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DROID 3 Update Approved as Build 5.7.906, Weighs in at 224MB and is Not Ice Cream Sandwich

We mentioned this morning that a soak test was in the works for the DROID 3, however, it appears now as if the software in that test has already been given the green light. The changelog for build 5.7.905 5.7.906 has been posted and it’s a doozy. Weighing in at 224MB, this should fix any bug that D3 users may have been experiencing. Unfortunately, this phone is not on Moto or Verizon’s list of those expected to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, so even at that size, don’t expect this to be a game changer. You will see updated bloatware, security patches, and a whole bunch of bug fixes.

Update:  The update will actually be 5.7.906. Verizon has changed the support doc to reflect this. There aren’t any changes from .905 to .906 that we can tell.

What we are finding odd, is that this update leaked some two months ago. Also, the support docs for it from Verizon were created in February, so we have to ask, “What was the hold-up?” I don’t want to question Verizon too much on their update practices since I don’t know all of the dirty details, but really, a 2 month delay? We saw this last week with the Xperia Play too. Is their testing group overwhelmed and simply cannot get to these updates to test them thoroughly? You have to wonder, especially knowing that the Galaxy Nexus has gone 5 months without an update, leading Android devs to question the carrier approval process.

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  • Here we are, 3 months after it was released and my phone prompts me for the update 🙂 Verizon were slow to release this monster. Does seem more responsive, then again it just got rebooted.

    • guavacode

      I’m still on .890. No update prompts for me (yet) 🙁

  • michael curtis

    Update is finally available, check again.

  • bspllc

    I just got the update. Seems much quicker. Camera works a little better, but still not the best quality pictures.

  • bspllc

    I just got the update. Seems much quicker. Camera works a little better, but still not the best quality pictures.

  • glasspilot

    My Droid 3 is only a month old, my first smart phone. I woke up today with it telling me that 5.7.906 was ready to download. Worked great and it fixed the common problem (that I had) of contacts freezing. Then had to go to the link (above) to re-root it. Life is good!

  • soo am here waiting for the update i just checked today and still no update what the crap?

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  • Yaakov Stern

    Does anyone know if the update breaks root?

  • My wife has the D3… we tried last night and this morning, but still no update. Not for my GNex either!

    • Liang Li

      i think this is just the soak test with general rollout in a week or so… im so very tempted to install the leaked 906 update though

  • anyone know when it willl be pushed?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I was going to say.. I cheesecaked .906 awhile back. 905 had issues that .906 seemed to resolve. Would be odd for them to push .905. Is the update going to be a normal patch update or is it the wipe everything that was pulled from the moto servers awhile back?

  • bdoc

    As a Rezound owner I think this is good news, as the screenshots from the earlier Reddit post pegged this update at 225mb with test dates from 2/13 to 3/14, and a delayed OTA. Hopefully, the 5/9 date for the Rezound ICS update is somewhat legit.

  • I rather have a working video codec on my AOKP =0/

  • droidian1441

    I was in the soak test… The update is 5.7.906… I leaked it back in March, rolled out to us earlier today.

  • Anyone install this on a D3 that’s used the radio hack to bypass Verizon’s hotspot deal? I’m asking for a friend who would hate to lose that functionality……;-)

    • Chris

      Yup you loose it but Foxfi is a free app in the market that works.

      • I remember using the radio hack because Foxfi didnt work.

        • Rich

          Early versions of Foxfi didnt work for me either, the latest works fine.

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  • wickets

    i have a droid 3 which i keep for emergencies so the the update is nice, but my razr has more updates than my galaxy nexus…..” Galaxy Nexus has gone 5 months without an update”….its a disgrace because theres lots to fix

    • RoadsterHD1

      what still needs to be fixed on the GNEX?

      • mustbepbs

        For those who didn’t root and install 4.0.4, a whole lot. 4.0.2 is really buggy and Verizon has been sitting on updates for months. 4.0.4 fixes everything, but again for those that didn’t root, they’re stuck.

        • I’ve seen a few people on XDA for whom 4.0.4 and the new basebands still did not fix bugs. The outbound audio loss, primarily.

        • michael arazan

          To RoadsterHD1–main complaints; slow boot when turning on phone, landscape mode, connectivity data/ phone calls, random rebboot, camera no connection (using camera going into sleep mode turning back on says can not connect to camera in camera mode), radios, slow system bug (in /out of apps, slow air plane mode on/off,operation, e-mail and notifications of email, media, accessories, display problems/ overlapping display, and quite a few more. very few have a majority of problems, quite a few have had 1 or more of these problems but didn’t warrant it to be as so problematic to return device. I read what 4.0.4 fixes and adds on and it seems to fix all these problems for those who reported after they flashed the rom on their phone.
          I’ve had browser force closes, 2 random reboots, minor data problems when at home and completely lose signal 4g & 3g, slow in and out of apps and system, no connection to camera if i don’t close it before phone sleeps. Phone works perfect, navigation on trips worked great, I do get double gmail notifications of same email twice with 2 gmail icons in notification bar too. other than a few bugs it works great, and the update should fix it from what I read. I wouldn’t return/ replace though.

          • wickets

            Thanks for exposing the issues so succinctly

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Can’t fix crappy hardware with software.

  • davey82

    I just tried pulling the update but no luck yet.

  • Guest

    It is 5.7.906 but I don’t have the ability to capture the screen image on my phone.

    • So not 905 but 906? Weird.

    • Pedro

      You should get ICS. Then you press the power and vol + buttons….