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Reminder: Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery is Still Half Off From Verizon, Other LTE Devices Too

We noticed this afternoon that Verizon is still running the Galaxy Nexus extended battery half off deal. For $25, you can up your juice to 2100mAh, giving you at least another hour or so on top of the standard battery. It’s not the 3800mAh beasts we have seen from third party accessory makers, but it also won’t add a tank to the back of your phone. They had sold out for a bit, so for those that missed it the first time around, be sure to jump on this.

If you own other LTE devices, you may want to cruise around to see if your phone’s extended battery is also on sale. I noticed that the DROID Bionic’s was, but the Rezound’s was not.


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  • hsc

    Any idea when verizon will drop the price for existing customers?  Looking to upgrade to another 2 year plan but don;t want to pay $249 with the Galazy III on the way.  Has anyone done the statistics on months before price drops?

  • Got mine yesterday, dont waste your money! After full charge it was dead in ten hours so yep you get what you pay for!

  • Stephen Morrison

    If you find the right person you will get the deal on a Rezound battery. I picked one up on 3/20 for half price. Verizon still has the promo code for it in their system.

  • kobalt7

    Definitely a Must Buy.

    I was on the fence for a few months before picking it up a few weeks ago and I can go unplugged for more than a day with moderate use when previously I could only manage less than 8-9 hours.

    The perceived length of additional time is much more than the simple number increase in the mAh.

  • Sean27030

    Got my extended battery before i even got my Nexus.. big red is notorioius about running short run specials and my upgrade date was still a month away… and to anyone asking is it worth it… YES… i get ~8hrs on the standard battery and ~12 on the extended

  • I think that the razor maxx will be just the first on many phones that come out wiith the big battery,

    • LUCY

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  • have no idea yet if all the problems of the old one came with the new one too

  • Lim

    Rezound extended battery is half off too once you add it to the cart and view it in shopping cart…

  • this is just to funny, just got my new nexus in the mail today, got it up and running, put some apps back on and it rebooted already    damn

  • Tim242

    For a measly 12% more juice, no thanks. The extra standard battery is more useful. It comes with a little charging cradle. My phone never has to be connected to a charger.

  • Chic_clan2001

    Does anyone know if the battery will work with the gsm version?

    • Michael Forte

      Pretty sure it doesn’t .

  • Ttocsmill

    Is this online only, after going to two local retail stores, where the sticker price was $56.00, and they said,, thats what it costs, I bought mine through Amazon, for $32, shipped. They didnt even act like they knew about any 1/2 price LTE batteries. the guy wouldnt even consider it, and said, maybe its an online price.

    • The stores should honor it, I just got another one a couple days ago from the VZW store when I told them about it being 1/2 off, they looked it up and said it still was.

  • I wonder why they don’t have one for the Razr Maxx….oh wait :3

    • Tim242

      I wonder why the Razr Maxxxx doesn’t have ICS…oh wait : )

      • Harryeballs1234

        I’ll have ICS before you have a thin 3300mh battery…..

        • Tim242

          I have 3700 mAh of juice. I bought the extra standard battery, with charging cradle. I may have to swap batteries, but my phone never has to be connected to a charger : ) Enjoy the wait for your long wait for a watered down version of ICS : )

          • EdubE24

            Got my keys, got my extra batteries, got my cradle, wearing my pants with the big pockets…now I can leave the house. Damn my phone is freaking awesome!!!

          • Tim242

            You don’t take anything but your phone and the battery. You don’t need the cradle, the charger, or any cables : )

          • There’s a stock ICS in the works. Once they nail acceleration, it’ll be perfect. I do like ICS but when it comes down to it, I’ll take the battery life. Its the one thing I envy about iPhones. I was out with friends on a trip to Disney. They had iPhones, me and  a friend had Android. With juice defender, we barely scraped by, while they used theirs heavily until the end of the night having 5-9% remaining. The point is that one shouldn’t have to carry a spare battery, switching it out like a chump while everyone else just cruises by like nothing. 

          • Tim242

            iPhones only cruise by because they lack so much functionality. Not to mention, the tiny screen. I’d rather have an extra battery, than a phone I can’t do much with.

          • EdubE24

            And what can you do with you’re phone that the iPhone doesn’t also do??

          • Exactly my point. I love Android and everything it can do. But this was an ordinary day at a theme park. All there was to do was take tons of pics, record some video, check-in to rides, check facebook. You know, regular, run of the mill stuff. Like I said, the only thing, and I mean only is the battery life lol. They can keep the rest of the paltry things.

          • EdubE24

            I went from the 4S to the MAXX For this reason. Having a phone that is getting eight hours of battery life to me is insane. Being able to keep my phone running with all it’s benefits all day without worry is worth more to me then being first to have a new operating system. But we are all different, and Android gives us choices!!

