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Google Unveils “Project Glass” – Here are Your Google Powered Glasses with Navigation, a Camera, Music and More

google glasses

Prepared to be blown away. Well, sort of blown away. Google unveiled “Project Glass” a few minutes ago, which is a project from the Google[x] team that aims to make your daily life completely hands free. Rather than using your phone to take pictures, video chat, check into restaurants, listen to music, and get directions, you could have a pair of glasses that do it all right in front of your eyes. Received a notification on your phone? What if it popped up on screen in your glasses and then let you respond view voice-to-text? Or what if you could snap a picture of a beautiful sunset and share it with Google+, all without ever pulling out your phone? Sounds amazing, right? Just wait until you watch the video and start thinking about the possibilities.  

The Google[x] wants you to understand that they are in the early stages of this project right now and that the pictures of the headset up top and the video below is what these glasses “could” look and act like at some point. They want your feedback though. And so do we – be sure to vote in our poll!

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Google+

  • Dssantiagos

    I’m sure the elite or military are already using this technology. Most technology we see now is actually 25 years behind. Next thing will be cerebral implants and they will call it google mind fusion 4.0

  • Scooterman1

    I have GOT to have that. Ukulele, that is….

  • Dssantiagos

    So……smash your head against the wall to jailbreak it. Just sayin………

  • ChaosVoyager

    They should give a Ukuleles in one day book away with these glasses!

  • fvqu

    I like how they waited a good couple of days after April Fool’s to unveil this…

    • Ralph Puerta

      Especially since Ubuntu’s april fools joke was very similar to this concept.

  • eddieonofre

    Advertisement right on your face, now that is gonna be interesting

  • I want that

  • Dliuzzo110

    If someone calls you on video chat, what exactly are they looking at?

  • Matt

    Maybe I am the only naysayer but….

    Just what people need..more distractions right in front of them. Driving is going to get even worse. Pedestrians are just going to run into you because they aren’t looking where they are going. This a great product idea, but the stupidity of the typical user is going to make this a disaster.

    • Rick

      but.. but… Google driverless cars 😛

    • Bob Martin

      I was thinking the same thing. now people can video chat and listen to music while driving without anyone knowing

  • Justin Lightner

    About damn time! Once this is finalized and released, Apple will release the iGlasses and everyone will be like “omgz apple is soooo innovative with their products!1!11!!!”… Wouldn’t be the first time :-

  • Alan Marchman

    Let’s hope for a clip-on version for people that wear glasses. 😀

  • Player52

    is it normal if i got an erection?

  • This gives a whole new meaning to the term “face unlock”! This is totally awesome! Can’t wait for the Oakley branded version of these!

  • James_C_L

    how gay was that high five

    • Tim242

      What’s wrong with Gay? : )

      • James_C_L

        oooh sorry hun. i meant awkward

        • Just Messin’ With Ya

          So being “gay” is “awkward”??? WTF!

          • SKAVENG3R

            Uh-oh…looks like he ran into the P.C. brothers. On this note isn’t gay, happy? Or is it that only sometimes people can take ownership of a word? Not trying to start any problems.I really want to know B/C I find it odd how certain words can be changed and others can’t.

          • SKAVENG3R

            The styling of the glasses is not a good look. At the same time the “idea” is cool.

          • Blood

            Gay things may be awkward for him.

  • Flying Wonton

    Now i get to look like garrus in mass effect! 🙂

  • Liderc

    They forgot to have the friend say “DUDE WHY ARE YOU WEARING THOSE RIDICULOUS GLASSES.”

    Overall I like the video.

  • JoeBionic

    Now, the real question is will it be bootloader locked?

    • PC_Tool

       Navigate recovery?

      Headbob to move up and down, shimmy to select or go back?

      “Hey, sweet moves!”

      “What?  I just just installed AOKP….”

      • Ralph Puerta


    • brando56894

      If it’s on Verizon, then definitely.

  • NemaCystX

    I’m curious as to how these will work with just one lens when it would be eye straining to focus on one point if there isn’t two.  Should be more like 3D glasses I would think, but the style from the Prototype above looks very neat.  This was also a first look at how Project Majel will act on our Android devices too I bet

  • JulianZHuang

    maybe another 10 yrs. 

