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Is the DROID Fighter the DROID RAZR HD? Photo EXIF Data Points in That Direction

A series of photos from a Motorola employee has surfaced on Picasa within the last few days, leaving us to believe that the rumored DROID Fighter may end up as the DROID RAZR HD when it launches. The EXIF data attached mentions the name specifically, while also confirming a previously rumored codename of “Vanquish.” The rear camera on the phone will have a f2.4 aperture (same as the iPhone 4S) and is rumored to be able to shoot upwards of 13MP photos, just like some of Motorola’s late 2011 Chinese releases. It also looks as if the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, hence the “4.0.3” mentioned in the software version.

Is this the RAZR-esque device that was spotted in China back in March? It certainly seems like it will be. “HD” would refer to the HD screen that it will carry. Attaching that to “RAZR” only makes sense, as it appears that Moto is fully buying into the rebirth of the RAZR brand. We already have a “MAXX” so “HD” seems like the likely next choice.

A release date for the phone is completely unknown. We had seen a couple of targeted dates by Verizon, but those passed by without a peep. 

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  • hotice

    Yeah, the Moto Razr HD is looking like a winner to me. I’m expecting an S4 processor and 3300mAH battery which should give it a lot more battery life than any other smartphone. I’m also hoping they go with a newer S4 that uses the Adreno 320GPU. I think Sony has something on the way using one of those newer S4 CPU’s. I’m also hoping for 2GB of RAM since LG already announced a phone with 2GB of RAM. Some other things Moto typically gets right and I expect would be MicroSDHC, MicroHDMI, and an LED notification light.

    If the Razr HD has all of that I’d be satisfied. I expect 720p resolution and wouldn’t be too upset about pentile but and would take OLED but a non-pentile LCD would be icing on the cake!

  • sgtguthrie

    II may be able to work with a locked bootloader with those specs ūüėČ

    With a huge battery I don’t need to change the kernel to undervolt, and there’s no need to overclock either. As long as I can flash roms and root I’d be okay ūüėČ

  • Iaintheworm

    I have been waiting since Jan for a new phone, was going for the razr, then remembered mwc was about to happen so waited with¬†rumours¬†of SIII’s Quad cores mega Rams and¬†Olympic¬†sheep(?), I (a geek) was quite excited. Then I heard about the MAXX on the American shores whoa I thought¬†finally¬†a phone that doesn’t have a battery made out of rotting¬†potatoes, alas not in the Uk. so more waiting for something good, well what feels like a life time and the S III is coming (not looking too clever), the One X is here and¬†disappointing, the loony 800 is good apart from battery and no microSD (both key features), I had decided to stick to my trusty Nokia N900. Then the MAXX is coming Yeay, now you tell me there is one with a better screen on the horizon, what is a geek to do wait? dive in and be disappointed for 2 years? Think It’ll be the Maxx or s3, battery & microSD will be the decider.¬†
    Ps. to all you camera moaners the N900 has a 5MP camera and in certain low light conditions is better than our Panasonic digital camera.

    • Phoneman67

      I would wait for razr hd. It will have all razr max features and HD bigger screen and hopefully better camera.

  • It looks like Motorola has dropped the Atrix name & is going with razr for its new high end phones. ¬†Lets hope the phone has a zero shutter lag & good low light capability ?

  • huihui22
  • K9walters

    Anyone find out any release dates?

  • Motorola isn’t even doing well. HTC, Samsung and LG have all adapted the same “save our company” strategy of less mores + phone focus on a few hero phones.

    Motorola still wants to release one phone a month.

  • Kevin

    Razr bootloader bypass just out, custom kernels here we come! Will probably have to be updated for the Razr HD.


  • HeneryH

     So again, how does releasing a new phone screw you?  Do you want the company to cease releasing new phones until you say you are ready?

    Ah, the axis of the world does go right through your ^%$.

    • Joebuste12

      Honestly, are you stupid. If you wanted to buy one of the latest videogames out and it has been called SUPERFANTASTICGREATAWESOMEIZZSDACX and you pay like $60 bucks for it as soon as it gets out then, all of a sudden a month later they come out with that same game but extra characters, more maps, and better graphics. All the while it is just dubbed as 
      SUPERFANTASTICGREATAWESOMEIZZSDACX HD and yet, you can’t upgrade to any of these new features even though it is the same GAME. I for one would be pretty pissed off considering I would have to spend ANOTHER $60 just to get the upgrades. Yea they may be minor but there are also bug fixes in this new game too. So more stable.

      and BTW you are all kinda new to phones if you don’t already know the features to this phone.

