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Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha Made $47 Million in 2011, Four Times his 2010 Pay

According to a regulatory filing, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha managed to roll in a total compensation package of around $47 million dollars in 2011, almost 4 times his pay from 2010. Motorola claims that the rise in pay was due to the successful split of Motorola in to two divisions:  Mobility and Solutions. Feel free to sit and think about that for a second….OK, let’s continue.

This comes only 3 months after Motorola reported their Q4 2011 earnings, which showed an $80 million net loss for the quarter. They have scheduled for their Q1 2012 earnings to be released on May 1, but will not have a live call to discuss them – something they decided to cut out once the acquisition by Google inched closer to completion. Speaking of that situation, we are still waiting for China to sign off on it before it can become finalized officially. The U.S. and Europe already have.

And if you were wondering about his status with the company, according to Motorola, Jha is still the CEO. It has been two months since rumors pegged Google’s Dennis Woodside as his successor. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some sort of announcement on this front when those Q1 earnings are released.

Via:  Reuters

Cheers Mike and Aaron!

  • what the effing eff. does he get paid per new device released? sheesh.

    no wonder they pushed out so many phones.

  • jag28co

    two letters  F U

  • BloMeSanjay

    I hope he enjoys it because he – nor anyone else at Motorola – will ever get another dime from me.

    – Disgruntled Droid X2 owner/sucker.

    Fool me once…

  • I don’t understand why people are shocked by this…and it’s not really breaking news. You guys ever heard of a Proxy filing? All publicly traded corporations file an annual proxy statement that lists the salaries and compensation of all executive management. You can find it on their website, or on the SEC’s website. 

    Tim Cook from Apple made $380 MILLION in 2011 including bonuses and stock comp. Where’s the article on that? 

    See for yourself: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AAPL/1817260020x0xS1193125-12-6704/320193/filing.pdf

  • jonny6pak

    Jeebus H. Croiky, calm down people, you’re all thinking about this completely wrong.  He’s getting paid out of the sale of MMI.  If you pay attention to the source article, his 2011 comp includes his options.  If he exercised his stock options in the sale of the business to Google, which anyone with stock options would do given that he brokered a sale well above the market value for MMI stock, then he’s going to make a shitload.  The people with a lot of stock who sell a company for a profit always make a shitload.  He’s not getting paid for the performance of MMI in terms of the cell phone business, he’s getting paid to sell the company at a massively higher price per share to get value for the stockholders.  Mission accomplished.

    • Yup. The public is generally retarded when it comes to these things. His base salary for 2011 was $900k, which is inline with executive management salaries for any other big public corporation. 

      See the details: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ABEA-2FO3VV/1817271601x0x552630/7F649356-33F7-466E-AF58-60F595C2556C/MSI_2012_Proxy.pdf

    • drparty

      I completely agree, I think most of the comments here are simply more focused on moto’s actual products than the corporation’s obligation to make their shareholders money. personally I think Jha did have a fantastic start at the company, not sure what went wrong, why they went from the OG Droid to atrocities like the Bionic.
      As long as moto doesn’t get sold to huawei I’m fine, if that rumor turns out to be true I’ll be pretty pissed at Jha and Google.

  • I wonder how much of that $47M was also an early severance package…

  • Glad I’m not a Motorola shareholder – if I was then I’d be PISSED. 
    But then again, I’d have nobody to blame but myself and my peers for agreeing to pay the man an exorbitant sum of cash for lackluster results.

    As for cries of “unfair!” and “theft” and more worthless 99% vs 1% drivel… Motorola’s shareholders are the only ones that should feel angry about this.  If your retirement fund is tied to Motorola and you’re angry about this then you have every right to be – and you have every right to move your money out of Motorola as a reaction.

    Jha’s loot is not the cause of your misfortunes.  Neither is any other rich person’s personal success. Screwing the rich wont make your situations any better despite how cathartic is will feel to see them suffer.

    EDIT: I forgot that he brokered the sale of Moto Mobility to Google. That alone would be worth the sum he was paid.

    • jonny6pak

      I would love him if I was a shareholder.  He got $40 per share, 63% above the market rate.  Sure, I could say he helped lower the share value, but he got it above pre-recession values.  That’s not something a shareholder could complain about.

  • that is about the most cheesy photo I have ever seen.

  • Droid Razer Super HD+ Pro III

    Its ok his paychecks were locked so he was only able to use 50% of them.

