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Android 4.0.4 Update Rolling Out to the Galaxy Nexus…GSM Variant

As you know from our report earlier, Android 4.0.4 has been pushed to AOSP and has started to rollout to the XOOM WiFi and T-Mo Nexus S. You can add GSM Galaxy Nexus to that list as well. Hate to say it, but seeing the LTE G-Nex left off of that list is not all that surprising anymore. After Google decided to drop AOSP support from all CDMA Nexus variants, you sort of get the feeling that this is how it will go down from now on (HSPA/GSM phones first, CDMA second). And not that the LTE Nexus has been completely written off, as I’m sure it will see 4.0.4 (or 4.0.5?) in the “coming weeks” as the Android team mentions in their latest Google+ post. But since being released, we have gone update-less (unless you count the release day 4.0.2. push) – it sure would have been nice to be at the front of the line this time.

Via:  Google+

  • Kalin Maldjanski

    no update for me .. did it manually: http://andwise.net/?p=275

  • ABerry5

    I have a feeling verizon isn’t behind this… I am actually starting to rethink things.. are you kidding me google? I wait years for a verizon nexus specifically for updates.. and now I am still at the back of the line? jesus christ wtf.. 4.0.4 was leaked first for CDMA

  • All I see is b1tching about not getting the update for LTE models. 

    Anyone with a GSM phone successfully update yet?  I still haven’t gotten the update.  Any ideas why?

    I’m on shiT-Mobile, running stock 4.0.2 with an unlocked bootloader…

    …anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Schoat333

    One thing is really confusing me here. Didn’t google say they would not provide binaries for cdma devices?

    Why then, do they have 4.0.4 binaries posted for the wimax/cdma Nexus S 4G?


    • none

      Because VZW doesn’t own the Nexus S. This is VZW making Google its b*tch and pimp slapping it while forcing Google to say Uncle. But at least that bootloader is unlocked (ROM it up). I think this is the last time we’ll see a Nexus launch on VZW. 

  • smartguy05
  • none

    If you want good service you might need to keep VZW. But if you want the latest and greatest phone with the sweetest updates, spring for a GSM phone TOO. No one should be dropping VZW for updates. Leaving VZW for bloatware on their phones that make em crappier, different story. You can still root your phone on VZW and get those ROMs. Before the Galaxy Nexus came out there were already articles on how Carriers like VZW and Sprint are in full control when using CDMA while GSM has standards that leave it more open. The CDMA Nexus was already billed as a crack wh*re’s dream if you thought Google was going to be able to push updates without VZW interfering. We should have seen it coming.

  • possomcrast1

    So basically google really is going to take a long time to get updates to the cdma version which defeats the purpose.

  • Jpektas

    So i bought my verizon lte nexus in january…….does this mean i will get no updates because i have the LTE version?

    • none

      You won’t get updates pushed by Google when they feel like it. You will get updates when VZW makes sure it works and doesn’t break them. Yea its not bleeding edge, but you could have bought a phone with bloatware sucking your battery life and not playing nicely, or a bootloader that was locked. But CDMA is managed by the carriers, GSM has more open standards. You won’t get updates first. Maybe not at all. Unless you load a custom ROM.

  • Earleepa

    It doesnt matter how many udates they send out its still not going to change the fact that the galaxy nexus is a crappy phone. No amount of updates can change that.

    • petrochemicals

      Until more people realize that Samsung is purposefully using cheap radios that have over 3 to four year old tech in them in their “premium” handsets, they will continue to sell. No amount of “software fixes” will ever fix bad hardware.

      Just Google “SGS II radio problems”, “Galaxy Nexus Radio problems” or “Nexus S radio problems”. It is very well documented that Samsung’s radio, wifi, and GPS chips are pure crap.

    • and people on here say i’m the only person that thinks this  ,my 3rd nexus will be here today,doubt it will be better

      • trevorsalienarms

        I went through two with signal issues via Verizon before getting this latest one from Amazon Wireless. Don’t know if the source matters, but this one has been rock solid. (It shipped with 4.0.2 already installed, not sure if that means it’s a newer date of manufacture or if it even matters…)

        Excellent reception (even indoors I get strong 4G), no speaker issues, no dropped calls, it works exactly as it should and has been 100% relaible for a month now. Doesn’t say much for quality control that I had to try three of them to get one that works as advertised, but happy that I got one that didn’t make me want to toss it out the window.

