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Rumor: Samsung’s Galaxy SIII Making Its Way to the Production Line?

According to industry insider Eldar Murtazin, the Galaxy SIII design is complete and ready for manufacturing. Along with his notes on which specs we can expect from the upcoming Galaxy superphone, he has said that pre-orders from carriers and retailers is at an all time high. Could that be thanks to the popularity and success of the Galaxy SII? We think so. Mr. Murtazin has gone ahead and confirmed a few of the major specs for the upcoming device and they read as such: Quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8″ HD display, Ice Cream Sandwich, and a ceramic casing which has been reported before.

So, should we believe this new round of rumors? Until Samsung gives us an official word, let’s take everything with a grain of salt so we don’t end up being let down in the end.  Sammy still has plans on hosting their very own event around the time of commercial availability of the device, so let’s hope it is sometime soon.

Via: Phone Arena

  • josemon maliakal

    More exciting rumors about galaxy S3 at

    can be read from the following links



  • Tony NoName

    Zirconia Ceramic next to a Diamond in HARDNESS and totally scratch resistant. Thin and extremely lightweight no one will need any additional case to protect it. I remember the rumors about iPhoney 3G having a one. Turned out to be a lie and instead it was plastic. Not that plastic is a bad thing. Especially when you’re the company (like Samsung) that builds your own Oil Platforms (including largest in the World) and spend the money on R&D to make near Bullet Proof and still flexible! 

    Now it’s been reported that Samsung has gone into full production of Flexible AmOLED Screens that can be applied to even that Ceramic case and retrofitted on older phones. That allow you instant customize your skin case according to your mood, environment or artistic choice. They will also be used in Advertising. Like embedded on the side of F-1 Race Cars. These are skins build on Samsung’s Generation 8.5 process fabrication and most likely RGBW for extra brightness even in daylight! 

    Samsung’s newest Exynos processor production has now been fully ramped up on their Revolutionary full Samsung ARM Designed 32nm HKMG Gate First Process for up to 30% greater energy efficiency! ….take that all you iCrAppleholics! ;-P 

  • chris125

    Hopefully they make it mostly screen so that it isn’t any larger than the galaxy nexus.

  • Greyhame

    Hope Samsung is smart enough to take a page out of *pple’s playbook and load this thing up with multiple radios so it can be a world phone right out of the gate.  ….And so it comes to VZW.

  • tjpeco

    Eldar is certainly a farseer.

  • Question to anyone who knows, will the quad core version actually make it to the states and play nice with LTE? It’s my understanding that some of these processors don’t work properly with LTE, which is why the AT&T HTC One X will be dual core and why the skyrocket on AT&T didn’t have the exynos processor either. Same with Galaxy NExus on Verizon

  • dieringer scott

    I love my G-NEX but i would toats sell it for this..

  • 9host99

    sounds like this might be the replacement for the ole TBolt…

  • LiterofCola

    Come to Verizon PLEASE!!

  • Jdstell

    I want to see a Droid Razr style commercial of this thing flying in the air chopping and slicing through walls and light poles on the entire Apple campus in Cupertino. hahaha

  • so will the s3 get the same lack of updates as the gnex? ,id never buy another samsung phone

    • dieringer scott

      Samsung doesnt control the gnex…

  • abhele

    finally i can put my captivate to rest when this comes out

  • Xunda

    I dont care unless it comes to verizon… there i said it! 

  • Android1997

    Verizon passed up the GSII for the Gnex, and that 4G LTE slider (Epic 4G)
    They got the Epic around the time the GSII rumors started swirling around.
    Is it possible that AT&T picked up the Galaxy  Note and Skyrocket HD insted of the GSIII???

    Could Verizon Pick this up after all? 

    Samsung Galaxy S III > Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Like Verizon is going to get it anytime soon. Keep wishing.

    Hopefully the 4.8″ is still edge to edge and 1080p which is still hard to believe. That’s a lot of pixels to push.

    • 4whomthebellTrolls

      IPad says hi.

      • JaeLim

        You mean the screen with 264ppi? The 4.8 screen with 1080p = 470ppi btw.

