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Is the DROID Fighter the DROID RAZR HD? Photo EXIF Data Points in That Direction

A series of photos from a Motorola employee has surfaced on Picasa within the last few days, leaving us to believe that the rumored DROID Fighter may end up as the DROID RAZR HD when it launches. The EXIF data attached mentions the name specifically, while also confirming a previously rumored codename of “Vanquish.” The rear camera on the phone will have a f2.4 aperture (same as the iPhone 4S) and is rumored to be able to shoot upwards of 13MP photos, just like some of Motorola’s late 2011 Chinese releases. It also looks as if the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, hence the “4.0.3” mentioned in the software version.

Is this the RAZR-esque device that was spotted in China back in March? It certainly seems like it will be. “HD” would refer to the HD screen that it will carry. Attaching that to “RAZR” only makes sense, as it appears that Moto is fully buying into the rebirth of the RAZR brand. We already have a “MAXX” so “HD” seems like the likely next choice.

A release date for the phone is completely unknown. We had seen a couple of targeted dates by Verizon, but those passed by without a peep. 

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  • hotice

    Yeah, the Moto Razr HD is looking like a winner to me. I’m expecting an S4 processor and 3300mAH battery which should give it a lot more battery life than any other smartphone. I’m also hoping they go with a newer S4 that uses the Adreno 320GPU. I think Sony has something on the way using one of those newer S4 CPU’s. I’m also hoping for 2GB of RAM since LG already announced a phone with 2GB of RAM. Some other things Moto typically gets right and I expect would be MicroSDHC, MicroHDMI, and an LED notification light.

    If the Razr HD has all of that I’d be satisfied. I expect 720p resolution and wouldn’t be too upset about pentile but and would take OLED but a non-pentile LCD would be icing on the cake!

  • sgtguthrie

    II may be able to work with a locked bootloader with those specs ūüėČ

    With a huge battery I don’t need to change the kernel to undervolt, and there’s no need to overclock either. As long as I can flash roms and root I’d be okay ūüėČ

  • Iaintheworm

    I have been waiting since Jan for a new phone, was going for the razr, then remembered mwc was about to happen so waited with¬†rumours¬†of SIII’s Quad cores mega Rams and¬†Olympic¬†sheep(?), I (a geek) was quite excited. Then I heard about the MAXX on the American shores whoa I thought¬†finally¬†a phone that doesn’t have a battery made out of rotting¬†potatoes, alas not in the Uk. so more waiting for something good, well what feels like a life time and the S III is coming (not looking too clever), the One X is here and¬†disappointing, the loony 800 is good apart from battery and no microSD (both key features), I had decided to stick to my trusty Nokia N900. Then the MAXX is coming Yeay, now you tell me there is one with a better screen on the horizon, what is a geek to do wait? dive in and be disappointed for 2 years? Think It’ll be the Maxx or s3, battery & microSD will be the decider.¬†
    Ps. to all you camera moaners the N900 has a 5MP camera and in certain low light conditions is better than our Panasonic digital camera.

    • Phoneman67

      I would wait for razr hd. It will have all razr max features and HD bigger screen and hopefully better camera.

  • It looks like Motorola has dropped the Atrix name & is going with razr for its new high end phones. ¬†Lets hope the phone has a zero shutter lag & good low light capability ?

  • huihui22
  • K9walters

    Anyone find out any release dates?

  • Motorola isn’t even doing well. HTC, Samsung and LG have all adapted the same “save our company” strategy of less mores + phone focus on a few hero phones.

    Motorola still wants to release one phone a month.

  • Kevin

    Razr bootloader bypass just out, custom kernels here we come! Will probably have to be updated for the Razr HD.


  • HeneryH

     So again, how does releasing a new phone screw you?  Do you want the company to cease releasing new phones until you say you are ready?

    Ah, the axis of the world does go right through your ^%$.