        I’ve been wondering if part of the reason for the long lead time to the next update has been intentional. Allow those devices still out there with true bad hardware issues which can’t be fixed by an OTA to fall out of the market place via attrition (i.e. replacements and returns for newer units and/or early adopters who just gave up and went elsewhere), and then push the update, since the update wouldn’t fix faulty hardware and cause even more problems. Because 1. Verizon has said all along “there are no signal issues with the Nexus” which for those devices not infected with faulty hardware, maybe that’s true and 2. Samsung is never, ever going to admit to a manufacturing/hardware issue publicly. So, let the bad devices come out of the market one way or another, allow sufficient time for the majority of those devices to become non-issues, and then push the update.

        Insane? Or am I so sane I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND!?!

        • only good thing good about all this is that everytime I put google walet on it I get another 10 bucks   lol..   but if this one sucks too,it will go back also, Ill have them sending me phones everyday till I get one that works,their postage not mine

  • Tony21ny

    I’m seriously fed up. I Stop Buying HTC and went nexus because of Updates.  Only reason i did nexus was for the support now i cant get it there either. All i can say is I’m going back to iphone this summer. Just smart enough to stay verizon.
    I had Iphone before and left att cause their network sux. Loved android since, but I’m tired of The awful support and this takes the cake. Already swapped my Moto Xoom (bought Release day)  for new ipad, Now doing same with Nexus (Bought Release day)

    Other release day purchases i regret
    Droid Incredible (not a regret brought me to Verizon so not All bad)
    Thunderbolt (thank god for Roms only support we can get)
    Rezound (what a joke)

  • Alan Pickrell

    Umm did I miss an update? I’m still on 4.0.2… 

  • Booboolala2000

    Not worried to be two whole weeks behind the GSM GNex.

  • otter34

    Lol at everyone saying it would be the first to receive updates because it’s a Google phone. shows what everyone knows

    • Tim242

      Lol at stupid people that comment about things they have no clue about.

      • otter34

        You did well though Tim. Don’t worry

      • petrochemicals

        Not only did “everyone” say Nexus devices received updates first, Google said it (and is still saying it) as well.


        Afraid the only one who looks stupid here is you Tim.

  • Emilio Fahr


  • Chad Ramey

    ………….sigh :-/

  • ChuckDz3

    Any idea what the changelog is or where I can find it? I know it sounds great to be on 4.0.4 but whats new? 

  • Smr561

    I have very bad coverage in my area, which happens to be a highly populated area with 11 Starbucks in a 2 mile radius.  I guess Starbucks trumps cellular coverage though.  (Yes I wrote eleven, that is not a type).  I hope this update fixes my coverage issues.
    I do, however, get excellent coverage at work.  Which is odd considering no one under 65 lived there.

  • Ry D

    Does anyone know, or have a link to the new features in 4.0.4?

  • Does anyone know when the samsung infuse will be getting 4.0 ? will it even get it. I just wanna say that i’ve had this phone for a year and running stock, so im pretty bored. 
    Any tips,tricks, or advice (be nice guys) will help 🙂 
    I haven’t rooted any of my phones ive had but i def see how after trying every home replacement that may be the way to go 🙂 
    thanx in advance for the help guys. 

  • StevieSP

    I love the galaxy nexus, but i miss my old 3gs. It never died completely, randomly restarted, or required me to put more than half an hour a year figuring it out. It was slow at the end of its life, but it did its job ten times out of ten. Fact. thoughts???

  • ddevito

    Nexus means BETA in another language.

    We’re all Google’s BETA Testers anyway – who cares? You’ll get 4.0.4 soon enough. 

  • Actofgod

    This isn’t THAT big of a deal, but it really isn’t “as promised” given the NEXUS moniker.  

  • ddevito

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been arguing since its release. Verizon will never let this be a true Nexus – the updates WILL NOT – I REPEAT – WILL NOT COME FROM GOOGLE.

    Still lov the phone though – and since it’s a Nexus I’ll get the update somewhere from like XDA or something.

    • Tim242

      The Verizon Nexus is no different than any carrier Nexus. The update comes from Google, but has to go.to the carriers for the radio drivers and testing. I’d love to see this definition of a Nexus, that so many claim to know.

      • petrochemicals

        So why is the T-Mobile “carrier” Nexus S getting it’s update before the Verizon, Sprint “carrier” Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G? It’s not the carriers that are holding the update up, it is the fact that they are CDMA devices that have proprietary radio software in them.

