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Official MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich Build Now Available for the Galaxy Nexus

If you have been a fan of the MIUI series of custom ROMs since the OG DROID days, then you will be happy to hear that an official build is now available for the Galaxy Nexus. There have been a few hacked versions out there, but this comes straight from MIUI and is fully functioning, which means no bugs should be present. MIUI has been compared to the look and feel of an iOS device since there is no app drawer, but in reality, it’s still the Ice Cream Sandwich you know and love. For those new to MIUI, think of it as a fully themed and feature rich skin for Android. I know that we talk about OEM skins and how awful they are, but MIUI takes Android and adds a ton of customizations to it. And if you really need an app drawer, just download NOVA or Apex launcher. 

Instructions for installation:

  1. Download MIUI.us_toro_2.3.2 and place on your phone’s storage.
  2. Reboot in to ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Create Nandroid backup.
  4. Wipe data/cache.
  5. Install ROM.
  6. Reboot and enjoy.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Jason!

  • praveen kumar pendyala


    A video review of ICS MIUI v4

  • Advantage Held

    This rom is meh. Back to Gummy

  • JulianZHuang

    i love my MIUI >.<" 

  • Jon

    MIUI is awesome. Every once in a while I will switch to it and run it for a few months 🙂 I wonder if there’s an ICS version for Bionic out there??? 

  • i’ve been running this rom for a few days, and its just amazing. 
    there are only 4 problems that I have run into though.
    1. it is REALLY laggy when you move from the homescreen to the widget adjustment screen
    2. auto correct is broken O_O it doenst understand any words in the English dictionary.
    3. some themes arent fully compatible e.g. status bar themes & sms themes
    4. occasionally the stock browser glitches out and you lose the address bar.
    other than that, this rom is simply beautiful xD

  • KleenDroid

    It seems that a bunch of dumb people have arrived at Droid Life recently.

    • RadicalPie


  • Dbarden31

    Everytime im on the phone it cuts me off so the other person can no longer hear me but i can still hear them. Anyone know whether or not this is a hardware or software issue and if downloading a custom rom would fix it? Thanks. One thing i HATE about ny Galaxy Nexus! Its so annoying!

  • It’s a little laggy.

  • gonna get high on that ish

  • Here’s a video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVgpysXLc6E

  • Jslafarr

    even if this is to some an “iOS wannabe” – its still android. its still… some form of ics. 
    i wouldnt get off M4 for this but just browsing through the comments its funny how just a recommendation will cause such a stir.

    its also funny – and im guilty as well – as this is the best device out … with the most roms to chose from – yet everyone (including myself) is always looking for the next best thing – even when we already have the best that’s available.

    what i would like to know how to to is dual boot

  • I used to think MIUI had a 1up on AOSP Android, but that was back in the Froyo/Gingerbread days. I ‘d definitely rather have stock ICS > MIUI for aesthetics now.

    • JulianZHuang

      i gone from stock to MIUI. i think i will never want to go back to stock again. 

  • thanks, i gave it a try and it was kinda laggy, anyone else experience that?

    • ChuckDz3

      Yeah I tried it yesterday. It was pretty laggy between screens and menus. I couldn’t even get through my app restore without it locking up and having to battery pull. It’s a shame I really liked MIUI and liked having that as an option. I’d definitely give it another shot once they fix some issues. Although it is pretty hard to get off of AOKP

  • “…since there is no app drawer”

    WHA!!!?!?!  So how do I get to the apps?  That sounds totally useless.

    • Jacob121791

      They are all on your homescreens like iOS…..

  • LionStone

    Looks funky.

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  • Eric_r_jennings

    If I’m on 4.0.4 Radios and Bootloader, can i just data wipe, factory reset, and install this?

    • Eric_r_jennings

      Doesn’t matter… just tried this and it’s laggy. Back to Axiom Crossbreed.

  • been running this since this morning. Very nice. 

    Anyone know where to find a .zip to get Facebook sync working though?

  • CORYK333

    I love that MIUI is such a unique UI/UX for android compared to 99% of stock, custom ROMs, & launchers…..but just wasnt for me (nothing to do with the iOS similarities as i actually enjoy the 4s i have for work). There was nothing specific & its def well built/coded by the devs, but i just wasnt diggin’ it. Thats the beauty of choice though bc i know a shlt load of users swear by it.

  • ddevito

    MiUI is an iOS clone wannabe. No thanks.

    • Boblank84

      As far as the luncher goes i would agree, but there is so much customization available w/ miui.  If you don’t like the ios style laucher throw a different one on it and just use if for all the customization options.  You can make it look very much like ios or make look nothing like ios, its up to you.  worth checking out if you have not in a while, or ever.

