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HTC: All Manufacturers are Crossing Their Fingers in Hopes of Producing the Next Nexus (Updated)

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s report that LG was deep in talks with Google to be the next Nexus manufacturer, HTC has come forth to mention that they are also fighting for Jelly Bean glory. The company’s global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon, spoke with TechRadar within the last couple of days to make sure everyone knew that Google is no where near a decision on who will make the next Nexus. HTC, as well as every other major smartphone company, is crossing their fingers still.

“Google hasn’t chosen its Nexus partner for (Android) Jellybean as yet. So right now all the manufacturers are crossing their fingers.”

Update:  Jeff reached out to us to explain a little more of the story. He said that there was no mention in his conversation with TechRadar about HTC having talks with Google and that all he referred to was that all manufacturers are crossing their fingers. I’ve also updated the title to better reflect his statements.

Gordon had other things to say, but TechRadar’s report has now been pulled for unknown reasons and cannot be accessed as a cached page. Maybe it was one of those “off the record” conversations? One thing is clear, being the next name on the back of this year’s Nexus is a big deal. We wouldn’t doubt it if Moto and Samsung came out next to say how interested they are. OK, maybe not Moto so that the industry doesn’t whine like children with cries of  “favoritism,” but you see the importance of leading the charge for the next version of Android. One that we now know is Android 5.0.

I’m guessing that you would be fine with HTC as the this year’s Nexus manufacturer?

Via:  TechRadar, Android and Me

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    Keep the work going 🙂

  • Enoel69

    Will VERY MUCH LIKE to see HTC be given the nod for the next Nexus device…still adore my N1 despite it being left behind by recent advancements in Specs. What i would like to see on/in this device…an all screen 4.7″ 720p/1080p HD super amoled plus screen w/ onscreen buttons no wasted space on the top n bottom, 32/64GB internal w/ micro SD slot capable of 32/64GB cards, 10-16Mpx rear and 2- 4Mpx front cams w/ improved optics like those of the HTC one X, 1.5-2MHz quad core Krait S4, Ti OMAP 5, Tegra 3+ or 4 chip, 2GB of RAM, a removable mega battery abt 3000mAh..if Moto can do it Google should mandate the next OEM to do same, improved audio dobly surround sound w/ dual rear speakers(beats), device should be abt 130mm tall 67mm wide 10-12mm thin, with all the other goodies and advancements in phone tech. This should be an all screen device with little space up top for the speaker n FFC and little space at the bottom end for notification light and maybe for gestures. Also NFC, HDMI etc included. 

  • William_Morris

    I would be fine with HTC as the next Nexus manfacturer.

    Considering I have the GNex though and I love it, I’m not really interested in the next best thing.

  • Steven1883

    that would be GREAT!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Well, I really loved HTC’s “first” Nexus –> HTC DROID Incredible… so yeah, I’d be all over a true HTC Nexus device.  Just grabbed the Rezound last week — frickin’ amazing screen btw!


    HTC would really blow everyone out of the water if they did this. My money is on them. Their new phones really show what they’re capable of right now. I wish the best for them.

  • xFenixKnightx

    I really don’t understand why these companies are trying to build the next Nexus. Just make a stock device, guys! Jeez!!!

    • Aaron

       So that they get early access to the next android version.

  • Gej785

    I would NOT buy any HTC device. Not interested. Battery hogs with terrible hardware. I’ll stick to my G Nex.

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  • hcsnemrebured

    I think Samsung cannot be the manufacturer for the Nexus again. The interesting thing about the Nexus is that the manufacturer changes almost every time, because in that way we don’t get married with a manufacturer and get the chance to know differents ways to make a phone.
    I have a Nexus S and a Galaxy Nexus and they both are great, but i have to say that the design and quality of manufacturing of the Nexus One is way to better than the Sammy Nexus.
    Even LG can take the shot and can prove the world they don’t make only crappy things.
    I just want a “non-sammy” Nexus.

  • 11knives

    Kinda off topic, but…  Is it just me, or does the camera on this device resemble a nipple to anyone else? For the record, not a fan.

  • jeffxallen

    All these companies want to make a Nexus device, yet they all ruin the rest of their phones with skins?  Note to manufactures- If you took the basic principles of what makes the Nexus program desirable to consumers and put it in to all your phones we would happily buy them.  Compete on hardware not software.  I wouldn’t be as upset waiting for an update if I new it was going to be around a month after the official Nexus device gets it.