        As for the “definition” you want, here is a quote from Google’s own page for the Nexus S. 

        “With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available.”

        My Nexus S 4G has neither been first to receive it’s update nor been first to receive Google mobile apps (Chrome mobile browser).

  • CompCrash

    I read that title “Yeeessss…Bastard!”. But I guess that is good news in a way.

  • Ive been running 4.0.4 for months now, big deal.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Awwwww to bad for the Galaxy nexus lte crowd. Now you understand how us moto owners feel being left out all together. I own the droid Razr and there isnt even a decent rom for that phone. They are all super buggy. So don;t go whining that the gsm variant gets it first.

    • Tim242

      It’s an extra few weeks. People that use OTA’s need to be patient. I like custom ROM’s, myself.

      • petrochemicals

        People were patient four months ago when ICS was first supposed to be released to all Nexus devices by the end of December. Now they are just mad. It took Google four months to fix (hopefully as it is yet to be seen if 4.0.4 is 100%) all of the bugs in ICS. A multi billion dollar company with a a full time staff of top of their class programmers could not get their own OS to work the way it was supposed to when the source was released in November of 2011. Many users had to deal with months and months of beta software that broke the functionality of their Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus devices because Google could not get it together. Frankly there is no excuse for that other than sheer laziness, complete disregard and contempt for their own customers. I am surprised to not see even more people on here swearing Google up and down.

  • Huh.  Might be time to root finally.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    I’m Rom’d (AOKP Patient Zero Phase Two(or whatever it is now lol)), but I would love if OTA’s came out sooner for people that don’t ROM.  I’m sure some people that bought this phone didn’t know it was meant as a developer phone for people who to “mess” with their phones all the time.

  • I came from the Samsung Vibrant, the very first Galaxy S phone released in the US. It came with Eclair and was released 2 weeks after Froyo was released. It took Samsung/TMO 7, almost 8, months to release Froyo, about a month after Gingerbread was available with the Nexus S (a phone that was more identical to mine than not). BTW the Vibrant has not received Gingerbread yet, and probably never will. None of the original Galaxy S variants in the US have ever been on the most recent Android OS. None of them. You’re talking about the most popular Android OEM and all 4 carriers not being able to provide the most current version of Android (forget point releases) during the entire life of the devices. 

    So, call me a jerk or whatever, but to all of the people who are bitching/kvetching about point releases of ICS, I say cry me a freakin’ river and get over yourselves. 

  • well I guess my 3rd nexus is on its way,,, damn alpha phones

    • Tim242

      You suck at trolling.

      • really?  hmmm  so how can I improve at it?   had customer service from verizon on the phone,all I had to do was use that little phrase ( don’t make me go to at&t ) and boom,my new phone is on the way,this one trully was bad, mic cut off several times a day

        • Tim242

          You just never have anything positive to say. You are always bit*hing and whining. So, it’s hard to believe anything you say.

          • well its hard to worship something that doesnt work,not sure how you guys do that,If it worked like its supposed to,then maybe I would

          • Tim242

            Dude, I love my Nexus. The only issues I ever had was a few bugs on the stock ROM. AOKP fixed all of that. Even if you are having some issues, there should be things about it that you love. No reason to be as bitter as you are…on every thread.

          • people expect to get what they pay for   period

          • Tim242

            You did. There are some devices that are lemons, and they get replaced. However, I don’t believe you have half the issues you claim to. If you ever had anything to contribute to threads, other than total negativity, you might get more credit. I am not the only one that sees this. Numerous people call you out, constantly. You seem more like a Nexus badger, that owns another phone.

          • petrochemicals

            You might want to look into Google’s help forums. There are a lot of people that have all the same problems Joe has talked about. Fact of the matter is the Galaxy nexus is a poorly made Samsung phone (most are as they use horrible radios) that has beta software (ICS) on it. What do you think this 4.0.4 update is for. It is not adding any features. It is a bug fixer release, which there were some very big ones in all previous versions. There were actually so many that it took Google four months to come out with 4.0.4 to fix all the issues.

          • petrochemicals

            Yet you have no problem attacking people, calling names and belittling others all in the name of a phone and it’s OS. You might want to check your priorities before questioning others.

      • petrochemicals

        You are even worse.

    • Bionic Man

      where is that troll face when you need it

    • will bartlett

      again…with your posts. you should really stop this.

    • ddevito

      which phone did you have prior?