  • wastry

    Just wondering; I know the Tegra 3 doesn’t play nice with LTE, but can anyone tell me if the new quad-core Exynos plays nice with LTE?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    well good thing i have sprint and at&t haha…one if not both of those are bound to get it 😛

  • Runner up for the phone of the YEAR!!! Samsung is WINNING…

    • Bionic

      The fuckk are you talking about?

      • wastry

        Charlie Sheen reference, methinks

      • Android1997

        Your just not getting these jokes today

      • socalrailroader


  • dfhgfd


  • Android1997

    This might be the phone for me 


    Ok 🙁

    • Nklenxhi

      What are you 12?

      • PC_Tool

        What are you, Vulcan?

      • Android1997


    • 9host99

      hahah, i lawld

  • Azn_Android

    Feeling some buyers remorse about the nexus after hearing all these specs.. but you gotta take what you have and be happy with it or you wont enjoy life. My nexus performs perfectly fine for what I need it to and that’s what matters I guess.

    • Android1997

      Honestly, if you knew a phone would eventually be made like this you should have waited. Im still on my Fascinate. But on the bright side i dont think this phone will make its way to Verizon, Unless AT&T passed up on it for the note

      • AE35

        Dear God, you bought a Fascinate? I am so so so sorry.

        Look at the bright side, you didn’t buy a Bionic 🙂

        • PC_Tool

          I have 3 Fascinates in my family.  2 rooted and ROM’d, one on Froyo (Their GB OTA bites).

          All three phones work just fine. 

          In fact, while mine is still used as a nightstand clock/radio, I do still sometimes wish my G’Nex has as bright a screen.

          I will definitely be checking out the SIII.  Chances are, if the screen is better,  I will buy one and hand the G’Nex down.  Had VZW sold the SII I’d have that instead of the G’Nex…

          • AE35

            A rooted Fascinate is a different story. You de-Binged it and de-Touchwized it. That just leaves a crappy a GPS. Don’t know if that was software related but probably hardware.

            It had a cheap feel to it too. But it does have a vibrant display. 

            I would definitely consider a Galaxy SIII if reviews prove the radios to be better.

          • PC_Tool

            GPS works fine on all of them…We’ve been using Latitude since we got ’em to keep track of eachother.

            My wife’s is running stock Froyo….and she loves it.

            Cheap is relative. Everyone bitches about build-quality and won’t be happy until they’re made of impossibilium. Mine has a few dings….I’ve had it since launch…and I’ve dropped it several times. As far as I am concerned, it’s built well enough. I don’t need to be able to put it through a wood-chipper.


            FYI: I *like* TouchWiz 4+ (3.0, which it shipped with, was admittedly horrifying, at least to me. My wife doesn’t seem to mind it.)

          • AE35

            Yes cheap is relative, to other manufacturers. Moto best, then HTC then Samsung and LG (Nokia beats them all. Too bad no Android). I wouldn’t call expecting better quality “bitching”. Accepting cheap is settling.

            Touchwiz is getting better. But you actually LIKE it? To each their own. I’ve heard some people say Blur isn’t bad (gag).

            The original was stuck using Bing (thanks Verizon), tried too hard to look like iOS, and had spelling errors!! I still rather root and be done with all of them or use a good launcher but as far as skins go I would say HTC Sense > TouchWiz > Blur > LG whatever.

            I still say the Fascinate out-of-the-box sucked (except for the display which was it’s main selling point). You modified it and waited for enough upgrades to put a polish on that turd :p

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Why do people say 720p or 1080p when referencing phone screens?  Has an OEM ever put out an interlaced phone screen?


    • Tim242

      720p & 1080p = HD. OEM’s have put out HD screens. It refers to the pixel count…

      • dieringer scott

        He is referring to 1080p vs 1080i

      • TimisRetarded

         Wow Tim, u really are retarded

  • If this beast has the rumored 1080p display plus those spec’s.

    • Nklenxhi

      If it DOES have a 1080p display I guarantee people will complain about benchmarks and battery

  • sgtguthrie

    IIf someone from vzw is reading this, PLEASE GET THIS DEVICE! It would sell like candy bars in a vending machine right outside of a weight loss clinic!!!

