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Motorola XOOM WiFi Receiving Android 4.0.4 Build IMM76 – Quicker Screen Rotation, New Lock Settings, and More

Last week, we received word that Motorola was prepping a “soak test” for the XOOM WiFi, but specific details as to what was included were absent. A message we received in our inbox this evening may change the mystery, as it details a 4.0.4 update that should be here any day. According to this tip, the Android 4.0.4 build number is IMM76 and will include quicker screen rotation, a new setting to immediately lock the screen, camera improvements and more.

We do not have a date of expected release, but with notes like this floating around, we can imagine that it won’t be too much longer. Check out the email after the break. 

Android 4.04 (IMM76) Software Update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI users in the US

We are pleased to announce a new software update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI in the US. This Android 4.04 (IMM76) software update by Motorola includes numerous enhancements. Upgrade today for peak performance.

For more information on Motorola updates and product support, please visit us at: www.motorola.com/support

Who Can Use This Release
ALL Motorola XOOM — US WIFI users

After downloading and installing the software release, you will notice:


Quicker screen rotation
A new setting to choose whether the power button immediately locks the device or not
Microsoft Exchange improvements with additional EAS policies
Better phone number recognition
Camera and image quality improvements
Improved stability

If you own a XOOM WiFi and are prompted with an update, be sure to let us know.

Update:  Download the update here.

Cheers IC!

  • ceotraveling

    Ever since the new Fing update to 4.04, I cannot create new exchange accounts.

  • just got the update and its much faster though no option to change what the power button does. any help?

  • Greg G

    anyone know how to access the power button option,  I received the OTA update today.

  • Migespy

    I’ll be honest, other than the power button option, I haven’t noticed any of the differences in the change log.

    • Migespy

      Little fun fact. Volume up and power is definitely not screenshot

    • Greg G

      I can’t figure out how the power button option works, any help please?

  • I was debating on upgrading my device to a 3G/4G device or just going wifi when my contract is over on my Xoom 3G . The update lag from them going to ICS has made that decision pretty easy.

  • PC_Tool

    4.0.4 source is in the process of dropping as we type…


    “Jean-Baptiste Queru: I’m in the process of pushing the Android 4.0.4 files (IMM76D) into
    the Android Open-Source Project.

    From: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/?fromgroups#!topic/android-building/YoBlTfntDvo

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Wow can’t believe “my precious” is one year old… purchased wifi Xoom on launch 3/26/2011… this thing is still a friggin’ beast! The jump from Honeycomb to ICS was like moving from a Ford to a Ferrari.

  • littleneutrino

    Is there just nothing they can do about the input lag on keyboards for the xoom. It is almost as though they do not even care that it exists. they could put out an update that only fixed that and did nothing else and it would make me VERY happy

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      There is something you can do: change the keyboard. Stock keyboard lags like there is no tomorrow — changing to Swiftkey or Swype eliminated the lag.

      • littleneutrino

        I Use ThumbKeyboard. I have not used stock since a few weeks after the Xoom launched.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          And it still lags on you… ugh, sorry to hear that.

  • AndrewThompson

    For all of the people saying that it will be ahead of the Nexus, just put stock 4.0.4 on it! I have had nothing but good things come from it (other than the news& weather app crashing). Faster radio switching, overall faster response, etc…

    • PC_Tool

       Not the point…


    To folks wanting face unlock.  Very likely this update wont include it.  However if you want that feature plus loads more tweaks I’d recommend Team EOS’s ROM and a close 2nd try AOKP.  I’ve had facelock for sometime now.

  • “Better phone number recognition” on a wi-fi only Xoom?    Uhm…ok….

    • r0lct

      Probably to “see” phone numbers in other text.  Like being able to then text it via GVoice or possible Skype.  However this could also just be a feature that’s more geared towards phones but they advertised it anyway. 

    • Mylesh55

      Its for if you link social networks to your tablet so it organizes them nicely into the contacts and so it knows if its a Google talk number or not so it can open it for you.

  • ckeegan

    I seriously hate Verizon’s f’n update holdups. When will they be held accountable? There is absolutely NO reason the LTE XOOM should take this long when the Wi-fi XOOM has had ICS for a while.

  • Taysider

    Any news of when it’s likely to come to the UK, Europe

  • Addinsx

    Better idea! Spend your time getting the LTE Xoom onto ICS first before making improvements to the one that already has it!

    • bakdroid

      Verizon is the problem.  That is why none of the Verizon devices have a timeline for ICS, they don’t want to test it and want more money out of the manufactures to push it.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I knew there was a reason i returned my Acer tablet and got a developer device

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  • getting 4.0.4 quicker than the GNEX

    • David Harris

      GNEX gets 4.0.5.

      • But if this update happens soon, it will be ahead of the G-Nex. We have no idea when 4.0.5 will be released for the Nexus.

        • r0lct

          This is the dumbest argument I keep seeing repeated.  There are phone targeted builds and tablet targeted builds.  The Galaxy Nexus will always be the phone will access to the latest phone build and the Xoom will be the same for the tablet focused builds (until the Nexus tablet I would assume).

