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LG Wants to Make the Next Nexus, in Talks with Google Now

As far as we know, Google turns the search for the next Nexus device into a contest of sorts each year. The biggest OEMs on the planet submit a device that they feel is worthy of carrying the “Nexus” tag and then the Google team takes it from there. But not only are phone manufacturers involved, but so are chipset manufacturers. For example, Google went with Samsung again last year for the Galaxy Nexus body, yet it paired their phone build with a TI OMAP chipset, something that had previously not happened to our knowledge.

Now that we are in 2012, it’s time to start the conversations around who the next Nexus builder will be. LG is making the first public play this week in Barcelona at MWC. According to Ramchan Woo – the head of LG’s smartphone division – they are already in talks with Google to try and become their partner for this year’s Nexus. Don’t look at this as a commitment though, as Woo made it clear that nothing is finalized and that they are “working on it.”

So far in this Android game, LG hasn’t received all that much praise from the community. Sure, their latest series of phones including the Optimus 4X HD is a serious player, but knowing that most of you will only choose a Nexus as your next device, does this scare you or excite you? Curious as to your thoughts on LG potentially making the next Nexus.

Via:  CNET

  • Tthomp1415

    Seriously… the nexus series should stick with the players that know they are going to do numbers on the scorebored. Samsung for their screens and resolutions and htc for their outstanding designs. I for one think google should go back and forth between the two. So this time around htc needs to show off their one series again. The “Google Nexus One R. (Revelation)” aka Google NOR sounds good to me. LG I understand your intentions but hang tight and let google come to you. Otherwise let htc take this season home.

  • Zachary Manville

    Why are companies lobbying to mak ethe next nexus? they dont need Googles approval to kill off their own custom skins. LG, just release your next flagship phone with unlocked stock ICS.  It will win.

  • Ivealwaysgotmail

    Probably because they know they likely have the most offensive and terrible skin to crap all over android to-date…. Any excuse to forcefully remove it from their phones is like a gift from the gods to the (no-question frustrated and spiteful) LG Developers.

  • LionStone

    I will ONLY own puure vanilla godly goodness Nexus phones from now on…

    What!? LG Nexus?…nevermind.

  • I think my order of Nexus manufacturers would have to be
    Samsung > HTC > Sony > Motorola > Huawei > LG

  • Taglogical

    At least it’s not Samsung? Yea this.

  • jaymonster

    There was no shot of me buying a Nexus when it was built by Samsung… There is even less chance I will buy it if it is built by LG.

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    LG Nexus FTL

  • Jlmcclain1953

    Wouldn’t have to be much to be better than this gnex

  • so Hey

    I would give LG a chance since Google will be the one deciding on hardware and they will be the ones providing updates.And besides if LG doesn’t get a chance at least once they will feel left out and be more committed to WP7.

  • Davidhshon

    LG should just stick to making refrigerators.. 

  • JaySee08

    : I wouldn’t be close minded to LG… I enjoyed the Vortex for a bit. lol

    And we all know that if they do make the cut, Google’s influence almost wouldn’t allow you to be too too disappointed. Haha.

  • Aleksortiz76

    LG sucks, no one takes them serious.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Motorola neds to make a nexus

  • ….why wouldn’t moto?

  • Please no google. LG does not do quality

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Moto needs to make the next nexus…it’ll be a beast of a phone

  • jdrch

    FTA: “LG prefers to customize the user interface to set itself apart from its competitors … believes it has the know-how to build a better user interface than Google can with its stock Android software”
    – Instant #FAIL, clearly LG has no idea what the whole Nexus concept means, not to mention the fact that their custom Android skin has been roundly derided in reviews. I really hope Google laughs them out of the conference room.

    • Stephen D

      Their skin is nearly a clone of older versions of TouchWiz. It’s definitely not something they should be proud of. I’d rather use old Blur. 

  • PuzzleShot

    You guys are forgetting that Google is involved in the creation of the thing. If LG gets it then it’ll just be the greatest phone LG’s ever made. Google isn’t going to attach the Nexus name to a sucky phone.

  • FreyGrimrod

    LG builds phones like tanks…. unstoppable slow tanks…. impossible to kill always months behind in technology….

  • Owewil3225

    what happens to the other manufacture prototypes that are sent to google each year to be judgeded? I want to see the nexus design motorola and htc sent in.

  • Nooooo!!!!! What about the children?

