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Verizon’s Family Data Usage Calculator Spotted, Plans Almost Upon Us?

It’s no secret, Verizon is preparing to introduce Family Data plans at some point in 2012, potentially during Q2 or Q3. Company executives have mentioned it a handful of times and we have seen changes made to billing systems for months now to prepare for it. The move is definitely happening.

Today’s picture of a Family Data Usage Calculator is yet another sign that things are moving along quickly. The picture above matches the style and format of VZW’s current Data Usage Calculator and even appears to be live somewhere on their website. We poked around for a few minutes and were unable to find it, but the top bar in the window leads us to believe that it can be found. (Do work DL community.)

Not that we were expected to see them, but prices are not included in the calculator. This tool is made for one purpose, to get you to decide during the checkout process how much data you think you need since Verizon has tiered data plans now.

Family data plans could be a big deal, especially for those with multiple lines that see varying amounts of data usage. The key here is obviously the pricing – something we have nothing to compare or get a feel for since Verizon will be the first to introduce plans of this kind.

Via:  PhoneArena

  • masiv

    That calculator is ridiculous:  I hit at least 50-100 web pages a day and come nowhere near 4.39GB of data a month….  Is the government making these estimates for VZW like they do for job creation?

  • snapp76

    In playing with the calculator directly. It def looks like 5GB is the minimum buy in…


  • Mystery solved. This isn’t part of a family data plan chart. It’s a “How much data do I use” calculator that went out with Verizon’s marketing emails today.  here’s the link to the tool:


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  • GCurry

    The real question is how they will “grandfather” in a family of “unlimited data” devices.   Dollars to donuts there will be no “unlimited” family data plan.

  • Paul

    I’m the only one on my family plan with data, so I’ll be staying with the unlimited. I can see how some people would like this, though.

  • this has been coming awhile, about time,,now lets see some prices

  • verizon rep

    This can be found in the account program we use at Verizon to look up stuff and do upgrades/plan changes/new accounts.  Its not available for consumers yet as we didn’t even know it was there until another employee spotted it a few weeks ago and pointed it out.

  • PC_Tool

    I love how “online games” only goes to 4 hours….

    I love how on the existing site, the Streaming music option only goes to 4 hours…and video not even that…

    1 show can last 45 minutes, guys.

    …god forbid it has a cliff-hanger and you want to watch the next one right away.

    I didn’t realize VZW was this incredibly out of touch with reality…

  • br_hermon

    I and my wife have unlimited data, but between us we stay right around 4gigs / month. If I can pay $50 for 5 or 4 gigs, I’d probably give up my unlimited. Anyway I can save. Ideally, $50 for 6 gigs, sign me up! (though I don’t see it happening)

  • Skyskioc

    This means nothing to people that are on the unlimited data plans does it ?

    •  not unless you want to give it up lol

      • Skyskioc

        Ha ha ha not a chance Verizon is going to have to fight me for my three unlimited data plans. Just was wondering. Thanks

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Unless you have a spouse and kids who want smartphones, or who already have them and don’t use much data. This will likely be a good reason to move away from unlimited and save money – why pay $90 for three unlimited plans that are using 4GB a month total between them when you could pay $60-70 for 5GB (based on $30-40 for the plan and $10 per line)?

  • Booboolala2000

    can’t imagine how high the shared prices will be. It wont be cheaper than the $120 I am paying for data on three lines and a tablet right now. My guess it will start at about $60 for 5 gig. then $10 for every additional $5gig. As far as ungrading, thats why I got the Nexus. After two years, I will root, flash and have a perfectly capable new phone for at least another year. After that, maybe Google will have their wireless option available in Portland. 

  • Finally! I have 3 unlimited plans so I happy with what I have as well.  This however is a move in the right direction and I know many of you are very happy to see this.  This will be and industry game changer and I’m sure more providers will follow.  Eventually I could see the tethering services offered for free as well.  As one user mention companies wanted to charge you for each PC that was connecting to a wireless router, but enough of us complained they changed their way of thinking.  Let’s just hope they do the sane with tethering services.

  • Jimmy

    This calculator is not new. It’s been on VZW’s website for quite a while now (at least since the introduction of tiered data plans).

    • Jimmy

      Never mind… I should’ve read the whole thing first. Retract. Retract. Retract!

  • Devilsephiroth

    I like my unlimited the way it is

  • I have three lines on my account, $90 a month in data, one unlimited, and two 2gig plans. Come on shared family plans! I am waiting

  • moelsen8

    unless the savings amount to more than pocket change (which i’m doubting), this isn’t going to be worth the time.

    • Havoc70

      My thoughts exactly

  • KnightCrusader


    Well, unless they can give me a better deal than unlimited 4G data on 5 lines for a total of $50/month that I get from them now.

    Yeah, didn’t think so. Keep trying VZW.

    • TheDude

      Calling BS on this.

      • El Big Chris

        I also only pay $40 for the 4 lines I have of unlimited data. That plus my work discount I pay $160 for 4 lines with unlimited data. That $20 off discount back from 2010 was AWESOME!

