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Motorola DROID Fighter Makes First Appearance, Looks Like a RAZR with an HD Display and On-screen Soft Keys

We have been talking about this mysterious phone that is headed to Verizon called the DROID Fighter for about a month now. Dirty details have escaped us for the most part other than a potential release date of April 12. Some had speculated that it would end up as a Motorola device, but with the crazy number of phones they released over the last 6 months, it was tough to believe that they could possibly be back with more. In the end, it looks like they may be after all. 

Notorious Moto phone leaking forum Phone HK posted up a photo this weekend that they are referring to as the DROID Fighter, made by Motorola. As you can see, the phone looks almost identical to the DROID RAZR except for one major change – the bottom row of soft keys appears to be gone. Included with this picture was a spec that read “4.6-inch HD” screen, leading us to believe that this phone will have on-screen soft keys just like the Galaxy Nexus.

As you may recall, the Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65″ screen, but .35″ of that is for the on-screen keys, so for the most part it’s a 4.3″ screen. Now, those keys will hide at certain times or with specific apps (like Youtube) so that you can experience more screen real estate. This Fighter phone with its 4.6″ screen could easily be allocating .3″ to on-screen keys. It’s an amazing concept that we wish all phone manufacturers would adopt. To see Moto make the move is exciting, especially after the issues many of you had with the hefty chin and bezel that was included on the RAZR.

What else can we gather? Well, “HD” screen is new for Motorola in the U.S. We went hands on with their Chinese HD RAZRs back at CES and figured they would make the move to our shores at some point. The HD screens that Moto used in these two devices is something beautiful, so this phone should be grabbing your attention.

There was also a mention of it having the 3300mAh battery that the RAZR MAXX has.

What I’m struggling to understand though, is why release another RAZR variant? This would be the third version in about 6 months time. Sure, the upgraded HD screen is nice, and the idea that it will also have Ice Cream Sandwich at launch is fun, but couldn’t this have been the RAZR MAXX? Just like the RAZR MAXX should have been the RAZR?

Oh and another random thought to ponder – if this phone is coming in April, anyone willing to bet that it is Moto’s first ICS phone before any of their current lineup sees an update? I’d put money on that.

Full shot below. Thoughts?

Cheers Antony!

  • Shortmon920

    wasnt it supposed to come out April 12 2012? Its April 12 2012….we havent even had an update on it 

  • Misterburns81

    i just got the droid 4 on launch day. I didnt really like the droid razr because its bezel. I knew at some point motorola was going to make another razr but with a larger more detailed screen. And well here it is. Im hoping it comes with a big battery like the razr maxx. One of my lines is due for an upgrade in July so im hoping moto will release it before then. Im looking forward to it i love moto phones!

  • sinnerz

    Ok so theres only one name to fit this phone, razr hd

  • Tim

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  • Owewil3225

    im suprised the droid 5 hasnt come out yet.

  • Obama

    It can also be a RAZR prototype. 
    DOUBT IT though.

  • Mecevans

    Anyone think this could be due to all the defective RAZR screens?

  • NotoriousNeo

    Didn’t Motorola state they were going to take it easy with product launches this year and NOT do this kind of shit? Gah!

    • Guest

       Maybe *YOU* don’t like new phones… but obvious millions of people do.

      You are certainly free to buy very old hardware… but I want start-of-the-art devices ASAP.

  • Pwright063

    And I just bought the Razr Maxx today… typical.

  • Scott Capodice

    Bionic…Razr…Razr Maxx….whatever.  I’m one of these ppl that got the Bionic – the machine to rule all machines.  It’s a fine phone.  Way better than my Ally was.  Ext Battery helps.  Got my wife the Droid 4…she likes it.  I’d love to have the latest and greatest, but they can have their non-removable batteries.  I dont like it on the wife’s phone.  Out of all the phones out right now, I’d go either LG Revolution or HTC Rezound…prolly the Rezound tho as far as VZW is concerned.

  • gmen78

    Fail moto!!!!! Damn you for neglecting the suckers who bought the razr and razr Max…if you want latest software, buy our new razr. I mean really? Thank god I have rooted gnex.

  • Jerry Sprague

    Ok I read this just hours after I finally decide to upgrade to the Razr Maxx. Don’t know how I feel about it yet. I really liked the Maxx when I played with it in the store. I really wanted to like the Nexus but just wasn’t happening. The April 12th release date is just a week over my 14 day return period. There’s still too much rumored on what the device actually is so if the confirmed specs release before my trial is over Verizon might be seeing a return a little early.

  • ckkk

    I keep waiting to upgrade my DX thinking there is something better on the horizon, with all these phones coming out all the time, it’s hard to make the leap. This phone sounds great if it is truly an upgrade from the Maxx, I didn’t pull the trigger on the Maxx thinking that it needed a better camera and 720p, hopefully this phone is my answer.

    • Klw5688

      ok… first off, i went from a rooted/rommed OG that i still love and adore (and sleep beside because its retired to being an alarm clock, lol) to a Razr Maxx just last week. Second, the camera is pretty beasty dood. Third, the screen is great to me, just like the speed of the device, and the battery life. Fourth, To be honest i dont even care to modify this phone (what would the phone gain?), which is kinda sad, considering how much we all did just that with our OGs… I guess all im tryin to say is, i can see myself happy with this phone til my next upgrade in March of  ’13. 

    • Klw5688

      btw I got the OG the week it was released, shoulda done the same with the Maxx..

  • Choppacha01

    As much as a bunch of people frowned on the announcement of the Raze, many many people still purchased one. I see more tech savy people with Razrs the GNex. Obviously Motor doesn’t need to change a thing. By the way im still rocking my DX without the recent update…untill something worthy is released. Anyone else see more Razrs out there than GNex?

  • angermeans

    That’s it Motorola just release a new Razr variant every two months see how that gets ya with your loyal fans. I cannot believe that anyone trusts this sorry excuse of a company anymore. Between buggy software builds (droid 2, x, x2 etc), late updates (every update moto has ever promised including éclair, froyo, gb, honeycomb, and now ICS), the Xoom fiasco, not updating any of their 3G devices to ICS (even the droid3 droidx2 etc etc that have not even been released for more than six to eight months), the horrible screens in their current gen phones (Razr, Razr Maxx, droid 4, Xoom, and xyboard), the many promises that they are looking into offering some unlock plan (which ended up being a new full price Razr with no warranty), and worse of all blur moto has basically pissed off all their customers and the only ones left are either ignorant to these problems, or are just plans of their hardware either way these are your only customers now you are milking the Razr and making as much money as possible by adding small features like a bigger battery and now a current gen hd screen. Well, if someone is going to actually buy into Motorola I feel sorry for them.