          • Tim242

            Without reciting the whole list, I’ll name the main things. The iPhone does not have LTE, That affects battery life. The iPhone does not support Flash. Without that, I’d be missing out on a big chunk of the web. It is not dead yet, far from it actually. The iPhone isn’t pushing a 4.3-4.7″ screen. That surely uses more battery. Not to mention, pushing more pixels. The iPhone does not have Google Navigation, which is free. Most people will not pay $10+ per month for navigation on their phone. My phone has NFC & Google Wallet. I use it daily. The iPhone does not yet have such capability. The iPhone does not have a user accessible file system. You cannot download files from browsers on the iPhone. You cannot side load apps on the iPhone. Is this enough, or do you need more?

          • ERIC REED

            Your right apple does not use LTE, a complete battery killer, and prone to drop out weekly. You hardly notice the lack of flash on an iPhone, once again battery killer and slows the phone down, another brilliant apple move. It does have a smaller screen, but not one android device can touch the retina display. I’m doubting your claim to using NFC and Google wallet daily, not a lot of companies out there supporting it. And when it is supported and useful the iPhone will surely have it. And side loading and downloading apps from  browsers has shown to be great security risk, good thing apple is against that.
             When every review of a mobile device starts out with “is this the Galaxy Nexus killer” you will know you have the superior device. Until then you don’t, but enjoy the things Android lets you do all the while sacrificing battery and security. So yes please give me more!!

          • Tim242

            LTE is not a battery “killer.”. It lasts me all day with moderate use. It has less battery life than 3G, but not horribly. I’d rather have it, than not. Hardly notice lack of Flash? Ha. That’s all I can say to that. It does not slow the phone down. That statement shows your ignorance. It is a dormant plugin that is pn-demand. Not one Android device can touch the Retina display? There are at least 6 Android phones with a 1280 x 720P HD screen, including my Galaxy Nexus. NFC is everywhere. MasterCard has a PayPass locator app that proves you are wrong. I have used it at McDonald’s, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Kroger,Staples, Office Depot, several mall stores, several local restaurants, my local liquor stores, Jiffy Lube, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Taco Bueno, more gas stations than I can count. I could go on, but you get the idea. You iSheep are so sheltered. Don’t even get me started on security risks. The iPhone is loaded with them. How’s the battery life on iOS 5.xx? I worked at att, I know what people complain about daily. You do what every iSheep does, knock features that you lack, then change your tune when you finally get them. iPhone gives you np choice, Android is full of choice. That’s one of the many reasons it is at 53% market share, and growing.

          • ERIC REED

            Okay am currently using a RazrMaxx, so I knowthe features of android. In fact this is my ninthandroid phone. I can just give credit where credit is do. Lte is in fact a battery killer. If flashis so greatwhy is it being fazed out? My 4S lasted all day on 5.1 with heavy use. And giving people free phones and having very cheap prices givesyou the 53 percent market share. What one smartphone outsells the iphone on any carrier? Sucha lameclaim to make.

          • Tim242

            I at first thought you were just ignorant, but see now that you are just stupid. You were wrong about NFC, and conveniently didn’t mention that in your last response. You meant where credit is due, not do. You also misused you’re in one of your responses. Flash is being phased out, not fazed. Your spelling and grammar are awful. The fact is, Flash is still used widely. It won’t be gone completely, for at least 5-7 years. HTML 5 is not ready for prime time. Android is at the top, not because of free phones, but a combination of that, and high-end super phones. The same is true for the iPhone. Why do you think att “sold” so many more iPhones than Verizon last quarter? The freeGS, of course. I should know, I worked there. As far as your comment about one Android phone outselling an iPhone? That’s where your stupidity really shines. If you walk into a Verizon store, You have 2 iPhones, and 10 high-end Android phones. That means, sales for Android are spread out between many phones, while just two on iOS. Do you understand that simple concept? Put iOS on more phones, and the sales of the iPhone will dive. I don’t believe for one minute that you have ever owned an Android phone. You need to get educated. You may also want to use auto correct, or spell check as well.

          • EdubE24

            Started with the OG Droid and haven’t stopped. In between have had the iPhone 4 and 4S, throw in two BB Bolds and and there you have it. If I go into Verizon i’m going to find 10 high end Android phones? I’m sorry I have owned so many phones that I can have an honest opinion on the different operating systems. Not a fan of just one, just a fan of mobile devices period. With all this, the battery life on the nexus still sucks, and that’s why I went with the MAXX. So buy the extra battery, get your extra hour, and use the calculator for your math below. Enjoy your phone dummy!!!

          • Tim242

            Haha still dodging responses to the cold hard truth. The high-end phones in Verizon today are: Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr Maxxxxxxxxxx, Droid Razr, HTC Rezound, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, LG Spectrum, Droid Charge, Droid 4,Droid X2, and I’m sure I missed a few. Then, there are more coming very soon. So, that is why no one Android phone outsells one iphone. I hope you finally understand such a simple concept. By the way, I have two standard batteries. The one that came in the phone, and the one I bought with a charging cradle. I have 3700 mAh of juice…and my phone never has to be connected to a charger : ).