  • Sporttster

    Just shows the complete absurdity of the pay these guys make for being basically a hood ornament. They’re the face of the company while the people below him do all of the heavy lifting. Guess performance don’t matter. Just need to claw to the top and then rake in ridiculous paydays. And the stupid boards let it happen!! Eh, he’ll get a golden parachute….excuse me, a PLATINUM parachute…gold is so yesterday….

  • Uwish

    I used to work for Motorola and say this F$ck you and brownie boy for ruining one of the best companies around.

    • Nigga

       cleaning bathrooms doesnt count

      • Uwish

        u talking about you niggaboy?

  • He’s got Motorolla on the ropes…they have no option but to pay him

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Imagine a phone/computing device that goes months without a charge. Folds up into your pocket. Can be carried under water even sea water and provides Full Interactive Mapping, Augmented reality, Monitoring of personal health status, and provides a happy companion for you to talk to when lost or lonely. Provides your entertainment as well as education. Helps you do business and keeps you in touch with friends and family. Stores all of your important documents such as credit cards drivers license, passport, Birth Certificate, and photo Id, etc… Calls your Doctor when it detects an illness or the pharmacy for your refills. And when you decide to escape from society for a while it turns off all your notifications and simply acts as a map guiding you to your favorite secret camping spot. Plays you a nice nature film to lull you to sleep and then keeps an eye on your surroundings letting you get that necessary break and refreshment you need. But should you get lost while out hiking through the woods it knows right where you are and can notify friends and rescue should you need it.

  • Atleast give him credit for Motorola going with Android and making a proper smartphone (albeit with flaws).HP died because they didn’t, Blackberry is going to die because they don’t. Nokia would have met the same fate if not for Microsoft’s cash. It’s sad because Motorola had/has all the tools to be the best smartphone manufacturer. In terms of build quality and reception Motorola was and is the best in the industry. Their designs are pretty good too, the hardware underneath is what is mainly lacking. Screens are way worse than Samsung and HTC, cameras are bad too. Processors are fine but they are never ahead of other companies, either matching or behind. Those problems are big but not complicated to fix, couple that with up to date software and Motorola could on top again like the era of the original droid.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Golden Parachute. They are dumping him and the payoff is probably contractual. He’s actually a pretty boring and out right ignorant CEO. Getting rid of him will be the best think Moto/Google can do to improve the brand. Moto has been capable of so much more but SanJay being Indian no doubt ruined the software side by sending all the work to India where it will be farmed out to the cheapest developers to walk out of the 4 week engineering schools they have there. You know the old saying “Four weeks ago I couldn’t even spell software engineer but now I can argue in broken English and copy and paste resumes taken from Americans just like all the other Indian engineers.”

    • jonny6pak

      IIRC, I think he’s getting something like $12M in contractual golden parachute payments.  The bulk of this is in stock options and the stock he already held.

  • I don’t like how he is one of the highest paid CEOs in the world but DANG I really love my Droid 3. 

  • ddevito

    Who’s laughing now?

  • smellyfeet

    so, this is the dipshit responsible for the Bionic debacle 

  • That’ll be the last time you ever see that much money. {{-_-}}

    • Lol so? He doesn’t need to duplicate that, wisely invested that kinda cash will sustain generation after generation after generation. If he’s got kids, god I hope not, they’ll never have to work again if he doesn’t start throwing it out the window.

  • Marcus Schoen

    Haters gonna hate. I hate Sanjay and Moto’s marketing department. The only good thing that comes from them is the Maxx and those awesome droid-era commercials.

  • Rick

    Theres allot of money in locked bootloaders apparently.

    • LiterofCola

      Unfortunately, theres none in lame, overused jokes

  • Kun Amero

    Slum dog millionaire ….

  • moozicmon

    I. Hate. That. Man.

  • Michael_NM

    I hope his paychecks were blurred.

    • angermeans

      Ha ha that’s the best comment I’ve seen all day long

    • LiterofCola

      Makes no sense

  • tech247

    Sad but typical story. These guys fail up and not down. His next job after Google cans him will be at an even bigger company as CEO, Chairman and President combined. SMMFH…..

  • Guest

    The minute any of you broker a deal to sell a Company for a premium of 63% ($7.875 million) of its value, you can all start complaining about somebody making .6% of that premium. How blinded all of you are. 

    • Guest

      Sorry for the bad math. That is a $4.835 billion premium. And he got paid about 1% of it. Pretty good ROI for the investors, wish I owned some stoch when it went down.