  • westau

    I’d buy it, the only thing stopping me from buying the maxx is the screen quality(and somewhat not having a removable battery).

  • I feel like I should be pissed about this seeing as I just bought the Razr Maxx but I just don’t trust on-screen buttons. 

  • This is finally a phone that meets all  the specs I require from my next upgrade. The Rarzr, Maxx and Nexus all had at least one feature missing that was a dealbreaker to me

    • Dave Dean

       All I’m missing now is the qwerty keyboard. The Droid 5 fighter can’t be far away

  • Larizard

    You want a thin phone? Here’s the Droid Razr!
    You want better battery life? Here’s the Droid Razr Maxx!
    You want variety in colors? Here’s the Droid Razr in Purple, White, and Pink!
    You want ICS? Here’s the Droid Razr HD!

    In response to Apple’s “There’s an app for that campaign”, Motorola is prepping up for their own campaign:

    “There’s a phone for that”

  • C-Law

    I love my VZW nexus in every way but one. I definitely don’t enjoy getting worse signal than my OG Droid. I’ll be paying full price for an upgrade if there is a worthy successor before my contract is up.
    I’ve got three questions about this phone so far.
    3300mah battery?
    Unlockable bootloader?
    How will the gpu compare to the SGSIII? (if VZW even gets SGSIII)

  • J Dub

    Will it be stock and unlocked? Hell, just unlocked. 

  • Butters619

    Holy crap that phone is huge!

  • nightscout13

    I’ll wait for the  


  • fanboy1974

    As predicted. Another Motorola phone to make previous owners regret their purchase.

  • DroidCack

    I will just sit and wait for the next Moto Droid that’s attached to a car battery instead so i can have a 6 months of talk time and one year on stand by.

  • balthuszar

    if this phone releases with ICS before word of a US razr ICS upgrade, never buying a moto phone again…this coming from someone who the only brand he’s ever been loyal to was moto…we’re talking cars, toothpaste, laundry soap, EVERYTHING

    • TC Infantino

      Hmm, Car= Dodge, toothpaste= Colgate, laundry detergent= Tide, everything…that one is kinda hard.  lol

  • And folks say that HTC styling is old, lame and outdated. 

  • You also have to Remember that the OG Motorola Razr was Moto’s best selling phone back in the Flip phone days. I personally can’t blame a Company for Whoring out it’s Best Selling name. You can only blame yourself when you know for a Fact that your phone is going to be Replaced in 6 Months. Pick a Phone, Settle Down, and Wait for the Next Big Thing!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Dumb. Too many phones. Didn’t they get rid of, or demote, Sanjay Jha? I thought that that would take care of this problem. Just another reason I may switch to another OS. 

  • JohnPA2006

    As much as I though the Gnex was cool, I would rather have a motorola device 
    that is meant to compete against it.
    Everyone complains about locked bootloaders but its not enough to stop me from buying a phone from them. Bloatware and not being able to illegally tether your phone isnt a reason to say the phone is bad. Its been this way for about 4 years now, it shouldnt be a suprise to anyone. 

    • Diablo81588

      You’re confusing root access with unlocked bootloaders. You don’t need an unlocked bootloader to remove bloat, nor illegally tether a device. I’ve been doing this for years, first with my DX and now with my Bionic, both of which have locked bootloaders.

      • MotoVenom

        Technically, the tethering isn’t illegal. It’s the service providers that want their cut of money. There really shouldn’t be a lock on it, It’s a feature of the android OS. And really, you have a data plan. Why should it matter how it’s used? I have a Droid Bionic and have no complaints. I’ve rooted, safestrapped with both Eclipse ROM and ICS Beta…Runs great on both. And honestly, the things out on the market now are old news. They wait to release stuff to the public for years…They have all kinds of things in development that we probably only can dream of. 

  • LocBox


  • Lovehate

    imo if you compare your phone to your last one you will always be happy,on the other if your always comparing it to the lastest and greatest you will never be.

  • Moto is a Love Hate Relation

    I want to like Motorola Phones because they are just built so nice. They make is it to hard by the time I buy one of their phones they make a new version of it a month later. They could at least unlock them so the developer community could keep them updated.

  • M Olague0810

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Christopher Riner

    I gotta say, razr owners should be pissed.

    Other than that, yeah, this is what the razr should’ve been.  Or at least what the razr maxx should’ve been.  I’m loving my nexus, but with this (hopefully their stance on bootloaders changes) and the sgs3 coming out, there are definitely some phones I’ve got my eye out for. 

  • M Olague0810

    I wanted the Droid RAZR but I didn’t want to run an outdated OS. It hasn’t even been a month since I got my nexus WTF!

  • Rlarson_mn

    I thought Moto posted earlier they were slowing down on the release of new phones. Will be interesting to see if this unit already has ICS on it when the Razr & Razr Maxx do not even have an estimated update schedule!

  • Boneebone

    If it works for you than buy it, if it doesn’t than don’t, simple as that.

    There is always going to be something newer or better being released. If you’re upset because you feel you were jipped off because something newer or better came out, than don’t buy anything and you won’t feel that way.

    What a bunch of whiners on here!!!!!!

  • Gary Patrowicz

    and this weeks release for a moto device is ______ !!! and it is upgrade able if you consider having last years os as being upgraded. And for them to no longer support device 3 weeks after release. But will upgrade to ics well after jellybean is released. Should see upgrade to ics for xmas!!! oh yeah outdated upon release moto crap

  • me

    Moto is following proven sales technique.one Android can’t out sell iPhone but flood the market with Android’s and you have market share.new phones will always be coming out deal with. as with any major purchase do some research first. I wanna say bionic I got it I don’t feel bad it’s what I wanted

  • Lazaro331

    Most Bionic customers are upset about the Droid Razr.
    Most Droid Razr customers are upset about the Droid Maxx.
    Most Bionic, Droid Razr, and Droid Maxx customers are now upset about the Droid Fighter

    I see a pattern here.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Very few if any Bionic owners were upset about the RAZR. In fact the ONLY phone Im a little jealous of is the RAZR MAXX and only because of the battery. Til the XT928 comes out and has a 3300mAh battery Im sticking with my 2880mAh Bionic. 

