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LG Optimus LTE2 Gets Leaked Photos Galore, Really Wants To Compete With The Galaxy SIII

A few hours after the Next Galaxy announcement last week when we learned the Galaxy SIII was official, the other Korean handset maker had a nice quiet announcement about their new flagship phone as well. LG quickly pushed out information about the Optimus LTE2 and attempted to wow the masses with the fact that it sports 2GB of RAM. Now we’ve got some leaked pictures of the phone and some information to see if there is anything else interesting about this phone.

At first glance, looking at this phone you would think that it is the international version of the Galaxy SII, and it makes LG’s obsession with Samsung pretty apparent. We learned what we didn’t know before and that was the question around the chipset in this phone. It has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with a 4.7″ True HD IPS screen on top. It is running LG’s skin over top of Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 2,150mAh battery inside. There are even leaked pictures of LG’s own wireless charging accessory for this new phone, something that Samsung also announced at their press conference.

There are plenty of more leaked photos at the source link below, but this leaves us thinking. This all sounds good on paper but with LG’s track record they just haven’t been able to relate the specs into good sales in the US. There is a stigma about the brand that they need to shake. Do the specs for this phone sound good enough for you to give it a look?

Via: Kuccblog

  • Jay Bussiere

    last time I looked at he an LG at verizon their screen looked pretty promising.

  • Jon

    I would much rather press a button on the front of the phone to wake it up from sleep, then awkwardly reaching to the side of a phone to wake it up. Samsung and LG are on to something here. I also liked the original Samsung Galaxy had the power button on the right side instead of on top. You could simply press the button while holding the phone naturally and not have to re-position your hand afterwards. Just makes things easier and faster.

  • PGrif

    hmm… quite.. yes… i find all your comments shallow and pedantic

  • Has the classic look.
    I like it 😛

  • Darkseider

    Not bad but I am still hoping for a Tegra 3 or Exynos 4412 based phone on T-Mobile in the U.S. My G2X is still humming along nicely so to go from one dual core to another is kind of pointless. Even if the performance is slightly better it won’t justify the upgrade,

  • Looks good but has too much bezel, and it’s running a horrible imitation of touchwiz…fail. If LG would just run stock Android I’d actually care about their devices.

  • the second image is an official image published by LG Korea along with their press release how can that be a leaked image?

  • Q

    LG officially makes the most boring looking phones.. A lot of their stuff has had decent specs recently, but the phones just look.. uggh.

  • NorCalGuy

    This phone reminds me of the og droid with the big block face, but come on they are asking to get it from both pple and Samsung for redesigning the same phone…. again….

  • “with a 4.7″ True HD IPS screen”

    True HD = 1920×1080?

  • TxSteelersFan

    A 2,150 mAh battery!! I’ll take some of that!!

    • TMadd8

      You /have/ heard of the Droid Razr Maxx on Verizon, right?

  • Trevor

    Excuse me while I talk on my giant rectangle.

    • So you have a Galaxy Note is what you’re saying

      • Trevor

        Well really, all of these huge-screened slab phones that have been coming out lately are just rectangular in nature. It’s just that this LG is basically a perfect rectangle. 90 degree angles and all.

  • teerex

    I think some of you people are on crack!! lol… you think this phone looks better then the s3???? you’re nuts. It’s an iphone wannabe with the square ole desing. The nexusish design of the s3 is a much more appealing phone than that square thing!! Get some glasses or contacts if you can’t see that yeah! 😉

  • Cam

    Please don’t let physical home buttons be the ‘new thing’ everyone starts doing. Pretty please?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Frankly if Samsung is doing it so will LG

  • frankandsimple

    ONe thing good we can expect from LG is the display quality.

  • paul_cus

    I like the look…now about that skin. Hope it’s the revamped version.

  • Cowards falter, but danger is often overcome by those who nobly dare.

  • Android1997

    Is this the phone coming to Verizon to compete with the S3

    • FortitudineVincimus

      no.. don’t count on it

  • Its Pretty bad ass. Alittle too square for my likes, but seems like a well put together competitor!!

  • JeffDenver

    LG is surprising me. The stuff they make doesnt look like total crap anymore. The Spectrum is actually a very nice phone. And yes, this phone looks more appealing than the Galaxy S3. Still to early to tell, but early signs point to a Galaxy killer.

    S4 + 2 gigs RAM + 720p IPS display = win.

    • AE35

      I’m not hating on LG anymore. As long as the mod community gets behind them, I would give them a shot. 2GB is nice.

    • ostensibly

      My LG dishwasher sucks. My stove is alright though.

  • skant153

    sgs3 and the dbphone both have soft, feminine curves that make them look weak and frail. this, with it’s flat surfaces and hard edges, is a very manly phone. i don’t see why you people hate it so much. the screen is rectangular, make the phone rectangular too so you’re not wasting space with stupid curves. very practical design and not as gay looking as the sgs3

  • c4v3man

    Unless it’s bootloader is unlocked, it’s DOA. Motorola, Samsung, HTC are all bad at updates, when tied to USA carriers but LG’s support is flat out non-existent. If the phone can’t be updated with user builds, then it’s never getting updated.

    • Yes LG has horrible support, but they don’t lock up their phones. You just root and go and pray some dev wants to make kangs for it.

  • Butters619

    I will probably get a lot of hate replies for this…..but honestly I think it looks better than the SGS3.

    • Bill Mitchell

      Agreed! Not that it was that much of a challenge…

      • FortitudineVincimus


    • paul_cus

      I agree.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      No hate, there is no comparison, and if you do, you will see, in several respects, this is a better phone. I would take this > the SGS3 for sure.

      And the best part, they did not have some over blown hyped up pompous mulit-million dollar release… they just PR’d it over the wire for $100.

      • Butters619

        They didn’t need a over hyped release, but they probably should have had more than a tiny memo.

    • Troubled_Asian

      No hate here, I totally agree. But seriously, what is up with the singular button at the bottom on all of these phone. It’s just too iPhone-like.

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    • Austin

      I agree

    • It absolutely does. Not sure about that shiny edge though.

    • michael

      Looks like a mini tablet, with the frame around it

    • LiterofCola


  • mjmedstarved

    Good looking phone IMO.

  • ashadan

    i actually really like the look of this, I’m a fan of the squared off edges personally, my X has them, and it makes the device look more uniform in relation to the screen for me honestly. with 2gigs of ram, it’s definitely worth a look IF it comes to the states

  • Trash.

  • I don’t get why they make all of their new phones so blocky.

    • At least it isn’t ugly and overridden with “nature”

    • EC8CH

      *pple owns round corners.

    • john

      Blocky designs and larger phones do not go well together because they feel big and cumbersome in your pocket. Smooth phones with rounded edges like the galaxy nexus disappear in your pocket.. it feels smaller than OG droid in pocket despite being considerably larger.

  • moelsen8

    i like the first wallpaper at least.