  • Liderc

    Oh god no. 

  • I think the next nexus is going to be made by moto, they want to make quality instead of quantity this year after making 843575987763987453 variations of the Razr, and making one nice nexus does that.  Also they just make better smartphones than LG.

  • I have to say if they give it to LG I will be concerned, their past products and ability to support and update their products in a timely manner in the past have been poor to say the least. I am generally a yearly upgrader but LG will need to put out a spectacular product that gets rave reviews from my trusted sources such as DL and customer opinions in order for me to consider it seriously. Sammy has set a pretty high bar for a Nexus product and the only real contender I’ve seen recently in products that I want are from HTC. I’d like to see LG make a comeback to drive competition but somehow I doubt it.

  • Twofourturbo

    I think LG deserves a chance.. Up until my OG Droid, All I ran was LG Phones including the sweet LG DARE.. Wouldn’t mind going back to LG especially with a GOOGLE Stamp on it..

  • They would have to get some seriously bad ass reviews for me to give them a look.

  • Ahku Droid

    LG’s radios are the worst in the business.  I’m sure it would be a great Nexus device as long as you are connected to wifi and don’t leave your house.  Maybe they could even come to an agreement and get Google to switch to Bing for this iteration like that other failed phone they released…

  • middlehead

    I’d buy the hell out of an LG Nexus if it was on Verizon.  I’ve had minor complaints about the software on my Revolution, most of which is Verizon’s fault, but no problems at all with the hardware.  

  • I thought Google bought Motorola Mobility. Shouldn’t they make the next Nexus?

  • Rich

    LG phones are crap… They are only trying to piggy back off of google to get them back into the game…

    Just like moto, if it wasn’t for android OS these phones and manufactures wouldn’t be worth grass and dirt put together…

  • New_Guy

    Oh God, please no!

    This is one Nexus I would NOT buy.

  • Not seeing a problem. Google will chose whatever chipsets they want the next Nexus to run so only the physical aspects of the thing are in the OEM’s hands right?
    Screw it, whats the worst that can happen? Not like they can make a Nexus thats anymore plastic feeling than the Nexus S, and it’ll have a great display as well.

  • @MichaelTheDevel

    I love my G2x. With ICS (CM9 + @faux123’s kernel) I out benchmark the GNex at stock frequencies. My phone feels solid in the hands and it’s tough. I’d buy an LG Nexus.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    LG!?  Are you serious!?!  It might as well be made by Pantech.

    • Taglogical

       Or Samsung even

  • Jack

    They have little to no reason to move away from Samsung (which is arguably the best Android OEM) and if they really had to move, surely they would go with their newest acquisition, right?



  • I think the the original Optimus line of phones were really solid little phones. They weren’t high end, but they weren’t meant to be, and they outperformed their specs IMO. 

    I won’t be buying next year’s Nexus most likely, but I will be getting the one after that. Regardless, I think any manufacturer is going to have to make a pretty good phone to get the go ahead from Google, and I’m looking forward to it. Maybe LG will surprise us all and make something really amazing.

  • Travisjshepherd

    Google will pass if LG commits to the quality they have been pushing out for their phones to the “nexus”. I’m not worried about LG at all. 

  • tech247

    Google to LG: You think we spent billions on Moto for nothing??? No Nexus for you!!!! Also, remember those “Binged” out phones you made for Big Red??? We do……

    • bing’d phones on Verizon are an issue with Verizon, besides, google’s the one who has a Bing app bouncing around in their app store anyway, it can’t be a big deal.

  • ddevito

    The Google acquisition sealed the fate of a Moto Nexus, forever.

  • LG getting a Nexus spot = the death of pure google phones
    We dont want to see android 5.0 JesusJuice on an LG Fridge

  • beng8686

    I think moto deserves the next nexus… their radios and hardware are far superior. Their software just sucks.

    • fvqu

      Motorola’s software is a disagrace, the only reason I stopped buying phones from them.

      • Billyrouth2000

        Motorola’s software is far better than HTC or Samsung

        • fvqu

          Are you joking? Motorola’s software is garbage and everyone knows it, Blur is not as bad as it used to be but is still crap, and to top it off you’re stuck with it because every phone from them has a Locked bootloader.