    • Matt

      I actually like my Bionic with the extended batt, had to get something when my OG Droid took a dump.  I’m not jealous of the Razr at all, not when I can go all day on LTE and not need to charge.  

  • tomgillotti

    Looks like moto contradicts themselves again already. Didn’t they say they weren’t going to continue this trend in 2012?

    Nice to see they are finally getting with it though…

  • you know whats really funny? people that cant wait for this phone and then it has a locked bootloader and then they complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty sure Moto is just rushing all of their product pipeline to market before El Goog finally takes over.

    • Lazaro331

      Hmmm you may be right… Seems like Motorola is a Droid whore with a real short reproductive cycle. 

      • TC Infantino

        Heh, my friend sent me a pic of a very hot chick wearing a R2D2 swimsuit.  That is the Droid (whore) I am looking for.

  • steve30x

    is that front facing flash I see … ???

    • Domdym

      No it’s the proximity sensor, but a good idea

  • darkseider

    LOL!  Moto still hasn’t gotten the hint.  They fail so bad it isn’t even funny anymore that making fun of them is becoming commonplace.  Motorola PLEASE stop shooting yourself in the damned foot would ya?   Thankfully I left the Moto camp after the OG Droid and am very happy with my G2X running ICS.  This device will last me out my contract, performs like a champ and is stable as all hell.  Next will be a quad core whizbang 2013 or whatever is out then.  All the while knowing that my G2X withstood the test of time as well.  Can’t say that from anything Moto anymore.

  • Oh yes, I want a phone with a huge Verizon logo on it.. wtf

    • PowersUSA

      Same comment as mine by a guy with a name nearly the same as mine (James Powers here)

  • Gerret Walczak

    It’s as if Motorola read DL’s “What would you change about the Droid RAZR” post!

    Bigger Battery
    HD Screen
    On Screen Buttons

    • Only doing so, one item per change… except for the bootloaders and Blur which they ignore completely

  • Interstellarmind

    Simple. In moto’s head they’re answering the outcry of wanting speedy updates in OS on their phones. In true moto fashion, they’re missing the point thanks to their greed. They’re thinking, “ok, you want up to date OS versions? You got’em… but we’re gonna make $$ off it by putting the up to date OS on a new phone. Voila!”

    Wrong again, Moto. Way to F up again.

  • OV65

    I am a relatively new Droid users coming from an old Windows base phone. Got the Bonic, thought it was the cat’s meow, but seeing all of the changes Motorola made in such a short period of time, now I think I have been screwed.  Why can’t they have some sort of upgrade process so they keep their customers.  Currently I am less likely to get a Moto phone when I have mu upgrade available

  • I’m going to cut out a piece of black glass, call it the “Droid Defenestrator” and solidify my position in the creativity-depraved Motorola marketing department.

    • PowersUSA

      I think the word you’re looking for is deprived. 

      • Beefcake

        u an english teacher bro?

        • TC Infantino

          Actually, it just takes an English Speaker

      • I guess that I’m even more qualified than I first thought to be marketing director for Motorola!

  • Zebra

    So it’s pretty much the same specs as the Nexus, if not better. Hmm….trade an unlocked bootloader for a huge battery, better build quality, and actual accessories? 

  • If this thing has a 12mp camera i’m sold. I was due for an upgrade last July… I picked a bad time to hold out, and i’m getting desperate.

  • PowersUSA

    The number one downside to the new design is the room left for all so important “Verizon” logo on the chin. Verizon please stop this practice it truly spoils the appearance of your phones.

  • DeJarvis Oliver

    Well, I don’t agree with the way Moto pushes out devices. What makes it worse for me is that the people buying the most *current* Moto phone at the moment have no idea that something better is coming in a few months. From Bionic, to RAZR, to RAZR Maxx, now this (did I miss one?) It would make me hesitant to purchase one of their phones. On the flipside, if early adopters are happy then I guess it doesn’t matter to them.  And if you knock Apple for upgrading a few things every year, then you should definitely knock Moto for upgrading one or two things every few months. Same difference IMO.

    •  Forgot the Droid 4 (and the droid 3 right before the Bionic)

  • Travisjshepherd

    Is that the razr on the right?

  • jtwildman1

    I’m not sure what there is to be upset about? As a razr owner,I would be waiting six months for this phone. The Maxx, you have a point! You can’t expect any phone to not be outdated in six months, it is the nature of the cell business. I would not buy a razr today with this knowledge, however I wouldn’t wait six months for anything. If your the type of person who has to have the latest and greatest you better be willing to shell out some cash. I planned on having this phone for a year and I like it, so not a big deal.The extra battery would have been nice though, so understandable if your upset about the Maxx, but this device?

    •  Yea I like to make a fuss about Motorola and their aggressive upgrade special, but it actually works out for me, because I always like to upgrade to a better or different phone, don’t really care that it is the newest, and since they started with the dual core phones, they ALL have been up to snuff to do what I want. So in a few months, when everyone jumps to their next big phone, “The Fighter” or whatever, Ill be hitting up my favorite auction sites buying up the under-priced or broken Razrs and D4s nobody wants anymore to fix up and use till the next batch of phones become undesirable to the masses because of a phone with a minor spec bump.

      I wish they could do what they did with the original Droid again and get everyone excited and to get one. I regularly see those sell for under $20, and it’s still a really great phone! I use them for media players, remotes, network cameras, and IP phones all over my house.

  • Dave

    And then two months after that, they’ll release the Droid RAZR⁴ with a high resolution HD screen and quad-core.