      -Comes STOCK with 4.0.3
      -No capcitive buttons (i.e. Galaxy Nexus uses Screen buttons)
      -Probably coming with OMAP 4460
      -Most likely a camera fix of some sort.
      -Droid Razr MAXX battery
      -Super AMOLED HD (1280×720)
      -Maybe even better features.

      This is the bare minimum MOTO is going to release.

      • Joebuste12

        also they have done what I mentioned THREE times with TWO basic phone models.

        Droid 3 -> Droid 4
        (I think like 3 month time span.)

        Droid Bionic -> Droid RAZR -> Droid RAZR MAXX
        (I think like a 5 month time span.)

  • naterecording

    Any links out there to said Picasa images?

  • Jlmcc

    look like verizon will need a catalog to list all the different  razr phones

  • Jack Coleman

    Once you actually use your device instead of masturbating over the specs, the razr’s screen is just fine.

  • Bionic

    The new Razr brand is doing very well. I kinda wish I was able to upgrade early.

  • TJ

    I bought the Razr Maxx, only to read the next day here that this phone was rumored to be coming out soon. ¬†I returned the phone within a few days of getting it. ¬†Motorola needs to make up their mind. ¬†Release an awesome phone without releasing the baby steps leading up to it. ¬†I’m now officially waiting for the next iPhone. ¬†Let the hate begin, I know. ¬†But they release one a year, and they put all their efforts into making it awesome. ¬†Plus, when I’m due for an upgrade, an iPhone holds its value. ¬†I am so pissed at Motorola. ¬†

    • Bionic

      What the hell ever dude. Shuve your iphone up your asssss

    • Tim242

      Hahaha you will be the only one suffering. iOS is boring.

  • AndroidFan2

    About a month ago I was deciding whether I should get the Nexus or Razr Maxx. I was set on the Razr for the battery, 4G radio, and overall better hardware design (in my opinion). I was, however, a little hesitant because of a few things that the Razr Maxx did not have. The biggest thing I didn’t like about it was the screen. It had a much improved screen over pretty much all of the other Motorola phones on Verizon, but it¬†definitely¬†was and still isn’t on par with the Nexus’ and that was a huge turn off for me. The second thing was the lack if ICS. I knew that the Razr had plenty of custom ICS themed ROMs, but one thing it couldn’t ever have is the on screen buttons like the Nexus has. I played with the Nexus and for some reason I just love its on screen buttons, so I wasn’t really hip on going to capasitive. Needless to say, I decided to wait for the DROID Fighter and HTC Rezound Min….Incredible 2 to see what it had to offer. After the recent posts on that, I am definitely NOT interested in that. That leaves the DROID Fighter. So far it seems like it will be the perfect phone for me. The Razr’s hardware design, the Maxx’s battery, a 4.7-4.65″ 720p screen (hopefully taking up some of the Razr’s useless large bezel), ICS, and a much improved camera. Not to mention we have yet to hear about the processor it will have. I doubt it will, but how cool would it be if they upgraded the processor to the Snapdragon S4 or maybe something even better!? Moto fan or not, you have to admit this sounds like a great phone! I do feel bad for the other Razr owners who just bought the Razr and Maxx. To have such an upgraded version of the phone you just bought released so soon sucks worse than just having a model released with a larger battery. Regardless, I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone!

  • AnonGuest

    Based on what I’ve seen, the Fighter will have software keys like the nexus with a nice screen and a similar version is coming to ATT. That is if you choose to believe this anonymous internet commenter.

  • DanWazz

    Dear Motorola,

    Make the phone right the first time.


    The World

  • Rob

    While f/2.4 is nice for a phone, is anyone else kinda sitting here thinking in their head, “really?!?!”

    After all, it’s in the same phone that’s been out since what, October? And don’t forget the fact that iPhones have “last year’s technology” in them a lot of times. Isn’t the HTC One X an f/2.2 or f/2.0? Why not that sensor, Moto??