  • frankandsimple

    reminds me of the movie idiocracy.

  • Austinrgoebel

    im in

  • Jon

    Is this a late april fools joke? 

  • don’t worry about it

    coos concept but it would need to be HUD, and I dont see any actual screen so I am skeptical as to how they plan on making this work… that and if they look like glasses appeal to the generation, make then black rimmed glasses like hipster ones. Also, I’m thinking that these should be able to sync up with a normal mobile, ya know?

    • i think its projecting ONTO a subtle pair of glasses, could project onto any glass surface

  • Stanlet

    I need these for nav on my motorcycle! Tired of Garmin et al. charging $500+ for a weather proof navi that thats about as bad as my 2006 VZ navigator subscription.

  • jayman1576

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Bionic Man

    these should come with every android phone. now that’s marketing!

  • “Please come steal these from my face and run off”

  • RavenofNM

    While the concept behind these glasses are intriguing, consumers would benefit from something that could be integrated with current prescription glasses and/or sunglasses. The current design is very “Back to the Future” as another commenter suggested, but since phones have most of these features now I believe Google should go a step farther. If the glasses are a definate part of the design perhaps consider also adding the snycronization of the users cell phone or tablet with the glasses and the capability of watching movies in 3-D with the same glasses. 

  • Scott

    Personally, I’m freaked out.  As cool as this is, how much more stupid do we have to be that we can’t locate the music section inside the bookstore?  Not to mention, wearing these things says “mug me”.  I can only imagine the privacy violations on this.  

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah that is absolutely my first concern. With Google already being repeat offenders towards violating user privacy blatantly, and data mining like no other company ever in existence, well, I can only imagine that they will to record “anonymous” aggregate data from the glasses in the form of audio and video. Until they smarten up and do a complete change on they treat user privacy, I’m not personally adopting any new Google technology.

  • Cuz97

    Cyborg much?

  • moozicmon

    Introducing the Google EYEphone… now where have I heard this before….

  • jorge fernandez

    i want!!!!!!! me want!!!!!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    POV porn taken to a whole new level!!!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Anyone know where Dog The Bounty Hunter is? He is gonna love these

  • Guest

    I wonder how long before there’s an iEye on the market.

  • tomn1ce


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Badazzz technology from a badazz company

    I would wear them while I work, but NEVER in public

  • Toky_neg

    So… when is it that Google becomes self-aware?? 

  • world.wide.wes

    Funny how the guy has a macbook and an iPhone sitting on his table…and that music artist he wants a reminder to buy tickets for, no way would google’s voice recognition transcript that one correctly haha.

    • Mr_Bucket

      Maybe it will work like the ‘note to self’ function and add the voice recording as an attachment.

    • Billkwando Yourmomington

      Yeah. You should see the stuff Google Voice comes up with when I try to search for Tomi Simatupang’s music.

  • enigmaco

    Hello terminator where’s the t2000?

  • When will it the market? 

    • PC_Tool

      “When will it the market? ”

      Oh! I love fill-in-the-blank games!


      The answer is “cake”.  It’s gotta be.  “When will it cake the market?”

      Yep.  Nailed it.

    • galaxynexusprime

      I think you a word.

  • Guest

    The future is NOW.  I WANT these!

  • ReapZ

    Now what about people who already wear glasses?

    • demolition505


  • patapongirl

    OMG. This is too cool for 2012

  • Nexusfonefix

    Just wondering but could the search app their using be Googles answer to siri that’s coming soon?

  • Turdbogls

    while this is a cool concept, they would drive me nuts.  i am A.D.D and i need to play with stuff to keep my occupied.  if i didn’t have my phone i would drive myself nuts.

    again, cool idea, but i would never use them.

    • Bionic Man

      i think it would be an addon to your phone not necessarily replace it.

  • How long before A*ple sues for some ridiculous pat violation

  • Ok all you need is your wonder woman costume… At least make them look like sunglasses… If I see anyone walking around with those on I will be calling them a dork

  • TheTruthSquad

    Too bad Apple invented it 20 years ago and has already filed suit.  They had it on the Mac that you could carry around with you, don’t you remember that?

  • Ok all you need is your wonder woman costume… At least make them look like sunglasses… If I see anyone walking around with those on I will be calling them a dork