when we buy “Nexus” phones from Verizon that we acknowledge that the updates come from Google rather than Verizon.

  • Jeff Tycz

    IMO its to the point that if google thinkg verizon is unnecessarily delaying 4.0.4 they should say here is the “official unofficial” 4.0.4 to flash. and put a disclaimer on it. I am not talking about version that have been leaked either, I mean one that google has working correctly

  • Agreed! Google needs to start throwing their weight around like Apple does with the carriers. They don’t dare screw with Apple because they know people want iPhones. Well, what’s Android’s US market share now? People clearly want Androids and want updates and are sick of Verizon taking their sweet time to do anything.

    Still, CM9 is awesome and I wouldn’t go back to stock.

    • Nexjersey

      Very true but i think it would be hard for Google to do this now for 2 reasons. 1. The custom skins the manufacturers throw on, very few devices are running stock vanilla. 2. No carrier will give up control after having it, Apple kept control never gave it up, Google let everyone else dictate how the phones were updated.

    • Stewie

      Apple doesnt have to throw it’s weight around with the carriers – they are the ONLY ones making their OS, when they release the update, it goes out. You won’t see ANY custom ROMs for the iPhone.

  • BK

    Amen. The thing Verizon has to understand is that there are a lot of us who loved the idea of a Nexus on their network. We assumed who understood what that meant. We were wrong. For me at least, I’ll take an unlocked Nexus on T-Mobile or wherever over this crap anyway. Sure, I’ll have a smaller network and slower data speeds…but I’ll also be paying a lot less. Any my phone will actually work as it should.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I just got an unlocked gnex from google play last week, and with the $30 5gb unthrottled data plan you can get, it’ll be cheaper in the long run. I don’t see myself ever going back to carrier-branded phones.

  • wickets

    You deserve a standing Ovation for your rant Mr. Kellex

  • njbuzz

    It’s lame but I’d much rather have an unlockable, rootable phone that doesnt get official updates than a phone thats locked down but gets them first day available.

  • This is true. Hi I’m Victor and I was a ROM whore with my OG Droid. After I got my Galaxy Nexus, I said I won’t ROM it. Its a Nexus and I want to enjoy the ICS experience as it should be for a while. 3 Months later I unlocked the bootloader and rooted it with Stock 4.0.4. This weekend I put AOKP on it. Why, because I got tired of waiting for an update on a phone that kept rebooting itself and had poor 4G along with minimal battery performance. So here I am now…back to ROM’ing.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Android 4.0.2 is garbage? I thought it was awesome? First time hearing this. Sorry, i*hone user… Looking forward to GS3.

  • AlwaysAndroid

    Okay, if it is Samsung or Google’s fault explain to me why the Sprint Galaxy Nexus has Android 4.0.4 Verizon? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    • Cory Parker

      I’ll also add that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus had connection/signal issues, and SPRINT (sorry for the caps) released an update literally a week later to fix so yea, who’s really to blame for the Verizon G-Nex issues. I’m definitely annoyed with the Ghost Dialing(*22899), and random reboots smh

      • gpzbc

        I experience the ghost dialing. It will literally drain my battery and keep calling that for over an hour. I called Verizon and they had never heard of it. But they were 100% certain it was not their fault or problem. They told me to call Samsung, or to uninstall my apps one by one until I found one that might be causing it.

  • I’m looking forward to the “Six Months Ago….” rant in about a month.

  • Neutron

    Samsung and Verizon have a history of this type of thing. Just look back at the Samsung Droid Charge. Once released, look how long it took Charge to get upgraded to gingerbread. These companies promise you the world when they release these new phones but deliver nothing. Business as usual.

    • hkklife

      Verizon, along with all the other carriers and Google LOVE Samsung. Why else would Samsung continually get the OEM design wins for the Nexus line? Google should just stop this sham of having companies “bid” on the next Nexus and publicly announce it as a Samsung exclusive deal. Everyone knows that a vanilla Moto or HTC handset would demolish Samsung’s lousy build quality, cartoony screens, poor RF and weak batery life.
      -Cheap plastic construction=Lower cost for the carrier to buy from Samsung initially and higher margins for everyone all around. Droid Charge vs Thunderbolt is a PERFECT example of this.
      -No/few updates=Less money tied up in testing by the carriers’ testing departments and a sure-fire way to “force” customers to buy a new handset as soon as possible (so they can get the newest OS). This extended to Samsung’s non-phone devices too. Look at Samsung’s 7″ Galaxy Tab line for a perfect example: OG Tab is still stuck on 2.2 for AT&T and T-Mob and never even officially got GB. Tab Plus got GB but hasn’t gotten ICS and now the Tab 2 gets ICS from the factory despite worse specs across the board.
      -Big, lovely AMOLED screens=customers are more likely to burn through lots of their tiered data plans consuming web/media, thus more $ to the acarriers.

