LG Lucid Receiving Update to VS840ZV9, Adds Security Patches and Removes Remote Diagnostics

LG lucid update

The LG Lucid on Verizon has an approved update on the horizon as build VS840ZV9, its first since January. The update implements “multiple Android security patches,” updates several bloatware apps, and removes Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics tool, a somewhat surprising move. We aren’t sure if the removal is because they no longer want to support the Lucid or if Remote Diagnostics hasn’t worked out as planned. Either way, we’re never disappointed when apps that allow companies to 3rd party-join and control your device are killed.

Typically when support docs arrive we see an update within a week. The update is 80.7MB in size.

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LG Lucid Receiving Minor Update – Preloaded With VZW Remote Diagnostics and Flash

lg lucid update

Along with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the LG Lucid on Verizon is set to receive an update in the near future. The build number is VS840ZV8 and includes Big Red’s Remote Diagnostics tool, a file manager, Flash Player, and more.

This is the first update for the Lucid since receiving Ice Cream Sandwich back in October. Nice to know that LG and Verizon are continuing to support a mid-range device such as this.

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Verizon: LG Lucid to Receive Ice Cream Sandwich Update Today (Updated: Tomorrow Actually)

Update:  Verizon just reached out to us to mention that the update will actually start tomorrow.

The LG Lucid has been pegged as the next Verizon device to receive Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Announced moments ago, the update should start rolling out in phases today tomorrow. If you don’t feel like waiting, Verizon mentioned that you can use the Software Upgrade Assistant Tool to download it from your computer to your phone.

The update will include:

The upgrade features an enhanced notification bar that includes access to the settings menu and the ability to swipe individual notifications to remove them. Ice Cream Sandwich also comes with a customizable lock screen to access email, text messages or apps that are added to the home screen. The Multimedia Pop Up allows for easy sharing of multimedia content, directly linking to the Messaging app when viewing content.

Sorry DROID Bionic, Thunderbolt, and LG Spectrum owners.

Update 2:  Here are the support docs for the Lucid update. The update is 384MB in size.  (more…)

Verizon Announces the LG Lucid, a Mid-range LTE Device Available March 29 for $79.99

The LG Lucid, a device we first told you about back in February, will be available this Thursday, March 29 (also reported by DL), at Verizon stores for $79.99 after $50 mail-in rebate. As expected, it’s a mid-range 4G LTE device that packs a punch, but without some of the top tier features we have seen in some other devices over the last few months. It has a 4″ display, only not of the HD variety. You will find a dual-core processor though, front and rear cameras, Android 2.3, and again, that crazy low price. If you were looking for an affordable, yet semi-powerful phone for your kids, this might be one to consider.  (more…)

Here are the Full Specs for Verizon’s LG Lucid 4G

The LG Lucid 4G (formerly the Cayman) is one of Verizon’s next 4G LTE phones, unfortunately for spec fiends, this one falls in the middle tier. Our sources have pegged this launching as early as next Thursday, March 29, somewhere in the below-$200 range. It will sport a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4″ IPS display with Gorilla Glass (800×480), Android 2.3, 1700mAh battery, and 8GB internal storage. Nothing here that will blow your mind – that may not happen until we see the DROID Fighter or if the Galaxy SIII ever comes to Verizon.

Specs below.   (more…)