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Samsung is Unveiling Angry Birds Space Tomorrow, Not an 11.6-inch Retina Display Tablet

So this silly rumor that Samsung was going to announce a Galaxy Tab 11.6 tomorrow at SXSW in Texas with a higher resolution display than the iPad gained traction this morning for who knows what reason. Why would they choose SXSW over say, Mobile World Congress? Your guess is as good as mine. As you can tell, we have been avoiding it like the plague.

Anyways, Samsung pinged our inbox earlier in the week to announce that they actually do have something special planned for March 9, but it’s at their blogger lounge – not exactly the spot for a major tablet announcement, is it? Well, they sent out an update moments ago to provide further details on the event. It’s for Angry Birds Space. Yep, they have teamed up with Rovio to launch the game and have it playable at SXSW on the Galaxy Note.

Unless another secret event is planned that we have yet to hear about, I’d say the 11.6″ retina Sammie tablet is not happening.

Oh, and who predicted this would be the announcement some 2 days ago?  This guy did.

  • Samsung makes good electronics, they just need to make their own original stuff!  A few years ago, I thought of Samsung as the number 1 electronics maker.  Now they make good electronics (like screens) but only copy products now?  I would think they’re big enough to try making their own software?  So it would work well with their (what could it be?) revolutionary product.

  • Kerrythebeast

    It makes more sense to release it at SXSW than MWC, seeing as as most people will never attend a major tech event, but anyone can easily tickets to Texas. Plus the people at SXSW are probably the buyers so so them where they will care most

  • WAldenIV

    Why would anyone want an 11.6-inch tablet?  I think that 10.1- and 9.7-inch tablets are too big.  Have people actually tried holding these monsters in one hand while watching a movie or reading?  I think 8.9 is the sweet spot.

  • Sven Enterlein

    I think it’s funny when people use Angry Birds as a benchmark program to compare how great their phones or ROMs are 😀

  • user311

    Samsung really needs to get their act together; they are a company with so much potential. I mean seriously, out of all the things they could have announced… Angry Birds, really? How about giving your customers a reason to come back by actually supporting your sold devices with ICS upgrades already. For gods sake, Archos is releasing ICS today on their crappy tablets… ARCHOS. Or like other readers said, show off some of your new screen tech. Or just release something that’s not another rehash. Sure, the New Ipad is just a rehash of the old one, but at least they released it putting the ball in your court Sammy. So what are you going to do with it.. Oh wait, you’re releasing Angry Birds.

  • MikeMcCrary

    You may have predicted the Angry Birds announcement, but you couldn’t predict that some kid in a bathroom with a Galaxy Nexus and a USB cable would troll you into posting a “Leaked Galaxy S3?” article? 😛

    Nice stealth delete btw 😉

    (I tease, I tease….but really now?)

  • this shows how messed up samsung is,of course the galaxy nexus is evidence of that

    • ddevito

      drink poison before bed tonight

      • you cant handle the truth

        • ddevito
          • that the best you can do?, oh and just because you unlock and root your phone, that doesnt make you a developer

          • ddevito

            Suck it

          • please dont send me anymore links to your personal portrait,but after seeing it, it explains a lot

          • ddevito


          • I’m stealing your codes!!!!  J/K.

            Anywho, a coworker, my wife, and I all have Galaxy Nexii (Nexuses?) too and they’ve been nearly flawless for us.

          • ddevito

            I understand some folks have issues but other folks just like to b1tch. 

          • EC8CH

            my co-workers first one was pretty horrible, dropped 4G constantly.  He returned it for a new one, problem solved.  The people who complain I can only assume got a lemon and never returned it or are trolls.

          • dude really? there is no such thing as a stock flawless nexus, there has been no updates to stop mic from cutting off, bad radios, dime store camera, oh and that wonderful speaker,should have never been released,will go down and the worst phone ever released

          • Damn…really?  Why all the hate?  I had a Nexus and got rid of it because the radios and external speaker weren’t to my liking.  That doesn’t mean the phone doesn’t suit someone else’s needs, though.  I’ll never understand why people want to demean others by saying their phone is a POS. 

          • I said nearly flawless. And for my needs, it is. The mic problem will be fixed, but I never talk on the phone anyway. The radios literally are flawless on mine. The speaker is….well, who cares..

  • EvanTheGamer

    Uhh…not news worthy in the least. We already bloody know that Angry Birds Space will be released on Mar. 22, why do they need to officially unveil it?

  • YourMother

    … Angry Birds is worthy of an announcement? Really? This is their big announcement worthy of our note?
    Apple announces iPad3, an all-around superior device to the iPad2 that is moving tablets forward
    Samsung announces… Angry Birds

    • tjpeco

      Its stupid and Samsung needs to do everything in its power to not look stupid.

      Fail Samsung.  Fail.

      • Loki

        Samsung Just Samsunged themselves?

    • EC8CH

      They did announce the Galaxy Tab 2’s a couple weeks ago.

      Oh wait…. Angry Birds Space will probably be a bigger refresh than that was.

      • YourMother

         > Oh wait…. Angry Birds Space will probably be a bigger refresh than that was.
        Haha, sad! 🙁

  • Ok, so I understand the whole “better than retina” display announcement is not gonna happen, but when is some manufacturer (like Samsung) going to ever beat Apple to the punch with display technology.  It took Android OEMs nearly a year to catch up to the iPhone’s Retina display.  Apple doesn’t even build displays, they just have them manufactured for them.  Samsung IS displays, it’s their business, why are they always behind?  I can’t believe 6 months ago Samsung or LG or whoever didn’t say “Hey, I bet the iPad 3 will have a crazy high DPI and a 10″ screen, let’s beat them to it”.

    • EC8CH

      especially considering those are the companies who actual MAKE the displays

      • You got it.

        • EC8CH

          That’s why I have high hopes for Samsung moving forward.  They have enough of the market for themselves to use all the displays they can make on their own devices.  I hope the HD sAMOLED displays they will be coming out with will give them the upper hand. The display on my G-Nex is very impressive already.

          • I adore the Gnex display and have yet to jump into the tablet market for one reason; there is no Nexus tablet yet.  I’m hoping this year produces a 7″ Nexus tablet with 1920 x 1080 full HD res.  But I suspect it will be 1280 x 720 unfortunately.

      • Sven Enterlein

        Not sure if they had to sign an non-competitive agreement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple makes the manufacturer’s sign away their soul and give them first dibs on new amazing hardware.. 🙁

        • EC8CH

          Probably… but I don’t think Samsung will be signing as many of those moving forward.

        • Apple cannot prevent other manufacturers from selling a display with the same or higher resolution.  That’s the only spec people care about.

    • fooball

      The reason for Samsung not putting out their 2560×1600 Super AMOLED display on the 11.6″ tablet before Apples new non-OLED high res display is because of the 32nm Cortex A15 Exynos 5250 SOC was not ready for mass production in time to beat Apple’s release date.

      Sammy has had the screen ready, just not the chip they want to push it. When it does come out, it will run circles around Apple’s A5x 45nm Cortex A9. The 5250 is on schedule for mass production in 2nd quarter this year, so we may not have long to wait.

      I will throw my money at them…….2ghz speed with a Super AMOLED display and INCREASED battery life? Want.

  • ddevito

    I’ve never been to SXSW but with announcements like this I guess I’m not missing much. What happened to the good ol days of SXSW when Twitter launched, and Gowalla the year after?

    I guess the festival has gotten too big for its own shoes.

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Samsung,

    This is not “announcement” worthy. A press release would suffice.