  • StarTac…nothing beats the StarTac ūüėČ

    • Jlmcc

      I still have mine   lol  in my sock drawer

  • darkseider

    Next is the Droid RAZR HD MAXX then there will be the pink, purple and rainbow variants.  One can only hope Google sells this joke of a hardware company to Huawei.  Motorola has completely lost touch with reality and the consumer market.  Samsung, HTC and even LG get it.  Make a couple high end devices, a couple of mid range and a couple of low end and run with them, keep them updated and have unlockable bootloaders.  Motorola has since released:

    Atrix, Atrix 2, Bionic, RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Color variations of the RAZR, Droid 3, Droid 4, Droid X2, RAZR HD. ¬†All these phones aside from 3G/LTE antennas are nearly identical in specs. ¬†Some get updated, others don’t. ¬†New ones before old ones even though the guts are pretty much identical. ¬†It’s a joke. ¬†I am so glad I left Moto after the OG Droid and the more people that do maybe Moto will understand they have to stop this stupidity and support their currently installed base.

    • Marcus Schoen

      Troll fail

  • unaffected

    If the Razr HD comes close to the thinness of the Razr and has a battery the size of the Razr Max this may be my next phone. SGSlll be darned!And with a iPhone quality camera, come on how awesome would that be?

    • Thinking along similar lines. Taking enhanced capabilities into the field’s important to me and the recent Droid (R)evolution is proving an invaluable asset.

      • unaffected

        I for one am lovin the Razr line of phones.

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  • Jlmcc

    if it has the maxx battery id trade my pos nexus for it in a heartbeat

    • Bionic

      They’d be stupid not to use that battery in all future Motorola phones

  • Michael_NM

    Here’s my Droid Fighter:

  • PigHeaded

    Sounds like a beast. I’m happy with my Nexus but this sounds awesome. Very excited for anyone who is due for a new phone. Verizon’s been kicking out some winners lately. All they need is the Note and the choices for us consumers well be mind boggling.


  • MisterFrancisco

    Would an HD screen negatively affect the battery life of the phone?

    • Marsg

      No, the newer CPU/GPU chips are a lot more energy efficient  

  • You guys know this phone is already out in China right? It’s a pretty amazing phone. Best phone on the market imo.¬†

  • jer85008

    All this gets me thinking how much I would love for Moto to make a Nexus phone (sorry, off topic). Could you imagine a VZW LTE Nexus phone made by Motorola? Good hardware and Vanilla Android?

    • PigHeaded

      It would be too hard to imagine because of its sheer awesomeness.

      • F150Fan

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.¬†

        • ¬†Really though. Morotola has my favorite hardware. So damn sturdy!

          • F150Fan

            Exactly. Can’t beat their radios either. I cannot wait to get a Motorola device again. I may get a RAZR to hold me over until the Fighter releases.

    • If they were to outsource the camera hardware/software and the screen/display to HTC, then yes, maybe I could imagine. Until then, not a chance.¬†

      • jer85008

        Would still be better than Samsung, they are probably lowest on my list for quality hardware. If the GNex wasn’t a “Nexus” nobody would touch it. I agree on the camera though – still have bad memories (and photographic proof of them) from my DX.


        • Yup, that was my first and last Nexus device. I’d say my first and last Samsung device too, but the SGSII/III seem to be good phones. I don’t know wtf happened with the GNex. Seriously.¬†

  • How many times can Moto screw over the people who optimistically bought a RAZAR at the beginning of the year? Seriously?!

    • LiterofCola

      Actually, the Razr came out last year

  • So, 3 weeks after its launch, there will be a Droid RAZR HD MAXX?

  • I took a dive head first into the smartphone world a little too soon I think. ¬†I bought the RAZR on day one. ¬†I’ve learned my lesson and will be waiting a few weeks (maybe a month) after a new phone releases before I make a¬†purchase. ¬†

    • DoctorOta

      If you do that then you’ll just be perpetually waiting for phone upon phone.¬† My advice would find one that fits your needs and isn’t outdated when released and purchase it.¬† There’s always a phone right around the corner that will make you’re less attractive.

