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LG Wants to Make the Next Nexus, in Talks with Google Now

As far as we know, Google turns the search for the next Nexus device into a contest of sorts each year. The biggest OEMs on the planet submit a device that they feel is worthy of carrying the “Nexus” tag and then the Google team takes it from there. But not only are phone manufacturers involved, but so are chipset manufacturers. For example, Google went with Samsung again last year for the Galaxy Nexus body, yet it paired their phone build with a TI OMAP chipset, something that had previously not happened to our knowledge.

Now that we are in 2012, it’s time to start the conversations around who the next Nexus builder will be. LG is making the first public play this week in Barcelona at MWC. According to Ramchan Woo – the head of LG’s smartphone division – they are already in talks with Google to try and become their partner for this year’s Nexus. Don’t look at this as a commitment though, as Woo made it clear that nothing is finalized and that they are “working on it.”

So far in this Android game, LG hasn’t received all that much praise from the community. Sure, their latest series of phones including the Optimus 4X HD is a serious player, but knowing that most of you will only choose a Nexus as your next device, does this scare you or excite you? Curious as to your thoughts on LG potentially making the next Nexus.

Via:  CNET

  • Tthomp1415

    Seriously… the nexus series should stick with the players that know they are going to do numbers on the scorebored. Samsung for their screens and resolutions and htc for their outstanding designs. I for one think google should go back and forth between the two. So this time around htc needs to show off their one series again. The “Google Nexus One R. (Revelation)” aka Google NOR sounds good to me. LG I understand your intentions but hang tight and let google come to you. Otherwise let htc take this season home.

  • Zachary Manville

    Why are companies lobbying to mak ethe next nexus? they dont need Googles approval to kill off their own custom skins. LG, just release your next flagship phone with unlocked stock ICS.  It will win.

  • Ivealwaysgotmail

    Probably because they know they likely have the most offensive and terrible skin to crap all over android to-date…. Any excuse to forcefully remove it from their phones is like a gift from the gods to the (no-question frustrated and spiteful) LG Developers.

  • LionStone

    I will ONLY own puure vanilla godly goodness Nexus phones from now on…

    What!? LG Nexus?…nevermind.

  • I think my order of Nexus manufacturers would have to be
    Samsung > HTC > Sony > Motorola > Huawei > LG

  • Taglogical

    At least it’s not Samsung? Yea this.

  • jaymonster

    There was no shot of me buying a Nexus when it was built by Samsung… There is even less chance I will buy it if it is built by LG.

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    LG Nexus FTL

  • Jlmcclain1953

    Wouldn’t have to be much to be better than this gnex

  • so Hey

    I would give LG a chance since Google will be the one deciding on hardware and they will be the ones providing updates.And besides if LG doesn’t get a chance at least once they will feel left out and be more committed to WP7.

  • Davidhshon

    LG should just stick to making refrigerators.. 

  • JaySee08

    : I wouldn’t be close minded to LG… I enjoyed the Vortex for a bit. lol

    And we all know that if they do make the cut, Google’s influence almost wouldn’t allow you to be too too disappointed. Haha.

  • Aleksortiz76

    LG sucks, no one takes them serious.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Motorola neds to make a nexus

  • ….why wouldn’t moto?

  • Please no google. LG does not do quality

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Moto needs to make the next nexus…it’ll be a beast of a phone

  • jdrch

    FTA: “LG prefers to customize the user interface to set itself apart from its competitors … believes it has the know-how to build a better user interface than Google can with its stock Android software”
    – Instant #FAIL, clearly LG has no idea what the whole Nexus concept means, not to mention the fact that their custom Android skin has been roundly derided in reviews. I really hope Google laughs them out of the conference room.

    • Stephen D

      Their skin is nearly a clone of older versions of TouchWiz. It’s definitely not something they should be proud of. I’d rather use old Blur. 

  • PuzzleShot

    You guys are forgetting that Google is involved in the creation of the thing. If LG gets it then it’ll just be the greatest phone LG’s ever made. Google isn’t going to attach the Nexus name to a sucky phone.

  • FreyGrimrod

    LG builds phones like tanks…. unstoppable slow tanks…. impossible to kill always months behind in technology….

  • Owewil3225

    what happens to the other manufacture prototypes that are sent to google each year to be judgeded? I want to see the nexus design motorola and htc sent in.

  • Nooooo!!!!! What about the children?

  • Liderc

    Oh god no.