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DROID RAZR to RAZR MAXX Conversion Kit Available for $110 on Pre-order, Features All Genuine Motorola Parts

To call original DROID RAZR owners “frustrated” or “annoyed” over Motorola and Verizon’s decision to release a phone with double the battery life and at the same price only 2 months later called the RAZR MAXX would be a gigantic understatement. In fact, this is one of the bigger Android blunders and slaps to the face we have seen in a long, long time if not ever. No refunds were offered nor were there options for a trade-in to satisfy those early adopters that felt nothing but screwed by this move. Those words may sound harsh, but if you can’t tell, I’m actually holding back. RAZR owners should be furious at this.

With that said, you may recall a RAZR owner who realized that RAZR MAXX parts (including the 3300mAh battery) are swappable between the two phones. He even went as far as to provide instructions for everyone that may be interested in completing the task themselves. That’s right, the phones are so similar that you can put the battery and back plate from the MAXX onto the regular RAZR. Brilliant. The only problem was, that spare parts were tough to come by. Until now, that is. 

The folks at Cellphone Repair Shop have created a conversion kit for RAZR owners that includes the 3300mAh battery, adhesive tape, back battery cover, and SIM/SD card door. That is everything you would need to transformer your RAZR into a MAXX, right there. And if you don’t have the tools to pry the current back piece off, they can hook you up with all of those as well. The base package starts at $109.95, but if you start adding on tools, it will obviously go up from there.

Not a bad option though, if you aren’t interested in spending the $649 it would cost to get a brand new phone.

If the $110 price tag is too steep, the folks at DroidRzr are looking into a group buy to drive the price down.

Buy (pre-order).

Cheers evltwn!

  • Alex

    Has anyone sent there RAZR away to these guys? Not Shure how much I trust them…

  • You guys may be making a mistake. Motorolla made a quick response to battery complaints by pushing out a higher capacity version ASAP. It’s good that they didn’t wait longer.

  • Juan

    Is this Upgrade compatible with accesories, Igot the HD Desktop dock and the Car Navigation kit, very happy with the phone so far, more battery would be a nice to have.

  • Matthew goon

    craziest thing… i just did mine. NOW it says my razr (in ‘about phone’, ‘model number’) is a ‘droid razr maxx’. Didn’r realize the phone would switch that on its own based on which battery is in it.

  • Lane252

    can we actually get a video of someone preforming the surgery 

  • So… in a couple more months, your local cellphone repair shops will have similar kits for a much cheaper price?

  • This is awesome. Great news for original Droid Razr owners.

  • The original Razr release seems to me to pretty much a case of “we need to get something out the door by the Christmas season.”  That plus initial testing (and feedback from other LTE phones) revealed that battery life was a concern to lots of people, but they couldn’t get a modified phone out the door without slipping the release date by two months and past Christmas.

    I also seem to recall that people weren’t too happy about the delays that happened with the Bionic.  Perhaps everyone would be happier about a two month Razr delay; OTOH, perhaps that would also be something to complain about.

    People are always clamoring for the latest and greatest hardware and features to be included in their phone; yet, at the same time they complain when that same push for the latest and greatest means that something new is out that’s better than their current phone.  (Even though their phone didn’t actually become worse.)  Part of the price of innovation is accepting that what was the latest hot thing not too long ago becomes old news.

    Honestly, I’d rather have a situation where I know that something *slightly* better is always coming every two or three months than have a situation where something *dramatically* better comes every year or eighteen months, when both sometimes have no warning.  Buying an iPhone 4 right before the iPhone 4S was announced (only 10 days before its release) is worse.

  • Rarz and Razr Maxx user

    I carry both the Razr and the Maxx. I purchased the Razr on release date. Shortly my work was going to update my work device. I was given two choices, the Maxx and the new Blackberry Curve. I didn’t really want to cary two of the same phone, but didn’t want the Curve either.

    I am on my personal phone more often than my work phone. That being said I have to charge my Razr every night and with limited use on my Maxx, I can go 3 days. I still wouldn’t do this conversion on my Razr. Given the choice now, I would’ve purchased the Maxx instead of the Razr, but I’m happy with my choice.


    Motorola dropped the ball when they released the Bionic. It’s been all downhill from there. The DX was the last great(greatest) phone from them. I’ll stick with my Rezound until my upgrade in December. I’ll miss dev support from people like TBH, Jrummy and Kejar. Goodbye Moto. Hello HTC.