  • Mr_Maximus23

    Verizon isn’t the only one not to update. I got my G-nex 4 days ago from Australia’s biggest carrier Telstra. And I was still 4.0.1. So swapped it to yakju using the toolkit from xda.

  • florious80

    What’s extremely interesting is that the ones in store already has 4.0.4…… so….. VERIZON!!!! WTF

    • Verizon stores have them with 4.0.4???

      • florious80

        Yeah, if you venture to one nearby (at least in NYC), you can check out the software version of the Gnex. It says 4.0.4…. thus there’s no excuse for them not to release it via OTA. Apparently they think it is ready for prime time or else they wouldn’t put that on display.

        • T4rd

          Sure that wasn’t a Sprint store? Sprints Gnex is the only US-sold variant that ships with 4.0.4 right now. Unless a Verizon rep loaded the 4.0.4 zip on the display phone manually (which you can do with the Verizon Gnex without rooting), that’s about the only way I see that possible.

          • moelsen8

            delete. damn disqus.

          • moelsen8

            delete please.

          • moelsen8

            no it’s true.. but then they didn’t release it. the radios from it rock though. i suggest you flash them.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ve been using those radios/basebands since they leaked a couple weeks ago. In my area, they didn’t make a difference really. Fortunately I wasn’t having reception issues before, so I didn’t care much about it.

            Edit: Wow, Disqus is messed up pretty bad, lol. I definitely didn’t post that 4+ times..

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ve been using those radios/basebands since they leaked a couple weeks ago. In my area, they didn’t make a difference really. Fortunately I wasn’t having reception issues before, so I didn’t care much about it.

            Edit: Wow, Disqus is messed up pretty bad, lol. I definitely didn’t post that 4+ times..

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ve been using those radios/basebands since they leaked a couple weeks ago. In my area, they didn’t make a difference really. Fortunately I wasn’t having reception issues before, so I didn’t care much about it.

            Edit: Wow, Disqus is messed up pretty bad, lol. I definitely didn’t post that 4+ times..

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ve been using those radios/basebands since they leaked a couple weeks ago. In my area, they didn’t make a difference really. Fortunately I wasn’t having reception issues before, so I didn’t care much about it.

            Edit: Wow, Disqus is messed up pretty bad, lol. I definitely didn’t post that 4+ times..

          • florious80

            Definitely the big red store. @moelsen8:disqus confirms. Sigh Verizon.

          • florious80

            Definitely the big red store. @moelsen8:disqus confirms. Sigh Verizon.

          • florious80

            Definitely the big red store. @moelsen8:disqus confirms. Sigh Verizon.

          • florious80

            Definitely the big red store. @moelsen8:disqus confirms. Sigh Verizon.

        • unreal. If I had one, I’d be camped at the store demanding a new phone with the new OS since they won’t deliver me an update to mine.

  • viewthis66

    …and it’s pissing me off :/

  • Ed Boik

    Shoulda got the Sprint Gnex. 4.0.4 the day it came out.

    • That’s the point… I have to imagine the 4.0.4 update for Verizon’s and Sprint’s version of the GNex are very similar – they both run on CDMA networks, so why on earth does Sprint have the update but Verizon doesn’t? It’s that fact that makes me want to firmly point the finger of blame towards Verizon instead of Google.

  • mustbepbs

    I understand people who don’t root and ROM having an issue with this, but for most of us here that do, the GNex is always up to date, and it definitely will be among the first to get Jelly Bean. I mean, what more do you want? We kind of knew when we bought it (or at least I did) that updates might not come as quickly because of Verizon.

    • WickedToby741

      Might not come as quickly is fine. Might not come for 5 MONTHS is unacceptable. Not just for the GNex, but for every phone. That includes the Razr (and all of it’s color variations and the Maxx), Droid 4, Bionic, Rezound, and any phone that was confirmed to receive ICS. On Verizon, we pay more for the best service, so it is reasonable for us to expect the best service. That’s not what we’re getting.

    • So when you deploy 40 devices to a business. Were supposed to go around root and install a custom rom on each device to make them stable. Then im supposed to put my job on the line vouching for a 3rd part ROM with no possible support or gaurentee that some rouge developer didnt insert a chinese backdoor that exposes my companes data for theft.

      • You make a good point, but if someone (such as you) really went ahead with 40 Galaxy Nexus phones for a business, then it wasn’t a very good decision. And I don’t just say this in a ‘hindsight 20/20’ sense. The Galaxy Nexus just always seemed more like a consumer than a business phone. Its price and battery lifetime, alone, would make it impractical for a business setting, imho.

      • mustbepbs

        Did you even read my comment? I said I UNDERSTAND people having issues with this WHO DO NOT ROM. Learn. To. Read.

  • Kyle Fullmer

    The tone of the comments on this site has very quickly shifted from gnex love to, “well there are other options”. It is nice to see everyone realize that no phone is perfect and just because the gnex is the phone you have doesn’t mean it is without flaw. The fanboy attitude is tiring regardless of who its coming from, whether it is moto, nexus or apple fanboys.