  • Prime7

    404 Version Not Found

  • tyguy829

    edit: put in wrong spot. fixed.

  • I found the 4.0.4 update on Verizon’s website!

    • and here is the second link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woySeSNBL3o

      • Michael_NM

        That’s VZ’s CEO, right?

        • Precisely. Me Gusta + Trololo = VZW CEO

    • tyguy829


      • Yup. It wasn’t until you commented though.

  • Liderc

    We got 4.0.2 before GSM, so it’s not really surprising they’re getting .4 first. 

    • Sjobalia

      The GSM got 4.0 before anyone else by that theory.  I still expect 4.0.5 for the CDMA phone next week.

  • Ben Schulz

    I would be willing to spend $15 more per purchased device just so Verizon could hire some folks to expedite the testing/ review process for new software.  Although I shouldn’t have to pay.  But I would. Even though I shouldn’t have to. 

    • Tim242

      Or…you could just be patient.

  • EatUrCrap

    I’m still just pissed that I can’t fine that wallpaper that’s in the picture!
    Verizon advertised their Galaxy Nexus with it, and I want it!
    It’s like the default one, but better!

    • Liderc

      One google search = http://www.droidforums.net/forum/attachments/galaxy-nexus-general-discussions/46192-wallpaper-all-g-nex-ad-pictures-chroma_06_hd.png

      • Could you also one-google-search the update to our VZW phones?

        • Liderc

          heh I wish =P

    • Q

      I have that wallpaper on my Verizon Nexus.  It’s one of the included ones.

      • tyguy829

        actually the one that comes with the verizon nexus is a little different.  The colors are way less vibrant and it has random dots all over it.

        • Q

          ahh ok.. didnt realize there was a difference.

    • Lakerzz

      Download Wallbase wallpapers from the mar…errrr…PLAY STORE. There are different versions in that app.

  • Dan Lopez

    Why don’t you buy a phone like the rest of us if you want ICS that bad?

  • Kidserious

    All I have to say is who cares about ota’s. As long as they push source to the AOSP, it’s all good. The development for this device is sick! Custom Roms built from source > Official ota’s

    • Trophynuts

      no …it is not all good. AOSP does not contain needed firmware that the VZW G Nex needs in a bad way. ….AHEM RADIO DRIVERS!!! ….i’m losing with my patience in Android all together. The Fruit phone crew always publicly announces update dates. and they stick to them. 

      • Tim242

        Apple takes longer to get updates out, than Android. They just wait til release time to announce. Then, they are full of bugs. Just learn to be patient.

        • petrochemicals

          Apple updates every year same as Android. We just don’t see the Android updates until six moths to a year after they are announced. When Jellybean is announced and the source available, maybe 40 percent of Android users will be on ICS. All software has bugs but the difference is that when Apple has bugs in their OS it doesn’t take four months of silence and ignoring their customers please to fix them.

    • While custom ROM’s may have more and cooler features, they will never be as stable as official OTA’s

      • will bartlett

        ive seen more stability bro.

        • never was the case with ROM’s i tried on previous devices. Always ran into something

          • will bartlett

            every rom ive used on the droid x, the bionic, and the gnex have been more stable.

      • Tim242

        AOKP is the most stable ROM I have ever used.

        • Agreed, much more stable than the official software.

      • ddevito

        You sure about that? The leaked 4.0.4 ROM I’m running is WAY more stable and fast than stock 4.0.2 was.

        • i actually don’t like to count the original build in my statement, since theres always bugs that need to be worked out.

    • could not agree more, who gives a damn if there is an official CDMA update.

  • Guest

    Boo-hoo! Geez, what a bunch of whiners you Nexus folk are. You have the major 4.0 update while others are still waiting for the ICS upgrade. Pissing and moaning about a fraction of an update is really pathetic.

    • Kewl!

    • Tim242

      Not all of us! Yes, most are impatient whiners.

      • Guest

        Haha Alright, alright you got me there! Correction: Not all.

        I just don’t see the point in the ones that do fuss over it. I like updates just as much as the next, but its really not going to drastically improve the phone from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 into something that it doesn’t have to begin with.  Just my opinion, I guess. 😉

        • Tim242

          I tried the 4.04 leak. 10 minutes later, I was back on AOKP 4.03. The ones that obsess over updates need to just root/rom .

        • LiterofCola

          Yep, I’m waiting for ICS and have more patience than some of the peeps waiting for a minor update.