  • balthuszar

    i’m rather happy with my Razr…however, the only thing that is irritating me is talk of this fighter phone releasing with ICS…i don’t even want ICS, but that’s besides the point…support your existing phones before you release a new one, less than 6 months later, with the latest tech…but back to the topic at hand, i got 29 hours off of one charge the other day with my phone

    • Tim242

      First off, you only say you don’t want ICS, because you don’t know how much better it is. Lastly, the only way you got 29 hours is with virtually no use. That might explain why you don’t want ICS…you don’t use your phone more than a few minutes per day.

      • CORYK333

        Who the hell are you to say why he doesnt have a constant hard-on for ICS & how he uses his phone? I enjoy ICS, but its def not for everyone. To say he doesnt want it bc he doesnt “know how much better it is”, is pure ignorance bc you dont know him so….you dont know his usage/preferences/likes/dislikes. So many assclowns on this site lately, yet there you are, standing out on every post as the biggest one of all. Saw you doing the same b.s. on engadget or the verge the other day as your rainbow/android avatar stands out quite a bit, knew it looked familiar. At least you are consistent in being a douche & not just here.

        • Tim242

          ICS improved performance on the HTC Vivid by 66%…and that is laced with Sense. ICS brings many improvements. That dude I replied to says he got 29 hours of usage out of an OG Razr.. His usage is clear. He hardly uses the phone. So, to come on here claiming that ICS isn’t needed, and that battery life is that good is nonsense. That is being a clown. As far as Engadget, I do sometimes have to put my clown hat on. Those iTrolls are sometimes out of hand. Speaking the truth is not trolling or being a clown. Somebody that doesn’t want the newest OS, and gets 29 hours of “use” on the OG Razr battery, probably doesn’t have the right crashing a thread, just because he’s a moto fan boy.

          • balthuszar

            actually, tim, except for the 8 hours i was at work and the 3 or 4 hours i was sleeping, i was on my phone almost constantly. whether it be facebook, games, the internet…what have you…also, as cory said, i don’t want ICS, because the little i’ve messed with the Nexus, it doesnt impress me. I rather enjoy gingerbread, and i feel that ICS is an unnecessary change. 

          • Tim242

            I am not trying to be an a$$, but there’s no way you are getting 29 hours of usage on that phone, unless you don’t touch it all day at work, and barely touch it when you get off. I had the phone from the time it launched, at 11:11 am, on 11/11/11, until my 30 days were up to swap phones. The battery was not good. I found that you have to have the brightness turned to about 50%, to get the level of 25% on other devices. I couldn’t get through the day, even with minimal use. Battery was the main reason I got the Nexus instead. At least it can be changed. You are claiming to get the same amount of battery from an OG Razr , than that of the Max. Just not possible.

          • I agree with Tim on this one. I could just barely squeeze 5 1/2 hours out of the OG Razr before it died. Google Music, Facebook, texting and maybe one or two calls. I tried. Even with Juice Defender and straight turning off data. The battery just isn’t good. These screenshots are from my Maxx though. Huge improvement. 

          • balthuszar

            so my eyes deceived me then?

          • Tim242

            Yes. Pictures, or it didn’t happen.

          • balthuszar

            i knew that was coming…it was almost two weeks ago…i have no pictures…so i guess it didnt happen *rolls eyes*

          • Tim242

            Well, show another day. Show today’s numbers.

  • no

    At this point I would not be able to buy a Motorola phone without expecting to get screwed over at some point. Let me revise that: At this point I would not be able to buy a Motorola phone.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    I love my Razr Maxx!

  • Craig

    I think those that are whining over the larger battery just have nothing better to do. I am perfectly happy with the size of my original Droid Razr and I wouldn’t want the larger battery if you gave it to me for free. $110 for a battery and door seems steep to me. It appears that someone is making a lot of money off the hype.

  • deh2002

    Really sucks for those that paid $299 for the original. I think Verizon and moto should offer this to customer’s at a discounted price if they purchased the razr at the og price.

    • Tim242

      Not sure they should offer this phone at a discounted price. New phones come out constantly. However, a nice $100 bill credit would be in order for over-pricing the OG Razr.

      • balthuszar

        the razr wasnt over priced until the maxx came out, so no…a 100 dollar credit isnt in order. as you said, new phones are constantly coming out. and as of right now, the razr is cheaper than the nexus by 100 dollars…so there’s your 100 dollar credit

        • Tim242

          The Razr is only cheaper than the Razr , because they took out the SD card, and the Max came out
          T with a bigger battery. The Razr being priced at $299, but the same phone 2 months later with double the battery is the same price? Yes, they indeed overpriced the OG Razr…especially since they knew the Max was coming soon. I agree that new phones come out all the time…but releasing 2 phones that are the same phone, but one having a bigger battery…and charging the same for both??? That is not acceptable! They never drop their prices on new phones 2 months after release. That is an admission that it was over-priced. BTW, my Nexus was $250, with corp discount. Worth every penny. Now, sit down moto fan boy and Verizon apologist. : )

  • Ihatemoto

    And u die hard moto fans just keep buying their sh!£. Now its only another $110 to make ur phone what it should have been in the first place. How does it feel to be kicked in the crotch?