  • Can it play crysis

  • Tweekex

    Doesn’t come with Google Play Store, rather the Android Market. Because of this I can’t seem to download any app.. I tried installing the Google Play .apk and it won’t let me install that either because the market is already installed. Any advice?

    • Tweekex

      Cancel that, cleared data and all is well.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Do the camera drivers suck?

  • NorCalGuy

    Do the themes work yet that’s all I really care about and that’s all that’s been missing and yet no mention of the themes… Does anyone know?

    • ChuckDz3

      Yeah themes work fine. Although I had a lot of lag running this version… It’s a shame the themes were the best part of MIUI

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  • Miui is so great. I mean, really what a complete rom. 

  • sc4fpse

    Different 3G/4G and 1X signal strength indicators? I’ve never been the least bit interested in a MIUI rom until now. DO WANT.

  • HornKirsten14

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    • Stephen Morrison

      Maybe she can make some money in porn as well.

  • Stephen Morrison

    My Rezound is Rezentful.

  • PC_Tool

    Decent, but missing so many good features from the GB version…  I’ll probably jump to it eventually on my G’Nex (as there is no GB version for the G’Nex and let’s face it…why would there be?), but will actually keep the GB version on my Fascinate for the foreseeable future.

  • I like that lockscreen. But let’s face it, nothing is gonna take the place of AOKP. haha

    • mons

      I’m on Axiom Crossbreed.  It’s basically AOKP on 4.0.4.

      • cizzlen

        how’s the battery life?

        • fish1552

           Battery for me seems pretty good my third day in on Axoim Crossbreed, but then I’m coming from stock – so almost ANYTHING is better than that.  🙂

          • cizzlen

            first rom huh? congrats on jumping the ship haha. I’m on AOKP build 28 but I’ve been hearing some buzz lately about Axiom. I’ll probably find out for myself being the flashaholic that I have become now lol. 

  • igotadroid

    i’d be all over this as soon as the 3g/1x is fixed

  • finally!  i’ve been waiting for this to drop.  ever since i tried miui back on the x, i was hooked.  i just went from 6 to midnight.

  • I hate this wannabe iphone crap.

    • napes22

      I’m sure some readers here feel the same way about your attitude.

      • my attitude is wannabe iphone?

        • No, we hate your attitude.

          • like my attitude or not.. fact is, MIUI has always tried to look like an iOS knockoff. this last version looks the least like iOS .. but they still cant let go of their cheep knockoff appearance. 

          • Serramg

             Wow, every time I hear someone complain about MIUI looking like an IOS, I am wondering why if you are so worried about IOS why are you on Droid-Life? Go love on the real operating system you “closet love”. Wow who cares it worked great on my X but its not going on my Nexus. Either way MIUI haters seriously come out of your IOS closet and just say you love the iPhone.

          • if i loved iOS, i wouldnt have spent more than $1500 on products running android in the last two years. i would have gone with a 3gs and an ipad and claim that its still “revolutionary” and “magical” after all this time. 

          • Shwill

            Honestly, as much as much as miui may look like a cheap knockoff of ios from the screenshots, it’s really not trying to be at all. It’s one of the most polished versions of android ever, and just because it has no app drawer in the built in homescreen doesn’t mean it’s any less good.

        • Jeres88

          Yes, it is

          • is it at least a jailbroken? or just stock?
            atleast sydia doesnt suck as bad as stock iOS.

    • Stephen Morrison

      That’s so far from true. iOS can’t do half of the things that Miui can.

      • Yeah no doubt but it tries to mimic its look from iOS. When I install a ROM I want it to look the absolute opposite from iOS.

        • Kyle Fullmer

          There are so many gingerbread ROMs already though.

        • Stephen Morrison

          There’s plenty of themes to use to make it look however you want.

        • hey.. that gives me an idea.. maybe iOS should be android based 🙂

        • Ksdfkj

          There is pretty much nothing that mimics iOS in this rom other then the non existant app drawer.

      • like fail so hard? you know what i want a truly reliable android device. Im tired of getting used to the glitches that i had with my og droid and now the glitches i have with my gnex. Google tighten your software up and lets stop trying to throw more powerful hardware at the problem.

    • thank you for that very insightful comment. now how bout supporting the developers for their hardwork. if you gonna criticize, make it constructive

      • constructive criticism for a team of developers who blatantly plagiarize the competition? nope, just hate. Sorry. not in this case. 

    • JulianZHuang

      i like MIUI alot, it made my GN beautiful. before miui, my GN is crap, even thinking about switching to iphone. but i decided to give miui a try and it blew my mind away. huge amount of themes and made my GN super smooth with franco.kernel. 

    •  I hate people like you, you need to put your personal opinion on everything… This looks nothing like iOS in my opinion. I think it is unique and awesome. At least we have choices and devs that choose to develop for these devices and NOT iOS… GTFO of my Droid-life..

