Rovio Hosting $0.99 Sale on HD Titles Through Google Play

angry birds star wars

Today, you can go grab the HD versions of three big titles from Rovio, including Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, and Amazing Alex. With HD, you will notice a few more details here and there in terms of looks and overall aesthetics of the gameplay. No telling how long the sale will last, so if you have to buy these games, I guess now would be the time.

Anyone loving the new levels on Star Wars?

Play Link: Star Wars HD | Space HD | Amazing Alex HD

Angry Birds Space Updated, Those Darn Pigs Stole the Mars Curiosity Rover!

NASA and Rovio have become best buddies with the launch of Angry Birds Space, and with the latest update, NASA is looking to the Birds to save the Mars Curiosity Rover from those pesky pigs. The update, now live in the Play Store, adds 20 levels of the Birds flying around the Red Planet looking to get the rover back from the evil pigs.

The game also adds volcanos and meteors as things to avoid on your way to smashing up pigs, adding to the already diverse maps in the game. There are even hidden rovers and landers for you to find on the red planet that unlock special levels and help to “discover more about the NASA missions.” If you are a die-hard Angry Birds fan, don’t miss this new region of space to play in.

Play Link

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Angry Birds Space Updated in Play Store, 10 Delicious Utopia Levels Added

Attention disgruntled avian lovers, there are ten new Utopian levels ready for you to devour in the Play Store this morning. One of DL’s favorites, Angry Birds Space has received another update from Rovio to include a new Utopia planet that includes ten food-themed levels. Popcorn, pretzels, and other yummy treats fill these levels, which should make for some interesting gameplay. Go munch on it and let us know what you think. 

Angry Birds Space Receives Update, 10 New Ice Planet Levels Included

Everyone’s favorite game about pissed off avians in space has received an update this morning. You will find a new ice planet containing ten brand spanking new levels. As much as people thought this title was over-hyped, I think it delivered rather well in the entertainment department and this update is completely welcomed.

Still loving the birds in space?

Play Link

Angry Birds Space is Available Now in the Google Play Store

Today is the day for Angry Birds Space. It popped up on the Google Play Store late last night around 1AM, ready for your love. I’d attempt to break it down all in-depth with hands-on and all that fun, but come on, it’s Angry Birds. You guys know the game, this one just has zero gravity and a few other little twists. Same game, new setting. Go get it. Free or “premium” versions (which we hope means ad-free).

Play Links:  Free | Premium ($0.99)

Angry Birds Space “Cleared for Takeoff” on the Amazon Appstore, Starting at 1AM Tonight

Tonight at 1AM PST, everyone who has been patiently waiting for Angry Birds Space, can head on over to the Amazon Appstore and pick it for just $1 if you want the ad-free version (or free w/ads). This is sure to be a very interesting chapter in the evolution of the monster gaming sensation that is Angry Birds. No telling when it will make its way to the Play Store, but it shouldn’t be too long, if you don’t feel like loading Amazon’s store on to your device for this single application.

So, now that we know where and when and for how much, does that mean we can stop posting about it? Never.

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Angry Birds Space to be Made Available for Android March 22


Next week on March 22, everyone who has been waiting patiently to get their hands on the new Angry Birds Space will be able to head into the Play Store and pick it up. It may just be another Angry Birds game, but this next version definitely looks to revamp the series. We know there are plenty of haters, but is anyone here excited for the release?

Via: Rovio

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