      • GrammarNazi

        You should probably learn to spell it first (stock).

    • jonny6pak

      Exactly.  My first thought was that he’s getting paid out of the huge sale of the company.  That netted a lot of value for the stockholders.

  • Liderc

    It’s hilarious how much these idiots make.  The funny thing is some other company will pick him up when he gets canned.  He gets paid more for successfully splitting Motorola into two divisions?  A truly genius idea…

    I don’t know if he’s directly responsible for Motorola’s multiple failures of this past year (xyboard, 15 different Razr’s ect…) but he obviously isn’t doing a good job and is getting paid 50 million for doing that piss poor job.  No wonder our economy is in the shitter. 

  • LOL it’s been nice knowing you, Moto.

  • NorCalGuy

    I hope he gets fired quickly… and moto picks it up more build quality like the d1 and the razr series, solid UI much like the newest blur with its smart actions and stops dropping 30 phones a year each slightly better than the last, then they could be the phone company competing with Samsung and apple .

  • faber


  • kixofmyg0t

    SCREW THIS GUY. He’s a greedy SOB and has no idea what he’s doing.

    He single handedly  took a once great company and drove it into the ground. He made half what Moto lost in 2011. That’s fricken ridiculous.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Gawd I hope Google replaces him with a much worthier successor who closely follows the philosophical values of Google and Android.

    • tehsusenoh

      As long as they don’t sell Motorola off to Huawei…

      • angermeans

        They will. Google wants nothing to do with this horrible company. Try wanted patents to protect android. Moto is the opposite of what android is.

        • LiterofCola


        • kixofmyg0t

           It’s hilarious how terribly misinformed you are man LOL.

          Take a look.

          • Goldenpins

            They already posted this in the past. Nothing new in that link.

        • BlueLetter

          You really think Google would buy ALL of Motorola Mobility, just for patents, then sell them off devoid of their most valuable asset? If Google only wanted Motorola’s patents…why wouldn’t they just buy their patents?
          I mean really, it’s less money and waaaay less work.
          You should stop projecting whatever disgust you have for Motorola onto Google.

        • MichaelCrackMonkey

          “angermeans” you really need to get over your hate for Moto. Moto makes the best radios around hands down fact that can not be denied. The problem Moto has had is in software design and implementation which is very different from the hardware engineering side. Indians (Thanks to Sanjay) took over the software. They are not nearly educated enough to work the hardware. Where as the Americans followed by the Chinese tend to walk away with it hands down. Moto Mobility is an opportunity for Google to influence the hardware leading the way for even better competition and dramatic improvements in handset design and power longevity. There is a brave new world opening up out there and we are just seeing the tip of what is to come.

  • April2211

    An idea is a feat of association.

  • The $30 upgrade fee for existing customers puts the icing on the cake.  

    • Um, that has nothing to do with Motorola…

      • Liderc

        lol what an idiot. 

        • right, i guess the 2 ain’t connected in anyway… Verizon making bank, selling Motorola’s best phones helps Verizon and Motorola make money.  Which in turn makes the CEO money.  Verizon and Moto both making bank is enough to make most customers uneasy, but then another upgrade fee is tacked on.  Now jimmies are fully rustled. 

          • angermeans

            Yeah your right Verizon is the only company in america that dares charge an upgrade fee, right? /S. if you think motorola had anything to do with that then your an ignorant fool. That was all Verizon.

          • LiterofCola


          • You’re telling me that it doesn’t make you mad that companies that are already making good money off the products they sell you and yet prices are still going up?  The comment “its icing on the cake” was basically stating (from past news) that verizon making bank, motorola’s CEO making bank, and now another fee to make more money.  That just tops it off for me. -My first post wasn’t to say Moto is the cause of this.  But like the US gov’t, you guys can turn anything upside down.

            I’m beginning to think some people here still live in their parents basements and have no expenses.

  • feztheforeigner

    I wish I could be paid in the millions to run a company so far into the ground that they had to be sold!

  • This makes me sick.

  • DoctorOta

    They need to replace him with someone who values the nature of android, openness.  While i personally don’t root, so it would be a moot point for me,  they need a CEO who will unlock their phones.  The hardware is great, and even if some don’t like Blur, it’s gotten better mind you, an unlocked bootloader would be the perfect solution.  Yet common sense will probably not prevail and they’ll have another incumbent CEO take his place.