  • DanSke


    • will bartlett

      i dislike people that blatantly use memes wrong

      • DanSke

         I blatantly dislike you Will Bartlett. Go troll under a bridge.

        • will bartlett

          but i wasnt trolling. you are using it wrong, i dislike you for it.

          • DanSke

            Haha Sure you weren’t. If you actually think there is a “wrong” way to do that joke then that is just sad. Get off the internet and enjoy the outdoors…you may need it. 🙂

          • will bartlett



            there i fixed it for you

          • Lacokanostra

            And we have a winner! Will do you want a cookie?

          • DanSke

            Thanks for the revision, but honestly it isn’t needed.
            Different iterations of the original are used quite often. Most importantly, I really don’t think its that big of a deal. Have a good one though.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU. I am so happy, I’m poker facing.

  • CSBrah

    i love how miui always looks better then stock.

    • I’m going to have to disagree in this case. It doesn’t look like they updated it much. In my opinion, the lockscreen looks ‘cheap’ for lack of a better word and the toggles are nothing new.

      • napes22

         There are hundreds of lockscreens to choose from through the theme manager.

    • miui has always looked like a cheep chineese knockoff. 

      • EC8CH

        Chinese Chicken ROM

        • chikittie china the chineese chicken rom?

      • napes22

        Don’t knock it until you try it.  If you hate the “iPhone-like” homescreen setup (which is a misconception) you can just use Apex or Nova.

        • MKader17

          I used it and my favorite part was having an “app drawer” that I could delete all applications I didn’t need. Then I realized I could do this with a 3rd party launcher.

          After a while I just got tired of the look and the way it worked.

    • John

      Agree to disagree.

  • guardem

    If its like the droid 2 you hold down on volume when you see the blue light on startup to access recovery. Wow its a good rom but Ijust went to the new gummy4.0.3

  • Alias747

    Best feature: Allows you to use wireless, 3g and 1x all at the same time! Triple the bandwidth yo!

    • MKader17

      Too bad it’s not 3g and 4g… That would be like 7 g’s yo! 

  • hoodie nation

    that looks pretty great. lol

  • This doesn’t look too bad, although I don’t want to set everything back up after everything being so smooth on AOKP B28 🙁 haha

    • PC_Tool

       nandroid B28, Load MIUI, install Boot Manager, restore nandroid of B28 to slot 1.  You can now boot between the two at your leisure.  😉

      • Austin

        Or just install MIUI to Slot 1 saves the time of a nanoid

        • PC_Tool

           …and (in addition to me emailed-response which should be here in about a week…) I could never get MIUI to install in Boot Manager.  Always said it succeeded, but booting into it would fail hard.

  • If it’s from MIUIAndroid.com, it’ll be in English.

    • PC_Tool

       It’s from MIUI.US, I believe.  MiuiAndroid is the UK equivalent.

  • There’s a shedload of apps and stuff to back up your data. You can Nandroid, then use AppExtractor, or use the recommended tool below, or whatever.

    You get so much more out of your phone when you root it!

  • Mattaway3

    Is this in full English? I know the one posted over in the CDMA rootzwiki forums only changed certain things to English, and had a majority in Chinese. 

    • OGnex

       i can’t get the lock screen say of the week to show up in english but everything else is full english.

  • Dean2359

    Love this but is rooting required?

  • I have ICS on my Galaxy Nexus. It came with it. How about working on the 8.9 Tab?

    • guardem


    • KleenDroid

      Oh boy

    • Full disclosure: I’ll be purchasing an iPad when stock is available. I’m a huge Android fan, but even at Best Buy’s $350 sale price, the 8.9 doesn’t come close to matching the iPad. A  clean ICS 8.9 might intrigue me…. Google and partners are falling dangerously behind in the tablet category.

    • Sporttster

      That would be nice. Just bought the 8.9, waiting for it. But what about the RAZR? GN is gonna be on the tenth revision of ICS before the RAZR even gets on the first! What a embarrassment to Moto. They’ve fallen so far behind the competition due to their locked BL nonsense….

  • nice.. really liked it on my OG but it was always too buggy.. glad to hear this is bug free and fully functional. Will be installing later and trying it out.. thanks for giving me something to keep me busy at work today DL!

    • PC_Tool

       “glad to hear this is bug free”


      Plenty o’ bugs…but still pretty usable.  Missing a lot of features you may recall from your OG days though….they haven’t quite caught feature-parity with their GB ROM yet.

    • LionStone

      Key word: … “should” be bug free.

  • Dan

    I really wish I had unlocked my nexus when I first got it. Cant justify doing it now and losing everything

  • woah. this actually looks really nice