    That said, I think it is time for next gen tech to be current gen. I passed on the gnex (and razr/s and rezound) and am dying to ditch my single core.

  • “The problem here is that stock Android 4.0.2 is garbage.” Wait what? I’m running stock 4.0.2 and this is news to me.

    • Liderc

      Have to agree. I run stock a lot and it’s not buggy at all. I sometimes get the mic cut out problem, but probably once every 20-30 phone calls.

      • MotoRulz

        “I sometimes get the mic cut out problem, but probably once every 20-30 phone calls.” and you don’t consider that buggy? While I don’t think it’s the end of the world, if you accept that then there is no need for them to fix it..

        • Liderc

          It’s obviously a bug, I was just pointing out that it’s not something that happens often to me. Every 20-30 calls is fairly rare, they should obviously fix it, just pointing out that it’s not as debilitating as some people make it out to be.

          • WickedToby741

            It is if you rely on your phone for business. When I’m making or receiving a phone call, it’s most often for business. I expect my phone to work every time like a phone. We pay hundreds of dollars for phones and then a monthly fee on top of that and most of us are locked in for 2 years. Is it wrong for us to expect more? If T-Mobile was a viable option, I’d ditch the contract and buy my phone straight from Google Play, but T-Mobile’s coverage is garbage.

          • Diablo81588

            Don’t buy a Samsung if you expect it to work like a phone.. lol

    • r0lct

      I used my brother’s stock GNex and its not that its garbage at all, at least not to me. But boy is 4.0.4 a lot better.

      • No one is arguing a newer version of any software isn’t better. That is, for the most part, always true. But 4.0.2 works perfectly fine and certainly isn’t “garbage”.

        • ERIC REED

          Adam I didn’t find it garbage, but not a completely smooth experience. I loved a lot of the new things Google put in place. But a few things bugged the crap out of me. The first was the amount of time it took for the screen to transition to landscape mode and back. Coming from an iPhone that drove me nuts. Second was the Menu button never being in the same place on different applications. Having to search the screen for it seems a little odd, which I’m sure will be fixed in later updates by Google/App developers.

    • Chuckers

      I get the feeling a lot of things are news to you

  • jonathrx

    Not every other GNexus on the planet received timely update…I’m in Canada and still stuck with a buggy 4.01 #FAIL

    • Same here…still waiting to leave 4.0.1…yay Rogers *sigh*

  • frankandsimple

    why is this surprising? If you depend on an ad company to give you sensible and timely updates to a smartphone OS that actually makes it worthwhile.. then you have nobody but yourself to blame. Google will simply point the finger at Verizon and blame them.. when truth is Google, right from the very launch of their flagship device.. has ZERO interest to take ownership of their own phone. While out-of-the-box users are busy rooting their phones and installing leaked software to make their Gnexes work the way it should have been working in the first place.. Google is busy thinking of other ways to package ad generated revenues to it’s “consumers”.
    so Google doesn’t give a damn that you don’t have the latest and greatest Android on Google’s own handset
    The smart ones already know that Google is ONLY interested in ad revenues and Android is just a gimmick for them to generate more ad revenue.
    Others will be die hard Google loyalists who will swear by Android just because it gives them the ability to tinker with it.
    To each their own.

  • I still believe that Verizon will never get another Nexus phone because of this debacle. And rightly so. I wanted this so badly when it was released, but I am so glad I waited. Had I shelled out the cash for this when it came out, I would be banging on Verizon’s door demanding a full refund, and I’m honestly shocked that there hasn’t been a class-action lawsuit over it.

  • frankandsimple

    why is this surprising? If you depend on an ad company to give you sensible and timely updates to a smartphone OS that actually makes it worthwhile.. then you have nobody but yourself to blame. While out-of-the-box users are busy rooting their phones and installing leaked software to make their Gnexes work the way it should have been working in the first place.. Google is busy thinking of other ways to package ad generated revenues to it’s “consumers”.

    so Google doesn’t give a damn that you don’t have the latest and greatest Android on Google’s own handset

    The smart ones already know that Google is ONLY interested in ad revenues and Android is just a gimmick for them to generate more ad revenue.

    Others will be die hard Google loyalists who will swear by Android just because it gives them the ability to tinker with it.

    To each their own.

  • Tim242

    Way to wake up the trolls, K. I’ve been on.4.0.4 AOKP for months. If you bought the Nexus for OTA updates, you deserve to wait.

    • DaveTea

      I would strongly disagree. Many people just want a phone that works well and don’t have the time to be screwing around with it all the time. They should not need to void their warranty just to get on a current build of ICS. It would not really be a big deal but even the old 4.0.4 leak is waaayyy better than 4.0.2 and provides such an improvement that ‘normal people’ really should be on it by now. I unlocked and rooted my g-nex and my wife’s g-nex within minutes of receiving them but I also enjoy messing around with this stuff. ‘Doing it yourself’ should not be the norm (or requirement) for updates on one of the premier Android phones.

