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Contest: Tell Us Why You Want an Android Tablet Instead of the New iPad, Win One of Two Transformer Primes and Docks (Update: Winners Picked)

asus transformer prime

We are teaming up with NVIDIA once again to offer you all a chance to win the top Android tablet on the market. The Transformer Prime along with its matching Lapdock station, was the first tablet in the world to sport the powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor, capable of delivering an Android experience no other slate can. With the unparalleled gaming experience that the Prime and NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone can deliver, this tablet should have been on everyone’s Christmas list. But don’t worry if Santa didn’t bring you one, here is a another chance (for two of you) to receive one along with a docking keyboard station.  

Update: We have our two winners:

Sirlandry – I want a real pad to learn Android development and possibly effect the community in a big way with some fresh ideas and ways of thinking!

ONeal Pierce – Would be great to finally get a tablet.  Using my Thunderbolt screen is ok but would like larger screen, without lugging around a laptop on the road for work.

How to enter: (do as many of the following as possible, #4 for sure)

1.  Follow both @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Want to win an Asus Transformer Prime? Check out @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/BgBTJ #android

3.  Like Droid Life on Facebook.
4.  In the comments, tell us why you want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Monday (3/19/2012) at 8AM Pacific to enter. U.S. entries only.


Two winners will both receive 1 (one) Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet along with 1 (one) Lapdock Station.


Two winners will be picked randomly on Monday (3/19/2012) at 9AM and announced shortly thereafter. The winner will be contacted through their choice of entry (Twitter, Facebook or comments).

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks again to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes! Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for some of the best mobile games you will find anywhere.

  • Marlon

    Thats Simple
    1. the software is asap updated!
    2. runs stable and fast!
    3. the best apps comes out, only for android!
    4. best battery lifetime!
    5. huge CPU  Quad Core for best performance, yeah! 
    6. no aluminum body, ha stable cases are for hipsters!
    7. retina displays are for people who needs magnifying glasses, hm, wait, what?
    8. Andi Rubin, the genius behind android (I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant, mh yeah, look what smartphones means?!), so its safe that android will rock even better each release!
    9. they reinvented the hole thing! no microsoft you’re wrong, its not a copy of icrap!
    10. last but not least, this user friendly OS, man, only 30 % return rate (http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/26/androids-dirty-secret-shipping-numbers-are-strong-but-returns-are-30-40/)

  • I’m sick of Apple. Ever since I gave up on the iPhone, I went straight out Android. Everything I use is now tied to Google. Long live Android!

  • ewilliams1009

    I want this tablet because it is a pure Prime ICS experience and I can game to my hearts content. I’m in love!

  • I want an Android Tablet instead of the new iPad because I can’t stand ios. I want clean home screens and freedom to do what I want with my device. In general I just don’t like the iPad or the iPhone. Plus I don’t want to have to worry about buying all my games again. 

  • Brett Ward

    I can’t use Apple products. They insult the very fundamentals of my intelligence and independence. Therefore, having the best of the best Android gear keeps me satisfied. After a rough entry into the Android world with the Droid X, I’ve been having a great time with my Galaxy Nexus. I love having a more open, standard piece of equipment. Although school has been in the way, I’ve been working on some pretty nice projects as well for ROM development.

  • HDotBaines

    I want the Transformer over the iPad because I prefer innovation over imitation.

  • Willtron

    Because I value my hands and i don’t want them catching on fire.

  • Scottyb112

    Cmon, I wouldn’t be on Droid Life if I wanted an iPad… Im Android all the way, and I really want to win that Transformer Prime.. ~Team Droid~

  • Justin

    I strictly believe in the old adage,

    “an android a day keeps the apple away”

    and that is why I want a new Android tablet instead of an ipad.

  • Justin Betancourt

    I want one because it would intergrate better with my galaxy nexus and google tv than an iPad

  • aj34

    I want the Transformer Prime because it has ICS goodness! YUM, YUM!

  • I want one because of Androids openness. that is the number one reason out of the thousands of reasons Android is better than ianything.

  • Bm0403

     I want an android tablet with a Terga 3 because I am all about power, what American isn’t?

  • Adam Klein

    Simple…open versus closed

  • tiptoptommy

    i have loved android since i first laid hands on my ogd and have abandoned apple since…… that’s all i have to say about that…..

  • Benjamin Green

    I want the Asus Transformer Prime because it has better battery life than the new iPad, a better aspect ratio than the new iPad, more flexibility than the new iPad in the way of widgets, and has a keyboard dock and Nvidia Tegra which make it far more powerful than the iPad. And that is all.

  • Benavidez19

    Cus I love the freedom that android offers.

  • Luis_lxxxix

    I want the power of Tegra 3 because my Tegra 2 Xoom running ICS rom EOS 1.0 is awesome! I can only imagine ICS on a tegra 3 Transformer Prime. Also looking forward to the gaming, (just recently started using my ps3 sixaxis on the xoom). The dock would be the icing on the cake, enabling me to almost completely replace my laptop.
    On the other hand, iPad is boring to me. No option for sweet physical keyboard attachment, no freedom, too simple, meh..

  • valjean615

    I want an Android Tablet over an iPad because I like ice cream sandwiches and the open source of Android!

  • An android tablet due to being open source and having such a wide developer support…plus OPEN Android > Apple iSteal

  • Zachary Gabet

    I want a Prime because I do NOT want any more Dr-Suess-ian-oversimplified technology that is destined to go the way of other status symbols like Members Only Jackets.  