  • Jwmphotog

    Ahhhhhhhh. This IS the phone I will be getting from DX. And might I add, had the GN for about a week and after nearly dropping it every time I picked it up from being so slippery and 120dBm data signal, took it back. Motorola to the rescue!!! Almost got the Razr Maxx, but the screen quality of the GN told me to just wait a little longer. Glad I waited. It almost seems the improvements from here will be more redundant. I mean, HD is HD and motorola signal quality is the best, ICS (well, the OS can always be improved, but ICS is quite nice) 

    • I’ll likely be upgrading to this from a DX, as well, as long as it’s running a more modern SoC than the 4430/4460 and it has a battery like the MAXX.

  • mikesuds

    they really couldnt have just launched one Razr and made it a quality phone consisting of all the best parts of each of the 20 or so Razrs currently or nearly out? Talk about saturating a market…

  • jer85008

    Hopefully the screen will be better than the camera, juding by this photo it’s not a big improvement over the last one despite the increased MP. I see a lot of noise in this photo, and detail isn’t much better.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    unlocked bootloaders are so overrated.

  • EC8CH

    After three revisions the RAZR is finally almost a perfect phone.

    Now just ship it with Vanilla ICS and drop all the bloat.

    • nimbyist

      except the unlocked bootloader stands on its own separately, so i think you would need to preface that to moto as well

      • EC8CH

        Yeah… they could just do that and I’ll take care of my previously mentioned objections.

  • Bodhiballer

    “Is the DROID Fighter the DROID RAZR HD?”

    Hmm, let’s see… has it been a little over 2 months since Moto launched the last RAZR¬†variant? ¬†Then yes, this is the DROID RAZR HD.

  • Phoneman67

    I will take one now, you know that it will have the max bat in it.

  • Rp780

    So we have the “i bought the razr…” crowd, the “unlock the bootloader” crowd all we need now is a you mad bro & we are all set with¬†cliche post

  • Fry

    I’ll hold out of the Super RAZR Maxx HD Plus LTE Skyrocket Pro II White Edition.¬† Should be out around, say, June?

    At which point the scratched screen crappy cam window licking fanbois will still be screaming OMGNEXUSPUREGOOGLEUGHUGHUHGUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!1!!1!!one!!!

  • DoctorOta

    Having just gotten my Razr Maxx 10 days ago the only thing that irks me about this phone is the Camera.¬† I don’t care about a high definition screen but i love taking photos and the fact that Moto hasn’t put in the sensor when they’ve obviously had it for a prolonged period of time (chinese version) I would have liked it in my phone.¬† I would have ditched motorola in a heart beat if another company offered the build quality, radios, and battery life as my Maxx.¬† Oh well there will be bigger and better in 2 years when my upgrade is due.

    • Mecevans

      You have 14 days to return it.

    • ¬†Same here. The phone is 99% perfect for me. The camera is annoying because at first it looks clear as day but then is darkens. Also, I haven’t really seen the point in jumping the 720 screen train. It just seems a bit gimmicky on a device so small.

  • Franzie3

    and as always….unlock the bootloader and we will talk..

  • What’s better than a bug-screen display? A bigger bug-screen display!¬†

  • MotoRulz

    Waiting on the “still has a locked bootloader” fan club to chime in..

    • LiterofCola

      Don’t worry, that self-entitled sect are ever-present

  • MotoRulz

    I really enjoy reading all these original post of “I’ll wait for the Razr MAXX HD plus…..” /s

    • moelsen8

      you know that’s probably on a drawing board somewhere at moto hq..

    • LiterofCola

      I know, quite an original joke!

    • Mack

      Honestly I’m just waiting on my upgrade this August, then I’ll start figuring out what phone I want to get or (maybe) wait for.¬†

    • DoctorOta

      I agree.¬† The only thing i’m envious of is the camera sensor in this, wish my Maxx had it but then again i enjoy picture taking. Could care less about the screen to be honest

      • Yeah, cause 13mp will make your pictures look soooooooooooooo much better.


        • LiterofCola

          Well from the picture above, this camera will probably take way better pictures than what I’m taking now.

          • If Motorola could build a decent camera, you could reproduce that pic with a 3mp camera. 13mp is stupid marketing hype. Outdoors under full sunlight it should be acceptable. But anything away from direct sun will be a mushy grainy noise-fest, just like the Nexus. Stuffing too many megapixels on a piss-poor sensor does nothing but ruin image quality.