    I agree that they should scale back their releases of new devices per year. HTC is kind of going in the right direction with minimizing their Android product line to their One series phones; Samsung and Motorola should follow suit. They need focus on the design and, most importantly, support of their current products, i.e. OS updates. Flooding the market with Android handsets was, or even is, a working strategy to grab market share but I think it’s time to streamline those choices in favor of providing a good user experience and engaging ecosystem. I know a large part of that is Google’s responsibility but OEMs are no longer exclusive from the software realm especially with their “uniquely branded” skins and modifications. The user experience, in the end, is what will keep the average consumer coming back.

    Just my take on the matter.

  • bogy25

    Good thing they didn’t name the first Razr the ‘New Razr.’  Otherwise it would go like this I supose…Introducing the ‘New Razr’  wait Introducing the ‘Newer Razr Maxx’  wait once more now introducing the “Newest Razr maxx HD?”  ……..etc etc etc

  • Tim242

    Kellex: The Galaxy Nexus screen is 4.7. Not sure whose idea it was to list it at a silly 4.65. Usable screen space is 4.4. In AOKP, you can make the buttons smaller, or have none at all. So, I have all 4.7″ : )

  • What happened to the “we’re not gonna release a ton of phones this year” i know all the razr people are saying they dont care but wait until you need how nice the hd screen in and how bad it sucks to wait ANOTHER few months after this launches to get ICS then lets hear how youre happy with your maxx

    • EdubE24

      Used the hell out my Maxx yesterday, didn’t put it on a charger last night and still have 54 percent of my battery left. Loving this damn phone!!!

    • LiterofCola

      Nah, I’ve got the first Razr and I’m content.  I’d wait till the end of the year to see what else is on the horizon.

      • Paul

        Same here. I’m good with the RAZR I got back in November. Waiting to see what Motorola and Intel have in store.

    • Add to that…What happened to OEMs getting on stage with Andy Rubin pledging to implement OS updates faster?

      • Stealthmouse

         Well, that’s obviously a rhetorical question.  All the phones would have ICS already, if they didn’t have all their in-house developers creating new versions of phones to release every 3 months.  So that’s the real rub – here’s the phone you should have been able to get in the first place, oh and by the way, we’ll be putting in ICS about the time that the Moonrock OS rolls out – of course then ICS will be 50 years old. 

  • Destroythanet

    Anyone know which LTE phone is the current sales champ? I’m curious how the Rezound, GNex, or RAZR, and RAZR MAXX are doing compared to each other?

    • CORYK333

      Was wondering the same thing the other day. All released AROUND the same time (i know the MAXX was a bit later, even though IMHO, it shouldnt have been), and all have comparable specs. Any1 know where these figures can be obtained???

    • TC Infantino

      As much as I love my Rezound, (and I do, even more now that I am running an ICS ROM) I am willing to bet that the RAZR in all it’s many iterations is the leader right now.  The VZW sales drones are pushing them hard every time I browse the Verizon store.

  • Snodrtrider

    Probably the same specs as the Razr & Maxx except for the soft buttons and HD screen… I have the original Razr and I think that unless you look with a magnifying glass you can tell the difference. The people who are really going to be angry are the ones who fork over 3-4 hundred for this and the Razr & Maxx get ICS the next day.

  • steve30x

    So this droid fighter comes out then two months later droid fighter maxx… Im catching up with motos patterns hehe.

  • I keep thinking the flood of new Android devices is analogous to General Motors. The company, with all its subdivisions kept pushing new models, many that were merely variants of the same car with different hood ornaments and tail lights. There is a reason Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer are no more (add in SAAB, which was owned by GM for good measure). GM realized that it had to tighten the belt. That meant losing some fat and dropping redundant and unprofitable lines.Imagine if you bought a Mustang GT 5.0 in November, and in January a Mustang GT 5.0 Supercharged model was released. Adding insult to some people’s injury, just a couple of months later, a new, improved Mustang GT 6.0 is announced.

    I think Motorola is following the same path, but on a much smaller scale obviously. I think it’s clear from the other comments that people are incredulous that MOTO would release yet another RAZR-like device in the span of just six months. The release cycle for new Android devices, not just Motorola’s, is insidious. Now, it makes for good fodder for our favorite sites like Droid Life, but it drives me nuts; because it feels like quantity over quality. I would much rather have Motorola perfect hardware design and quality on a flagship device or two (read: drop the Blur/not-Blur overlay) and release it/them — at best — twice a year. Make it predictable so people don’t have buyer’s remorse built into the purchase price. I know smartphones are not the same financial investment or commitment as cars, but they’re not cheap either. Most consumers cannot afford to pay full retail for  the latest, greatest model every three or four months. Nor should they have to.

    I know why Google doesn’t take the reins of Motorola, but this is a reason I wish they would. 

    • Not to be nit picky and a typical internet person but as someone who kind of loves cars and tech I had to. You’re mixing GM with Ford on your Mustang GT example. Ford produces the Mustang while GM is probably best known for the Camaro under Chevrolet. 

      But your point is right. It’s like Moto just had to put something together for the holiday season, this phone is what the original RAZR should’ve been and seeing as they had a very similar phone in China around the same time it wasn’t like they couldn’t make it happen. 

      On the other hand, we could be looking at it wrong, yes it’s pretty much a RAZR with upgraded specs but if MOTO has decided to make all their phones follow the same design path then everything will look like just tacking on a new feature to the same phone. 

      • Thanks Trey. I realized after I hit “post” that I had mixed auto metaphors. I should have given the Trans Am as an example, but then I would have really shown my age. 
        I’m ok with MOTO building out a line with similar design cues (even if I don’t like them), and making iterative updates. It’s the pace that bugs the hell out of me. I think most, non-tech-blog reading people buy what they see on TV or at the store; where as I tend to hold off because I know something better is just around the corner. The problem with my vetting process, though, is that it has become increasingly difficult to pull the trigger on a device. I just beat up my Droid X, literally, out of frustration, and am not sitting on the sidelines until the summer to figure out what I’m going to do. I can guarantee in that time, no fewer than 15 new Android devices will be released — many by the same OEM.

        • Saaltonen

          I’m in the same exact boat… its getting ridiculous. I am up for an upgrade, and yet, every time I go to a store I feel like I’m walking into a a graveyard. I go an look at the phones that normal people will go unknowingly buy while I see phones that would be better than my X2, but not worth using my upgrade on. Because this, and the Galaxy S3 are right around the corner. I think I’m finally gonna abandon Motorola and give Samsung a shot with the GS3. Not that they are any better on this front…

          •  I openly admit that I have given up on Motorola. Two Droid Xs in my family has pretty much sealed the deal. I’m interested to learn more about the Galaxy SIII, too.