          • Evan Knofsky

            Lol? Moto Blur is the least intrusive UI. Locked bootloader =/= no custom ROMs it means no new kernels

          • Hybrisate

            Why is everyone so butt hurt over OEM software? Most of us are gonna replace the launcher anyway. Moto’s software on the RAZRs is far from garbage, stop holding such a high standard for something ridiculous that you’ll replace anyway. 

        • htc1

          no way……….. HTC is best

          • fvqu

            Sense is bloated but has some nice features

    •  Also add nixing those clipped corners on their phones.

  • Havoc70

    LG No thanks dont let them have a nexus, their devices suck

  • James

    I’m definitely willing to give LG a chance if Google was in full control of the design. 

  • Speio

    The headline made me cringe…but their MWC phones do look rather impressive.

  • I have a feeling that my next phone (probably a Nexus) will come from Googorola so I’m not too interested in anything from LG at the moment.

  • John Jenness

    Um…why not Moto. Why wouldn’t Google want to double-dip on the profits?

  • Never been a fan of the “feel” of LG phones.  I’ve got friends who love them, but I’d rather not go that route.

  • T4rd

    LG has the most mediocre hardware in the business.  I really hope this doesn’t work out for them.  I would much prefer it stay between Samsung, Motorola and HTC.  If Moto made the next one, that would be perfect since I think they have the best hardware in terms of design and quality, they just ruin it with locked/encrypted bootloaders and their nameless skin.

  • sylent101

    Nah ..stick to making fridges lg, I would however love to see a Motorola nexus just for the build quality.

  • Michael_NM

    If Google can remind Moto how to unlock its bootloaders, that would make the more sense.

    PS: How “dare” Google consider LG?

    • EricRees

      I see what you did there, and I liked it.

    • Still have my Dare in a desk drawer around here somewhere.  Its touch screen was fantastic for like 2 weeks lol

  • tjpeco

    Having owned an LG Dare is what convinced me to get the OG Droid.

    Worst POS phone ever that Dare was.

    • Mchl496

      Wasn’t the Dare the first phone to have a 3.2 camera on it, and the camera was really good.  I had a Dare, it was a good feature phone and thats it.

  • Kuboo99

    A Moto Nexus would be nice…

  • UGH. I hate LG.

  • Back in the day LG made GREAT dumbphones.  That’s all I used to buy before my 1st smartphone. I would love to see them be a major player in the smartphone market.  Their hardware is beautiful,simple yet elegant and minimal, quite the opposite of Motorola and HTC.

    • htc1

      I agree Adam 100%.  before the smart phone era i would only buy LG. I thought they were the best. (they actually proably were)….   I wouldn’t buy anything else. Once the smartphone craze happened i just put LG out of my mind.

      I’ll tell you this, don’t buy their dryers!!!!!  I bought one of those million dollar front load washers and dryers from them. the washer is great but the dryer sucks !!!!!!!!!

    • LionStone

      ? “Their hardware is beautiful…” You just described HTC! Love it. 

  • I will only buy a Nexus device with absolute certainty if it is made by HTC.  I would give other manufacturers consideration, but the HTC Nexus has no peer.

    • Billyrouth2000

      The first HTC nexus was a major fail so why would google allow them to make another one?

  • CJ

    Hey guys, I heard Kia is building next year’s Porsche. How excited are you?!?!

    • EC8CH

      Kia’s designs have actually improved impressively since hiring Audi’s old designer 
      Peter Schreyer

      • CJ

        Sounds suspiciously similar to an LG apologist’s argument.

        • EC8CH

          nope LG sucks

          • Stephen D

            When it comes to phones, yes. But their LCD tvs are pretty nice. They and Panasonic are the only manufacturers that make their own IPS panels for all their LCDs. 

          • Calvin Williams

            I thought Samsung was one of them too?

          • Stephen D

            No, Samsung makes VA panels, not IPS panels. They actually make a lot of panels for Sony too. And recently, Samsung came up with S-PLS technology, which is similar to VA. LG, Panasonic, and Hitachi are pretty much the only manufacturers of IPS panels. 

        • GawkerRedesignSucks

          No, EC8CH is right.  Kia has really stepped things up.  Go check out a new, fully loaded Optima SX.  It’s a great car for the price.

          • EC8CH

            I’ve been eyeing the VW CC for a few years now and the new Optima is the only thing to come out that’s even comes close to giving me second thoughts.