          • LiterofCola

            I personally don’t care about mp count, as long as the picture quality is pretty good.¬† But if this camera turns out to be turd water, then yeah…I’d probably pass

        • DoctorOta

          Nothing to do with the MP i’m referring to the new aperture, like the one in the iPhone, mind you the iPhone takes great pictures.¬† You should read the article’s information before you want to jump on me.

          • Not attacking, just pointing it out. And aperture is in the lens, not the sensor. The f/2.4 aperture is the same as in the Droid Razr Maxx ūüôā¬†


          • DoctorOta

            After posting that comment i had actually gone and looked at the Maxx’s EXIF data myself and noticed that fact.¬† If the only thing this camera has is a higher MP count and nothing else then I have no reason to be envious because the screen on my Maxx suits my needs the only thing i want a little bit different would be a better camera. Yet most consumers would see 13MP and go “OMGZ BEST CAMERA EVARR!!!” so i get your original point.

          • Bob

            Agreed..when in all actuality all a 13mp camera provides is less room in your memory card. 

          • Rob

            Couldn’t care less. Or “could care less but I don’t.” Could care less means you do kinda care.

        • unaffected

          MP or not. If it is the same sensor as the iPhones it’s going to be an awesome camera.

        • Liderc

          Notice he said camera sensor…not MP.¬†

          They’re two different things in case you weren’t aware.¬†

          • Lolwut? Where else do megapixels come into play, if NOT on the camera’s sensor? Do you know what you are saying?

          • Liderc
          • I don’t know what you’re trying to prove with that link. It’s saying the exact same thing I said in the reply to LiterofCola’s comment.¬†

            Unless you’re making the assumption that Motorola used a bigger and better sensor because they increased the megapixel count to 13, which I wouldn’t believe for a second judging by their recent reputation in the camera department.¬†

      • Skant153

        if you enjoy taking pictures you should probably get a digital camera, not a phone.. just sayin

        • DoctorOta

          Heard that before.¬† It’s not practical for me to carry another camera in my pocket on top of my phone, wallet and car keys.¬† I don’t need professional grade photos but I’d like a phone that didn’t take noisy photos, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

          • Exactly. Like they say, the best camera is the one you have on you at that point in time. I have a Nikon D90 and $3800 invested in two lenses and several hundred in lighting equipment. But you know what, most of the time it’s sitting in my safe, not in my pocket like I can with a cell phone. As smart phone camera technology gets better, point-n-shoot cameras will become like the printed newspaper; a thing of the past.¬†

          • DoctorOta

            Completely agree.¬† I just want a camera that takes solid photos, if I want professional ones I’d invest in a DSLR which as you said you rarely carry on you on a daily basis.

          • Where

            Well keeping your D90, $3800 in lenses and several hundred dollars worth of lighting equipment, and your large penis in a safe sounds like a waste of money to me. 

            I also hope as the lytro camera develops and your f/2.8 lens become a thing of the past, just like the news paper. 
            But Keep on (Not) shooting Jose! 
            Here is to better camera phones! 

        • Or a non-Motorola/non-GNex phone that is actually capable of taking great pictures (iPhone, Rezound).¬†

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            Indeed… Rezound camera is a beast!

          • Totally! +1 I got the Rezound last Friday, and it has the most amazing camera on a phone that I have had yet. ¬†I had the Droid 3 previously and the Camera sucked

        • LiterofCola

          Some people no longer feel it necessary to buy a digital camera anymore since their phone comes equppied with one.  Makes sense if phones are becoming the go-to devices for picture-taking, manufacturers should improve their phone-camera quality.

      • michael walker

        Peoole could care less about an hd screen until they have an hd screen…real talk

    • Xeneize480

      Come on Kelex you still believe in Santa too?  lol

  • MKader17

    How many Moto phones does this make this year?

  • arc

    if this phone has a smaller bezel than the razr/razr maxx, i’m in.

  • LiterofCola

    Depending on the quality of the HD screen, this might prove some competiton to the GS3.

    • PC_Tool


      What competition?

      VZW: Droid MAXX HD

      Everyone Else: GS3.

      • LiterofCola

        Well, thats with the optimistic hope that Verizon will finally get their act together and carry the GS3.