      • Tim242

        The one thing you forget is that normal people don’t buy the G-Nex, nor does Verizon market it. 4.0.2 works just fine. 4.0.4 is not really better. I use custom ROMs for the features, not the miniscule .0.X bump in software numbers.

        • DaveTea

          Again, I disagree. Most of the people I know that have a g-nex are ‘normal people’. At least people that I know in real life. And to say that 4.0.4 is ‘not really better’ is simply not true. It has many bug fixes and much improved battery life over 4.0.2 on toro. Bumps in version numbers don’t matter, what changed does.

          • Tim242

            If the people you know that have this phone are normal people, it’s because you pointed them in that direction. The phone is not advertised, nor do sales people push it. As stated, 4.0.2 functions just fine. I have had 4.02, 4.03, and 4.04. I don’t notice any differences in battery life, or anything else for that matter. The only bug I’ve experienced, is still there…failed downloads. Have to clear the data and force close download manager. I have flashed the new radios, and nothing changed. Normal people don’t go looking for a Nexus, nor do they obsess over updates.

          • DaveTea

            It is advertised.
            Sales people were pushing it when it was released and will happily sell you one now.
            4.0.2 has many bugs including poor battery life and poor radio signals.

          • Tim242

            The phone has poor battery life, period. On 4.04, I still have to swap batteries every day…sometimes multiple times. As far as radio signals, I still get the same dBm as I did on 4.0.2. The phone has not once been advertised in a Verizon store. There was one commercial that advertised G+ on the phone, that aired for one week. Look at the Razr….posters everywhere, non stop TV spots. There are thousands of accounts from people that said store employees tried to talk them out of the Nexus. They push Razrs and Rezounds. You seem to be making things up as you go.

          • LionStone

            I wonder if the radios were better, if you’d have better battery life? Just a thought.

          • Tim242

            My battery life is fine. I understand that I’m a power user, and use more battery.

  • Ditto!!

  • It is pretty rediculous that we are waiting this long, I personally had to go to the custom rom route, because my screen wouldent stop turning on randomly otherwise! I even went from custom rom back to stock to see if I just had a bad install, and sure enough the screen started turning on again (not a defective power button, as that would bring up the menu eventually). Oh well, AOKP is very nice, and I am happy with it once again…

  • Bert336

    yea wtf google/verizon/samsung!!! where is our update??

    • Jason Purp

      On XDA and RootzWiki

  • Samsung told me it was Verizon that had the update in testing… Verizon told me they’re waiting on Samsung… Google released it a while ago. Bunch of BS.

    • This is what I mean. Everyone has heard a different story. One thing is clear – the update (whenever it is ready), will come from Google to our phones. What is happening in between there is anyone’s guess. After reading JBQ’s rant on Google+, I think we know exactly where it is and has been for months…with Big Red’s testing group.

      • RW-1

        Too true, the other excuses are just that-excuses. We’ve all been around long enought to know that VZ is the holdup here, not the manufacturer, nor google.

      • WickedToby741

        Well considering the update went out to the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which is practically identical to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and the GSM Galaxy Nexus has been rocking the update for a while, it’s pretty clear the blame lands squarely on Verizon’s shoulders.

      • what’s the point? Their testing group is obviously full of morons that don’t real world test the phones anyway.

      • Why can’t Samsung put the update on Kies for us to go around Verizon?

      • Jon

        And what does this say about getting the next major version of Android in the fall? Will Verizon delay that? Cause this is the major selling point of this phone.

        So sad. I was thinking of purchasing the G-Nex next week. This is really disconcerting.

        • Jon

          And I just got rid of my Bionic because official ICS is nowhere in site for the Bionic. Damned if you do…damned if you don’t.

        • i just got mine over the weekend… this is depressing me.

      • Jwhap

        Well that last 4.0.4 leak fixed just about every problem with the phone. I have been running the first leak since March and the recent update when it released. I have not had a single reboot or call quality issue at all. This update is more than ready for prime time.

  • i wish another carrier had the network that verizon had and id switch.. It pisses me off that his is 100% Verizons fault

  • PanicsWhenUbered

    Probably would have held off upgrading had I known this back in December.

  • Matt B

    I’ve been android since the OG droid. I’ve rooted, played with roms, radios, and kernals. I hate to admit…and can’t believe I’m going to admit it – but I’m tired of the nonsense. The lack of updates…having to fix the device myself based on leaked files and other peoples hard work. If I had an upgrade available this year, I’d seriously be considering the iPhone 5. 🙁

    • where you get updates once a year?