  • longnian80
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  • NemaCystX

    Everyone who argues that we should have unlocked bootloaders and little bloat seems to forget that were lucky Android is the way it is.  Take a look at the iPhone/iPad, now that crap is locked down tighter than Android in more ways than one, Marketplace, Apps, Location info, Hardware and heck, some firmwares lock certain pieces of hardware unless you jailbreak and use a firmware that was hacked.  

    We as a community take our Android freedom for granted, again, take a look at all the other platforms, they don’t have the creativity and development that goes on with Android, be it with community developers or teams like CyanogenMod.  I for one love the freedom to be able to install whatever I want, whenever I want, install whatever ROM I want, whenever I want, use whatever features I want, whenever I want and be able to use my device as I see fit, because, ITS MY DEVICE.  
    When you get an iOS device, its not yours, your basically “allowed” to use it but Apple still controls it

  • EdStevens1

    HTC is really good at making phones, the Nexus One was built a lot better than anything Samsung did in the Nexus line.

    HTC is not to good at software but manufacturing phones they excel at.  I hope they make another Nexus phone.

  • Steveindajeep

    I “think” it will be moto.If its not what a kick in the balls it will be to be bought by google than not be selected to make it?

  • Thomas Schwartz

    I would only consider an HTC Nexus if they used an AMOLED screen…I have had AMOLED on my Incredible and now my Galaxy Nexus…I cant go back to LCD

  • I think we can assume everyone is in talks with Google for the Nexus device…

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Like HTC phones, however they need to up the juice (battery) factor before I buy another. If the boneheads at Motorola can do it, I see no reason why HTC can’t.

    • Enoel69

      AMEN to that comment…said it myself numerous times here and in different sites. If Moto can pack a 3300mAh in such a thin device as the RAZR Maxx…HTC can at least duplicate or come close with a 3000mAh batt.

  • George264


  • Larizard

    Looks like they really are slowing down releases. If Jelly Bean is indeed 5.0, then it will appear in fall 2012 and Android releases will finally settle down to once a year, ala iOS.

    And Google I/O during the summer can be a great “preview” of it.

  • NoahRHPS

    Yes please HTC or Motorola. Preferably NOT Samsung.

    • NoahRHPS

      I love my Galaxy Nexus but I hate the weak radios and I really dislike the contour display.

      • ddevito

        sounds like you DON’T love your GNex. And have you installed 4.0.4? Since I have I see a HUGE improvement in reception. 

        • geedee82

          Word. I haven’t installed the 4.0.4 rom yet but I have installed the 4.0.4 radios and it definitely makes a huge difference!

      • fsfadfasdfa

        How can you dislike the contour.   It makes it so comfy 

  • Google needs to change their nexus update schedule so it happens after manufacturers create their new chips, screens, and other technology. It is currently right before CES which is the worst time possible.

  • The HTC Desire/Nexus One was still the most revolutionary Nexus of its time.  In terms of specs, it blew the competition away and the way the phone felt in your hand was pure orgasmic!

    Although fine devices, the same cannot be said for the Nexus S nor the Galaxy Nexus.

  • If HTC is the next Nexus manufacturer, they better have a stock ICS skin or else I’m going to iOS.

    • sway40

      Bye!! Enjoy crappy ios

    • Aaron

       Umm, nexus = stock.

  • KRS_Won

    Google should change the policy where every manufacturer can make a Nexus, as long as it has the same specs (OMAP 4460, 720 screen, NFC, etc..)  But, every OEM gets to put their own style to it.

    Instead of Google picking which company has the best overall submission, it takes the best hardware from each company. This would ensure competition between companies. Moto gets better screens (who has seen Moto’s HD), Sammy gets better cases, HTC gets better batteries..  Don’t like  Samsungs style, get a Sony Nexus, or Motorola Nex.  Every OEM= One Pure Android Device. $50 premium for making sure you get upgrades early. And every manufacturer can have their own line of devices with skins, be it Optimus, Xperia, Sense, TouchWiz, or Moto UI.

  • Azturbomini

    HTC all the way!

  • Screw that. You already got one. {{-_-}}

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Hmmmmmm HTC nexus bogged down with Sense 6.0

    yeah I dont think so.

    Moto needs to do the next nexus

    • Azndan4

      Enjoy your qHD pentile screen.

    • sway40

      Your retarded, did the nexus one have sense…no it didn’t so why would the new one.

    • CORYK333

      Go sit in the corner & think about what you just said for a while.

  • Havoc70

    Now that one i would buy, but LG no way

  • Butters619

    I think the only way I would buy an HTC or LG phone is if it were a Nexus.