        • PC_Tool

          With a new Droid Flagship on the horizon, I’m beginning to get doubtful.¬†

          The SII was *one* device they skipped…and while I am hoping that *one* doesn’t turn into the beginnings of a pattern, having a Droid release near enough in the timeline makes it just a bit harder to be optimistic.

          • Greyhame

            Harder but not impossible. VZW execs themselves said they passed on the SGSII for the G-Nexus. Doesn’t the i*hone have all the GSM and CDMA radios in one phone? (Honest question here.) If so, Samsung could easily do the same. Kinda surprised they don’t already release¬†
            just¬†one phone for all regions… I guess it goes to show how much power carriers have (as in, they each want their own unique version).

  • Zebra

    Hopefully this already has the MAXX battery in it. Then again I could see them releasing a RAZR HD and a RAZR MAXX HD, this is Moto afterall.

  • Bewara2009

    I will pass on this and wait for the Droid Razr HD MAXX!

  • Butters619

    Honestly, I used to get annoyed at the Moto bashing, but this is starting to get ridiculous.¬†It just doesn’t stop. Even when they say that it will.

    • RadicalPie

      Well they said they would unlock phones last year…. *crickets*

      • Butters619

        Going from a manufacturing system designed to secure phones with no intent of needing to unlock them unless the phone is serviced at a Moto facility to a system designed to allow people to unlock their phone isn’t as easy as flipping a switch.¬† It takes time and some big infrastructure changes.

        Although they are lagging.

  • Jak_341

    Nexus. No comparison. Nothing has topped the GNex

    • LiterofCola

      Of course not, and never ever could, right?

      • Jak_341

        Only the next Nexus on Verizon.

        This was supposed to be a reply to Kiter86. Oh well.

      • RadicalPie

        This could with an option to unlock boot loader. I will probably get it either way though.

        • LiterofCola

          I mean if you think about it, this thing with a good HD screen, the Maxx battery and that awesome camera would even make it a good alternative to the upcoming GS3.  I mean, if by some miracle, they did unlock the bootloader, then there would be no reason not to get this phone.

          • unaffected

            I was thinking the same thing. Razr thinness Maxx battery and iPhone camera. What else would you need?

          • RadicalPie

            I wouldn’t even mind if it took 3 hrs with some complicated BS unlock tool they give me
            I want the phone you described, the boot loader isn’t a deal breaker but I guess we’ll have to see what Sammy puts out.

    • kidtronic

      Was this necessary? 

      • bakdroid

        GNex trolls always have to chime in on posts not relating to them. ¬†Hope this releases before the VZW GNex gets 4.0.4. ¬†Then they will be on an older version and will have a complete meltdown. ūüėÄ

    • When was the Nexus ever on top?¬†


      • Liderc

        When it was released it had the best and largest screen available, best CPU available and the only phone released with ICS.  

        I’d say it was “on top” for at least a little while.¬†

  • Kiter86

    This or white nexus for the wife.

    • Butters619

      If it has the Maxx battery, with the 720p display and awesome camera, then it’s actually a harder choice.

  • Patmw123

    Another Razr device? lol. 

  • VerizonWireless

    Best to just wait on the Droid Razr HD Maxx 2 Plus

  • Rodys Gonzalez


    • Bodhiballer

      That will be out in June.  

      • PC_Tool

         In Purple?

        • chris125

           Also black and white.

  • mustbepbs

    Screw that, bring on the RAZR MAXX HD! That’s what I’M waiting for!

    • I’m guessing this phone will be just that. Maxx battery, but with an HD screen too.

      • drparty

        That’s what I’m waiting for. Though looks like we’ll all get whacked by the $30 upgrade fee unfortunately cause I don’t see this landing before may.

      • DoctorOta

        Kellex I thought EXIF data on the Razr & Razr Maxx both show a f2.4 aperture.

    • MrC1122

      this is the razr maxx hd

  • And then 3 months later they will release the Droid RAZR HD MAXX

  • Android1997

    Finally have a new phone ūüôā

  • Samvccarroll

    this angers me as an original Razr owner who got screwed out of the maxx by a DAY. Now this, will never buy moto again.

    • This attitude never ceases to amaze me. ¬†Sure, I’d feel a little slighted for buying a phone one day and having a newer “improved” model come out the next day, but I wouldn’t whine about it. ¬†What do you want these companies to do? ¬†Stop production and development until every body gets tired of their last release? ¬†They wouldn’t last long. ¬†FWIW I bought a Bionic after waiting a month or so after release and BAM a few days later the Razr comes out. ¬†Did that make my Bionic any less of the phone it was when I purchased it? ¬†I made the decision and I have no quarrels with the manufacturer or the carrier.

      • Liderc

        What they want is the company to release a finalized product, not 3 variants within 4 months. ¬†All of these variants could have been one great phone had they worked a little harder, they would have released a much better product and their customers wouldn’t have felt slighted.¬†

        • LiterofCola

          Who’s to say that each individual Razr model isn’t a finalized product?¬†

          • Liderc

            Probably the people who bought the first Razr for $300.

          • LiterofCola

            I have no pity for those whiners on the subject.¬† I went in knowing that more phones would be released in the future, and I’m still glad I bought the original.¬† The Maax is pretty cool as far as battery life goes, but is it worth shelling out more money so soon?¬† Naaah.¬† This phone with all of the already touched on features?¬† Probably.¬†

            If it does have an awesome screen, a great battery and camera then I’d seriously consider getting it only after the GS3 is released (and only then to Verizon) to see which one I’d upgrade to.¬† Will it be under two years of purchasing the Razr?¬† Yep, will I still shell out the cash to buy either?¬† Gladly…and not a b*$#@ will be heard.

          • Liderc

            So you’re cooler than them because you willingly give more and more money over to the company screwing you with the same phone, while the other Razr owners just bitch and moan about it?

            Sounds like you’ve got everything covered. heh

          • LiterofCola

            Dude, get over yourself, I never said that I was¬†“cooler” than anyone.¬† And how is this company screwing me?¬† They sold me a product that I researched and wanted.¬† Product for money exchange completed.¬† Thank you.¬† I’m sure there are other Razr owners out there that are content with their phones as well.¬† I know, a fascinating concept right?¬† Are there Razr owners that are pissed for whatever reason about their purchase?¬† We both know, yes.¬† Fine, let them be angry if it makes them feel better.¬† Question is, if you don’t own a Razr (I’m assuming by your avatar)¬† why do you seem so passionate about it?

          • Liderc

            I’m not passionate about a phone, I’m interested in your rationalization of a company selling 3 variations of the same phone within a short amount of time instead of building one great phone instead.

          • LiterofCola

            “My rationalization” is regarding the purchase of said phone and the people who are whining about a variant being released and somehow feel screwed.

            But last time I checked, this was an Android phone, and since we all love Android for having various choices of products for all to choose from, it seems pretty¬†hypocritical¬†to condemn a manufacturer to produce various phones that are giving us choices to pick from. ¬†Before you go out an make a nifty purchase on a device, do your homework. ¬†I did, which is why I’m happily satisfied for now. ¬†What do you want? ¬†Manufacturers¬†to produce one phone a year and say; “Here ya go! ¬†See ya next year!”??

          • Liderc

            No I want Motorola to release a solid product instead of 3 variations that could have all been in once device. ¬†It’s not like they were different price points, they’ve all started at $300 each.¬†

            Even they admitted making the Razr Maxx was a goof, an engineer just happened to test out putting two of their slim batteries in the Razr and realized that it could work. ¬†This means they aren’t taking the time to put out the best product they can.

            I do my homework and I’m sure other people do as well before purchasing their device, the problem is Motorola continues to push out the same phone with better specs a month later, it’s hard to keep track unless you sit on droid-life all day, like yourself.

          • LiterofCola

            Yeah, and I’m sure you’re a more casual visitor to this site, like I said get over yourself. ¬†

            And before you stamp your feet, call me a troll and run off, thinking that it somehow confirms that no other viewpoint except yours is valid (as I remember that being your M.O. the last couple of times we’ve crossed paths) ¬†I’ll give you the price point argument by saying that I agree that the prices should be different to reflect the features of the phones.

            Does this mean that the Razr, Razr Maxx and the Razr HD are the same phone?  Why? Because they have similar phone designs?  Not necessarily, due to the differences in screen/camera/Android version.  They are variations of the phone design.

            But whatever, you’ll never see my point of view, even though I see yours, so c’est la vie.