      • Jim Jimmenheim

        at least its not a guessing game of maybe ill get an update next week, month etc. Also guaranteed to come through by apple not messed with by the carriers. Not an apple troll but in fact a pissed off gnex owner who’s tired of having to do verizon/googles job for them

      • MattyB65

        That’s why I said “if”.

        That being said I’m only a family plan so I’ve been known to steal them haha. Although 3 family members upgraded to the 4s….so no upgrades in 2012

        • Tyler Cameron

          and you let them?

      • Guest_Person

        The difference is that the entire year the darn thing works: the camera, the mic, sharing, wifi. It rarely reboots and is generally a smooth experience. It is the difference between “buy it now and have it work” and “buy it now, hope for an update in a month”.
        Android is a great platform that has a number of innovative features,
        but until it can get out of the techie mindset of DIY Updates via ROMs
        and mature into a platform that “just works”, iPhone will continue to
        provide a superior experience for the 99%.

        • Bobby

          How much market share does Android have?….over 40% you say…hmm 40+% > 1% I think

          • Guest_Person

            A more interesting comparison would be user satisfaction and user retention. I am not talking about market share, but rather how well Android and iOS are received. I am apprehensive of recommending the majority, if not all, Android phones to non-techie people because of the number of issues I have heard and discussed with others that exist on different handsets and OS versions. An iPhone on the other hand is a sure bet for the majority.
            Even if some of these non-techie people (a number of whom I know personally) currently have Android phones, most of them would have a much smoother experience with an iPhone.

          • Guest_Person

            A more interesting comparison would be user satisfaction and user retention. I am not talking about market share, but rather how well Android and iOS are received. I am apprehensive of recommending the majority, if not all, Android phones to non-techie people because of the number of issues I have heard and discussed with others that exist on different handsets and OS versions. An iPhone on the other hand is a sure bet for the majority.
            Even if some of these non-techie people (a number of whom I know personally) currently have Android phones, most of them would have a much smoother experience with an iPhone.

          • Guest_Person

            A more interesting comparison would be user satisfaction and user retention. I am not talking about market share, but rather how well Android and iOS are received. I am apprehensive of recommending the majority, if not all, Android phones to non-techie people because of the number of issues I have heard and discussed with others that exist on different handsets and OS versions. An iPhone on the other hand is a sure bet for the majority.
            Even if some of these non-techie people (a number of whom I know personally) currently have Android phones, most of them would have a much smoother experience with an iPhone.

        • LionStone

          The problem is, the iphone doesn’t “just work”…it isn’t without it’s problems too. It’s just that it’s the GNexs turn right now.

      • Greyhame

        *pple puts out more than one software update a year. it’s the phone they only update once. just sayin’.

        • Greyhame

          I’m no fan of them, but I highly doubt this kind of thing would be allowed to happen under their relationship with VZW. VZW needs to cut the crap and release the update already.


      I bought into the “Nexus” hype last week and went back to my 4S Saturday. Updates were not the main reason, but the rediculous battery life. I’m not sure updates are fixing that. Also I hated the placement of the power button compared to the volume toggle. I would always hit the volume up toggle when locking the screen, which when on vibrate would place it to the lowest volume level setting. And then that damn external speaker volume….

      Its crazy to think this is the best android phone Verizon has to offer!!

      • Jon

        Well some would argue the HTZ Rezound is an excellent choice as well.

        • RAZRbyrn

          Eh, I haven’t played around with much of the other phones, outside of the demo’s within a store. I owned a OG Droid for 2 years and bought my RAZR MAXX when my contract was up for an upgrade and I couldn’t be happier. ICS is around the corner and will improve my exp, but I suppose I’m only affected by that if I let my knowledge of its existence sour the positive exp I have using my phone every day. Maybe I’m just too easy-going. I think what Verizon did to the Nexus is pretty crappy, but then again, I didn’t buy into the Nexus because updates are not as valuable to me as “dependable hardware,” something Motorola has always had over Samsung. If I could have AOSP on Motorola HW, I’d probably die from the nerd-gasm I would experience ^_^

      • Diablo81588

        That’s a matter of opinion. The only people that think its the best phone on Verizon are the people in this blog..

        • ERIC REED

          This is true…

  • Sqube

    The GNex is not bleeding edge hardware and not bleeding edge software. I’m hard-pressed to see why I would ever buy one again, especially considering that I’m going to get into rooting and custom ROMs.

    No sarcasm, no snark: keeping the above in mind, is there any reason for me to get a Nexus device, ever again?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Nope, and never was. It was all 100% hype driven. You said what I said day 1 months ago and got hated on for it.. The GNex is not bleeding edge hardware and not bleeding edge software and it never was.

      • The Galaxy Nexus is – the Verizon version just isn’t. I have a GSM GNex and it’s running 4.0.4, aside from the NEXUS S no other phone gets that. It’ll also be the first phone to get updated to Jelly Bean too. Nexus is fine, it’s Verizon that’s not. But really if you thought Verizon would allow the Nexus to remain (after putting bloatware on there, after putting their logo on the phone, after delaying the launch a month) then that’s where you went wrong.

