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Tip: Android 4.0.4 Includes Power Button Locking Toggle, a Constant Phone Fondler’s Best Friend


As someone that constantly uses his phone throughout the day, but also tries to conserve battery, I find it frustrating at times to have to either slide-to-unlock or enter in a pattern each time I pick it up. You know the drill: grab phone for a few seconds to check something, enter in pin/pattern/slide, perform task, then tap the lock switch to shut the screen off when finished to save juice.

Well, what if this series of events could be lessened? In Android 4.0.4 (sorry stock LTE Nexus owners), it appears that it can be with a simple toggle labeled “Power button instantly locks.” From what we can tell from the reddit thread we discovered this tip at, some OEMs have been using a similar feature in their skins, but stock Android has yet to adopt it until now.

What’s the point of it? If set up properly, you can put your phone to sleep for up to 30 minutes without ever locking. So while you sit at your desk all day during work, you can simply tap the lock switch to awaken your phone rather than have to deal with an unlocking method. Now, I know that there are various 3rd party apps out there that do this, but to have it built directly into the OS is a bonus.

Check out the video below to see it in action. 


Via:  reddit

  • Slamdrunk

    You should cut your finger nails dude..  a guy with fingernails like a chick.. 

  • projectorinski

    So if I wanted to update my phone to the latest build (4.0.3-4.0.4?) what’s the best way to go about it?

    I’m running a vanilla VZW build but I am rooted and unlocked.

  • duke69111

    Does not work with slide unlock, but it does work with all other unlocking methods. 

  • Bob G

    I’m glad I never have to go through this because I use the awesome fingerprint sensor on my Atrix. No need for code entering. Just swipe finger and go!

  • realfoxm

    i miss this from my original incredible. It had this even being on 2.1. Now give us Quiet Hours from cyanogenmod.

  • El Big Chris

    Kellex, which version of MIUI are you using? I’m using the miui.us port and the nav keys don’t look like the ones you have. Also, the battery life and signal reception is pretty bad. It improved once I flashed a franco kernel and 4.0.4 leaked radios. Any input would be appreciated!

  • masterdarkyoda

    hi ….what case are u using …..it looks great on the NEXUS

    • duke69111

      Kellex wrote an article about the case within the last month or so.  I would do a search for case to find it.

    • Murat Agdere

      it is Ringke Slim

  • brando56894

    AWESOME. I used to use an app called MyLock on my OG Droid and my Inc when they both had froyo but I never really found anything for GB and definitely not for ICS. I’m used to the delayed lock that sense has and I appreciate it (it was a main feature I missed when I flashed AOSP ROMs), but the whole slide to unlock thing is annoying when you’re at a place (such as your room or office) and you don’t need any security. 

    ::runs to find a 4.0.4 ROM for his Rezound::

  • Beck Hansen

    AOKP B29 has this feature…GNex,

    • Beck Hansen

      LTE GNex I mean

    • John

      yep. anything in 4.0.4 will
      (which b29 is)

  • k.wisdom

    I updated my GSM Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.4 and I don’t have this under Settings > Security.  I have slide-to-unlock enabled.  Anybody else not seeing this?

    • duke69111

      You have to be using  the pattern setup.  I don’t see it when using the slide unlock.


    Can’t you just extend the length of your security lock timer instead?


      Never mind, stock Android doesn’t have that. Didn’t see that in the post the first time.

    • brando56894

      Even with that you still have to slide to unlock, this negates the lockscreen completely.

  • Wsiembida

    Ps I’m on the verizon lte but rooted stock 4.0.4 but the radios are nit that great 4.0.3 were better I think

    • John

      there isn’t going to be magical fix for those, unfortunately

  • Wsiembida

    I just discovered this ten minutes ago . Haha funny .. and.its nice.since.I feel.phantom vibrations and I am constantly.checking.my.phone and hate unlocking everytime . But I have it set it at 1 minute in case I forget to do something

  • hows is this different from just turning off you screen lock ?  or am i missing something ?

    • PuzzleShot

      If you turn off your screen lock, it never comes up even if you press the button to turn off the screen, whereas with this setup you have the lock appearing after a predetermined amount of time with the screen off, not the moment you press the button.

  • otter34

    Just get an app called no luck

  • Rob

    Isn’t this a feature in Moto Blur? Or am I misreading it? Set your phone to not lock for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 minutes (or whatever it is) and if you turn the screen back on within that time limit it won’t make you put the pattern back in.

    Of course you still have to slide to unlock, just not use a password/pin/pattern. Is that the primary difference?

    • Diablo81588

      Yup. Don’t have to slide to unlock either.

    • KevinC

      It may be a feature in MotoBlur, but Google has implemented their own version in Android 4.0.4.

  • CM has had this, glad they’re adding it to stock.

  • That wasn’t in the leaked 4.0.4 from a month ago…

    • Nevermind, I didn’t have a lockscreen enabled.  It works!  Was planning on upgrading to the newer 4.0.4 this weekend.  

      Hey Kellex, should I do that, or wait until 4.0.5 hits?  I really detest wiping and resetting up my entire device.  Especially with all the tweaks I have. Are you reasonably certain it will hit this month?

  • Guest

    I have Cyanogenmod 9 on my Droid 2… it looks like the phone treats that “Power button instantly locked” as being checked no matter what you do.

    • boybert

      Same here, CM9 on DROID 3.  Bummer.  It’s been really frustrating to have to enter my PIN every time.  Another thing Blur was actually good for!

  • LOVE this feature. As one who falls into that category of constantly checking my phone, this is just fantastic. Great to see it implemented natively into Android

  • lightlong

    This changes everything :p

  • thegeneralfamily

    Is their an anticipated release date for Verizon 4.0.4?

  • BobtheGreatII

    Yeah it’s in the leaked version of 4.0.4 that I have on my LTE Nexus. Cool feature.

    • theentropic

      What did you find the setting?  I’m running the 4.0.4 leak and it’s not in Settings > Security > Screen Security..

      Edit: Nevermind.. I’m an idiot and forgot I disabled pattern unlock.

  • Graham Wilson

    i have stock lte and i dont have that option?

    • Q

      Stock LTE is only running Android 4.02.  This is apparently a feature of 4.0.4

    • jwthrush

      Because it’s in 4.0.4, which stock LTE Nexus has not gotten yet thanks to Verizon.

    • riteshk

      Not until it gets updated to 4.0.4 .. smack Verizon!

  • Why does my blackice version not have this?

    • Mattyb65

      I think it’s only if you have a password/pin/pattern set up…if you just have slide to unlock, it won’t work

      • Thanks I just figured that out. 

      • WalterWhite

         would be nice to have this feature working with slide unlock

  • Jason Lee

    It’s a good thing stock android has this now. I know most manufacturer skins have this as default, and the AOKP build for my tablet has this option. 

  • Q

    Ooooh.. I want this.  I dont use a pattern lock or anything because I just get so tired of security stuff everytime I need to use the phone.  

    Dear Verizon.. please get the LTE Nexus updated.

  • Mmoreimi

    uh oh…. did I just hear some Sense praise?

    • Shhhh 😛

      • Liderc

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          • Slamdrunk

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