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Facebook for Android Receives Update, No Changelog Yet

Facebook has pumped out a couple of updates recently, but have neglected to post a changelog detailing the fixes or features they are adding. It may be a tad bit annoying, but at least we know they’re trying to make it better. Head to the Play store to get the latest and greatest Facebook.

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  • One thing I noticed is when updating status, the “general location” you are in is fixed now.  Used to show me in a town 30 miles away from where I was.

  • ABerry5

    They added Facebook contact sync in ICS at least… for those posting who cares learn to rexognixe when you’re being an.oxymoron as I.can’t give 2 shts about your post too and those saying its slow. And laggy what the hell phones do u have it runs fine


    All I would like to know if what horrid screen is this picture taken with? The Facebook logo looks awful.

  • I updated mine but didn’t see any difference at all. It’s a complete waste of time.

  • haomeng27


  • martyjones

    Deleted the app last month because I figured it couple pull more info from my phone than just using the mobile site

  • Luckyr1981

    its about F’n Time!!! Hopefully its fully functional, with no lag.

  • mrjackson

    They should hire RIM to write it for them, it would work better.

  • Havoc70

    I don’t even want the cr-app on my phone, much less their lame updates. 

  • One of the shittiest apps on the android market right now. Seriously. Billion dollar company can’t pay for programmers to make an app run smoothly?

    I was using the Pulse app today and marvelled at how smooth it was, and when I open the FB app, it either takes a minute to load my notifications, or will just FC!

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    • Andrew Kennedy

       i just log in to FB though Google Chrome (witch is an amazing browser app) on my G-Nex and it works a thousand times faster and better than that joke for an app

      • WAldenIV

        I finally made the switch to FriendCaster last week.  I was sick of the load times, force closes whenever I tried to post a status update, and my battery manager indicated that the app consumed 40% of my battery one day last week.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        • What if you turned off notifications? How much would it consume then?

          • WAldenIV

            They were already turned off.

    • It takes a lot of time to upload all your personal information, contact, and gps log of everywhere you’ve been since your last login.

    • LionStone

      Hmmm… What phone are you using?! Loads in 3-4 seconds on my stock TB and runs smooth.

  • Phxkevin12345

    that app is useless.. I cant post status updates or upload pictures with it. It just crashes when i do either

    • Lewis Griswold

      is your default security more than one custom group?  if so, that’s your issue!

      • Michael G

        Wait…  So you’re saying that since I have three different “tiers”/groups of people with different privacy settings, THAT’S why it’s been force closing on me for the past year?

        • Lewis Griswold

          Yup.  after tons of searching, someone figured it out and posted on some of the droid forums.  Confirmed by changing my security to a base group (friends only, etc); and it worked fine.  with each update I’m praying they fix this bug, but nope!  not yet.

          • Michael G

            Wow.  Well I’m not changing everything around.  I’ll just keep using the mobile site. 
            Thanks for the info!

  • Unacceptable, honestly… unacceptable, 

  • Michael Forte

    Looks like a couple interface changes to me. The like and comment part of a post specifically.

    • edmicman

      Thing is I thought those were part of s silent update a few days ago. Like, they didn’t update the app, just the web view inside on the back end.

      • droidiac13

         It was part of the silent update the other day.  Those changes were live yesterday.

  • Johny Merg

    they need to update it so its not so slow and some what easier to use. And make available the option to remove friends instead of having to use a computer

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Uhh.. you can unfriend within the application.

      • Johny Merg

        and how do you do that?

        • Johny Merg

          oooooooo never mind  figured it out  well, never mind then, my needs are met lol

  • Contact sync works

    • Account Sync is showing as an option but I can’t get it to work. Stock non-rooted Gnex.

      • MikeD675

        Same here, doesn’t add the facebook account to sync.

        • Djlowproz

           doesnt work on Stock 4.0.4 either

        • No go on sync, stock 4.0.4 

      • Chris G

        I too am not getting it to work.  Stock, rooted, 4.0.2.  

    •  For the first time in over a year, it pulled down the account pictures and synced with my contacts, sweet.

      Too bad I don’t use facebook much anymore

  • KevinC

    probably because there is nothing new, just bug fixes.

    • chris125

       Still would need a changelog to show what it fixes……

      • KevinC

        um, no you don’t.  a developer shouldn’t have to post exactly what fixes are contained in the update.

        • chris125

           Yeah because I guess those bug fixes aren’t changes or anything. You’re right because every time a bug fixer goes out they never provide change logs. smh

          • KevinC

            they most certainly are changes, and yes, sometimes they do post change logs that show what major bugs they fix.

            but to expect one everytime an update is released is crazy, maybe they’re just a few minor bug fixes?

          • KevinC

            and also, you must be living under a rock or something.  facebook hasn’t posted a changelog in at least the last 5 updates.  it’s been the same thing for months now.

          • chris125

            You must be living under a rock the last fb update had a changeLog. Dumbass

        • John

          then they should do what all apps put in update section “changes in this version: bugfixes”

          it’s not that hard.

    • Bodhiballer

      More like: probably because there is nothing new, just a bunch of bugs

  • what’s facebook?

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Its that thing that Google+ tried overcoming and failed miserably at.

      • kulanapan

        I don’t think that was ever their intention…

        • Noyfb

          Facebook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

          • John


      • You realize twitter didn’t overcome facebook either.  Google+ can exist without destroying facebook.  I actually read much more interesting posts on Google+ than I ever do on facebook.  Facebook is a wasteland of garbage posts and links.