  • Austinrgoebel

    4.8 inches is just rediclious, if its thats big im not getting one, 4.6 is my max

    • Bionic

      Yeah cuz yanno…….you can really feel and see a huge difference in .2 inches.  And are you aware that this phone likely has a very thin bezel?  This is why they are using ceramic.  So this phone might actually have a smaller footprint than you “perfect 4.6 inch”.

      I think your peniss is 4.6 inches long and you dont want to have a phone bigger than your penis.  

  • ddevito

    GNex owners who hate your device:

    Go buy this phone and STFU. Tired if hearing all the GNex whining.

    • Bionic


      • 4whomthebellTrolls

        Scumbag Bionic; launches one half hour before Razr announcement.

    • if we ever get concerned about what you are tired of, we will let you know

    • PC_Tool

      I’m sure they’ll all get right on that…


  • Kinfolk248

    Why do i get the feeling that this is the type of device the gnex was intended to be as far as the specs go! i mean, the gnex is nice but sucks egg compared to these specs! Google is slow with the updates this go around, the gnex has subpar specs in some departments, just seems like sammy gave google their backup device as a nexus, tht or someone messed up and sent over the wrong phone on report day and it just stuck lol…IMO…oh well…

  • Kinfolk248

    Well duh, everyone knew the GSIII would go into production….now if you can divulge which radios it had so we’d know which carriers it was going to…hmm…

    • Bionic

      Samsung and Motorola should allow a technoly trade.  Motrola can use Samsung’s screens and Samsung can use motorola radios.  

      • Kinfolk248

        ha yea that would help

  • Android1997

    I heard the’re going to call it “The New Galaxy S”

    • Bionic


      • Android1997

        Obviously a joke

        • FortitudineVincimus

          I think the real joke is that this is posted here and yet it will not come to VZW

          • unaffected

            Please don’t say that.

      • Didja feel the wind as that one whizzed by?

      • You fell right into the trap…

  • Ubi

    I really wish big red will get this handheld. But I’m almost positive they won’t 🙁

  • Hmm, now the decision….wait for this phone if I can take it or get the Galaxy Nexus and receive updates first…..damn technology has to move so fast ;-P

    • Bionic

      id say this phone.  GNEX is almost already old news

      • Nklenxhi

        This phone doesn’t even exist yet, and when it comes out people will find something to bitch about. The Nexus is a developer phone, meaning we’ll always have the latest software (plus software cleaned up by devs)

        • 4whomthebellTrolls

          Nexus S 4G says hi.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Ceramic is an odd material of choice. Has there ever been a ceramic phone before? And the Galaxy S3 needs to come to Verizon. For my sake. I don’t particularly care whether or not a Nexus comes to Verizon (numerous things that I don’t like about Nexii, such as lack of removable storage, CPU/GPU merely okay rather than great). As fast as a quad-core Exynos processor will be, Touchwiz will be just fine with me. I’m totally okay with having the phone and getting a developer-made stock rom later (or Cyanogenmod). The only thing that would turn me off from this phone would be a locked bootloader, but I’m pretty confident that Samsung wouldn’t do something as silly as that for a flagship phone like the Galaxy S3.

    • sgtguthrie

      You do realize the galaxy nexus is on vzw right? You say it like vzw has no nexus device…

    • FreeStan

      The nexus cpu is on par/better than the exynos. The gpu is not as good, but more than adequate for anything you want to run on it.

      Personally, I don’t get the hate.

    • TheWickedShepherd

      If the case is anything like the indestructible ceramic dining set I got as a gift then that would be awesome. These plates are incredibly thin, I’ve dropped them over a dozen times on hard tile floors, slice food straight off of them, scrub them down with a metal sponge, and they still look brand new. Imagine the entire phone going through that equivalent amount of abuse and not get a scratch. Hoping these rumors turn out true.

    • user311

      Ceramic is actually a really good choice for strength and weight. Some ceramics are stronger than steel and in fact ceramics are used for tank armor. So, I wouldn’t really call it odd, but progressive; its a material that can be as strong as steel and as light as aluminum. 

  • chris125

    Come on verizon pick this up.