      • petrochemicals

        Nope some are just awful people that spam comment sections with insults and foul language. Isn’t that right Tim?

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Verizon,

    Your network may be the best and the fastest, but you take your sweet ass time updating devices. I am sure I’m not alone when I say my nearly ten years as a customer may be coming to an end. Get your sh!t together and start updating devices in a timely fashion. This update doesn’t even require you to test your bloatware!


    • BulletTooth_Tony

      You aren’t alone. I fear the only thing that may save future Android devices is when they go LTE-only (and if they do)…. otherwise… yeah, it may be peace out.

      • mjmedstarved

        I can’t remember the last time i was excited for a OTA……..

        DEV ROMs FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Running Axiom/Franco on my GN!

        • Tim242

          Exactly! Custom ROMs give me more options and stability than any OTA ever has.

    • moelsen8

      Yeah seriously.. I came from at&t for the ogd.. but by the time my contracts up, at&t should have a pretty good LTE network. I just may switch to whatever the GSM nexus is at that time and get away from all this CDMA garbage. Its not like the Droid brand is worth sticking around for anymore.

      • Tim242

        Yeah, because waiting a few extra weeks is soooo awful. Stop whining and be patient, or ROM.

        • moelsen8

          I am rommed. Doesn’t mean I like this kind of crap.

          • Tim242

            If you are ROM’ed, then you have no reason to worry about OTA’s. An extra few weeks is not worth stressing over anyway.

          • moelsen8

            No I know. More of a principle thing here I guess.

        • Manthas

          If it is a few more weeks then great. We have ZERO reason to believe this will be the case. Google has seriously dropped the ball when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus.

          • Tim242

            No ball has been dropped by anybody. You drama queens make me laugh out loud, because you sound like such wbiney little bit*hes..

          • Manthas

            Yes, because name calling and profanity is the way to have your opinion taken seriously. Also, completely ignoring the post of the person you are responding to. Nicely done.

          • Tim242

            Obsessing over a .0X bump is obsessing. If you really cared that much, 4.04 is out. No root required. But, you’d rather bit*h and talk down Google.

          • petrochemicals

            When it takes four months to bump 0.0.1 to fix phone breaking bugs, then yes it does become a problem. Not to mention people would not be talking down Google if they actually delivered on the promised experiences. There is no excuse to take four months to fix bugs. Period.

          • Mike

            Where’s the 4.0.3 update for the VZW G-Nex then?

          • Tim242

            4.03 was GSM only. Devs used it to make ROMs though. I’m running AOKP 4.03. 4.04 was leaked like a month and a half ago. It can be had, no root required.

          • petrochemicals

            Most people would consider four months to fix phone breaking bugs “dropping the ball”. 

        • Tora

          I think it’s pretty clear by most of these posts that many people on this site are incapable of patience.

          • ABerry5

            it’s pretty clear you have no idea what a nexus phone is ‘suppose to be’… obviously we have no patience hence why we bought these damn nexus phones in the first place, so we don’t have to have patience.. god damnit google I’m getting more pissed by the minute

        • ABerry5

          I finally am on the position of the people hating on google for this one… waiting a few extra weeks IS so awful.. and the reason we bought these damn nexus’ in the first place… TO NOT FKING WAIT.. if it was a work week or less I’d be fine.. but “several weeks” wtf I think Google is turning into motorola from this merger.. next thing you know several weeks will pass with no word, then they will say the upcoming quarter

          • Tim242

            I can’t wait until you whiners get the .0.X update and see it’s nothing. You are obsessing over nothing.

          • ABerry5

            umm.. if this is “nothing”

            then sure I’m obsessing.. it’s not features.. ur right 4.0 is perfect, but faster rotation, the landscape bug fixed, faster 3g 4g switching, and even smoother performance = obsession.. and the reason I got a nexus phone was so I didn’t need to wait

      • petrochemicals

        The LTE Skyrocket has the same problem as CDMA devices. AT&T is not releasing the RIL for the LTE radio. This is why there is no ICS for the Skyrocket other than a bug ridden release. Different Network, same problems.

      • RC

        I wouldn’t want to lose by unlimited data on slow updates and switch carriers….custom ROMs work just fine.

    • richlizard24

      You’re not going to leave Verizon over updates.  No one believes that. 

      • GazaIan

        Why wouldn’t he? I would. 

        • g-unit

           I guess if you were already going to but you were looking for an excuse. Or if you have a Galaxy Nexus but but you don’t understand how to use custom ROMs.