  • Fenrisakashi

    Yes… Be furious that a company iterates its phones. Obviously you have a divinely granted right to only receive phones that are only updated once a year…o right Apple already does that…Should probably rename your site to Nexus-life.com.

    Seriously its a phone. Phones released later will almost always be superior…Please get over it.

    • Tim242

      It was only 2 months apart. The issue here, is pricing the OG Razr at $299, knowing that the bigger battery version was just around the corne…for the same price. They should give all OG Razr owners a $100 bill credit. I originally bought the Razr, but exchanged for the Nexus. Thank God I did…and I say that as an atheist.

      • LegalAmerican

        Then who are you thanking?  If God doesn’t exist….

        • Tim242

          It was just a figure of speech : )

  • Spc Hicks09


  • Asuriyan

    This… is relevant to my interests.

  • I know someone that works at verizon, and they had to give many razr customers the razr maxx for free

    • Tim242

      They did not, nor should they. However, they should give them a $100 bill credit.

      • Ok I’ve witnessed it.

        • Tim242

          Pictures, or it didn’t happen : )

          • Pictures of random strangers getting their phone swapped because verizon screwed them? Now thats just creepy. 

          • Tim242

            People do that, as creepy as it is. I’m just saying that Verizon is not doing this. They would lose too much on it. Maybe someone exchanged it within the return period, or maybe a rep did something they were not supposed to do. But, Verizon is not handing out free phones to people, just because a newer version came out.

          • Well I asked him about it after he finished and he said as long as you threw a big enough fit they gave it, but it was only the first 2 weeks the maxx was out 

  • Michael_NM

    I’d say Moto/VZ did a pretty good job shafting the Bionic and Xoom LTE owners among us as well…

    • Droidzilla

      I could see that, but I don’t see how RAZR owners would feel shafted. The RAZR came out with one of the best hardware profiles and battery lives of the LTE phones on Verizon (many sites rated its battery life over the stock batteries on the GNex and Rezound). It seems the people most outraged, from my experience, at Motorola for coming out with the Maxx were not RAZR owners.

      • AE35

        I own one. I’m outraged. Verizon refused to accommodate me even thought I’m a long term customer. I blame Verizon more than Moto for inept marketing.

        • Droidzilla

          What exactly are you outraged about? I’m a RAZR owner and I love mine. It’s just as I expected; very thin, lightweight, great screen (not quite GNex, but still awesome), fast, and great battery life. I don’t know if I’ll do this conversion because my battery life is quite good and I like the thinness of my RAZR.

          • chaz2400


          • mons

            The average consumer doesn’t follow android news.  They go into Verizon and ask what’s available.  Verizon salesmen were pushing the RAZR hard – I had to convince one that yes, I’m sure I want the GN.  One of my coworkers bought the RAZR shortly after it came out, and he’s pissed.  Do you think the verizon salesmen were saying “hey, another one with double the battery will be out in a few weeks, if you can wait”?  
            No.  They were touting the RAZR as the greatest thing ever. The Maxx is still very thin – it isn’t like the ginormous extended batteries for other phones.  It’s the exact same phone, except a tiny bit thicker, with a much larger battery, for the same price.  My coworker missed the Maxx’s return window by about a week, and is stuck with the RAZR.  That’s great that you’re happy with your RAZR, but I don’t see how you don’t understand what early RAZR adopters are upset about.

          • AE35

            It’s called rationalizing: 
            an unconscious defense mechanism in which perceived controversial behaviors or feelings are logically justified and explained in a rational or logical manner in order to avoid any true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable – or even admirable and superior – by plausible means.

          • Verizon employees generally don’t know about new phones until days before release. If anything people who follow blogs like these find out before the sales people or phone reps do.

          • Tim242

            That’s not true. They get to play with them and learn how to use then weeks, sometimes months ahead of release. The store I bought my Nexus from trained on it in October.

          • Andrew Downs

            The Nexus was special due to ICS. Kinda like the iPhone. We don’t usually see phones until they are released, nor are we informed about them in advance. Verizon wants to sell you a phone NOW, not in two months when something else comes out.