    • Joebuste12

      Honestly, are you stupid. If you wanted to buy one of the latest videogames out and it has been called SUPERFANTASTICGREATAWESOMEIZZSDACX and you pay like $60 bucks for it as soon as it gets out then, all of a sudden a month later they come out with that same game but extra characters, more maps, and better graphics. All the while it is just dubbed as 
      SUPERFANTASTICGREATAWESOMEIZZSDACX HD and yet, you can’t upgrade to any of these new features even though it is the same GAME. I for one would be pretty pissed off considering I would have to spend ANOTHER $60 just to get the upgrades. Yea they may be minor but there are also bug fixes in this new game too. So more stable.

      and BTW you are all kinda new to phones if you don’t already know the features to this phone.

      -Comes STOCK with 4.0.3
      -No capcitive buttons (i.e. Galaxy Nexus uses Screen buttons)
      -Probably coming with OMAP 4460
      -Most likely a camera fix of some sort.
      -Droid Razr MAXX battery
      -Super AMOLED HD (1280×720)
      -Maybe even better features.

      This is the bare minimum MOTO is going to release.

      • Joebuste12

        also they have done what I mentioned THREE times with TWO basic phone models.

        Droid 3 -> Droid 4
        (I think like 3 month time span.)

        Droid Bionic -> Droid RAZR -> Droid RAZR MAXX
        (I think like a 5 month time span.)

  • naterecording

    Any links out there to said Picasa images?

  • Jlmcc

    look like verizon will need a catalog to list all the different  razr phones

  • Jack Coleman

    Once you actually use your device instead of masturbating over the specs, the razr’s screen is just fine.

  • Bionic

    The new Razr brand is doing very well. I kinda wish I was able to upgrade early.

  • TJ

    I bought the Razr Maxx, only to read the next day here that this phone was rumored to be coming out soon. ¬†I returned the phone within a few days of getting it. ¬†Motorola needs to make up their mind. ¬†Release an awesome phone without releasing the baby steps leading up to it. ¬†I’m now officially waiting for the next iPhone. ¬†Let the hate begin, I know. ¬†But they release one a year, and they put all their efforts into making it awesome. ¬†Plus, when I’m due for an upgrade, an iPhone holds its value. ¬†I am so pissed at Motorola. ¬†

    • Bionic

      What the hell ever dude. Shuve your iphone up your asssss

    • Tim242

      Hahaha you will be the only one suffering. iOS is boring.

  • AndroidFan2

    About a month ago I was deciding whether I should get the Nexus or Razr Maxx. I was set on the Razr for the battery, 4G radio, and overall better hardware design (in my opinion). I was, however, a little hesitant because of a few things that the Razr Maxx did not have. The biggest thing I didn’t like about it was the screen. It had a much improved screen over pretty much all of the other Motorola phones on Verizon, but it¬†definitely¬†was and still isn’t on par with the Nexus’ and that was a huge turn off for me. The second thing was the lack if ICS. I knew that the Razr had plenty of custom ICS themed ROMs, but one thing it couldn’t ever have is the on screen buttons like the Nexus has. I played with the Nexus and for some reason I just love its on screen buttons, so I wasn’t really hip on going to capasitive. Needless to say, I decided to wait for the DROID Fighter and HTC Rezound Min….Incredible 2 to see what it had to offer. After the recent posts on that, I am definitely NOT interested in that. That leaves the DROID Fighter. So far it seems like it will be the perfect phone for me. The Razr’s hardware design, the Maxx’s battery, a 4.7-4.65″ 720p screen (hopefully taking up some of the Razr’s useless large bezel), ICS, and a much improved camera. Not to mention we have yet to hear about the processor it will have. I doubt it will, but how cool would it be if they upgraded the processor to the Snapdragon S4 or maybe something even better!? Moto fan or not, you have to admit this sounds like a great phone! I do feel bad for the other Razr owners who just bought the Razr and Maxx. To have such an upgraded version of the phone you just bought released so soon sucks worse than just having a model released with a larger battery. Regardless, I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone!