DROID RAZR HD Shows Up in Cellebrite Systems as Model XT926

The DROID RAZR HD by Motorola is starting to appear in Cellebrite systems for 3rd party retailers, giving us at least some sort of a sign that the phone is still on the way. Previously codenamed the DROID Fighter, we thought that this phone would have been out by now (previous targeted release dates), but Verizon and Motorola seem to be taking their sweet time. Other than this being in Cellebrite systems, we can’t take much else from it except the model number of XT926 which matches up to previous sightings(more…)

Motorola Unveils a Handful of RAZR-esque Devices for China With On-screen Nav Keys, Potential RAZR HD Candidates

The Samsung Galaxy SIII and its arrival in the U.S. is a huge deal, but for whatever reason, I get the feeling that everyone is also eagerly awaiting the DROID RAZR HD by Motorola. While most details have avoided us thus far, the original RAZR and RAZR MAXX have been big enough successes that an HD variant will likely draw in some long time Moto fans. Thanks to an event held by Motorola China, we have fresh pictures of 3 devices coming in June that give us a bit of an idea as to what we can expect with the RAZR HD here in the States.  (more…)

DROID RAZR HD Will Essentially Look Just Like This Device

It has been over a month since we were last treated to a DROID RAZR HD sighting. Thanks to leaks out of China, we were able to take a peak at a device that was once codenamed the “Fighter” that looked a heck of a lot like previous RAZR releases. Well, except for the HD screen and on-screen soft keys. Thanks to China again this morning, we have pictures of a similar device with model number MT887 which is almost identical to what we will see here in the U.S. The device has that same HD screen and on-screen keys along with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you were wondering how Motorola would do the on-screen soft keys deal, this would be it. Thankfully they did not take the Samsung approach and change the order of them.

What else do we know about the RAZR HD? Along with the HD screen, we will likely also see a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip inside clocked at 1.5GHz, 12 or 13MP camera, 3300mAh battery from the MAXX, and 4G LTE. And yes, I agree with what you are about to type – this should have been the original RAZR from day 1. We didn’t need 3 or 4 renditions before we got here.

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Is the DROID Fighter the DROID RAZR HD? Photo EXIF Data Points in That Direction

A series of photos from a Motorola employee has surfaced on Picasa within the last few days, leaving us to believe that the rumored DROID Fighter may end up as the DROID RAZR HD when it launches. The EXIF data attached mentions the name specifically, while also confirming a previously rumored codename of “Vanquish.” The rear camera on the phone will have a f2.4 aperture (same as the iPhone 4S) and is rumored to be able to shoot upwards of 13MP photos, just like some of Motorola’s late 2011 Chinese releases. It also looks as if the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, hence the “4.0.3” mentioned in the software version.

Is this the RAZR-esque device that was spotted in China back in March? It certainly seems like it will be. “HD” would refer to the HD screen that it will carry. Attaching that to “RAZR” only makes sense, as it appears that Moto is fully buying into the rebirth of the RAZR brand. We already have a “MAXX” so “HD” seems like the likely next choice.

A release date for the phone is completely unknown. We had seen a couple of targeted dates by Verizon, but those passed by without a peep.  (more…)

Another New Motorola RAZR-esque Device Surfaces in China

While this device remains a complete mystery, one thing is certain, Motorola is going to play out this RAZR styling of phones until the end. In the latest leak of a Moto product out of China, we have a device that looks somewhat similar to the DROID Fighter we saw last weekend, only it’s missing branding, appears to have hardware soft keys and one of the bigger chins in recent history. The Mfunz and Phone HK threads that they were posted in mention the word “Blade” as a potential name. It’s tough to tell if that was a Google translation from “razr” or is actually the name. After “RAZR,” the name “Blade” would certainly fit the scheme of things, especially with such similar styling.  (more…)

This Week In The Life Of DROID : 3/23/2012

This week has been taken over by device updates, game releases, and rumored images of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. But among all of that, there were a few gems – Google Voice receiving an update for ICS integration, images of the upcoming DROID Fighter, and even a new Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi update to talk about. If you missed any of this week’s excitement, feel free to catch up down below.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Motorola DROID Fighter Makes First Appearance, Looks Like a RAZR with an HD Display and On-screen Soft Keys

We have been talking about this mysterious phone that is headed to Verizon called the DROID Fighter for about a month now. Dirty details have escaped us for the most part other than a potential release date of April 12. Some had speculated that it would end up as a Motorola device, but with the crazy number of phones they released over the last 6 months, it was tough to believe that they could possibly be back with more. In the end, it looks like they may be after all.  (more…)

Release Dates for Verizon’s DROID Fighter and LG Lucid 4G

A couple of weeks ago, we first reported two new devices that were headed to Verizon as the LG Cayman and DROID Fighter. That report included the same dates you are seeing above of 3/29 for the Cayman and 4/12 for the Fighter, but were then only listed as “workshop” times rather than release dates. According to new information that we received, those are indeed targeted release dates.

We should point out that the LG Cayman is likely the Lucid 4G that we reported on last night. The DROID Fighter is still a mystery for now.

You will also see the HTC Fireball listed without a date, a device that our sources are now referring to as the Incredible 4G. A device by the name of Samsung Plato is listed as well, and is one we haven’t seen mentioned since last August. Knowing that it was rumored all of the way back then, we would be surprised if this was anything other than a mid-range device. Then again, “Plato” would be a nice codename for a Galaxy type device.

While Verizon was quiet during MWC (which they almost always are), they do still have plans for the next couple of months. The first part of March could be slow unless they decide to drop the Incredible 4G on is within the next couple of weeks.

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