  • WickedToby741

    Give me a quad core, LTE toting, Tegra powered HTC beauty on the major networks and we’re talking. HTC made an excellent phone with the original Nexus and they can do it again with the next one. Maybe it should be the Nexus One X.

    • John456

      Tegra doesn’t support LTE. 

  • If it has quad-core, a top notch GPU, a good radio (on verizon), decent battery, and a screen as good/better than the Galaxy Nexus AND android 5.0, I could care less about the manufacturer.

  • MKader17

    If Google could get HTC to offer up some descent styling I would consider buying an off-contract phone.

  • MKader17

    What ever it is. Cross your fingers that it’s a quad-core that works on LTE.

    • Butters619

      If Jelly Bean is coming out in the fall and designed for next gen devices I would guess it would.  Or else I would consider it a huge fail.

  • sgtguthrie

    How about this… HTC makes the next nexus, and moto starts making their bootloaders unlockable with “fastboot oem unlock”. Those two Google decisions (yes I said Google decisions) would make me and many others very very happy 😉

    Ultimately I would love to see a moto nexus (provided they can put a descent screen on it) but I’m doubting that will happen with the google acquisition…

  • Brice

    I thought google just bought a phone making company in motorola why wouldnt they be producing their own nexus?

    • Nazzi_Muhammad

      They bought the patents. Google could give 2 craps about Moronola.

  • Shane Spencer

    Long live the Nexus One. I still think that phone best defined what a Nexus is and isn’t. HTC is better than samsungs plastic phones. IMO

  • Bewara2009

    Now this will make the “One Nexus” to have if HTC makes it “Seriously.”

  • I don’t think manufacturers know that any phone without skin and bloatware and has the newest OS could compete.

  • Bartemus

    Every major manufacturer is in talks with Google for the next Nexus device. I like how each trys to spin it like they are the only one or are in some way in the lead.

  • zepfloyd

    Everyone including Sony actually, has an interest in building a Nexus. The biggest hang up for these guys? Screen tech. Of the OEMs only Samsung (SAMOLED) and LG (IPS) are really making displays which gives them an edge. Since Samsung already has made 2, so cue the LG rumors from the last few weeks. 

    • EC8CH

      you mean Moto isn’t renowned for their screen tech as well 😛

      • Michael_NM

        I tried to read your comment on my Bionic, then on my Xoom, I think the term is notorious. 🙂

      • zepfloyd

        oh they’re renowned all right, just not in the right direction… 

    • Violator702

      The display on the Rezound is pretty badass

      • zepfloyd

        It is. However it’s a S-LCD which was a joint venture of of Samsung and Sony until recently, where Sony got out and is now entirely done by Samsung. Alas HTC doesn’t make screens. 

    • Captain_Doug

      If you read anything about the HTC One X, apparently the LCD2 is the best thing that alot of the blog sites have seen. I definitely don’t think the Rezound screen is bad but the nexus’ is better(IMO). If the One X is even better than that… Wow. I don’t think screen tech is the issue here. 

      • zepfloyd

        You’re missing the point of what goes into hardware requirements when submitting a Nexus candidate and the added complexity of having to outsource a major component during the design phase. Of course HTC can acquire great panels but SLCD2 is still Samsung made. No it doesn’t mean HTC can’t make a Nexus (they already have) but it gives others a bigger advantage and negotiating power, particularly Samsung who can keep the entire project in one vertical, one vendor. They easily can turn to Google and say, oh you want HTC, that’s fine, but you’re still going to need us anyway, so why not eliminate the middle man, save time and $ and just work with us. 

        • Captain_Doug

          I understand your point but I’m not sure how much stock google puts in where the manufacturer gets their parts from. Google doesn’t have to order the parts, google won’t have to build the device. That’s all up to the manufacturer. I’d say Google decides on the end product, not so much how it came to be. 

          On a side note, I must confess ignorance on who made the screen for the One X. Thanks for educating me.

    • Enoel69

      Google can persuade and buy some Super amoled  plus HD panels from Samsung. 

  • Kidseriousbcs

    Here’s the way I see it: If other oem’s cannot offer the hardware that samsung does (none of them have), if they cannot offer quad-core Exynos processors or better (which, as of now, there are not any better) and at minimum a Super Amoled HD plus display (which nobody but samsung has) why should Google use anyone else besides samsung on their flagship phones? Other oems need to prove themselves. They’re behind. I don’t want a nexus device with mediocre hardware. Samsung all the way IMO, unless other step up their hardware.

    • So….much….BIAS.