    • Tim242

      Why? You’d just bi**h about it on forums and blogs every day. You are never satisfied with any phone.

      • chris125

        Ha ok fanboy. Why don’t you suck on the Samsung teet a little harder. Sorry you are so blinded by your fanboyism

        • PC_Tool

          “You hate everything!”

          “Oh yeah??!? Well, you’re a fanboy!”

          Gotta love the internet….  :-/

  • DanSke

    Totally torn. I wanted the Galaxy Note, but I don’t see how it can even compete with specs like these. Granted that speculations turn into fact. 

  • Bionic

    A ceramic case?  That sounds…….odd…..to say the least.  I prefer metal……however I will admit ive never seen a ceramic phone so I guess I will wait and judge it when it comes out.  

    Sounds like it’ll be a cool phone but im not due for an upgrade until May of 2013 so it matters not to me.

    • sgtguthrie

      I have an upgrade in December, so I’m sure they’ll move it up a couple of months (so long as it comes to vzw of course) or I may just hold onto the “Blunderbolt” until the next nexus drops. Hopefully it will be made by htc or motorola…

    • I’ve seen a ceramic knife, it’s better than steel.

    • Tim242

      HTC is using ceramic on its One X

  • PissedPants

    Why you no wait for me to get out of the bathroom?!

  • Djlowproz

    doesnt this belong on Android-Life?

    • Tim242

      Why be an a$$ and tell someone where to post something on his damn blog??? Go write your own and post what you want, where you want it.

      • Djlowproz

         My bad Bro? I not trying to start a flame war. I was just saying

      • Guest

        Your clearly mad.

    • Just_Some_Nobody


  • Lacokanostra

    So if it has an unlocked bootloader I could technically throe a sense based rom in it right?

    • JosephMoreno

      NO! The ROM would have to be made for your phone, and I dont know any dev who has the time to do that.

      • AE35

        … or desire. That’s like taking off a dirty pair of underwear so you can put on a different dirty pair of underwear. What’s the point? They both stink.

        • 4whomthebellTrolls

          Sony’s Bravia runs on the EVO 4G.


        • PC_Tool

          The lovely thing about Android…is that anyone can pretty much use anything they want….and some folks actually *like* TW/Blur/Sense.

          While I understand why many folks love AOSP, I do not understand their apparent driving need to immediately shut-down and insult anything that isn’t pure AOSP.  Isn’t Android about choice???

  • Jim

    If Samsung is smart, they would have it ready by the Olympics and give all the atheletes a free phone.

  • Obligatory comment about how I don’t care unless it comes to Verizon.

  • Tom Luley

    Probably not to Verizon…but if it is, they BETTER change the stickin radio’s…Jeez

    • chris125

      Agree the radios in the nexus are garbage

      • Tim242

        No, they are not. I had a Razr and Nexus side by side for three days. The Razr showed more bars, they both showed the same dBm. The Razr has inflated bars, not better radios.

        • chris125

          Yes they are. Has nothing to do with inflated readings or anything, samsung can’t hold a signal in fringe areas anywhere near what moto and others can. Sorry that is just simple proven from various experiences. Go search any nexus forum and see what people complain about..

          • Tim242

            I live in a fringe area. In my house, both the Nexus and Razr. Showed -93 dBm, on 3G. The Nexus had 1 bar, the Razr 4. That is all the proof I need.

          • chris125

            Ok I guess everyone losing data and not being able to get it back and things like that must have been making it up.. I forgot you account for every nexus out there.

          • Tim242

            No, you forgot that the people complaining only account for a very small percentage of Nexus owners. Not to mention, Anandtec proved that it’s a bar issue, not a radio issue.

          • chris125

            Actually no they proved the nexus reads Lte where as the others were reading 3g

          • Tim242

            Therefore, proving it’s a bar issue.