          • Talkdj

             When tbe GalaxyNexus came out I retired my Dinc  To bad I couldn’t get a signal on the thing  1 week after I bought it back it went to Verizon.

            So I’m back with the Incredible waiting to see what quad core wonder HTC comes up with, or maybe Samsung has figured out how to put a better radio in it’s flagship device.

            Either way, I’m not doing anything until Steve, er Woz, er Tim shows off ”One more thing”. Yes, I’m talking iPhone5.

          • KM

            I’m in the same boat.  Sittiing on a DInc that has given me so many issues and problems that I question sticking with Android.  But, I know that as soon as I put money on something – like a car, it will be old hat already.

          • tyler

            Your first problem was buying HTC.  I have a GNex that is still blazing fast, decent battery life, and literally everything I want from my android phone. 

        • AlexKCMO

          I just upgraded my X.

          I pulled the trigger and got the Rezound.  I’m happy with it for the most part, with the exception that it doesn’t look like CM9 is coming to the device.  I think I’m going to take it back actually and wait for the SGS3.  I really like the beats headphones, they’re much louder and clearer than what I currently have (some cheapo Sonys), and it’s a great deal for $99.

          Unfortunately, it’s all about life span and without good developer support, you know it’s probably the next lettter of Android, maybe 2 letters if you’re lucky.

          • Droidzilla

            I’d be willing to bet money CM9 will have a stable release on the Rezound, even if it’s not an official release.

          • TC Infantino

            Before you go anywhere, you need to check out Scott’s ROMs at XDA-Developers site.  There are good Devs working on the Rezound, and I can say from experience that the CleanROM ICS that Scott and his fellow Devs put together is increadible.  Check out some of the options before you say there is no developer support.  Read through the XDA forums and you will find that people are praising the Devs about the quality of the ICS ROMs on there. 

          • AlexKCMO

            I ended up not taking it back (last day was yesterday) because my wife told me I could have her upgrade. 

            Scott does good work, but in all honesty, I see very little enthusiasm for an AOSP or AOKP build.   It all seems to be “cleaned up sense”. 

            Scott does good work, but it’s not AOSP, or anything close to as feature rich as what CM offers on GB.

            Sorry, been there / done that with my “blurry / blurless” ROMs on the X.

        • Jay

          I think the problem is the way you’re looking at it. Even if Moto isn’t the one to make them, there will be devices that will be better than yours  almost ready for sale by the time you get your next device…so who really cares if there’s 1 or 15 of them? And it isn’t gonna matter how long you wait, a month, 6 months, a year, it’s just gonna happen at this rate.

          If all you do is concentrate on having the latest and greatest, and it seems like that’s what you’re doing, then you fail to realize that all these devices basically are limited to the same featureset.
          I mean seriously, name ONE current device that has some new, exciting feature, that many devices from last year didn’t? You got high res screens, I guess NFC is going to get more widespread(but you can get around that with SD cards) and that’s about it.

          At this point you might as well wait for the devices with the new A15 chips, but to me it sounds like you’d be better served jumping ship and getting a WP7 or something, cept that won’t change the fact that more powerful android devices will still come out with higher resolution screens, more powerful chips, and more hardware features so….yeah.

          • I hear what you’re saying Jay. I’m not one to chase, or concentrate on, having the latest and greatest. My point is less about chasing products, and more about slowing down releases so that customers can connect and commit. It seems to me, that’s how you build brand loyalty. The average consumer will not just be puzzled by the new release, most will be pissed.

            You have to admit Moto making iterative changes to the same phone
            in the span of six months is a bit ridiculous. It’s hard for customers
            to not only differentiate devices, but also to trust that the
            hard-earned money they just plopped down for the “latest” won’t be
            trumped by an update…by the same manufacture…to the same phone…two
            or three months later.

            Your closing comment, as with your opening comment, builds on the same misunderstanding of the point I was trying to make. It’s not all about stat-line performance. It’s about knowing that an OEM release a quality product that they will support for the life of my contract (if I have one — most people do), and not release a similar device with iterative design or spec improvements mere months after release the 1st gen of that device. With that, I’m not beyond looking at WP7 device. I don’t need my smartphone to be a “killer” of any other device or have the absolute latest chipset. I need my phone to work well, using a combination of the best products available. I’m not trying, nor do I need, to play a game of chess with WOPR. I just need a stable device, put out by an OEM that doesn’t play its customers like suckers.

          • Jay

            Yes but the quantity doesn’t affect the quality or the lack thereof in these phones. I mean this thing will almost certainly be running the same cellular radio and cpu as the Razr. From what I’ve read the Razr is known to be one of the most responsive android devices to date, and having some of the best call quality and reception on Verizon.
            If this thing came out today and you weren’t bothered by the higher resolution or any of that spec sheet stuff, and it was running the same internals (as it almost certainly will be) then, aren’t you assured that the quality of the Razr is there?

            And as far as support, at least in Moto’s case, historically it’s been dependable. There are some thing that have taken them longer to fix than I think is reasonable, but they’re no worse than other OEMs.
            Sure it’s looking these days like all the devices with less a gig of RAM won’t be seeing ICS from them. However the patches continue to come at a regular interval. Seems like they’ll be the last of the major OEMs this year to bring ICS to most of their high-end device, but at least they’ve been forthcoming about it.

          • ok

          • jay

            Kinda anti-climactic

          • Not to me, really. I think we’ve exhausted the sub-topic. I understand your viewpoint. There doesn’t have to be a right or wrong, just opinions.  I don’t see the need to keep going back and forth.

        • Trueblue711

          I’m just about ready to upgrade my Droid X as well, and my advice to you is to think twice before getting another Motorola. It kinda sucks because HTC’s phone’s haven’t been comparable to the Motorola or Samsung ones, so it really narrows your choices. But with the slow releases and bugs that recent Moto phones had (D2/DX/DX2, D3, Bionic, etc.) I’m staying away.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        Best known for the Camero and you’re a car guy?? Chevy also makes the vette, and not only did it have 14 years head start there hasn’t been a gap in its production.