    • Darthseph23

      So… all this talk about the Terga3 Quad Cores doesn’t meet up to the Exynos?

      Confused why everyone loves Quad-Cores in a mobile device anyway.  Dual Cores I understood – Path apps to one core and OS / Mobile functions to the other.  Then again, there are barely any programs that could really take advantage of the dual-core mode of operation out today.

      Next thing I expect to hear around here is how people want all these devices to run 64-bit Operating Systems and Full tower gaming setups.  Please, that concept is not going to happen.  The primary reason = HEAT.  Heat is already helping kill batteries, and a larger battery isn’t an answer.

      Here’s what I really want, from any manufacturer, when my next two year upgrade comes

      1) 2nd-gen 4G LTE VOIP antenna (that means 1 – no 3G antenna that causes this back and forth business that eats our batteries)
      2) 2 Gb of RAM.  We really don’t need more, but with 2Gbs of ram, you don’t have to worry about your browser taking a memory dump and slowing your phone to a crawl.  This still happens on Desktops and Laptops btw, and the more integrated a web browsing and media experience these devices become, the bigger the issue will become as well.
      3) Battery Life – There needs to be a focus on this one.  Small super efficient batteries that can handle loads.  The Razr Maxx battery is a great step in the right direction in my opinion.
      4) Size – Don’t get too much larger.  If a “phone” hits the 5″ mark, I’m not likely to be interested.  I carry my phone in my pocket… not a holster.  I don’t want something that big as a device.  I don’t want to loose a whole pocket to a phone.

      • Butters619

        2 GB of RAM will also kill batteries, the rest I agree with 🙂

      • ddevito

        1GB RAM on the GNex is more than enough for great web browsing. It flies in web browsing. 2GB won’t do much more.

      • I think it is a little early to say quad core Exynos is far and away going to be better than S4 quad which will be out before the end of the year. Also, a 720p lcd like HTC is putting in their devices right now is certainly comparable to a pentile SAMOLED screen.

    • Butters619

      You know they didn’t use Exynos in the G-Nex right?

      •  yeah but they had two chances to prove themselves and they failed twice time to pass the torch.

    • sgtguthrie

      So you don’t think the 5mp camera that washes out and blurs photos in 2011 is mediocre? Or how about the gpu? It’s kind of old itself. And why the omap processor instead of their own in house exynos? Why 1.2ghz clock speed when the processor is rated for 1.2ghz? The only thing truly groundbreaking about the g-nex is android 4.0, and the fact it’s a NEXUS of course.

      I’m certainly no expert, but the galaxy nexus seems kind of mediocre spec wise to me

      • ddevito

        You do know Google designs the specs right? I’m sure Samsung wanted an Exynos in the GNex but Google wanted a more adaptable and accepted hardware platform, which this brought along the “oh so terrible GPU”.

        The Nexus phone is not intended to be the best in specs, something most phone geeks can’t quite understand.

        • John Kimble

          Exynos is NOT compatible with LTE. No one knows how good the Quad Core the Exynos is or where ti will stand in. The S4 as of now its the fastest cSOC being a dual core and all BUT its still a developer phone. Would be interesting how the S4 Quad or even the Dual with the 3XX Adreno chip will do.

    • Cory

      I don’t know how anyone can consider the g-nex a flagship phone with the quality of the build and the number of issues with it, mic crapping out, poor speaker volume (yes I know volume+), pathetic vibration, subpar camera, etc. I love ICS, just not the Samsung hardware the delivered it on.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      you obviously never had the nexus one then…that was a BEAST of a phone for its time..and the Gnex uses a TI OMAP processor not the exynos…exynos doesnt support LTE ATM

      • Enoel69

        Agree a 100+ % abt the N1…even tho i now have the GNex, still don’t wonna let go of my Nexus one. That’s how much i loved/love that device. Given the chance again i am positive HTC will produce another KILLER NEXUS in light of the new advances in cellphone specs.

  • droid209

    next thing we know is that pantech is in the lead to land a nexus device.  couldn’t we just assume that all manufacturers are trying to get into this nexus and wait until the final one is chosen to report?

  • EC8CH

    I’m kinda interested in feeling for myself the HTC One phones.  Sounds like they finally are working on improving their exterior designs and materials.

  • DanSke

    Bring it. I will buy it. 

  • Bloating the Nexus cus its HTC? The Nexus branding has always been stock android experience. 

  • I think HTC’s Build quality is worth the Nexus Name. Ive never been a huge fan of Samsung but i love HTC. 