  • I cannot stand the sight of the walled garden. Android loyalist, right here!

  • because i hate itunes

  • demolition505

    I want this tablet, so I can fully customize it to my liking. I’m really anxious to test out the power of the Tegra 3. The lapdock will be awesome for school, and I really want to play some Tegra Zone games on it.

  • Salsa2333

    I prefer an android tablet over an ipad for countless reasons. Customization and freedom to do what I want, how I want are just a couple. I have a better overall experience doing the things I do most on a tablet…internet browsing, email and gaming are flawless. I prefer Asus because they are a quality company. I build computers and every build has to start with an Asus motherboard, no exceptions…they’re that good! Award winning motherboards translate to award winning tablets to me.

  • The ipad is cool dont get me wrong with the retina display so vivid. But to me the quality lacks in every way. I don’t like apple products, they dont know how to evolve software wise. Android are the #underground kings- Drake

  • Would love an android tablet to accompany my android phone…

  • Kane_0316

    Because as an IT that I’m, I feel it meets my needs and it’s more customizable than the ipad or any other apple product.

  • Jdorant

    Because one button just doesn’t cut it

  • leimeisei

    Because I need to show all the people at my school who think they’re soooooo friggin cool with their iPads that there’s something better on the market…

  • I Robert O’Connor the 1st would very much like an ASUS Transformer Prime with an accompanying Lapdock Station, because with this power and only this power I will be able to end world hunger, bring about world peace and show all those smug black turtleneck apple fanboy freaks how a real tablet should operate. 

  • Tony Ward

    Times are tough and I just had to sell my Xoom to make my car payment this month. 

  • Kenton T. Goldsby

    I want an Android tablet rather than the new iPad because Android platform is so customizable compared to iOS. After getting an Android phone (Evo 3D), it is hard to imagine getting an iPhone.

  • Arglmr

    AnDroid Is Now, Here And FOREVER

  • BrianBrick

    I want an Android Tablet instead of an iPad because my android tablet can be whatever I want it to be (especially with the lapdock). sure the ipad is compatible with plenty of services, but i dont want to be limited to the apple app store. being an aspiring mobile developer myself, I’d have one more tool in my arsenal to eventually share my efforts with the world on all android platforms across many manufacturers, not just the overpriced iStuff

  • wrenchme

    “I don’t buy into the “Apple Ecosystem”, and the lack of memory expansion stinks.”

  • Khammy101

    quad core 

  • Yitzmail

    Because I love android and it would be the ultimate dynamic duo with my Droid phone!! Ipads are the hype but I love android which has soooo much more to offer!

    Leave the pads for the lads – us big boys need our droids – Droid life!

  • Grant M

    Because with Android you can make your tablet your own. You aren’t confined to the way Apple wants it. And the Transformer Prime specifically has the most power and best design out of any of the tablets on the market. 

  • Anth

    When the transformer prime came out I could not get one as the availibility was not there. Now the IPAD 3 is out and I had to take another look. My heart is still set on the transformer prime because Android is not restricted like Apple restricts their products. Well I no longer have the funds for either but winning a transformer would make my year. Android forever!

  • Calculatorwatch

    I want a Transformer Prime because anyone who tries to do actual work on an iPad just looks like a goofball… It’s all about the keyboard, baby.

    Plus Android is just better.

  • PuzzleShot

    I want a Transformer Prime instead of an iPad because I prefer Android to iOS. I had an iPod touch and I know what it is like, and while I don’t mind it, Android is more my cup of tea. The notification tray with icons visible at all times means I don’t have to pull it down to remember what has happened. The multitasking isn’t limited to seven APIs, so I don’t have to worry about leaving an app on screen for it to do what it has to do. I can have widgets (music player widget), apps that activate by touching certain parts of the screen (like Wave Launcher), change the keyboard, get a new lockscreen, whatever. I’m invested in Google so it makes sense to use Android, especially with exclusives like a native editor for Google Docs and a Reader app, as well as the fantastic Google Play Music. If I wanted to, I could change Android to look and act like iOS, but I can’t do the opposite, and that alone reflects the power of the Android platform. If I’m willing to learn and put in effort, I can make my Android tablet do anything, and even without that, it still does quite a bit out of the box, improved by clever apps from clever devs.

  • The Race To Die

    root. rom. enjoy android.

  • Ben Schulz

    I want to play games that have optimized graphic and turn my tablet into a functioning laptop.  It’s that simple.

  • jrgray27

    Because I want the best product that’ll have longevity.  And love trying the underdog product.

  • shawn thomas

    Owning an android tablet over an ipad is a no brainer.  The opennes of Android beats IOS hands down.

  • Rmoyer62

    I want an android tablet because of the freedom provided by open source. Root,overclock, custom software..yes please..a device named after a feminine product controlled with an iron fist? Thanks but no thanks

  • MKader17

    The simple reason that I choose Android over Apple is because of the Transformer’s dock and its ability to accept so much extra memory and other devices.

    Also, Android has much better flexibility. I’m confident we will see the community get Ubuntu booting on tablets in the future.

    For Android the possibilities are limited by your imagination. With iOS, they are limited by Apple. 

  • Ice Cream Sandwich is sooo delicious, that’s why I want it

  • because ICS > iOS