          If you are really that in need of the absolutely latest build number then just run a custom rom, I’m sure before or when this gets official it’ll be in AOSP and built into roms the same or next day.

          Edit: Actually I stand corrected, there have been 4.0.4 roms out for a little while for GNex if you’re OK with it not being built from AOSP.

          • Yes…I know that.  I’ve been on a 4.0.4 build for some time now.  Therefore, I guess your argument would seem kinda dumb.

          • r0lct

            My argument is pointed towards people complaining what version has been official released for the Nexus that I’ve seen so much here lately.  I misidentified you as one of those and for that I was wrong.

          • PC_Tool

             ” There are phone targeted builds and tablet targeted builds.”

            Since ICS?  I thought ICS was supposed to take care of that…(build-prop tweaks and dpi settings all that should be needed to swap between tablet/phone “mode”)…

            Where are you getting the “targeted builds” information?  I would love to read up on that and see what the differences are.

          • r0lct

            I’m just going what has happened so far with ICS and its releases.  It’s not that you can’t run one on the other, it’s that Google seems to work on fixes for a particular group of devices and then puts out an update.  So far it would appear they are alternating primarily between phone updates and tablet updates.  However this may not hold true in the future, just an observation of what’s seems to be happening so far.

            My bigger point really is unless there is a killer feature or monumental bug fix in a particular version that their specific device would benefit from they shouldn’t sweat the order of updates as long as they happen timely.  Need the update the moment it is released?  Then load and rom and move along.

          • PC_Tool

            Would be nice to at least see the source though… 4.0.4 seemed to help a lot on the G’Nex…but we’ve been unable to build from source…so AOKP for that build was…404. 😉

            It irks me.  It’s my first Nexus device after the Fascinate and I *know* what it is like to wait ages for updates.  I was hoping this would be so very different, but so far, it doesn’t actually seem to be working out that way.

            We’ll see what the future holds…

          • r0lct

            This is my first Nexus and I had high hopes for the device.  Unfortunately the device has fell short in a couple areas for me though am still satisfied with the decision. However I’m much more annoyed over 10 – 12 hours of better life on the oem extended battery than the update process even though I prefer to be rocking .4 AOKP as well.

          • r0lct

            Source has been released for .4!

          • PC_Tool

            When? Just now??

          • r0lct

            Sorry, I should have thrown in a very important disclaimer, read on forum.  Either Rootz or XDA.  I should of waited until someone verified so I know if true first.

          • PC_Tool


            I’ll forgive ya. This time. Next time, though…you’re getting hired by DL to write Galaxy SIII Articles. 😛

          • r0lct

            Actually Roman and kejar tweeted about downloading it.

          • PC_Tool

             Nice.  Roman has it.

            Color me psyched.  4.0.4 based AOKP?  Aw, yeah…

      • PC_Tool

         …not the point.

  • Face unlock hopefully!

  •  Face unlock please!

  • solarnz

    OTA is at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1568682

  • Suddendeath

    WTF what about uis LTE xoom users?!?! we are STILL waiting for ICS

    • bakdroid

      Blame Verizon for holding it up.

      • DisjointedWarrior

        Seriously, if Verizon Wireless released an update that had issues they would be tazed more for issues than for holding back an update. I like everyone else want the new update, and perhaps Verizon is holding it up, but I would rather all or most of the potential glitches be worked out first. It could be the way LTE and EVDO switch off in ICS holding it up… which is why the Verizon Nexus has had issues. 

        • Booboolala2000

          Funny because that’s what the current LTE owners have. A super buggy build of honeycomb and a browser that crashes when you look at it wrong. I believe that this is the ics build that will make it to the LTE Xoom. In a few weeks.

        • bakdroid

          The LTE/EVDO issue had nothing to do with the OS.  That has to do with the radio software.  They could release the new version of ICS without the radio and the problems would still be there.  This is the same issue that the Razr/Bionic were having until a new radio was released which fixed it.  So Verizon needs to get better software for the radio’s going and stop holding back OS releases.  Manufactures also have to pay per OTA that goes out, major vs. minor.  And negotiations take time as well.  If carriers weren’t so greedy we would hear of testing timeframes instead of “coming soon”.

  • ugh at being a verizon xoom owner.

    • you can do it manually very easily. I did it on one for my dad. 

  • Andrew Barber

    So my old impulse buy random tablet will have a newer version of ICS then my “Nexus” phone.  Awesome.

    • xoom is still a GED. nexus is about to leapfrog the xoom with 4.0.5 in a week or two. 

      xoom 2 being on 3.2 is a headscratcher. 

      • hkklife

        Why is that a headscratcher?   The Xoom 2 a.k.a. “Xyboard” does not run bone stock vanilla Android. It’s not a GED.  Moto made some slight tweaks and customizations to HC.  I’d imagine the Xyboard will receive ICS around the same time as Moto’s Blurified smartphones will. 

        • Towelie420

          I’ll bet that xyboard is just awful with all that moto crap on it. Who would be dumb enough to buy that crap?
          If Samsung comes out with a nice new tablet soon I’ll sell my Xoom and get one.

    • r0lct

      The sky is falling, you should run to your local WP or iPhone store immediately for shelter.