        • EvanJ2462

          This. Finally some sense.

    • Liderc

      What other phone on Verizon has ICS? I’d call that “bleeding edge.” The screen and CPU are still the best hardware in a Verizon phone. So maybe you’re just misinformed about the specs and current software available.

      • hkklife

        Good point, but I think that’s more of a very telling indictment of VZW’s dated and feeble current Android lineup more so than anything else. There’s no excuse for VZW to be at the back of the pack as far as ICS updates and releasing new handsets with ICS and >4.3″ 720p screens.
        If I had to buy a new VZW handset TODAY on contract, I’d be REALLY hard-pressed on what to buy, knowing I’d be locked in for the next 20 months.
        Also, I’d argue that the smaller (but at least it’s all usable space with no onscreen buttons) LG Spectrum or HTC Rezound are superior screens.

        • Liderc

          I can’t comment on the Spectrum because I’ve only see it in stores, but my cousin has the Rezound and even he says the Nexus’ screen is better. The brightness differences are incredible and the colors pop a lot more. I do know that some people don’t like the color saturation though, but to each his own.

          As for Verizon being behind the times, I guess you’re right, but the Nexus also came out 5 months ago, so expecting it to be top of the line right now is not a reasonable request.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Bwa ha haa ha

    How’s that “pure Google experience” poppy-cock working out for you all.. ha ha..

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

    • EvanJ2462

      Lol. On my gsm unlocked, 4.0.4 is great. You’d think Verizon is the only place this phone exists.

  • Nexjersey

    As a Nexus owner running custom roms and not experiencing the problems mentioned. I didn’t know they still hadn’t updated stock android. But after all this time and no updates, they have stripped the entire meaning of Nexus away from this phone.

  • It definitely sucks. But I don’t have to deal with Blur, or TouchWIZ or HTCWTVR. It’s clean, and it works.

    That said, I run AOKP – which is easier to load on this phone than ANY other phone available on VZW. The unlocked bootloader & ease of loading custom roms was my real reason for this phone, which still stands.
    My best guess is VZW is at least 90% to blame for the delays, they just don’t get it.

  • If you are going to write this article, you should at least point out that the Razr and ReZound, phones released BEFORE the Nexus ever came out and were touted by their OEMs as being “ICS Upgradeable” (which is truly a laughable term), haven’t gotten one official build of ICS pushed to them yet, 6 months in.

    And just like everyone is saying, “Remember all you Nexus fanbois saying how you were going to get fast updates?” Well I’m going say, remember all you Razr and ReZound people who were so sure you would get ICS in 2-4 months time? Ha!

    • mmoreimi

      I keep playing the conversation in my head when i picked up my rezound in early Feb. the said “you’ll be upgraded to ICS at the end of Feb”

    • The Rezound and Razr situation isn’t surprising to me. Verizon was releasing Moto and HTC phones last year, running Froyo months after Gingerbread was released. Skinned phones from OEMs take a long time to update. If they do it in 6 months time, that’s actually pretty fast.

    • wickets

      I have a razr too, and it might not be ics but at least Motorola sens out updates to fix issues with the phone….in my kitchen, side by side 3 bars of 4g on the razr, 1 bar (if i’m lucky) 3g on the galaxy!!! What help is ics if you cant even connect properly??

      • LiterofCola


  • Agree 100%. I am running stock unrooted. I wanted a phone without a skin and bloatware and that would receive updated in a timely manner. This may be what gets me to switch to another carrier and get a GSM version. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. That is what is getting me to stay.

    • hkklife

      Same here.
      Superior VZW coverage (both 3G & LTE) in my area and the grandfathered unlimited plan are the ONLY, I repeat *ONLY* things keeping me on board right now. I don’t even get a discount through my employer or anything for VZW. If Sprint ever gets their LTE network built out or T-Mobile puts some of their breakup money to good use, I’d seriously consider jumping ship.

      • imronburgundy

        I’m pretty sure those are the most important reasons when choosing a carrier anyways.

      • kamui0

        I’m in the same boat I’m grandfathered with unlimited data. & I get a discount through my employeer.

        • Blootzm3

          me 2, if not for my unlimited data and discount thru my employer I’d be jumping ship too. then again I get a discount on any carier… so just waiting for verison to kick my unlimited plan off then I’m out. also if not for having theGnex I’d have been gone a long time ago about 6 months ago. they almost lost me and my family, whome Ive got all gnex’s for about 5.

      • Grandfathered unlimited plans are going bye bye.

        Confirmed by Verizon.

    • EvanJ2462

      I was grandfathered into the same unlimited data on VZW. I still switched to T-Mo and bought a GNex unlocked and pay 30$ a month w/ 5gb of fake 4g. If you live in a populated area and get good T-Mo coverage i’d stronly suggest it.