        •  So, the Corvette never had a gap in production, eh?  Care to find me a 1983 Corvette?  If you do, I’ll buy it from you for a cool $1,000,000 regardless of condition.    http://www.web-cars.com/corvette/1983.php

          • balthuszar

            i wouldnt call 1 year being passed over a gap…the camaro had 10 years almost in between production models…and the 1983 was produced but never released to the public

          • tyler

            I wouldn’t call 1 year a production gap either, but I WOULD call THIS a cellphone blog.

          • balthuszar

            i’m not the one that brought up the car thing…yell at him not me…and no one said we had to stay on topic

          • Dliuzzo110

            Why not a room temperature 1,000,000?

          • Kyle Fullmer

            The 1983 was produced, 44 in fact but were destroyed due to a quality issue.  So again, the car was produced since 53… not sold for a model year but produced every year unlike the 7 year gap in the camAro’s production.

        • Droidzilla

          You lost me at “Camero.”

    • great post…..I just got the moto razr maxx and absolutely LOVE the phone, however, i had read that it should have an HD and better camera like the china model. Had buyers of the razr known that the maxx would be out soon or the maxx buyers known that a better model would be out in a few months…….you can see how this spirals. I guess its safe to bet for now that you can expect new Motoral models every few months and that everyone needs to take that into consideration when deciding on to cash in on an upgrade or new phhone.

      • Dliuzzo110

        The whole razr/raze maxx fiasco was the biggest blatent scam I’ve ever seen a company pull on its own customers. To release a phone at said price then a month later release the same exact phone with twice the battery for the same price that a month before people paid for half the battery? Down rite immoral. If a company is willing to do that, what else are they willing to do

        • ozo012

          Droid 3, Droid X2 6 month old phones not getting ICS is another huge MINUS for Moto.  They’ve only survived because they’re literally in bed with Verizon.  Anyone who thinks the Razr is better than the Rezound needs to have their head examined.  (I own neither device, and I don’t own the Nexus either so I’m no fanboy of any of the 3 phones). I have used all 3 extensively in-store.

    • ZombieSteveJobs

      I agree. From a business and technological standpoint, you’d think they would slow it down a little to allow for future expansion. There’s only so much advancements these companies can innovate until they will hit brick wall, a technological drought if you will. How soon until we begin seeing 7 in screens and deca core processors? As much as I hate Apple, they do a great job of spacing out their new devices and building value. 6 months seems to be a good window for that. 

    • Markslomski82

      As a mustang owner I’d like to say isn’t that what they do anyway with redesigns every 2 years or so and Shelby jumping back on the mustang now. If only I waited I could’ve had a Shelby mustang redesigned. Every company does and no amount of bitching is gonna stop them I can’t see why people get so mad when a better motor phone comes out every other week technogoly changes so fast this will never stop.

  • Guest

    Can we ever get a leaked photo that wasn’t taken with my phone in 2004?

    • ZombieSteveJobs

      that was taken with the Galaxy Nexus…

      • Ubi

        well the nexus camera blows so there ya go.

  • Eric To

    In the near future I see that Motorola and Samsung will start to lose market share like HTC.  HTC finally realized that releasing a new phone every 3 months makes maintaining updates and keeping customer satisfaction more difficult.  There are just too many phones relative to the number of available resources.  I hope that this realization hits Motorola and Samsung hard so that they’ll move their ass to get back on track.  

    • Droidzilla

      HTC hasn’t had an interesting device for some time. It’s not their release schedule that did them harm; it’s their lacklustre device refreshes. Moto took a hit on the Bionic because it was stale, but the RAZR did them good. HTC needs to come out with another must have device, and make it shine on the aesthetic front (i.e. not an oversized DInc).

      Samsung? SGSII, GNote, GNex, and the forthcoming SGSIII. I think they’ll be just fine.

  • ARR ROOK SAME? That’s clearly a different phone and only bears a family resemblance 🙂

  • TheCheapGamer

    In other words, meet your Droid Razr S

  • was this the one that was origonally the dinara or has that one come out?  then how much longer for the fighter in red white and polka dots lol

  • Waiting for the Droid 4 redux. No PenTile please. {{-_-}}

  • fvqu

    Why aren’t I surprised that Motorola is already putting out a successor to the Razr / Razr Maxx?

  • BlueLetter

    Lol even with the switch from soft keys, it looks to me like they took more of the bezel off the top of the phone than the bottom. Oh Verizon, you and your logos so crazy.

  • StephanC

    Hey guys, my it’s time for me to renew my contract with Verizon Wireless. What should I get? Should I wait for this to come out or buy something that’s already available?

    • Jim Dandy

      Springtime=1st wave of phones for the year. It all depends on how your current phone is holding up. If its serving the purpose I say wait until the end of the summer. At the very least you’ll know what every manufacturer has to offer for the year. As far as which current phone to pick up, just observe the peanut gallery.:P No one can make that decision for you. Shout out to Kellex with the late night post.

    • OhAaron

      Grab a Nexus. I sold my Bionic & bought one. I love my Galaxy Nexus, and you get the added benefit of knowing your device will be supported & there will only be one successor per year.

      • support ?  where ? have not seen any yet

        • Del

          Well then you must skip straight to the comments to troll, as there is quite a bit of support on this very site

      • Droidzilla

        So, since there’s only one successor per year does that mean no one will make a handset with better tech? This line of reasoning is ridiculous. If a non-nexus comes out with an A15, vanilla Android JB, and 28nm fab for the LTE modem, how does that not make your GNex pale in comparison? On the flip side, how does Motorola coming out with the MAXX make the original RAZR any worse?

        You fanbois make no sense.

    • TC Infantino

      While Everyone here has a favorite phone, including myself (Love the Rezound), you really should go to the Verizon store and play with all the phones they have that catch your eye.  BUT…don’t make your purchase right then, search the various tech sites to read the official reviews, and most importantly the actual customer reviews.  Then armed with that information and your personal preferences you should be able to find the phone that will fit your needs at least for the next year or so.

  • Jayb

    Holy sh#t I’d be pissed if I bought the og Razr & the Maxx. I left Moto because of the locked bootloaders but their really going to start making the regular consumers upset. We all know this is nothing new with them but wowee that’s gotta sting.