          • C-Law

            Yeah nexus radios do suck. I lose signal in big buildings all the time, 3g and 4g. Don’t have that problem with signal on my mother’s Droid 2 or my og droid. Its my second nexus bc the first had a broken earpiece speaker. Both perform the same. People not complaining about radios either don’t know how good verizon service can be with good radios or haven’t been in the buildings I’ve been in

          • chris125

            Once again this concept must be over your head. If people are dropping signal and issues like that its not just a bar issue no matter what anandtech says. Sorry you aren’t going to prove anything wrong quoting that site when I and others I know had a nexus and had similar issues. Clearly to you it is the god phone and can’t see it has serious issues

          • Chad Ramey

            i havent had a problem with my nexus at all

          • AE35

            He’s fascinated with the bars for some reason. Doesn’t understand the issue is reception quality and dropped calls. I don’t even look at those silly bars.

          • unaffected

            That’s the probem I had with my GNex. In the city everything worked fine but the farther out I went the worse it got, sometimes to the point that I could not even make a phone call. returned it for a RAZR and I get almost perfect signals many times much farther out than the G-Nex did.

        • Tom Luley

          I have my Nexus side by side with a Razr AND a Rezound in a LTE fringe area and don’t get nearly the speeds or reception with the Nexus. Its terrible. Maybe the 3g radios are alright in the Nexus, but I can’t even place a phone call 75% of the time in my house where has my Droid X I had no issues, and my sister and brother in law’s Razr and Rezound have no issues either. I am with Chris on this one, go to any Nexus forum, it will show you the real issues with the radio.

        • George264

          I lose my 4G connection in my house 50 times a day. My rezound NEVER lost LTE. I had a Rezound 4 more months than the GN.

          • chris125

            You can’t say anything to Tom he is worse than te iPhone fanboys

        • AE35

          You made this silly argument before in another thread and got trashed there too.

          Bars mean nothing – high or low
          Not all people make calls from your mobile home
          Samsung has a history of weak radios
          There are many people experiencing the same issue
          “Mine works great” does not mean others are not having a problem.

          I bought one and it was dropping calls like a SOB just outside of NYC. Exchanged for a RAZR and problem solved. I would have preferred the Nexus.

          • Tim242

            Hmmm wonder why so few of the.many people that bought the phone complain? Because only a small percentage of Nexus users are drama queens that like to b**ch on forums all day. There are a lot if satisfied users out there. That speaks for itself.

          • AE35

            Actually I’m seeing a large number of people complaining about Samsung radios.

            Timmy, you’re a bit too much of a fanboy about this phone. I have yet to see a perfect phone:

            Samsung = crappy radios, cheesy build materials
            Moto = mediocre displays, locked bootloaders, Blur 
            HTC = last truly good phone was Droid Incredible (AMOLED)
            LG = Should rename phone division to LOL
            iPhone = don’t have enough time to type everything
            Blackberry = died, waiting to fall down to be buried

            Relax dude, the radio is not that great. The phone has it’s good points too.

          • LiterofCola

            Nexus fanboys?  Thats un-possible!!!!!

          • Butters619

            Hahahaha!!! I love your list of things wrong with each manufacturer. And very true.  I tried an LG phone once and it was returned in 4 days for an Atrix.

        • 4whomthebellTrolls

          Fanboys don’t help products become better, you bleating fool.

      • BoozeRob

        Mine are fine.

      • The GSM Galaxy Nexus doesn’t seem to be having issues with reception on 2G/3G for most users in the regions I usually dwell in, though.

        And I’ve been wondering about how much does a device made for VZW differ from a device made for everyone else (GSM) in terms of testing and QA.

  • Bigsike

    So there is no way Verizon is going to see this right?

  • James Jackson

    hope theyve made the exynos compatible with LTE

    • doesnt the galaxy note on AT&T run exynos and LTE ? 

      • MyStillRemains

        No, they had to change the processor to a 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S3 processor so that LTE would work. 

        • Okay my mistake. Thanks but i did read somewhere that they did make exynos to run with LTE but it may be another rumor but lets hope its true

          • NotASermon

             I mean, it is possible that a GSM would come with quad core exynos, and the CDMA Verizon version come with quad core snapdragon s4.

        • socalrailroader

          They did, and as one having an AT&T Note I can say with authority this thing FLIES!  Quad core is seriously not even needed right now, there is almost nothing out there that even takes advanatage of two cores.  

      • JosephMoreno

        no, snapdragon.

  • 11knives

    Verizon Wireless???