  • sway

    Im rooted and have had 4.0.4 with aokp, bottom line is it shouldve been updated, verizon lives to much on their “droid” crap to care about other phones.

    • GlennHarris

      Don’t worry, they don’t update the Droid phones either.

      • Diablo81588

        Sure they do. Mine has had 4 official updates since release.

        • Tyler Cameron

          They don’t count.

  • r0lct

    It’s Verizon’s fault for the hold up but Google’s fault for allowing the Nexus name on the phone.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      So true, I hope Google does what it can to prevent Verizon from doing this again, something like saying any Nexus phone will be updated directly by Google, no carrier interaction. Unfortunately it would mean Verizon would never get another Nexus, but I think that is fitting and goes to show just how power hungry that company is.

    • r0lct

      AND I blame Samsung for the accessories of course. 😉

    • Butters619

      Hopefully that means we’ll see an AT&T LTE Nexus this year

      (hey, I can hope)

    • sonicyoof

      Yeah, there’s no doubt Verizon is the culplrit.

      • Haha, seriously? Yet when ICS for the 4G Xoom and the RAZR/RAZR Maxx was delayed, I’m sure you guys were blaming it on Motorola, all while trumpeting your “superior” Galaxy Nexus.

        • sonicyoof

          Funny, since I never have owned either…

          • Durrr….never said you did. But Nexus owners have taken every opportunity to bash Motorola, and I’d be surprised if you weren’t in that group.

            Also, reading comprehension is your friend.

          • Well, you kinda did: “you guys” and “your” in a direct reply to his post…

          • Right, and the “your” was suggesting that he owned a Galaxy Nexus. Perhaps he’s never owned a GNex, but I assumed the “never have owned either” meant Xoom and RAZR/RAZR Maxx.

          • sonicyoof

            Wow, you are really hurt. Please take some time to head out into the daylight and calm down.

            I don’t give a crap about Motorola, for the record. I don’t like locked bootloaders but it does not affect me.

    • Here’s the thing. Verizon is holding the update hostage for whatever reason but ultimately the fault lies with Google. They knew how CDMA worked before they ever greenlit the phone. And they knew how Verizon was as well. This is all due to Google’s failure (and unwillingness) to reign in their OEMs and carriers. I admire them for wanting to make an open platform but if you’re gonna release a device and call it your flagship, your reference device then you need to own it

  • What I wouldn’t have believed is that a phone would come out, and 5 months later it would STILL be the one I would buy brand new.

    • sc0rch3d

      well…if you’re context is “which phone out of Verizon’s lineup” then I would definitely agree, not much competition with only the DROID line as the other option. In the grand scheme of Android phones, I would consider others today than my GNex if they had CDMA/LTE & unlockable.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      But VZW (and Google to a degree) counts on suckers like you. They did then, they do now, they will next year.

      • Um, just because nerds complain about “delayed” updates that we are “entitled to” on a phone that works perfectly fine without those updates, doesn’t mean we’re suckers for buying a great phone on a great network.

        • Works perfectly fine? Lol. You must not own a GNex.

          • Nope, I own a Galaxy Nexus. So does my wife, and a friend, and 3 coworkers. We are all running stock and we all love them.

          • MyStroPro

            … and I’ve got two coworkers doing the same that don’t. Proxemics be damned – there’s probably close to a 60 / 40 split on people who actually own and like the phone overall – most of the issues being both hardware / material issues or the lack of ICS updates for users.

          • MyStroPro

            … and I’ve got two coworkers doing the same that don’t. Proxemics be damned – there’s probably close to a 60 / 40 split on people who actually own and like the phone overall – most of the issues being both hardware / material issues or the lack of ICS updates for users.

          • MyStroPro

            FWIW, I’ve got two coworkers doing the same that don’t. Proxemics be damned – there’s probably close to a 60 / 40 split on people who actually own and like the phone overall – most of the issues being both hardware / material issues or the lack of ICS updates for users.

          • MyStroPro

            FWIW, I’ve got two coworkers doing the same that don’t. Proxemics be
            damned – there’s probably close to a 60 / 40 split on people who
            actually own and like the phone overall – most of the issues being both
            hardware / material issues or the lack of ICS updates for users.

          • I wasn’t questioning your enjoyment of the device. You stated “It works perfectly fine.” It may for you, but the majority of us do have issues with stick 4.0.2.

          • To my standards, it does work perfectly fine. Maybe not to yours.

          • jake

            Great for you that urs has no issues. To pretend that the people how are having issues are just whiners us absurd. In in my 3rd nexus and if I’m on the phone for more than 2 min my much cuts out. So that’s 3 nexi all with issues

          • I never said it doesn’t have issues. I just said, or meant, that the issues I do have don’t bother me too much and that 4.0.2 isn’t garbage and we aren’t “suckers” for buying the phone. I have all the same issues everyone else has, but they’re not show stoppers.

