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Motorola DROID Fighter Makes First Appearance, Looks Like a RAZR with an HD Display and On-screen Soft Keys

We have been talking about this mysterious phone that is headed to Verizon called the DROID Fighter for about a month now. Dirty details have escaped us for the most part other than a potential release date of April 12. Some had speculated that it would end up as a Motorola device, but with the crazy number of phones they released over the last 6 months, it was tough to believe that they could possibly be back with more. In the end, it looks like they may be after all. 

Notorious Moto phone leaking forum Phone HK posted up a photo this weekend that they are referring to as the DROID Fighter, made by Motorola. As you can see, the phone looks almost identical to the DROID RAZR except for one major change – the bottom row of soft keys appears to be gone. Included with this picture was a spec that read “4.6-inch HD” screen, leading us to believe that this phone will have on-screen soft keys just like the Galaxy Nexus.

As you may recall, the Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65″ screen, but .35″ of that is for the on-screen keys, so for the most part it’s a 4.3″ screen. Now, those keys will hide at certain times or with specific apps (like Youtube) so that you can experience more screen real estate. This Fighter phone with its 4.6″ screen could easily be allocating .3″ to on-screen keys. It’s an amazing concept that we wish all phone manufacturers would adopt. To see Moto make the move is exciting, especially after the issues many of you had with the hefty chin and bezel that was included on the RAZR.

What else can we gather? Well, “HD” screen is new for Motorola in the U.S. We went hands on with their Chinese HD RAZRs back at CES and figured they would make the move to our shores at some point. The HD screens that Moto used in these two devices is something beautiful, so this phone should be grabbing your attention.

There was also a mention of it having the 3300mAh battery that the RAZR MAXX has.

What I’m struggling to understand though, is why release another RAZR variant? This would be the third version in about 6 months time. Sure, the upgraded HD screen is nice, and the idea that it will also have Ice Cream Sandwich at launch is fun, but couldn’t this have been the RAZR MAXX? Just like the RAZR MAXX should have been the RAZR?

Oh and another random thought to ponder – if this phone is coming in April, anyone willing to bet that it is Moto’s first ICS phone before any of their current lineup sees an update? I’d put money on that.

Full shot below. Thoughts?

Cheers Antony!

  • Shortmon920

    wasnt it supposed to come out April 12 2012? Its April 12 2012….we havent even had an update on it 

  • Misterburns81

    i just got the droid 4 on launch day. I didnt really like the droid razr because its bezel. I knew at some point motorola was going to make another razr but with a larger more detailed screen. And well here it is. Im hoping it comes with a big battery like the razr maxx. One of my lines is due for an upgrade in July so im hoping moto will release it before then. Im looking forward to it i love moto phones!

  • sinnerz

    Ok so theres only one name to fit this phone, razr hd

  • Tim

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  • Owewil3225

    im suprised the droid 5 hasnt come out yet.

  • Obama

    It can also be a RAZR prototype. 
    DOUBT IT though.

  • Mecevans

    Anyone think this could be due to all the defective RAZR screens?

  • NotoriousNeo

    Didn’t Motorola state they were going to take it easy with product launches this year and NOT do this kind of shit? Gah!

    • Guest

       Maybe *YOU* don’t like new phones… but obvious millions of people do.

      You are certainly free to buy very old hardware… but I want start-of-the-art devices ASAP.

  • Pwright063

    And I just bought the Razr Maxx today… typical.

  • Scott Capodice

    Bionic…Razr…Razr Maxx….whatever.  I’m one of these ppl that got the Bionic – the machine to rule all machines.  It’s a fine phone.  Way better than my Ally was.  Ext Battery helps.  Got my wife the Droid 4…she likes it.  I’d love to have the latest and greatest, but they can have their non-removable batteries.  I dont like it on the wife’s phone.  Out of all the phones out right now, I’d go either LG Revolution or HTC Rezound…prolly the Rezound tho as far as VZW is concerned.

  • gmen78

    Fail moto!!!!! Damn you for neglecting the suckers who bought the razr and razr Max…if you want latest software, buy our new razr. I mean really? Thank god I have rooted gnex.

  • Jerry Sprague

    Ok I read this just hours after I finally decide to upgrade to the Razr Maxx. Don’t know how I feel about it yet. I really liked the Maxx when I played with it in the store. I really wanted to like the Nexus but just wasn’t happening. The April 12th release date is just a week over my 14 day return period. There’s still too much rumored on what the device actually is so if the confirmed specs release before my trial is over Verizon might be seeing a return a little early.

  • ckkk

    I keep waiting to upgrade my DX thinking there is something better on the horizon, with all these phones coming out all the time, it’s hard to make the leap. This phone sounds great if it is truly an upgrade from the Maxx, I didn’t pull the trigger on the Maxx thinking that it needed a better camera and 720p, hopefully this phone is my answer.

    • Klw5688

      ok… first off, i went from a rooted/rommed OG that i still love and adore (and sleep beside because its retired to being an alarm clock, lol) to a Razr Maxx just last week. Second, the camera is pretty beasty dood. Third, the screen is great to me, just like the speed of the device, and the battery life. Fourth, To be honest i dont even care to modify this phone (what would the phone gain?), which is kinda sad, considering how much we all did just that with our OGs… I guess all im tryin to say is, i can see myself happy with this phone til my next upgrade in March of  ’13. 

    • Klw5688

      btw I got the OG the week it was released, shoulda done the same with the Maxx..

