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LG Spectrum to Receive Sizable Update to Android 2.3.6 – Google Search Defaults, Bloatware Updated, and More

The LG Spectrum will receive a substantial update in the coming weeks as build VS920ZV5. After updating, the phone will run Android 2.3.6, have Google Search set to default for “a better user experience,” freshly polished bloatware (VZ Nav, NFL Mobile, VCAST Apps, etc.), and a whole bunch of other enhancements which you can read about in the image above.

The Spectrum seems to have been forgotten about for the most part, but if you are in need of a smartphone with a beautiful screen, decent camera, and 4G LTE for a reasonable price, it’s worth a look. You can read our full review of the Spectrum here.

The update is 127 MB in size. More info.

  • Mark

    My Spectrum is rooted and de-bloated running popcorn kernel, smooth as silk now. Froze the unwanted apps. Battery much better too. Need more dev support though.

  • PC_Tool

    Bought this and gave my G’nex to my son.  I can actually make and receive phonecalls now.

    Tried multiple incarnations of stock, numerous roms and radio combos….never worked “well”….

    Do miss the hell out of AOKP though…

  • Thestruttons

    I actually have the Spectrum and it is a good phone.  Came from the Droid X, but in anycase it is encouraging that updates are coming, but why update these things?  This is a Verizon update obviously, not an LG update….Funny how Verizon is calling it a system update when 99% of what is being updated is the Verizon app package.  I call this a prep update to get the apps to the same version.  I bet there is a compatibility issue with ICS that they are not talking about…..

  • bakdroid

    I find it interesting that they are pushing out older versions of Play Store and Gmail compared to what is already available from Google.

    Edit: Hell even the Verizon apps are old compared to what is in the Market….sorry Play Store…

    • Shows you how much they care about LG products.

  • HAHAHAHA Google search is now set as default for a better user experience.. take that bing

    • Heh I laughed at that too. Who knew Verizon had a sense of humor?

  • does anyone seriously use those bloat apps though? 

    • T1392

      I use NFL Mobile but its not considered bloatware on my gnex i can uninstall anytime i want thankfuly ^_^