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HTC: All Manufacturers are Crossing Their Fingers in Hopes of Producing the Next Nexus (Updated)

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s report that LG was deep in talks with Google to be the next Nexus manufacturer, HTC has come forth to mention that they are also fighting for Jelly Bean glory. The company’s global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon, spoke with TechRadar within the last couple of days to make sure everyone knew that Google is no where near a decision on who will make the next Nexus. HTC, as well as every other major smartphone company, is crossing their fingers still.

“Google hasn’t chosen its Nexus partner for (Android) Jellybean as yet. So right now all the manufacturers are crossing their fingers.”

Update:  Jeff reached out to us to explain a little more of the story. He said that there was no mention in his conversation with TechRadar about HTC having talks with Google and that all he referred to was that all manufacturers are crossing their fingers. I’ve also updated the title to better reflect his statements.

Gordon had other things to say, but TechRadar’s report has now been pulled for unknown reasons and cannot be accessed as a cached page. Maybe it was one of those “off the record” conversations? One thing is clear, being the next name on the back of this year’s Nexus is a big deal. We wouldn’t doubt it if Moto and Samsung came out next to say how interested they are. OK, maybe not Moto so that the industry doesn’t whine like children with cries of  “favoritism,” but you see the importance of leading the charge for the next version of Android. One that we now know is Android 5.0.

I’m guessing that you would be fine with HTC as the this year’s Nexus manufacturer?

Via:  TechRadar, Android and Me

  • Thanks for the cool information.

    Keep the work going 🙂

  • Enoel69

    Will VERY MUCH LIKE to see HTC be given the nod for the next Nexus device…still adore my N1 despite it being left behind by recent advancements in Specs. What i would like to see on/in this device…an all screen 4.7″ 720p/1080p HD super amoled plus screen w/ onscreen buttons no wasted space on the top n bottom, 32/64GB internal w/ micro SD slot capable of 32/64GB cards, 10-16Mpx rear and 2- 4Mpx front cams w/ improved optics like those of the HTC one X, 1.5-2MHz quad core Krait S4, Ti OMAP 5, Tegra 3+ or 4 chip, 2GB of RAM, a removable mega battery abt 3000mAh..if Moto can do it Google should mandate the next OEM to do same, improved audio dobly surround sound w/ dual rear speakers(beats), device should be abt 130mm tall 67mm wide 10-12mm thin, with all the other goodies and advancements in phone tech. This should be an all screen device with little space up top for the speaker n FFC and little space at the bottom end for notification light and maybe for gestures. Also NFC, HDMI etc included. 

  • William_Morris

    I would be fine with HTC as the next Nexus manfacturer.

    Considering I have the GNex though and I love it, I’m not really interested in the next best thing.

  • Steven1883

    that would be GREAT!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Well, I really loved HTC’s “first” Nexus –> HTC DROID Incredible… so yeah, I’d be all over a true HTC Nexus device.  Just grabbed the Rezound last week — frickin’ amazing screen btw!


    HTC would really blow everyone out of the water if they did this. My money is on them. Their new phones really show what they’re capable of right now. I wish the best for them.