        • richlizard24

          You would leave a wireless provider with arguably the best coverage and the fastest 4G LTE speeds because the GSM Galaxy Nexus is getting 4.0.4 first?  I’ve got news for you, updates are slow on all the carriers!

          You’re going to get the update no matter what.  It’s not like Verizon is whispering to Google and Samsung to kill all updates to its variant of the Galaxy Nexus. 

          • Manthas

            You are right about one thing. They are definitely not whispering.

          • feztheforeigner

            Arguably? Go ahead and try to argue against it…

          • tjmonkey15

            I agree with you.  To put it bluntly: if you leave a carrier due to firmware updates, you are a moron.  There are so many other more important characteristics of a provider, plus, as you said, updates will be slow no matter what carrier you’re with.

          • Towelie420

            This is why you root folks. By way of either bugless beast or cyanogen, I’ll have 4.0.4 by Friday at the latest.

        • Any DL reader is more than capable of flashing to a custom ROM – IF they aren’t willing to wait for an OTA update. But it’s not like 4.0.3 is a broken POS, either.

          • GazaIan

            It’s not even that I’m worried about; it’s the CDMA-ness of the device. For the most part, devices like the Thunderbolt have a fully working ICS ROM, but no data/calls/text/ or any radio connectivity because the RIL won’t work with ICS, and we can’t make one ourselves because it’s proprietary and no one knows how the hell it’s done. So people who actually want to use their Thunderbolt as a phone are screwed into sticking with Gingerbread, and those who don’t care can use ICS. We have to sit around and wait on Verizon to release the damned RILs so we can have 100% working ICS ROMs. It’s pretty much a problem with CDMA devices in general, and not just Verizon.

            That said, I always use GSM devices. Don’t have to go through hell to get working RILs on GSM devices.

          • ddevito

            +1 for the GSM comment. I can’t agree more. Once AT&T rolls out LTE I’m going back to AT&T (had them for 9 years before switching to Verizon).

          • JD

            Ummm AT&T has the same problem with LTE RILs. The Skyrocket still doesn’t have a working ICS port.

          • No they just have the legit ics leak…

          • petrochemicals

            That has bugs in it.

      • LiterofCola


    • Justin Everett

      Except Verizon has nothing to do with this beyond the fact they are CDMA based and not GSM.
      Verizon isn’t holding up the update, differing electronics is.

      • zepfloyd

        shhhh emotionally freaking out and pointing fingers is easier than rational thought.

        • LiterofCola


        • BTLS

          HAHA! love it

      • Cphilano

        Actually Verizon and Sprint do have something to do with this. Google has been trying to secure rights for distributing the signing keys with no luck. From what I read , Google made it clear that the software (.apk files) that VZW is handing Google is signed and must be properly verified before it can be used. That verification cannot occur on a custom ICS build for the Nexus because Verizon is preventing this from occurring.

    • Seriously, I’m doing you a favor.  Sit down, head to xda-developers, read about how to root/unlock your phone, and install BAMF Paradigm, Gummy, or something of the sort.  You will never complain about Verizon as long as you have a Nexus.

      • Mike Ive had mine since it came out but didnt root.. I could never get it to work and the support system isnt what it was back in the OG Droid days.. I download alot of music from my phone.. will I lose all that if I try and root now?

        • logan3414

          If you unlock and root your nexus it wipes everything.

          • Detailphreak

            Uh, no.

          • logan3414

            Uh, you’ve never unlocked a gnex then. When you run the unlock command you have to confirm on the phone that everything will be wiped for security reasons. You can backup and restore after, but unlocking does wipe the phone.

        • ddevito

          Use Titanium and/or Wugz Tolkit for backing up apps (and app data). 

          Also, be sure to Reset Google Wallet (within the GWallet app itself) before doing anything.

          • Towelie420

            Why Google wallet?

          • ddevito

            If you don’t reset Google Wallet within the app, then flash a new ROM you’ll brick the wallet app and the ‘More’ menu in Settings will become inaccessible.

          • PC_Tool

             I’ve literally flashed *more* than dozens of ROMs on my G’Nex.  No issues with Wallet at all.  Never reset it.

            …maybe I’m just lucky.

        • evltwn

          You can root the phone easy and not lose your music. If you unlock the bootloader it will wipe the phone and you will lose everything. Best thing would be to connect to you computer, back up all your files before unlocking the bootloader. But if you just want root, you’ll be fine.