          • Mack

            My father just bought a 2012 Optima sx over a VW Passat or CC. After driving the car and finding out what he paid for it, I completely agree with his decision. Plus the warranty is much better and his dealer threw in free tires for the life of the car as long as he gets them from the dealership. 

          • Ryan C

            Then the dealership goes out of business next month.. :p

          • EC8CH

            No doubt the Optima is a better value, but as someone who was in love with his A4 there is just something about Audi/VW interiors even if you get fewer bells and whistles for the price.

          • GawkerRedesignSucks

            Funny that you mentioned a VW.  I’ve been looking for a car for a few months now and the Optima SX was at the top of the list until I discovered the 2012 VW Jetta GLI Autobahn (yeah…it’s a mouthful).  It’s got the same turbo engine as the CC, a beautiful interior sporty yet subtle styling, and tons of features starting at about $25K new.  A comparable Optima would be over $30K!


          • EC8CH

            Jetta and Optima are different classes of cars, so that explains part of the price difference.

            Direct comparison to the mid size Optima would be a Passat or CC.  Jetta’s are smaller than a mid size car.

          • GawkerRedesignSucks

            I test drove both.  They’re much closer than you think.  You’d be surprised.  The Jetta IS smaller, but it’s big where it counts.  They both have very similar interior dimensions.  In fact, the Jetta has more rear leg room and a bigger trunk.  Throw in the turbo engine and sport suspension on the GLI Autobahn and you get pretty much everything you’d get from a comparable Optima for thousands less.  You can even get push button ignition. 

            If you’re eyeing the CC, the Jetta wouldn’t be for you.  However, after having driven the Mazda 6, Nissan Maxima, Kia Optima, Honda Accord, and Jetta GLI, I was definitely feeling like the Jetta was the best buy for me.

            PS. It has an awesome Fender Audio stereo with touchscreen UI too.  Yeah…I sound like a salesman.

          • Stephen D

            Yeah, Kia has stepped it up. And actually, so has Ford. The Explorer is the only Ford car I’ve liked up until about 2008. I love my 2011 Escape. 

    • PC_Tool

      My wife drive’s an ’07 Rio and loves it.  5-speed manual, good mileage, and the thing just won’t die.

      I hated it when she bought it. Despised the damned ugly tin-can…but with how little we’ve spent on it in the last several years compared to my Impala, well…  I love that little car.  😀

      • i had a ham sandwich for lunch today.

        • PC_Tool

          Turkey Panini.

      • snowblind64

        Well any car will seem great compared to a Chevy Impala (the newer ones not the OG Impala) they are terrible cars with far more than their fair share of issues. I had a few Chevy’s as a kid and won’t be going back any time soon.

        Not sure what to say about the Rio (don’t know much about them) but I have a couple Toyota’s, a ’99 Corolla that has never had a single issue, and now the ’09 RAV4 Sport V6 which is an awesome small SUV with it’s 270HP engine. I guess I’m just used to cars not having problems since I’ve been driving Toyota’s for a while.

        • PC_Tool

          Don’t take my comparison of the Impala as an indication I don’t like Impala’s.  Comparing the first four years between this and my last one (a ’94 Impala), this one has probably cost me less, but I probably won’t hold on to this one as long.  (No real sentimental value in this one)

    • Balls

       hahah, awsome

  • Droidzilla

    That might actually be pretty cool. LG’s been making competitive hardware but gimping the software. An LG Nexus might be pretty rad. We have yet to have a bad Nexus device, so I’ll trust Google to not fail on #4 (or #6, if you count all dev devices).

  • fvqu

    Google please don’t let this happen

  • EC8CH

    Sure give it to LG next year… I’m married to the G-Nex on a two year Contract, so just go back to a decent OEM in 2014 🙂

    • Staying positive, look at you. 😛

      • EC8CH

        gotta look out for numero uno

        • Noyfb

          Needs to be a motorola hardware, with vanilla android, NO Blur, i couldn’t imagine what type of processor, maybe the nvdia processor, because they say it will bring it closest to the speeds of a pc

      • feztheforeigner

        It’s hard to stay positive when the best phone line in the world is going to be made by LG…

  • AlexKCMO

    Based on the initial comments:
    Oh god no, not LG.  This is terrible. 

    In 8 Months, when the Nexus Revolution is released with a screen that has a 4.3 aspect ratio:
    This is the greatest phone I’ve ever owned.  This is amazing, what a fantastic job LG. 

