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Android 4.0.4 Update Rolling Out to the Galaxy Nexus…GSM Variant

As you know from our report earlier, Android 4.0.4 has been pushed to AOSP and has started to rollout to the XOOM WiFi and T-Mo Nexus S. You can add GSM Galaxy Nexus to that list as well. Hate to say it, but seeing the LTE G-Nex left off of that list is not all that surprising anymore. After Google decided to drop AOSP support from all CDMA Nexus variants, you sort of get the feeling that this is how it will go down from now on (HSPA/GSM phones first, CDMA second). And not that the LTE Nexus has been completely written off, as I’m sure it will see 4.0.4 (or 4.0.5?) in the “coming weeks” as the Android team mentions in their latest Google+ post. But since being released, we have gone update-less (unless you count the release day 4.0.2. push) – it sure would have been nice to be at the front of the line this time.

Via:  Google+

  • Kalin Maldjanski

    no update for me .. did it manually: http://andwise.net/?p=275

  • ABerry5

    I have a feeling verizon isn’t behind this… I am actually starting to rethink things.. are you kidding me google? I wait years for a verizon nexus specifically for updates.. and now I am still at the back of the line? jesus christ wtf.. 4.0.4 was leaked first for CDMA

  • All I see is b1tching about not getting the update for LTE models. 

    Anyone with a GSM phone successfully update yet?  I still haven’t gotten the update.  Any ideas why?

    I’m on shiT-Mobile, running stock 4.0.2 with an unlocked bootloader…

    …anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Schoat333

    One thing is really confusing me here. Didn’t google say they would not provide binaries for cdma devices?

    Why then, do they have 4.0.4 binaries posted for the wimax/cdma Nexus S 4G?


    • none

      Because VZW doesn’t own the Nexus S. This is VZW making Google its b*tch and pimp slapping it while forcing Google to say Uncle. But at least that bootloader is unlocked (ROM it up). I think this is the last time we’ll see a Nexus launch on VZW.