    • chris125

       He has already been replaced Google appointed someone when they bought moto

    • angermeans

      The whole motorolas hardware is great is entirely subjective. I think what they have released year is ugly as hell. They havent innovated since the original droid back 2009. At that time everyone was watching Motorola and excited about android and instead Jha made a million bad decisions and ran the company into the ground. They have no respect for their end users and have no desire to keep their products updated beyond a couple months and only on the products they have made a lot of money on. Not only that but they have denied huge bugs in software and kept updates from millions for months. Motorola is a sorry excuse for a company and he recent rumors that google is trying to distant themselves of the hardware devision is a huge example of this. It blows my mind that some people still believe in this company and haven’t been burned numerous times already. I’ve owned numerous motorola products and beyond the original droid they have all been trash. They don’t have any better of a radio, their hardware is ugly as hell, and the sorry excuse for the displays they are putting on phones is a complete joke. Not to mention what they are doing with the Razr. Dropping a new battery 2 months later and now rumored to be putting in a hd display here soon as well. Come on moto that should have been done since day one. China had it on the same day that verizon got the original Razr. Pair this with the whole Xoom fiasco where they promised 4G and other features that should have been on their on in the first place is ridiculous. Over 8 months later the Xoom finally got 4G. That is an eternity in android and they abandoned the xooom to go back to the drawing board and what did they bring? The Xyboard. Wow, just wow!

      • Lovehate

        the radios are better.the razr maxx with it’s battery life I would say is pretty inventive.all the rest of your rant is all opinion , which you are entitled too.

    • LiterofCola

      Yep, if they decided to unlock the bootloader to satisfy the BL queens, they’d swarm all over Motorola again, praising it for its ingenuity and good hardware.

      • Lovehate

        I really think moto cares about . It seems they’d rather break into the business markets and take a share of apple’s pie

  • Skennedy412

    I think he gets paid per locked boot loader…

    • LiterofCola

      How original!

  • fox_dye


  • Skennedy412

    He looks like a crook.

    • JohnGaspardo

      Theft is legal for rich people. Steal millions through corporate theft and ruin thousands of lives and get a couple years maybe:rob 7 eleven for 50 bucks to feed your starving family get 25 years to life…money buys everything including “justice”. If you can take it and buy a top ten law firm you can get away with mass murder if you want. Greed is good ? Right ? That’s what they tell us anyway. This guy also pays way lower taxes than the average working stiff.(AKA SLAVE) We ARE REPLACEABLE !!!!

      • Magnus100

        You’re a foul mouthed moron. You obviously have no facts to back up the criminal allegations you’re leveling against this guy. To say he ran the company to the ground and that he doesn’t deserve all that pay would be okay, but you go on with all those allegations…. How would you like to be falsely accused of all kinds of atrocities.

        • JohnGaspardo

          It’s an opinion and everyone has one buddy get over it. If it was fact I would have quoted some sort of source GFY

          • PanicsWhenUbered

            There’s a big difference between a subjective opinion and unsubstantiated accusations of theft. You have a lot of growing up to do. <— fact, not opinion.

          • JohnGaspardo

            Also an opinion…What exactly is your point? As far as i’m concerned he could very well be a “crook”. Nowhere in my comment did I mention that he specifically was guilty of any sort of traditional corporate book cooking but rather I was speculating that anyone that makes 47million dollars a year while losing money for the company is paramount to being a crook.Nobody is worth that much money and thanks to his corporate parachuting there will likely be job cuts at Motorola therefore he is in my mind just as much a crook as any other CEO or member of the power elite. So again whats your point because apparently you don’t know the difference between opinions and fact. Think outside the box a little bit! Your part of generation Z aren’t you ? Probably waste your life on the internet all day and think about ways to start flame wars. Go outside and enjoy the blue sky while you can.

          • jonny6pak

            You allege he engaged in corporate theft.  High CEO earnings even when a company is losing money is not corporate theft.  You may not like that a CEO could make such earnings when his/her company lost money, but this is still not theft.  It’s something totally different.  

          • governmentneedstobelimited

            Everyone making John Gaspardo look bad for his comment is wrong. He in no way stated that Jha was or is a crook. Learn how to read and reason.

          • jonny6pak

            Disagree. The implication is there. Learn how not to be a dick when stating your view.

  • $47 million too much. 

  • If I split Apple into Garbage and Turd, can I be paid 100 million?

    • Noyfb

      i think you’d get a billion actually