          • EdubE24

            Calling some of those high end is questionable, but you at least named ten. And no I’m not dodging your questions. Having owned an iPhone I know what it can and can not do. I promise Android is not magical. And I understand your view, I guess mine just differs on why Android has a higher market share. Still don’t understand your happiness of not ever needing a charger, I just use mine at night and think that is cool. And I think not having to carry extra batteries is cool, but you seem to think it is, once again we have different opinions. So again enjoy your phone and your evening!!

          • Tim242

            I guess a small battery is easier to carry than a charger. That’s why I prefer that method. I had the Thunderbolt before the Nexus. I never had to worry about the battery running out. I knew when I bought the Nexus, that it was going to take more juice to power the 4.7″ 1280 x 720p HD screen. That’s why I opted for the extra battery. Now, instead of having to worry about possibly having to be tethered to a wall, I know I can change the battery, be at 100%, and booted back up in less than a minute. Well worth it. The Maxx may have a great battery, but the screen…not so much. You win some, you lose some.

          • EdubE24

            Agree..that was fun!!

  • Anon

    anybody have one of these? Is really worth it for an extra hour?  I can’t decide.

    • palomosan

      Well, you won’t get a bunch of hours extra but you get a few and the phone feels better and looks better you this battery on it.

    • saimin

      Always nice to have a spare battery. May as well get this one and use your original as the spare.

    • Sonic_44

      I ordered mine the day they came out and have had it since! It adds no bulk and quite a few extra hours.

    • Tim242

      Actually, it’s an extra 28 minutes. For a measly 12% more juice, no thanks. The extra

      standard battery is more useful. It comes with a

      little charging cradle. My phone never has to be

      connected to a charger.

      • but do you think that you taking the cover on and off so much that it will sooner or later fail and never stay tight on the phone? 

        • Tim242

          Nope, not an issue at all. It is flimsy, but made very well. With the “extended” battery, you only get an additional 28 minutes of use. It’s not worth the cost, especially since you can’t use your stock battery.

          • RadicalPie

            I started carrying around the case with a spare charger and absolutely love it. I don’t have to worry about it ever running out during the day. Plus it is still very thin (not that the extended adds too much)

          • tomn1ce

            Why can’t you use the stock battery? I’ve been using both batteries with the extended battery cover since I got my G-Nexus. You don’t have to use the original battery cover when you switch from the extended battery to the stock battery. 

          • Tim242

            The major problem with that is that you have no way to charge both batteries, other than with the phone. That means that the phone is tethered to the wall a lot…to charge two batteries. By using the extra standard battery, you get the charging cradle. That means, my phone never has to be connected to a charger.

          • tomn1ce

            That is true but for that reason I got myself a Anker Multi-Purpose charger to
            charge the battery and not have the phone plug to the wall..It only cost $10 on
            amazon.com and you can charge more then one size battery since the charger is

      • j__h

        Your calculation is incorrect or based off extreme assumptions.

        I get 12 hrs with LTE on (with it off the numbers would be much better even)

        for the sake of argument lets assume 8 hrs battery life.

        8*(2100/1850)=9.08 —-> 1.08 hrs extra

        Oh and just a note it is ~13.5% better but that does not matter much (compared to 12%)

        • Tim242

          2100 is 12% more than 1850.

          • j__h

            “2100 is 12% more than 1850.”
            I will “spell it out for you then! (the reason you got 12% is you did the calculation incorrectly)

            100*(2100-1850)/1850= 13.51

          • Tim242

            1850/2100 = 88%

          • j__h

            And that would be incorrect method to calculate the percentage increase. Which is the number that is pertinent to us.

            2100/1850 = 1.135 —> 13.5%

          • Tim242

            Ummm no. You are calculating it incorrectly.

          • j__h

            We are trying to calculate percentage increase (we are converting from a smaller capacity battery to a larger).

            To do that you find Change(2100-1850=250) divided by original (1850) =.1351 —> 13.51%

            For proof use an online calculator, here is one for your convience


  • EdubE24

    My MAXX is sitting at 70% with heavy use through out the day. Somehow this has got to be the standard battery for all smart phones going forward. Not spamming, just making a point!!

    • MotoRulz

      Great point!! The cure to all everyones Gnex battery problems is the Razr Maxx.. lol lol

  • I know this is going to sound stupid but… will this work with the GSM version (recently picked one up on DailySteals)??? O_o

  • I know this is going to sound stupid but… will this work with the GSM version (recently picked one up on DailySteals)??? O_o

  • Michael Forte

    It should have been the stock battery but Verizon likes money too much so they did it on purpose.