          • MKader17

            Its weird that I bought a Nexus on launch day. The one day with the greatest chance of your product having bugs and I am in the same boat ass you. ROMs have been for enjoyment, not fixes.

          • taarkan

            The wife and I have one too. We love the OS and the phone but it’s very buggy. Reboots often with frequent app crashes particularly the camera. The battery life is poor, the 4g signal is non-existent when others(Verizon Phones) are and it fails to switch between 3g/4g often (which REALLY pisses my wife off!). We’ve been waiting for the 4.0.4 for far too long!!!

          • I never said 4.0.2 was perfect and that I’m not craving 4.0.4 every second of every day, I just said I love my phone and 4.0.2 is fine and would be fine totally fine if I never got an update.

      • Liderc

        You mean suckers that buy purple, blue, white, pink, zebra colored phones?

        • FortitudineVincimus

          yep, them to.

          people can hate on my comments all they want, but there is real truth behind them. The big wigs laugh all the way to the bank when people buy into the seeds the sow and in this case, it was the korny “Google experience”. Which is/was a joke. The dev community is the saving grace.

          Another example? The tards that buy into the laughable Samsung hype and their stupid tag lines and dumb slogans revolving around the SGS3.

          • Liderc

            It still is a “Google Experience” though. Google has released the updates, if you aren’t willing to install them yourselves you have to wait for Verizon to get through the red tape, or you can do it yourself, which btw, is the “Google Experience.”

    • r0lct

      Of course that’s in spite of Verizon and due to the dev community as a result of it being close enough to the GSM GNex we’re still getting plenty of support.

      • No. That’s BECAUSE of Verizon. What other networks are offering real 4G on the GNex that get at least around 20 Mbps?

        • r0lct

          I don’t notice as if I’m out all day I’ll usually turn 4g off so the battery will last. However even with 4g I don’t see anywhere near 20 Mb.

          • Blootzm3

            I got the gnex because its the gnex, I hate verizon they suck…. and we dont have an update because of verizon which makes them suck more balls

          • Dj Hidro

            I’m on my second Gnex and i must say that minus the battery life and occasional reboot I haven’t had the data radios fall asleep and my mic works fine on calls and I’ve pulled speeds over 30 mbps

          • michael

            using speedtest app i average 12 down and 5 up, 1 out of 100 times and only once i got 18 down.

    • MotoRulz

      This phone has been put on a pedestal for 5 months as the best phone ever, even with the problems that PLAGUE this phone. Its about time Kellex Called this phone out for what it is “a skinned mess of a phone”.

      • Skinned mess? I’ve never seen anything non-AOSP on the phone besides the My Verizon junk. That’s intense hyperbole.

      • MKader17

        It’s been put on a a pedastel because if you want ICS and you want ROMs, and you want Dev support, and you want on screen buttons and you want something fun an easy to hack with minimal chance of issues then there is no other phone to consider.

        Given that is the kind of crowd that is attracted here it makes sense.

        edit: and don’t forget teh NFCzzz!!! 😛

  • jcuvs

    4.0.2 is garbage? I see your hyperbole ROM was updated on time.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom


  • Octotron


  • John

    Nice rant K. Agree 100 f’ing percent

  • mmoreimi

    So this has nothing to do with Android’s fragmentation. Nexus updates are no better off then skinned interfaces like the Rezound’s Sense.

  • robber


  • possomcrast1

    I’m using cyanogen 9 which is always up to date within a couple of days to a week. If a couple of devs can do it three multi million dollar companies should be able to do it quicker. I have a feeling verizon and google may not be getting along to well because i’m sure there’s no problem that takes that long.

    • The Cyanogen devs carry no legal liability if their softwarez break your device.

      Verion does.

      • Chuckers

        I’m sure we all signed said legal liabilities away when we accepted our contracts.

  • Google

    Haha, i wonder where all the Nexus fanboys are you looked smugly down their noses at anybody who didn’t have a Pure Android experience with direct from Google updates?

    • Liderc

      No other phone on Verizon even has ICS, what’s your point?

      • And the updates do come directly from Google too…

        Plus, I’ll take buggy ICS over Gingerbread any day of the week. 😛

        • I can’t even imagine using Gingerbread again.

        • EdubE24

          A smooth running Razr Maxx or a terrible experience with the Nexus…

          • LionStone

            Hehe, yea seems like a no brainer to me too…even my TB is running so killer right now, do I care it doesn’t have the ICS? That would be a ‘no’ because everything runs smooth!

          • EdubE24

            I’ve had both phones and the Maxx running Gingerbread was a far better experience than my time with the Nexus.

    • I’m here and still smug. I’ll take stock Android and unskinned ICS any day.

    • Still right here. love my GN. Even if you’re not hardcore rooter. installing a leaked version isn’t asking for much. its SOOO easy since its a nexus device. The issue is with verizon. nothing to do with the phone in reality.

  • Bruinsfan18