    • Tom

      Are you crazy?
      I’ve got a Maxx, I’m not upset about this at all. I mean it probably won’t even have the new generation chips in it, if it does come out in april. 
      My contract was up in december and it definitely wouldn’t have been worth it to skip the Maxx and wait till April for this thing…

      • Jayb

        It’s not as bad for you Maxx owners but that is really rough for the og Razrs. For the Maxx comes with almost double the battery size and now this with hd. I’m sorry but that sucks and I think its a horrible thing to do to consumers.

        • Tom

          I disagree. The Razr launched in November was it? So that’s 5 months, nearly half a year till this device launched. Still not worth the wait in my honest opinion.

          • Tom


          • Jayb

            What are you talking about the Maxx came out 2 months after the og Razr. So if  this one comes in April that would make it the 3rd slightly upgraded Razr in about half a year. For what hd screens have been around since the og Razr. How can you honestly think that is not screwing people. Not to mention you probably won’t have ics and this thing will. Its a joke. My point is not that you were wrong for buying the Maxx or the Regular. It is that you people are getting f*cked for no reason. 

          • Tom

            Are you even listening to yourself? If it’s only a slight upgrade to you then WHY THE HELL IS IT AN ISSUE?!
            If I anted an HD screen I coulda had one when i got the Maxx, and same goes for regular Razr owners, if it wasn’t a big deal then, it still isn’t one now.

            Same goes for ICS, and since there’s no way in hell this thing will have an OMAP5 chip, it’s not going to be any more powerful, so where’s the benefit that I missed out on?

            I’d get mad if there was any real benefit to me present in this thing. You can feel free to get mad about petty things I already passed on when I made my decision a little over a month ago…but don’t sit there and tell me I’m getting f*cked when I know for a damn fact I am not. You’re not me and we don’t share a butthole, alright sport?

        • Droidzilla

          I swear, you GNex fanbois are as bad as iPhone fanbois ever were.

    • Sporttster

      I know as a Razr owner I sure don’t care for it much. But I’m not staying with Moto after this anyway. Going to a company that listens to their customers and has unlocked BL’s. Don’t care what crap they put out from hereout….

    • STiK

      I personally prefer the buttons on the Maxx over the on screen buttons. Irritates me to no end to have to do a device reboot because a full screen app locks up.

      • r0lct

        If just the app is locked up you can always turn your screen off/on and from the lock screen choose camera.  Then you’re back.  If the whole pone is locked up then no matter which phone you would need to reboot.

        • STiK

          Why not just hit the home button? I’m not a big fan of the on screen buttons. Hopefully Google leaves it as a build option for manufacturers.

  • jjrudey

    Too much bezel at the bottom

    • fvqu

      Gotta make room for that ever-so important Verizon logo. 

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Funny that with on screen keys the bottom bezel is the exact same size… damn Verizon

        • Butters619

          Same thing with the G-Nex tho.  Getting rid of the capacitive buttons did not make the bottom bezel any smaller.

          • Joseph Pojunis

            When did you ever seen plans for a G-Nex with a bezel? (The Nexus S does not count)

          • Butters619

            Look at a Galaxy Nexus.  Look at a Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD.  Look at the bottom bezel.  Same exact size, but one has buttons.  Adding on screen buttons did not reduce the size of the lower bezel at all, contrary to what all G-Nex owners say about their phones.

          • staticx57

            At least the bottom bezel has a useful multicolor notification LED.

          • Butters619

            That is very true.

  • Zenit555

    If this has stock ICS (perhaps due to google’s motorola)
    purchase it might be worth while. If its another razr variant
    Its going to be a locked down piece of rubbish.

  • I am definitely no apple fan-boy, I wanna be clear.  But I do respect apple for standing behind their phones for a year, and even longer since they updated many of their older models.  MOTO needs to get a clue! 

  • Instant_lunch

    I’ll wait for the DROID Fighter Maxx

    • iamme

      there wont be one

    • Daggy1985

      Screw that I’m waiting for the Droid Razor Fighter Maxx Deluxe Limited Edition 3000 which should be out in may! Ya boy!

      • Gemma Bagiaji

        Oh my god oh my god oh my god…You’re so funny and original!!!! i never heard that joke before

        • Kyle Fullmer

          I know, stop ripping content off Moto.

        • RadicalPie


          • Gemma Bagiaji

            oowh you love em? go and catch em all

      • Guest
        • H@

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        • Motorola 

      • don’t forget the purple and blue editions that are soon to follow 😛

      • Guest

        How about the Droid Razr Fighter Maxx Deluxe Limited Edition 3000 Maxx 

    • LiterofCola

      I actually lol’d

    • Patmw123

      Why even bother buying Motorola products anymore?

      • truename

        Dunno. Very happy with my Maxx: yeah the screen could be better but it’s not horrible, great call quality, great battery life (can stream DI.FM premium whenever I drive anywhere, no charger needed), good camera and overall system performance. Really, what’s not to like?

        • mons

          Locked bootloader and slow updates

          • RadicalPie

            Moto is faster than anyone else in the mobile phone department.

          • ozo012

            I disagree, Motorola has tanked over the last 3-6 months, their Gingerbread “updates” to the Droid2/X/Pro unleashed some of the worst bugs that went uncorrected for months.  Razr/Razr Maxx is looking at a Q3 for ICS at the earliest… HTC and Samsung are going to roast Moto, not to mention the # of phones Moto is leaving behind on Gingerbread

          • Tim_Horton

            Q3? you should find a new source, preferably one that doesn’t work for Samsung.

          • ozo012

            http://www.droid-life.com/2012/03/13/motorolas-ics-update-list-says-q2-rollout-for-global-razr-just-like-it-did-a-month-ago/  posted last week, the Global (Non VZW) version of the Razr is set to begin rollout in Q2 while the Razr is still in the planning and evaluation stages.  That’s a pretty broad term, but take a look over at Motorola’s Facebook page and see how they’ve already backtracked on saying that it’s even in the evaluating stage.  Their generic response now is ”
            The DROID RAZR is receiving ICS but we do not have a release date for you at this time. We’ll share more details as soon as they become available.”  
            Evaluation and planning is step 1 of their process outlined here: 

            What a joke, how can anyone support a company that has renegged on their promise to make it possible to unlock all bootloaders by the end of 2011.  I think it’s pretty clear based on the leaks we’ve seen from HTC that they will certainly be ahead of Motorola in the upgrade department.  Even if they come out and say it will be earlier than Q3 you must also factor in bugs and delays that were clearly evident in their releases of Gingerbread (which tacked on another 2-3 months to their promised timeframe for deliveries).  By the time they’re updating phones these 2-4 month old phones (Razr, Bionic, D4) Google is going to be announcing Jelly Bean.