        • TheDude

          I did some research and this appears to have been some “select account” promotional garbage done via vzwshop.com (the Verizon site that reps don’t even know about). If you are lucky enough to get chosen by the Verizon gods you receive emails with details about special promotions only available to you. “Common-folk” reps are oblivious to this power and you must seek the hidden sect of VZWShop reps (if you are blessed with the aura of course).

          Looks like you guys lucked out.

          • KnightCrusader

            Yeah. We get to keep it as long as we never get rid of unlimited. The promo code is good until 2038 or something like that.

            You are correct El Big Chris, it’s pretty awesome. I only got an 8% discount from work, but altogether I have a 1400 minute with unlimited M2M, 10 F&F, unlimited text and data for a total of $225 a month after fees and taxes (that’s $45 per line, better than most prepaid unlimited plans)

  • Michael_NM

    No thanks. VZW will have to pry my 3 unlimited data plans from my cold dead hands.

    • capecodcarl

      I’d gladly trade my two $30 unlimited data plans for a $10 1 GB shared plan. Between my wife and I we use about 500-1000 megs a month which is absolutely ridiculous for $60 total. I imagine it will be more like $45 for 3 GB shared as the minimum level though because they are thieves.

    • i’d think they’d let us keep em and share em or make us pay 10 bucks more to share which would make sense

      • feztheforeigner

        Sharing infinite data across a couple of people is still infinite data. Verizon will not let you share an unlimited plan…

  • Since most places I go use WiFi, the 3 people on my plan could use 5GB/month. Man, this could save me $50 or more 🙂

    • Michael Forte

      This is Verizon we’re talking about…do you really expect to save money?

  • hkklife

    With this move to shared data plans, I will fearlessly predict that sometime around Q2 or Q3 we will see the beginning of the end of grandfathered unlimited data plans.   They’ll probably announce that current grandfathered users will be moved to a tiered or shared plan once they change hardware or they renew their contracts.  

    That’s why I feel like I had better reup ASAP (as soon as they get some appealing hardware out) and will they buy only used/unsubsidized handsets from here on. Of course,  VZW will probably borrow from AT&T’s playbook and do whatever they can to force unlimited users’ hands no matter what, especially if Sprint has to file bankruptcy. 

    • Honestly, I have unlimited right now, but I never use it. I think the most I’ve used was 2.5GB from streaming Pandora for a week. I would be OK with giving up unlimited data for shared data. 

      • moelsen8

        yeah me too.  i’m always on wifi at home, and once my office got wifi, my monthly data usage is like 300 mb.  i don’t really care about unlimited anymore.  especially because it’s not really unlimited.

        • inzandity

          How is it “not really unlimited”? Sure, you may get throttled (unless you are on a 4G phone), but the last time I checked throttling and data caps are different. 


          • moelsen8

            my rationale is that it’s not really unlimited if you get throttled to speeds that slow.  that throttling exists for “unlimited” plans says a lot about their limits.

        • Cchoncek

          You must not be in a 4G area. Comparing wifi to 4G speeds is like comparing my old 9600 modem to DSL. 

          • moelsen8

            I do, just never using it that much on the go, always have wifi around.  You’re right about those speeds, but even when I used to take the bus to work 45 minutes one-way I never made it far past 1.5-2 gigs.  Then again I don’t ever watch movies and I don’t stream music.

          • Cchoncek

            Prior to 4G, I used around 1-2 GB/month. I’m up around 6-7GB now because I stream everything (music, radio, movies, etc.).

          • hkklife

            Yep, it’s all about your availability of wi-fi. I don’t have wi-fi at work and I am frequently out in the field for work, so I have to use my phone for everything and/or use the hotspot feature.   Heck, when I visit my parents I’ll use my phone’s hotspot if I need to pull down some big files since it’s faster than their slow DSL connection.

          • moelsen8

            fair enough.

          • Tyler Cameron

            What’s with everyone saying “I always have wifi around” Am I in the minority here?..
            I never turn off WiFi unless I’m at home and absolutely need the speed, otherwise 4G is what I always keep it on. Iunno about you, but I don’t wanna screw with scanning for WiFi networks all day long, I sure as hell don’t wanna be on a public wifi network! And most important of all, Verizon LTE is almost always going to be faster than most WiFi networks you’ll run into. Sure, I take a battery life hit, but my Nexus never dips below 10 hours of battery use. That’s the whole day!

      • hkklife

        I use between 5 and 6 each month (never gone over 6) but I do have the hotspot plan on my line too.   For months when I am not Hotspotting, I’d say I use about 4.5 or so.  I would like to see the “limited double data promo” made permanent (or at least have it bumped to 3gb from 2gb). 

    • Mikel61101

      Just upgrade at an indirect store. sometimes we charge a little more but we still upgrade people on Alltel plans and don’t make them change. 🙂

      • hkklife

        Ohhhh, good point, I forgot about that. Thanks for the tip! I had a friend on an awesome Alltel plan who was able to carry it over when she upgraded at Costco instead of the VZW Corp store. 

      • WCDave

        Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen at all indirect stores. If only it did!

  • I wonder if since my parents and I all have unlimited data separately can we grandfather our unlimited into a family data plan…hm…

    • Jacob121791

      You really think Big Red will let you do that???

  • Nexusssss

    Windows Explorer Ehh? 

    Nothing to see here