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Samsung GT-i9300 Photos Appear – This Isn’t the Galxay S3, is It?

There are your first ever pictures of a Samsung device tagged with model number GT-i9300, a model number that has been rumored to be the Galaxy SIII a couple of times now. After seeing these shots though, are we all on board with the idea that the i9300 is not the SGS3? This may sound all “Android Elitist,” but this phone is ugly. It looks like a first-gen Galaxy S phone – maybe even on the level of the Fascinate. Now, it does have Ice Cream Sandwich, and yes that’s TouchWiz, on-screen soft keys and a front camera, but where is the “wow” factor? Is that a protective bumper that if removed, will make this phone look uber-sexeh? Eh, maybe.

Shout out your thoughts.

Via:  PhoneArena

  • David Hayden

    Phone looks fine to me, plus the UI looks sexy.

  • PowerofPicture

    Looks no better or worse than any other Samsung device except this time there’s less bezel and the on screen buttons are actually justified because they’re in the space the capacitive buttons would be. 

    “Where is the wow factor?”  The hype.

  • Yazan

    This is definitely fake because you can tell, if you look on the edges, that it’s like a phone inside of another phone.

  • KevinC

    why the hell would they put the back button on the right?  what sense does that make?

  • Wireless Hero

    You want to know how I know you’re writing about this Galaxy S3 too much?  You can’t spell Galaxy right.  Seriously if this isn’t coming to Verizon then drop the rumors mill stuff.  This is why I stopped reading Engadget and Gizmodo, because of lots of misinformation.  I love your blog, but keep the run away rumor mill in moderation.  Thanks.

  • Interpol818

    Nope. If this is the gs3 that’s one ugly phone. Samsung better step it up.

  • Dr Sauch

    I was actually thinking about giving my G-Nex to a (non tech-obsessed) family member in exchange for using their upgrade to get the SIII.  If this gross abomination is in fact the SIII, there’s not a chance in hell I’ll be picking one up.  Who in their right mind thinks this looks good?  WHO ARE THE AD WIZARDS THAT CAME UP WITH THAT ONE?