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First Update Available for the LG Lucid, Turns Off “Enhanced Caller Name ID” App

The LG Lucid was released to the world yesterday and it already has an update available. According to the support document, there was an “Enhanced Caller Name ID” application that needed to be disabled for whatever reason. Sounds like bloatware to me. Thanks Verizon! 

More info.

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  • Chris

    I like how the phone answered before the guy touched the screen

  • I love that they call that an “enhancement”

  • Trueblue711

    Perhaps the app shows the name of the caller like landlines do? (Even if you don’t have their number stored.) I still don’t know why they haven’t brought that feature over to wireless yet.

  • or it was some kind of diagnostic program that VZW uses to test their phones….

  • RashadGattis

  • OhAaron

    LOL! Who says LG doesn’t update its phones?

  • KleenDroid


    • Incredible

      • WallyIAm