  • srh12

    Do it

  • Steve

    you think they are getting the hint ? stop bloatting up and locking down your phones, they dont need to be “Nexus” devices…just dont load them with crap.

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    • majorhunadadun

      Same old ‘bloat’ comment! YAWN! HTC will put a great camera in there and an awesome 720 hell 1080 screen up in that piece! I’m in!

      • 1bad69z28

         Actually it’s NOT the “same old comment” Steve is right, We love the Galaxy Nexus because of it’s pure Google experince not the “bloat stuff” that all the OEM’s keeping adding on plus the respective carriers are adding in their none useful, memory hogging apps.

        The Galaxy Nexus is like the OG (Which Moto went away from) that we all know set the bar for pure Google experience and which we craved for. The openness, and fun of owning  a Google Nexus device is now a one OEM device that carries the Google goodness.  🙂

        • majorhunadadun

          Actually it is the samoe samoe! Look I happen to love Sense and the rich atmospheric experience it offers. I have the Rezound and I love it! Stock! As foropenness, I can load any rom I please on this phone, AOSP, Sense, Wiz, Blur whatev. It’s more open up in here! I’ll always be in the minority that stick up for Sense. I had the GNEX and it really sucked for me. I appreciate your positive handling ofvny opinion. I wish to extend the same towards you kind sir!

          • 1bad69z28

            We agree to disagree lol :), I think the OEM’s have gotten better with their skins, that’s a fact!!! But, I think you’re missing the point of what some of the members here have grown up with the OG and the positives of owning a pure stock Google device. Now you may not like Samsung, HTC, Moto etc..but whats so co cool about Android is that we can root the device and practically add anything we want. The bloatware that so many people talk about is true if you like a skin with all of the VZW crap that comes with the device and affects performance. You can root the device and take off most of it but some of the crap is still baked in. Plus we all know about some of the advantages of having a Nexus vs the other devices when it comes to bug fixes, updates are quicker than the standard devices.

            I respect your opinion and see your point but clearly I think owning a Nexus device is far better than the skinned up versions. Just my opinion 🙂

        • John Kimble

          WRONG!! The true google experience phones were actually the Original G1 and the Nexus ONE. NO BLOATWARE AT ALL!! HTC started Android and they should continue the REAL ANDROID experience without the crappy screen’s (Moto) or the crappy shell and Antennas/GPS (Samsung).

          • 1bad69z28

            Ok, if you want to get technical about the G1 yes the first Android, But, it was nowhere close to the OG, that started the main stream push. The G1 barely even made a dent in sales and no ercognition out in the public eye. The OG brought the masses due to Moto was floundering in sales and with the help of VZW on the marketing campaign side of the house. The Nexus 1 was indeed revolutionary as well but again The OG brought it to the masses like no other. We will see if HTC can will get the nod for the next Nexus 🙂

  • anyone but samsung

  • Greg Morgan

    I think as long as each Nexus phone is Stock Android, it doesn’t matter who makes it. I surely don’t want a Nexus with Sense or whatever LG’s UI is called.

    • A Nexus device is always stock Android. No skins allowed.

  • pezjono

    This is great to have the manufacturers so interested in the idea of releasing a Nexus phone. More competition means more features and current (hardware-wise) potential for the next Nexus to potentially become!

  • mjmedstarved

    Not sure how I feel about this, as I feel that only half of HTC’s hardware is really great…..

    • Derek Duncan

      i think with the new One line, HTC is getting it together. If the Nexus is anything like this One, it should be special

      • HTC has had great hardware. Horrible battery life though. 

        • With what they just showed at MWC, I’d say they have come a long way. And remember that these new processors should help to improve battery life.

          • zepfloyd

            While true, Snapdragon just doesn’t get the PPW that Exynos and OMAP do. S4 looks promising, but we heard the same with S3 than OMAP4 arrived and so far history looks set to repeat itself.  

  • Kuboo99

    I would be fine with HTC. Or Motorola.

    • Those are the two I am pulling for as well. I love my Galaxy Nexus, but it’s time to give someone else a shot.

      • Michael_NM

        Based on your earlier report, if Moto wants it, Andy Rubin has no idea. 😛

      • Frankie Chan

         Wouldn’t mind either manufacturer having a go.
        Completely off Samsung though since they look to have decided to let the G-nex wither on the vine with the cancelling of the 32gb version, STILL no car dock, horridly overpriced desk dock (which you have to plug external speakers in to) AND the whole Yakju, YakjuDV etc mess WHICH SHOULD NOT HAPPEN with a pure Google phone.