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Here are the Full Specs for Verizon’s LG Lucid 4G

The LG Lucid 4G (formerly the Cayman) is one of Verizon’s next 4G LTE phones, unfortunately for spec fiends, this one falls in the middle tier. Our sources have pegged this launching as early as next Thursday, March 29, somewhere in the below-$200 range. It will sport a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4″ IPS display with Gorilla Glass (800×480), Android 2.3, 1700mAh battery, and 8GB internal storage. Nothing here that will blow your mind – that may not happen until we see the DROID Fighter or if the Galaxy SIII ever comes to Verizon.

Specs below.  

Cheers ___!

  • Billy

    Despite what everyone says about the lucid yea it won’t blow your mind but this is the first smart phone I have ever owned and it is 10x better then my wifes Motorola droid 3. it is really easy to use and it is perfect if u have a small budget fact its cheapewor then most phone were befor smart phones were even around and keep in mind that was less then ten years ago. I own both a LG tv and now LG Phone, I have yet had a problem with either one so all I have to say now is THANK YOU TO BOTH LG AND VERIZON FOR TAKING CARE OF THE LITTLE GUY!! I LOVE YA!!!

  • Tim

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  • me

    So is the Droid fighter the razor maxx developer phone with a hd screen because if so I will pay full price for it in a heartbeat

  • Barbacoa

    I owned a revolution (please dont ask why). The only revolution i had was lg is *hit.

  • just put google wallet on my new nexus and it gave me another 10 bucks    lol, just thought it would update from the old nexus

  • I dunno about this one. I don’t think I’m going to be selling my Nexus to get this LG. If Verizon wants to sell this phone they better put a cheap price tag on it. But I’m sure the phone will make someone happy.

    • im waiting for the updates for my nexus,if it doesnt fix all this crap,ill be headin to apple

  • majorhunadadun

    Nothing LG makes for mobile excites me. Nothing! In fact, it really pisses me off!

  • bigdav1178

    “Nothing here that will blow your mind” – You know what would blow my mind? An Android phone with a keyboard coming to Verizon that isn’t made by Motorola and doesn’t sport specs from a year ago. The lacking choices for qwerty users is getting old. I sit here eagerly awaiting to hear details on all these rumored phones, hoping to see just one qwerty phone with decent specs, only to be disappointed every time.

    • Lavoisier1794

      Totally agree. I love that oems say they need skins to differentiate but none of them have figured out that a top of the line qwerty slider (the d4 barely counts) would differentiate them a lot.

      • bigdav1178

        My thoughts exactly.

        It’s funny; I say a Blackberry commercial last night that caught my attention (I was just listening to the TV in the background while working on my PC). The ad started out with a girl talking about sending lots of emails and how she just couldn’t do that with a touchscreen, and that’s why she loved her Blackberry. I thought to myself that was pretty smart for a company on the brink of folding up… talk up the aspects of their hardware that sets themselves apart from the rest.

        These Android OEMs should take a hint from that and use some different designs to set themselves apart from all the rest of the tired, same-old slab touchscreen phone – not necessarily the very niche designs like dual touchscreens or embedded gamepads, but things that a good number of consumers still look for… like physical keyboards.

        • Lavoisier1794

          I loved the keyboard on my BB Tour. everything about my LG Revolution (a relatively bad android phone) is better than the BB Tour – except the keyboard. Loved that keyboard.

    • Couldn’t agree more! I bought my Droid 2 BECAUSE it had a qwerty keyboard – no other reason. Unfortunately, as I learned more about Android, ROMs, etc. I learned that my locked bootloader prevented me from some of the reasons why I wanted an Android phone – to be in a completely open environment that I can manipulate anything I want.

      My wishlist for my next phone is relatively short, but I don’t think it will ever happen:

      1) Tegra 3 processor
      2) qwerty keyboard
      3) front facing camera
      4) unlocked bootloader

      Right now, the only thing on that list that I can’t get from Verizon is the Tegra 3. But even the remaining things… I can’t get them all in one phone. I can get 1, maybe 2 in the same phone, but not all 4.

      Give me a phone that has everything on that list and I will pay a boatload for it if necessary.

  • Aoholmes95

    Lgs moving up! Replaced my rezound with the spectrum and never looked back. its faster and better screen/battery and im so glad i got rid of that brick. completely exceeded my nervous expectations (at the time)

  • CORYK333

    Cue the Android elitist comments…..

  • Xcution26

    dear tech gods PLEASE don’t let lg make the new nexus

    • Lavoisier1794

      Who wouldn’t want a Nexus with Bing?

      Btw for all you trolls out there, that was sarcasm.

  • 4gtech

    Like on last friday or this Monday alot of boxes with this phones picture and name on it. came trough work. “shipping company” .i think like demo units display’s

  • Droid LIfe Readers

    Dear Droid Life,  Please see what you can dig up in regards to the upcoming Droid Incredible 4G and the Droid Fighter. Thanks, Your Readers XOXOXO

    • radiohead14

      agreed. seems like those are the only two interesting devices coming. i don’t have my hopes up for the GS3 coming to VZW

    • EC8CH

      And even those aren’t that exciting… another watered down HTC phone for VZW and a RAZR Maxx with a Screen like it should have had the first time. Honestly Moto is worse than *pple with their incremental updates.