  • Choppacha01

    As much as a bunch of people frowned on the announcement of the Raze, many many people still purchased one. I see more tech savy people with Razrs the GNex. Obviously Motor doesn’t need to change a thing. By the way im still rocking my DX without the recent update…untill something worthy is released. Anyone else see more Razrs out there than GNex?

  • angermeans

    That’s it Motorola just release a new Razr variant every two months see how that gets ya with your loyal fans. I cannot believe that anyone trusts this sorry excuse of a company anymore. Between buggy software builds (droid 2, x, x2 etc), late updates (every update moto has ever promised including éclair, froyo, gb, honeycomb, and now ICS), the Xoom fiasco, not updating any of their 3G devices to ICS (even the droid3 droidx2 etc etc that have not even been released for more than six to eight months), the horrible screens in their current gen phones (Razr, Razr Maxx, droid 4, Xoom, and xyboard), the many promises that they are looking into offering some unlock plan (which ended up being a new full price Razr with no warranty), and worse of all blur moto has basically pissed off all their customers and the only ones left are either ignorant to these problems, or are just plans of their hardware either way these are your only customers now you are milking the Razr and making as much money as possible by adding small features like a bigger battery and now a current gen hd screen. Well, if someone is going to actually buy into Motorola I feel sorry for them.

  • westau

    I’d buy it, the only thing stopping me from buying the maxx is the screen quality(and somewhat not having a removable battery).

  • I feel like I should be pissed about this seeing as I just bought the Razr Maxx but I just don’t trust on-screen buttons. 

  • This is finally a phone that meets all  the specs I require from my next upgrade. The Rarzr, Maxx and Nexus all had at least one feature missing that was a dealbreaker to me

    • Dave Dean

       All I’m missing now is the qwerty keyboard. The Droid 5 fighter can’t be far away

  • Larizard

    You want a thin phone? Here’s the Droid Razr!
    You want better battery life? Here’s the Droid Razr Maxx!
    You want variety in colors? Here’s the Droid Razr in Purple, White, and Pink!
    You want ICS? Here’s the Droid Razr HD!

    In response to Apple’s “There’s an app for that campaign”, Motorola is prepping up for their own campaign:

    “There’s a phone for that”

  • C-Law

    I love my VZW nexus in every way but one. I definitely don’t enjoy getting worse signal than my OG Droid. I’ll be paying full price for an upgrade if there is a worthy successor before my contract is up.
    I’ve got three questions about this phone so far.
    3300mah battery?
    Unlockable bootloader?
    How will the gpu compare to the SGSIII? (if VZW even gets SGSIII)

  • J Dub

    Will it be stock and unlocked? Hell, just unlocked. 

  • Butters619

    Holy crap that phone is huge!

  • nightscout13

    I’ll wait for the  


  • fanboy1974

    As predicted. Another Motorola phone to make previous owners regret their purchase.

  • DroidCack

    I will just sit and wait for the next Moto Droid that’s attached to a car battery instead so i can have a 6 months of talk time and one year on stand by.

  • balthuszar

    if this phone releases with ICS before word of a US razr ICS upgrade, never buying a moto phone again…this coming from someone who the only brand he’s ever been loyal to was moto…we’re talking cars, toothpaste, laundry soap, EVERYTHING

    • TC Infantino

      Hmm, Car= Dodge, toothpaste= Colgate, laundry detergent= Tide, everything…that one is kinda hard.  lol

  • And folks say that HTC styling is old, lame and outdated. 

  • You also have to Remember that the OG Motorola Razr was Moto’s best selling phone back in the Flip phone days. I personally can’t blame a Company for Whoring out it’s Best Selling name. You can only blame yourself when you know for a Fact that your phone is going to be Replaced in 6 Months. Pick a Phone, Settle Down, and Wait for the Next Big Thing!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Dumb. Too many phones. Didn’t they get rid of, or demote, Sanjay Jha? I thought that that would take care of this problem. Just another reason I may switch to another OS. 

  • JohnPA2006

    As much as I though the Gnex was cool, I would rather have a motorola device 
    that is meant to compete against it.
    Everyone complains about locked bootloaders but its not enough to stop me from buying a phone from them. Bloatware and not being able to illegally tether your phone isnt a reason to say the phone is bad. Its been this way for about 4 years now, it shouldnt be a suprise to anyone. 

    • Diablo81588

      You’re confusing root access with unlocked bootloaders. You don’t need an unlocked bootloader to remove bloat, nor illegally tether a device. I’ve been doing this for years, first with my DX and now with my Bionic, both of which have locked bootloaders.

      • MotoVenom

        Technically, the tethering isn’t illegal. It’s the service providers that want their cut of money. There really shouldn’t be a lock on it, It’s a feature of the android OS. And really, you have a data plan. Why should it matter how it’s used? I have a Droid Bionic and have no complaints. I’ve rooted, safestrapped with both Eclipse ROM and ICS Beta…Runs great on both. And honestly, the things out on the market now are old news. They wait to release stuff to the public for years…They have all kinds of things in development that we probably only can dream of. 

  • LocBox


  • Lovehate

    imo if you compare your phone to your last one you will always be happy,on the other if your always comparing it to the lastest and greatest you will never be.

  • Moto is a Love Hate Relation

    I want to like Motorola Phones because they are just built so nice. They make is it to hard by the time I buy one of their phones they make a new version of it a month later. They could at least unlock them so the developer community could keep them updated.

  • M Olague0810

    Shut up and take my money!!!