      • ddevito

        True but you won’t get 4.0.4 from a custom ROM (as of today) – I’m sure ROM developers are already updating their ROMS as we speak

        • JD

          That’s weird.  I’ve been running a 4.0.4 custom ROM for several weeks now…  Yes, it’s based on a leak, but it’s still a 4.0.4 custom ROM.

          • Greyhame

            same here. axiom crossbreed. just flashed yesterday (of course I did it right before the announcement, ha). so far, so good! all the .4 butter with the AOKP goodness. droidth3ory is the man.

          • head over to droidhive.com and check out AXI0M PATIENT ZERO. Pretty much the same ROM, but tons of new features packed in.

    • chris125

       This is a nexus google is supposed to handle the updates. Bitch to google.

      • ddevito

        Not for Verizon – Google doesn’t “officially” support CDMA based radios. 

        • zepfloyd

          Not entirely right. Google doesn’t support CDMA radios…in AOSP repositories. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t. 

          Google is still actively supporting the LTE Nexus, heck the 4.0.4 hardware driver binaries (other than the radio) have already been pushed. 

          • ddevito

            Yes, but from a bug support perspective they’re not the same.

            Before announcing their “official” “unofficial” support for the LTE/CDMA variant, they’d actively participate in troubleshooting Android 4.0.X bugs on my phone. It was great.

            Since their dropping of “support” (whatever they call it) support on bug fixes for LTE version have dropped off considerably. 

          • ddevito

            okay so…(and I’m not disagreeing with you)…

            since when does open source only allow support for one hardware track/platform? Come one man, that’s bullsh1t. Open Source wasn’t designed that way. 

            Google has to pick a side here. If you’re going to call Android open than be OPEN, not open-ish like Android has been so far. 

        • Then WHY did they release ANY Nexus WITH a CDMA RADIO?!?…it doesn’t make sense.  They should have NEVER lent the Nexus name to a phone made to THEIR customizations with a CDMA radio if they don’t support them.  Google made the Nexus with CDMA so them saying they don’t support it is an oxymoron.  Just they are having buyer’s remorse in dealing with Verizon, don’t screw over everyone who spent their hard earned money on a Nexus (I’m looking at BOTH of you Google/Verizon).  WORK IT OUT 

          • ddevito

            I totally agree with you. I thought since buying a Nexus phone I’d get updates (more frequently) and sooner.

            And the more I hear how Google can’t support CDMA radios in AOSP repositories the more I laugh. It’s such a weak argument.

            Of all things software, open source was designed to support all kinds of hardware platforms. The fact that Google dropped CDMA radio support (for open source) is nothing but a bunch of bullsh1t. 

            The more I have this phone the more I’m convinced the Nexus name is synonymous with the word BETA. Ship the OS on the phone and let the users report bugs so we can fix them later. Seriously go to code.android.com and search for open ICS bugs – it’ll frighten you.

            With all that said I still love this phone, because frankly this is the best Android has to offer (take it or leave it).

    • Billyrouth2000

      Verizon nor google owe you anything. If you by a brand new Chevy and next week another one comes out with a better engine is Chevy spouse to update your engine?

      • ddevito

        That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever read regarding OS updates. Wanna know why?

        Because in this case Google is Chevy – but you buy the car through a dealer (Verizon), and Chevy doesn’t upgrade (Certain Dealership) Chevys.

        Weak argument.

        • Balls

          the car analogy is better suited for hardware

        •  Way to make a personal attack.  GOOD JOB THERE! 

      • zepfloyd

        Actually if your bring your car in to the dealer for work they WILL flash new software updates for your ECU if they are available, so your analogy doesn’t work.

        • summit1986

          Not mine… Just like the ROM on my Nexus, I had the ECU reflashed for better performance.  More Power!!!

    • Genius

      I agree 100%….

      …. where are we going????

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  • So did we end up deciding that it was actually VZW that is updating our G-Nex and not Google? Because VZW really screwed us over calling this a Nexus device if so.

    • Well it comes from Google, but it’s pretty clear that Verizon is taking their sweet time to give Google the thumbs up.

    • i don’t think that just because we haven’t gotten the update, doesn’t mean Google isn’t doing the update. It could be that we’re CDMA, and there’s different things that need to be looked at or fixed.The said in the coming weeks, so i’m not too worried. I got ICS already.

