Google Unveils “Project Glass” – Here are Your Google Powered Glasses with Navigation, a Camera, Music and More

Prepared to be blown away. Well, sort of blown away. Google unveiled “Project Glass” a few minutes ago, which is a project from the Google[x] team that aims to make your daily life completely hands free. Rather than using your phone to take pictures, video chat, check into restaurants, listen to music, and get directions, you could have a pair of glasses that do it all right in front of your eyes. Received a notification on your phone? What if it popped up on screen in your glasses and then let you respond view voice-to-text? Or what if you could snap a picture of a beautiful sunset and share it with Google+, all without ever pulling out your phone? Sounds amazing, right? Just wait until you watch the video and start thinking about the possibilities.   (more…)

Google Goggles Updated, Brings Even Stronger Photo Recognition


Just released is the newest version of Google’s Goggles, which takes your camera’s photos and cross references them with Google’s servers, pulling information out of the pictures. For example, if you took a picture of the Mona Lisa with Goggles, it would then show you all the information on the painting that is available on the web.

In this newest version, they created an opt-in feature which is even stronger. You snap a pic, then the picture is uploaded to Google’s cloud, if any info is taken, the application then notifies you via the notification bar. Essentially it’s the same service, but a lot stronger.

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Anyone here a big fan of Goggles?

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Google Goggles Update Lets You Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Google Goggles has a new use!  It can solve Sudoku puzzles!  For those of us that have never actually solved a real Sudoku puzzle, this is big stuff, especially when you have family members that can crush tons of them in a single day.  And while my market refuses to update Goggles for me, I’m sure that it will be there for most of you. Have fun showing everyone how extra brilliant you are today!

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