          • ZombieSteveJobs

            With Sanjay getting the boot, I see nothing but great things coming from Motorola.

          • truename

            Sure, but if the Maxx does everything very well should it be avoided just because one can’t flash it with a custom ROM?
            Would it be nice to have ICS on the Maxx? Sure. Do I lose sleep over it? Not really. 
            This is the best phone I’ve ever had that does everything I want it to *without having to custom ROM it*. 
            Previously owned OG Droid, Thunderbolt, Droid Charge. 

          • Stealthmouse

            Uh, yeah.  Unless you have the original RAZR and the battery constantly runs down.  I would gladly swap it for a Maxx, or would have waited and gotten it.  The lame part is that of course, since MOT is trying to maximize sales and not cannibalize existing sales, they won’t even give a deal to those who bought prior.  LAME

          • ZombieSteveJobs

            Only downside I see from the locked bootloader, is the porting of ICS has some snags with hardware/software issues…like codecs needed to view video streaming. 1.2 ghz is more than enough speed but I would like to undervolt some.

      • Legal American

        I’ve had it with phone companies like Motorola giving me choices!  We had an agreement that after I bought my OG Droid , that they would never release another phone so that I would always have their latest phone.  So much for consumer loyalty!

        • wastry

          There’s a difference between releasing phones at the same time and providing choice, and artificially delaying phones and releasing incremental upgrades every 2 months.

          It’d be different if Moto at least released a timeline of phones, so people knew “Ok, the Razr comes out now, the Razr Maxx comes out in 2 mo, and the Razr Keyboard comes out in 4 mo” – instead they release each phone like it’s the new flagship, and never give a word about the next phone until it’s released.

          • Drew Nusser

            You can complain about it, but it’s still better than releasing incremental upgrades once a year…

          • someone else

            If they gave a time line no one will ever buy a phone because they would always be waiting for the next one which is going to be the best…

      • Earleepa

        Because the speaker along with everything else on the nexus, sucks.

  • RoninX

    It’s easy to say that the Fighter is what the RAZR MAXX should have been, and the RAZR MAXX is what the RAZR should have been, but that would mean that Moto’s flagship slab phone would still be the Bionic until April 2012.  Is the Bionic really competitive with the Galaxy Nexus and the Rezound?

    OEMs keep releasing so many phones because if they don’t, they’ll quickly fall behind their competitors…

    • Saul

      I think it could’ve really. I mean in day to day performance I feel like all dual core chips are really quite close.
      I do think it would’ve been an awful idea to postpone the Razr back to april though even so because the name Bionic was around for so long even before it launched it just wouldn’t have had the same gotta have it factor. Even if the Razr didn’t launch I don’t think Verizon would be able to move enough Bionics to make it a success for that reason alone.

  • T1392

    Me like, me want but shy away at locked bootloader. I own a GNex but was a moto fanboy before because of build & hdmi. I gotta see how this plays out loving the battery size just hope its a 4.5+ screen.

  • And all of the people who just purchased the DROID RAZR MAXX…..

  • RAZR MAXX HD, I think Motorola is mad.

    • T1392

      I think those who bought razr & razr maxx are mad not Motorola seems like they could care less.

      • They’ve got no reason to care, it’s just the same device with more resolution and on screen buttons…and if they wanted those so badly they would’ve gone with the Nexus. 

        The new OMAP5 chips won’t be ready for some time, according to TI’s own demo at that last show, so this won’t be anything to get mad about for Razr/Maxx owners.

        • T1392

          maybe not mad but envy check how many people on craigslist trying to trade a RAZR + cash for RAZR MAXX.

          • Well yeah but the Razr Maxx had a really useful upgrade from the Razr in that battery life, I’m not even sure this will have the Maxx’s battery, definitely doesn’t look like it. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing as much of that again.
            Who knows maybe those guys will all hold out for a Fighter Maxx or something.

      • Droidzilla

        I have yet to meet anyone who cares. The RAZR would go head to head against the Rezound and GNex in almost all categories, including battery. The Maxx is even better. This will be even better. I’m a RAZR owner, and the Maxx in no way makes my phone any worse; I still prefer it to the Rezound and the GNex (though I would want the GNex if I did more hacking). My battery still lasts all day. I’m betting that, when this is released, my screen won’t get any worse.

        And no, Kellex; the Maxx wasn’t what Motorola should have come out with first. The RAZR name was fitting to the 7mm model, and that’s what got press buzz. Honestly, I’m not sure I would trade for a Maxx because I love the form factor. Throw in the fact that it gets better battery life than the GNex and the Rezound on their stock batteries and I don’t get what the complaints are all about. I guess people just love to piss and moan.

        • Paul

          I wouldn’t trade my RAZR for the RAZR MAXX either. They took away the thin element in the MAXX, so I didn’t really care.

  • So another better Droid Razr, nice! haha

    • I’d like to know something about the processor and ram memory!!

      • Just passing thruuuuuuuuuuu

        May not be TI, but Intel. The first Moto / Intel collab. featuring the Atom Z2460 is supposed to be out by mid year.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I dunno… not sure they’d trust a first time PROC in a high end device… guess we’ll see

          • cooksta32676

            I’m pretty sure Intel knows a little about processors. I’d be willing to bet they skunk TI and Snapdragons…..

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Intel doesn’t have any experience with mobile procs. You don’t just go tossing a new processor without any history into a high end device. You trust what you know.

          • JohnPA2006

            Uhmmm WHAT????
            “Intel doesn’t have any experience with mobile procs” is there an open bottle of white out near you and maybe your high from the fumes right now? Sorry if I sound a little crazy but WHAT !!!!

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Name mobile phones with intel processors…. and please, take your time.