    • Tim242

      All carrier Nexus phones have to have software tested by the carrier. The Nexus S is no different. It irks me when people make up definitions of what a Nexus is.

  • i mean i have been running the leaked 4.0.4 for over a month now so i am not terribly upset. if the leaked 4.0.4 wasn’t available i would be pissed though.

    • I’ve been running the leaked version too. I wonder how the official update will play with it though, since the official update is newer. I hope it just installs cleanly over it and I don’t have to roll back.

  • dbdynsty25

    Certainly hasn’t hit my GSM Nexus yet, even though i’m wearing the crap out of the “check now” button.

  • Firelight

    Meh. I’ll wait till the developers get it anyways…

  • Well this sucks… why did I bother with a nexus device then? Maybe I should take microsoft up on their phone swap offer…

    • Good luck!

    • i’d rather wait a couple weeks to be updated to 4.0.5, than wait 6 months for an OS bump with any other Android device. April is 4.0.5, and thats already in testing for the CDMA model, so the GSM will be behind. I’m guessing this will be a game of leap frog with the GSM and CDMA variants.

    • Took my old Blackberry Storm in.

      If you are on Verizon don’t count on them having any HTC Trophies left.  I lost Sunday and am still waiting for them to tell me I can come back and pick it up.

    • Tim242

      Or you could stop whining and be patient.

  • Dan Lopez

    Kind of sucks that the LTE version isn’t getting this yet. I’m sure it will be incorporated into AOKP soon.

  • Soccerfon711

    I don’t want to root, so this will be my last Android device. I miss the G1 days.

    • Rodeojones000

      You own a Galaxy Nexus? With all due respect, why purchase one and not root it? It’s as simple as can be and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

      • because we want stock android and timely updates

        • Al

          I agree rooting isn’t necessary especially when stock ICS is fantastic.

          • exactly. we have ICS. an update to 4.0.4 won’t do much anyway. It’ll still be the same OS. besides, 4.0.5 is coming to us in April

        • dreadnatty08

          You can run stock, rooted and pick up a 4.0.4 ROM no problem. I love stock ICS but AOKP gives me some nice tweaks.

    • Tim242

      You apparently don’t need an Android phone. If you can’t be patient, or root, then you should go elsewhere
      Stop obsessing over updates. 4.04 has been available for a while. However, I use AOKP, which runs on 4.03. It is very stable, and full of more options than any OT will ever be.

  • leetusername

    … that’s a sexy phone.  I am still in lust with it.  And I have one.

    • greenbacks

       yes it makes me happy as well… love the GNEX

  • I hope this doesn’t only go to certain builds of the GSM Nexus (ie yakju, etc), but to all of them. 

    • descendency

      It does. 

  • I feel like the product I purchased is not what I intended, and deserve a refund.

    • Tim242

      What? Either you are joking, or a complete idiot.

  • greenbacks

    Verizon can bite me.

  • “But since being released, we have gone update-less – it sure would have been nice to be at the front of the line this time.”

    Neg. There was the update to 4.0.2 right out of the box. In fact, the LTE Galaxy Nexus had 4.0.2 at least a month and a half BEFORE any of the GSM versions got it. Not only that, but the LTE Gnex has had the leaked 4.0.4 for at least a month already, and if you believe certain Panda bears, 4.0.5 is already finished and being tested for us.

    Seems like we’ve been catered to first if you ask me. 

    • 4.0.2 the day it was released sort of makes it like the software out of the box. 4.0.4 was a leak and not official, so you can’t count that. Hopefully 4.0.5 is next for the LTE version and it sees it first.

      • SecurityNick

        Plus that was way before Google made the announcement of not supporting CDMA.

        • I know that Google tried to download play that CDMA support stuff, but I think it’s a bigger deal than any of us fully understand. Look at Sprint’s Nexus S, it’s left off the list as well.

          • SecurityNick

            The only thing that makes me *somewhat* ok with not getting the update is the fact that this phone is open, no locked bootloader, no skin, etc.  I feel WAY more comfortable testing out ROMs on this than other phones.  Considering the dev community will be all over the updates quicker anyway, I don’t really feel like I’m losing out on anything.  Sure I’d like to have the official update as quickly as possible, but I don’t have a sense that I can’t get the update (like what happened with my Bionic).

          • burntcookie90

            The Nexus S still hasn’t gotten a full ICS rollout. 


  • there it is to all the people complaining of lack of updates give developers time its not easy