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Google Discusses Google Voice Integration with Other Carriers Beyond Sprint

When Sprint announced that they had formed some sort of partnership with Google to allow easy Google Voice setup on their phones, I was jealous. Google Voice is easily one of my favorite apps, something I have mentioned a handful of times now. But with Sprint’s partnership, Google has given their customers an MMS option that normal GV users do not have access to. As most GV users know, the only real downside to the service is the fact that picture and video messages (MMS) cannot be sent or received. Sprint users can though, in a round about way through their email.

So when we heard today’s news that Google is in talks with other carriers to offer a similar partnership, we couldn’t help but get a little excited. Well, not too excited. As you may recall, Google said that they were in talks with other carriers back in October to allow for MMS-to-email forwarding, only we have yet to see the service work on any other device besides one that is connected to Sprint.

The SMS and MMS game is nothing but pure profit for carriers, and Google Voice is something that could serve to cut those down dramatically. I’m not saying that I don’t believe that we will have GV on a variety of other carriers with MMS support in the near future, but it would surprise me a bit. So cross some toes and hope that Google and others can come to agreement. In the mean time, thank Buddha that carriers haven’t chosen to block the service like they have done with Google Wallet.

Via:  CNET, Phandroid

  • You guys drive me absolutely nuts when you post these close up shots of the Nexus screen or whatever other pentile screen it is. I love my phone but hate the display. Please don’t make me smash it. 

  • jdrch

    But Verizon wants to sell you Visual Voicemail. Yeah, this probably won’t be happening on VZW anytime soon.

  • I <3 Google Voice. 


  • kfath1978

    So can someone please tell me how to setup the voice mail to work with verizon?  And I have followed the instructions during setup and I get a message saying something has been blocked by my carrier (Verizon).  

    • Gr8Ray

       Dial *71 followed by your GV number, hit send, listen for tones, should be good to go.

      • S_T_R

         Actually, your GV# may not be your voicemail number. There are full instructions, including your proper #, on google.com/voice.

  • Michael_NM

    VZW responds by saying, “We only bend (over) our rules for the Cupertino cartel.”

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    • Notfb

      Verizon to Google: Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions…

  • Asendu

    Thats odd… I have GV with Verizon and I get MMS sent to my GV # forwarded to my Gmail

    • Panda

      From non-Sprint customers?

      • Asendu

        Ahhhh… maybe that’s what is… my GF and most people I know are with Sprint… I’ll see if I can test one from a non Sprint customer

  • feztheforeigner

    I wish everyone would just get smartphones so that I could switch to email only, rather than the down-sized slideshow set up of multiple pictures and videos. Very outdated.

    • Gcforreal

      i agree one thing i hate is taking a nice high quality pic and have to downsize it just to send it and dont even get me started on videos which wont even send unless you go into the messaging app and select capture video(super lo-res) whats the point of all these megapixel for pics and video if we cant easily share them?

    • jdrch

      Now we know what you do in your spare time 😉

  • Rodys Gonzalez


    • Michael Gomez


      • dman244

        This has happened to me as well. However, I’ve found it only to be true coming from sprint users.

        • Your Mom

          This may very well be the answer.

      • Rodys Gonzalez

        i just realized; dman244’s comment explains it; under my gv settings, i have forward to my email… just barely paid attention that those that have sent me pictures are using sprint.. 

    • Droidzilla

      No need to shout about it.

      • Rodys Gonzalez

        lol… exciting stuff… 

    • Your Mom

      I’ve got the Razr MAXX, and I’ve only recently seen my GV MMS messages go to my email.  And, on top of that, only some of them.  It seems (to me) that it works, but that VZW is likely blocking those that they can.  I’m interested to see this get better with VZW, and not worse.  I’d rather go back to cans and string before porting to Sprint.

  • tryptech

    I’m seriously hoping hard for this. I mean MMS to me is all but dead but there are just those few people that can’t be bothered learning any other way to send a picture or video.