  • It looks like a good cheap 4G phone when compared to other Verizon 4G phones in this price range since it has a dual core.  The 8 gigs isn’t so bad now days with Google Music saving storage space. Hopefully LG will give it ICS before Jellybean is out.

    • George264

      Rezound …199$ bey budget phone ever

  • Michael_NM

    Retro can be cool, but not in this case.

  • Erickbernal27

    Yeah I Just Got The Dummy Phone At My Store Earlier Today Lol

  • tvjrc603

    yes!  a new dual-core phone rocking the brand new gingerbread OS…huzzah!

  • In the words of Peter Griffin- the back of the phone looks freakin’ sweet.

  • Ray

    Android 2.3 in March…Conversation over

    • Captain_Doug

      Do you not understand what a low-mid range phone is? It seems that no one here does. This phone is not meant to set any standards, just be a decent phone for half the price. 

      • mustbepbs

        Since when was an up-to-date OS considered high end? This should be standard. We’re not talking high end specs, we’re talking the most recent OS.

        • darkknezz

          It takes at least a year for a phone from concept through to completion to make it to release! Only one phone launched with ICS. The nexus. No other. not from LG, Motorola HTC anybody! Period! This phone was probably being developed long before google released the ICS kit for OEMs. That means they would have to change OS in the middle of development and release a product later after they already committed to verizon to have it released on a specific date. But you knew that already and wanted to complain like someone who actually knows what they are talking about!

          • HTC1

            forgive me if I’m wrong but an OS change would be plugging it in and a few key swipes on the computer. it’s not like something has to be disassembled and or screwed in or out. So switching really isn’t that big of a deal. If LG wants ANY hope at all i don’t see what the big deal would be to at least update the thing that is easy to update. I don’t think mustbepbs was complaining at all. he was making total sense…….

          • moelsen8

            i’m pretty sure an OS change is a little bit more of a big  deal than a few keystrokes and plugging it in..  but i’m with you, this should have shipped with ICS even if it’s a mid range phone

          • PC_Tool

            “forgive me if I’m wrong”

            Ok.  You’re forgiven. 😉

            Drivers are the biggest issue and require a bit of testing.  Sadly, these are also the bits that generally aren’t released as source, causing the most trouble for devs looking to port a newer android version to older phones.

            (If it were as simple as you hoped, every Android device in existence would have an ICS port up on Rootzwiki and XDA…maybe even DL.  😉

          • mustbepbs

            What about HTC with the One lineup? If those phones were in production for “over a year” like you seem to believe, why aren’t they on GB? Your argument holds no water, because companies don’t need to release this **** with old OSes when they could hold it back for a few more days to update to the most recent version of Android. 

  • Captain_Doug

    It does have microsd support. I work at Verizon and we for these specs today too. It’s not too bad for a low-mid range phone. Good feel to it. Decent in all regards. Its also got wifi-direct which is a cool new feature.

  • Scott

    100 bluetooth pairings?  I’m lucky if I get to 3!

  • tomgillotti

    It’s a mid level phone… And a darn good one for mid level.

  • edaddy

    Pack it in LG, your all washed up. What an embarrassment.   

    • hkklife

      No microSD slot and just 8Gb internal? What a POS. LG should just throw in the towel on Android smartphones. The specifications would only be tolerable on a Windows Phone handset or a prepaid Android handset.

      Also, this storage spec is also an ill omen for expandable storage in future Android devices. Thanks, Google. You and your hardware partners are copying Apple’s negative attributes (fixed storage, fixed batteries, all slab formfactors, proprietary accessory connectors) more and more each passing day yet not doing enough of the things Apple does right (high resolutions, minimal fragmentation, no bloatware, guaranteed updates for legacy devices, tons of apps, consistent UI experience, stable OS)

  • Spc Hicks09

    Another piece of fine LG crap. Probably runs Gingerbread.

    • tomgillotti

      That’s what 2.3 means…

      • Loki

        Lg and HTC love to fight for the middle

  • Farmer909

    The one thing that is really cool is being able to surf with 4g and talkat the same time. This will be the first VZ phone to have that

    • Spc Hicks09


    • Robert

       Every LTE phone can do that. and actually the Thunderbolt and Rezound can do that over 3G also.

      • Spc Hicks09

        And the LG Revolution

        • Noyfb

          My gnex can surf and call at same time

    • what ru talking about?

    • LOL. This just made me laugh.

    • PC_Tool

      ^^  …and this is why you shouldn’t use drugs, kids.

  • The Lucid leaves me Flaccid 

  • sixto hernandez

    freaking sucks

  • Holy boxy

    • You haven’t seen the Vue then. it’s 5 inches of 4:3 screen. SHEESH

      • I didn’t until you mentioned it, and I just threw up in my mouth.  That thing is hideous.  Reminds me of a saying from my dad: “You can drink ’em cute, but you can’t drink ’em skinny”