          • Tim242

            I do not believe that. How can you sell a phone that you haven’t trained on? If you are asked questions, do you run and look up the answer? All of the phones I’ve bought, I discussed with reps weeks, sometimes months before. Maybe they just like to keep you in the dark : )

          • Dain Laguna

            andrew is absolutely correct. i almost worked for verizon and asked that alot during my ‘observation’ period..and was told the same thing. buddy of mine who works where i work now is an ex employee and with the exception of the nexus, its pretty much ‘well here you go!’

            he said when they received the xyboard, everyone was like ‘whoa whats THIS thing?’

          • AJ

            Hate to tell you, but the person above is actually right. I worked for a Verizon store for almost a year and now I work for a US cellular agent… we never know about new phones any sooner than the manufacturer announces it to the public. I actually had customers come in and let me know about a new phone they had heard about before I had heard about it and I stay informed on new tech and phones most of the time… so, most likely the Verizon reps didn’t know. I am always honest as a rep, and when I hear a rumor like that, yeah, I sure as hell say, “hey, you might want to wait for this new phone, it will be a lot better” because I don’t want to be the one the customer comes back to screaming at because I screwed them.

        • what

          how dare they come out with a new phone after you bought yours!

          that is pretty darn bad.

          • AE35

            I know this is a little difficult for some to comprehend, but it’s not a “new” phone. It’s the exact same phone at the same price but in my case, released 3 weeks later.

            Can I lay it out any simpler for a man who appropriately calls himself “what”?

      • LiterofCola

        I can see it both ways.  I can see how some would be upset with a near replica (save for a thicker build and bigger battery) be released so soon after the original.  But I’m also not upset.  I do love my Razr as well.  Is it “the perfect phone?” No, the battery life could be better, although it is comparable to other LTE devices out there (except for the Maxx).

  • Azndan4

    Lol Motorola has been screwing over its customers since the Motorola Devour and Motorola Cliq. 

  • one of the key motorola parts is tape?  wtf


      all phones use tape… to make sure the connectors from the motherboard for example to the screen don’t come lose…

  • Paul

    I like the RAZR I have because of the super thin profile. I probably wouldn’t end up doing this if someone gave me the kit for free. That being said, this is a nice option for the RAZR owners who want that extra juice, but don’t want to deal with buying another phone.

    • Liderc

      you wouldn’t give 2-3mm for twice the battery life…?

      • Paul

        I saw the RAZR MAXX in person. I didn’t care for the added bulk, even though it’s minimal. I know I’m in the minority on that one. If I didn’t have access to a charger throughout the day I might feel different about it, though.

    • Spc Hicks09

      You do know that the extra thickness is barely even noticeable right? It’s not some big bulky extended life battery.

    • chaz2400

      I am actually really happy with my “OG” Razr too. It isnt only the thickness but the weight. I carry the phone around in my pocket and would definately notice the added weight and thickness. Besides, my phone has plenty of juice to last all day using Smart Actions… LOVE IT!

      • PimpStrong

        “I carry the phone around in my pocket”


      • evltwn

        I had the RAZR for about 6 weeks and returned to VZW thanks to the extended return period offered during the holidays. I bought the RAZR MAXX on it’s release day, and have been very happy with it. I have hardly noticed a big difference in weight between the 2. No need to bother with smart actions with the MAXX. But i’m glad you’re happy.

  • Wasn’t there an issue that left the phone more vulnerable to water?

    • bjn714

      I think that was the lack of availability of the MAXX SIM card door but that is listed as included in the kit.

      •  Oh I see. I’m glad I was able to switch the Razr For the Razr Maxx and I’m glad this option is available to those who want it. The battery really is all the difference in the world. Its also a little easier to hold.

  • Sp4rxx

    I’m signing up for the group buy …. definitely not worth $110 individually (granted all the parts and tools are, but on a whim it’s not) ….

  • Transformer

    • Lethalprophet


      • Droidzilla

        Veritech ftw.

        • Dat Nguyen


          • KOBALT


          • SKAVENG3R

            He man

        • Lethalprophet


          • Sp4rxx


        • evltwn

          skull squadron ftw.

    • CORYK333


  • r0lct

    Sucks you have to give up your warranty and insurance claims will be a bitch unless it is a lost/stolen.  Moto should be doing this for people like the 4G upgrade for Xooms.

    • Tim242

      Unless it is lost/stolen? Ummm of course it was lost/stolen!

    • feztheforeigner

      They really should. This would ease many consumers minds and Motorola wouldn’t have to pay much money as nobody would be willing to send their PHONE in for any extended period of time. Great business move!

  • your only first to S a D and love it

    • Lethalprophet

       15 M on a D M C.

  • Abc123


  • asdfgasdf


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