          • Liderc

            You know I won’t see your point of view because you know I’m actually right.¬†

            The majority agree Motorola has gotten out of hand with Razr variations. ¬†Similar phone designs? ¬†They’re the exact same hardware, one has an extra battery slapped on top of the other and the next one has an HD screen and a 13MP camera. ¬†They are the same device, they’re just adding more and more and keeping the price the same, meaning they could have done this originally for the same price point.

          • LiterofCola

            Sorry, but if you improve the screen, install a better camera and battery, how exactly does it make it the “same exact phone” as the original Razr?

          • Liderc

            Same CPU, same GPU, same phone design. You’re not going to win this argument, everyone else agrees they’ve gone the wrong way with the development of their phones, hence the reason their CEO is being canned for one from Google.¬†

          • LiterofCola

            But if you put in new hardware, i.e. camera, screen and an improved and upgraded software version…..how is it the same phone? ¬†Even you just agreed that the obvious similarities are the phone design. ¬†That’s what you call a brand name line-up. ¬†Here, I’ll throw you a bone…should they have been up front with their intentions of pushing out newer models? ¬†Sure, why not.
            And how do you know what the circumstances behind Sanjay’s dismissal was? ¬†How do you know that it was because a minority of people had the same gripes about Motorola that you do? ¬†Doesn’t make sense. ¬†What makes more sense is this; didn’t Google recently try to sell off the Mobility division to Huawei? ¬†Now, what good would a CEO of a division that is on the chopping block be? ¬†I’m not saying that this is the reason why he was dismissed, but that makes more sense than some Android fans were pissed because they released to many phones and they felt that their world was being torn down all around them.

            And speaking of what the “majority” is saying….I don’t automatically agree with what any given “majority” is saying. ¬†Sometimes the “majority” isn’t necessarily right. ¬†Especially when this “majority” that you speak of is the minority of a much larger group of smartphone consumers.

            Oh, and by the way, I’m not trying to win any argument, I’m just enjoying our pleasant conversation. ūüôā

    • LiterofCola

      Keep crying

  • Rp780

    Finally some news! I was starting to think made the Fighter up.

  • Michael Forte

    Moto out to screw over customers once again. I’m sure ICS and an HD screen are the only upgrades. And how much you wanna bet that this phone will release before any current Moto phone gets ICS.

    • LiterofCola

      Uh, and camera

    • ¬†“Out to screw over customers” by addressing the two most important concerns that are keeping me from buying a RAZR MAXX, and the two things that I prefer about the Galaxy Nexus over the RAZR MAXX?

      How does your logic work?

      • Guest

        Most people think that once they pick a phone, the company shouldn’t release any more phones until they are ready to upgrade again so they always have the best.

        • Larry Mao

           Well, at the very least they should not release a slightly upgraded version of the same phone, on the same network, with almost the same name a month after I purchased their latest and greatests.

          • LiterofCola

            Why do you feel compelled to buy the slightly upgraded phone?

      • moelsen8

        you could argue it pretty well either way, but i wish moto would get their releases right the first time (by right, i mean nail down the features.. HD screen, large battery, whatever), and then let the brand go for a little while.¬† instead of hammering out a handful of iterations of the same phone in a 6-month time frame.¬† people locked into a 2-year agreement tend to get pissed off about that kind of stuff.¬† it’s been a big problem with moto for too long now–they’re competing with themselves.

        • Drew Nusser

          No phones had those features at the time the Droid Razr came out – the HD would have been an absurdly advanced phone if it came out then. ¬†People need to stop being jealous of newer and better things – that’s just how technology works. If it’s such a huge awful mess, you could always go Apple and only have one phone choice every year (with 2 year old hardware, mind you). ¬†Personally, I’m still in love with my Atrix, which is just over a year old. ¬†That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to upgrade to a new phone like the HD, but I’m definitely still happy with what I’ve got.

          The whole mentality of being upset because a company releases a better product is pretty juvenile.

  • Well at least it will ship with 4.0.3 out of the box…. I never would have thought a Moto phone would hit ICS until Jellybean hits the airwaves…. #DisgruntledRAZROwner

  • At least this EXIF data indicates that the phone will launch with ICS, as it’s already running 4.0.3

    • Completely missed that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • kretz7

    Commence Moto/Razr bashing now…

    • LiterofCola


    • Tom123

      Theres an app for that…