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DROID Charge Update Incoming – Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics Tool Included Along with an Updated UI

Verizon told us yesterday that other phones besides the LG Revolution would receive their new Remote Diagnostics tool. We sort of expected it to be a bit as they tested the new service on the Revolution first, but it appears now as if the DROID Charge should receive the tool in the coming weeks through a new OTA update. The update is build FP1 and includes an “updated UI” along with a ton of other bug fixes and tweaks to enhance the experience. 

Really though, this is about the Remote Diagnostics tool that VZW assures us will never gather data or activate without a customer’s approval. I’m still trying to figure out how they can remotely activate it if it’s not running at least in some capacity in the background, but will stop there before the conspiracy theorists show up in waves. Just know that once it arrives via OTA update, it cannot be removed from the device nor can you block it from being installed. It’s bundled into the update. So whether you are interested in their remote help or not, this service will be stuck on your phone. We have a Q&A for this new Remote Diagnostics tool here.

More info. The update is 85MB in size.

Cheers everyone!

  • Jsemmes

    Now I reject calls when I remove the phone from my pocket.
    I want the puzzle unlock feateue back!

  • arc

    ever since i’ve installed the update over a week ago, my charge has been getting really hot randomly and i’ve had to battery pull more often (every day instead of once a week)

    • Dmzman

      I haven’t had that problem.  In fact, the phone appears to run better.  It now takes about ½ the time it used to to reboot when I swap a battery.

  • Mcmac

    Any affect on tethering? Pdanet/Foxfi?

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  • Djyosnow

    Ill wait for a debloted version from the wonder developers! Thanks vzw though… Now if I can find a cure for my battery to stop over heating… With random reboots.

  • Neutron

    Charge is Verizon and Samsungs Bastard Child.  Phone was doomed from the beginning. They threw this piece of crap at us because the nothing else 4G was ready. 

    • hkklife

      Amen to that.  VZW had LOTS of bastard children in 2011 (Droid 3, X2, Charge, Bionic) It’s all Jha’s fault. Instead of wasting $ on RSD2-branded crap and overpriced Lapdocks no one wanted, they could have had the Droid X2 as an LTE device…or simply shipped the Bionic on time with a Tegra2.   The Bionic remains underwhelming and buggy despite months of delays, being retooled around a TI OMAP and 3 major updates.  They should have just released it the way it was at CES instead of the Charge.    The Charge, Eris and Droid Pro are the most unworthy devices ever to carry the “Droid” flag. 

      • Ray

         pfft. Your Bionic maybe, mine has been spotless.

      • Hilarious, somehow even a Samsung device is Sanjay Jha’s fault. I don’t know what’s wrong with your Bionic, maybe it ruined your credit score or maybe it killed your father and raped your mother, but I guess it had to do something in-friggen-credible to warrant this amount of complaining. And now you’re even blaming the very existence of a completely unrelated device on it? Wow.

    • Dmzman

      The phone really hasn’t been at all that bad since the Gingerbread update back in early December.  Before that, a complete, total, and absolute joke.

  • Greg Morgan

    I’m instructing my wife, who has a Charge, not to install the update until we know more about this new VZW app.

    • moelsen8

      good move.

  • Asuriyan

    I don’t have this turdburglar of a phone anymore, but I hope for the sake of those who do that ‘updated UI’ means no more brown.

  • There are a lot of folks that have the Charge because it was the best phone out at the latest time to get grandfathered for unlimited data.  It’s a shame it won’t get ICS but at least they’re doing something.  Hopefully the pathetic GPS gets better.  At least now Big Brother (er Red) can see how crappy it is for themselves.

    • Lavoisier1794

      I did a similar thing with revolution to make sure my wife and I got grandfathered. If only the bionic had come out by July 1….

    • ddh819

      that is why i got it – to keep my unlimited data. i’m ok with the phone, but i do have my eyes out for a used bionic.

      • Don’t go Bionic. Bionic < Charge. You'll cry when you realize your Bionic screen is so hard to look at.

        • Stop exaggerating.. the screen is fine..

        • ddh819

          hmm, i do like the charge screen.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    So its only going to old ass phones that no one has? Good 😀

    • AE35

      That’s where they’re testing the waters. If nobody objects, they roll this crap out to every phone. Root if, where, and when you can!

      • Lavoisier1794

        I accepted the OTA on my revolution. Can’t saw I’m thrilled about the remote diagnostics but the OTA also fixed a lot of bugs and made it a much more usable phone.

        • AE35

          Fine with the patches but why can’t they make the remote diagnostics an option? 

          Remember when they forced users into using BING on the Fascinate? Google was actively blocked. Not and option. People got pissed and they stopped. Same should happen here. 

          Verizon is a utility like electric and gas. Net neutrality, forced diagnostics, blocking companies… The FCC needs to get more active.

          Not to get political, but I’m afraid that if Rick, Newt, or Mitt get elected, carriers will be free to do whatever they want including throttling or blocking content from companies that don’t have agreements with them.

          Remember, they’re only leasing the govt. radio spectrum. There should be conditions to keep the airways free and open and that includes not having an imposed backdoor to my phone.

          • Lavoisier1794

            Yeah, bing is forced on my Revolution’s stock browser too. To get around it, I use the Dolphin browsers. Still it makes the search soft key (when on the home screen), essentially useless.

            Agree completely with your political comment….

  • Michael Forte

    I still can’t believe this phone isn’t getting ICS. Samsung really does suck at updates so I’m glad the Nexus phones aren’t updated by them. I’m wondering, does this phone have the same weak radios as in the Nexus?

    • I can’t believe they are wasting my time with another awful gingerbread update instead.

      • hkklife

        Is this the “value” pack that Samsung mentioned, then denied, then promised again a while back ? I  think they were going to introduce a few “ICS-style” features for the SGS 1/Charge/OG Galaxy Tab users out there that were stuck on GB. 

        Once again, I’ll go on record that saying VZW should throw its early adopters a bone and mandate that EVERY LTE device receive an update to ICS (as well as the Droid 3 and maybe the X2 as well).   The Charge, Revolution, Breakout and Stratosphere are the only LTE handsets on VZW not getting any ICS love.   Anything that’s deemed worthy enough to be branded “Droid” should receive at least a year of full updates!   And I’d wager that the Charge has sold as many units as those other 3 handsets combined.  I personally know about 4 or 5people with the Charge (prior to the Bionic’s arrival it was seen as the safest purchase of the 3 LTE handsets on VZW!)

    • Asuriyan

      Yep, exact same CDMA and LTE basebands.

      • zepfloyd

        They are not the exact same. They are in the same family but the Nexus has a different model number.

        • Asuriyan

          Found the Anandtech article- one revision off on the LTE modem, same exact CDMA chip.

    • rals

      Some have said the Charge holds a better connection than the Nexus. Who knows if we ever will get the official 4.0.4 update to our phones and fix the connectivity issues.

      • Scott

        Yeah right