    Just wait.  You’ll see.  I still remember all the “I’ll never buy a Samsung phone because they never update” comments.

    • WAldenIV

      Nobody will buy a Nexus with a 4:3 aspect ratio, not even LG employees (if LG makes it).

      • AlexKCMO

        We’ll see, but I’ve come to notice that most Android fan-boys drool on anything Nexus.  I doubt LG would seriously release a Nexus with a 4:3 AR, but the Nexus fan-boys would cream their pants, just because Google allowed it to have the Nexus name. 

    • Just to be clear, Samsung doesn’t control updates to a Nexus, so anyone who said that, if that was their only reason for not wanting a Samsung device, is not being hypocritical by owning a Nexus. 

  • John

    I gave up hope on LG when I had an enV. 

    • CJ

      Best avi ever.

  • Edmund75

    Not sure about LG. If not Samsung, I’d rather HTC make a nexus again.

    • New_Guy

      I’m definitely with you on that one.

    • Jason Purp

      No, Motorola should make it. And it seems more and more likely as time goes on that they eventually will.

      The phone wouldn’t be as bad as the Bionic or RAZR because Google has standards for their Nexus devices. They wouldn’t let something like the RAZR fly. The phone would still be easily unlockable and pure AOSP. Only Motorola’s Nexus would also have great build quality.

      • Stephen D

        And a Moto screen…

        • Jason Purp

           That’s what I meant by “standards.” Google wouldn’t let them use one of those, most likely.

  • No LG. Please.

    I’d prefer Samsung or HTC, then Moto or Sony.
    LG has done nothing but disappoint.

    • Cmonnats23

       They actually have been looking up recently. Im liking what I see from them.

  • Addinsx

    That’s too bad, I really enjoy my Nexus phones… I don’t want to see them with sub par components and displays.

    • Michael Forte

      I don’t think the displays are the problem. LG makes the iPhone’s retina display afterall.

      • fvqu

        Where did you hear this? I don’t believe thats true at all.

    • Cmonnats23

      I’m going to get hell for this… but here it is anyway:

      Apple’s retina display is the most gorgeous screen display I have seen thus far. Yea, the screen is small, but its damn good.

      • New_Guy

        Why would you get hell. Not sure anyone would argue (intelligently) against that. But, top tier android phones simply have way more to offer with screens that are more than adequate. I don’t think the screen is the issue here. LG simply makes crap phones and no one is excited about this news.

    • CORYK333

      If they get it, display is 1 thing that you dont have to worry about.

  • Andrew Elliott

    Love my GNex but i hope moto makes the next nexus b/c i feel like the build quality was so much more solid

    • Kidseriousbcs

      Look, the bottom line with a nexus is hardware. Because we know Google is going to deliver the cutting edge software. So, the question is, who has the best hardware? Well, I have yet to ANY OEM be able to produce chip sets and screen tech like Samsung. I think that if the next nexus doesn’t have the latest 5250 Exynos quad-core chip set from Samsung and at very minimum a Super Amoled HD plus screen, then it will be a disappointment. Say what you want about samsung’s “build quality”, but their hardware can’t be equaled. And that’s what this is about.

  • Mike16677

    google cannot keep switching around if they intend on building a solid nexus following

    • hkklife

      Amen. In fact, I would like to see Google and Motorola release TWO Nexus devices annually! Perhaps one with a keyboard and one without, or a refreshed spec bump every 6 months.

      • fvqu

        No one wants a keyboard anymore.

        • CJ

          …or a Motorola device.

          • fvqu

            Wrong, actually I would like a motorola device if it was unlocked and running Stock 4.0.

          • CJ

            Good luck with that.

        • enigmaco

          I do actually

  • Mike16677

    no thanks

  • Michael Forte

    I think I’d rather Samsung make a third Nexus in a row than have LG make one. LG has a lot to prove in order for me to even consider one of their phones.

  • enigmaco

    I have never been a fan of LG products, but I am willing to give it a chance.  Maybe it will make them step their game up.

  • CJ

    Frightening, indeed.

  • Neomastermind

    Do not want!

    • My first Android device was an LG Ally, and I have to say I will never purchase another LG phone again. The support LG has for their phones is terrible. They rarely update, and by the time they do, their update is still one major release behind the norm. The development community was the only reason I kept that phone as long as I did.

      • Fair enough….but you understand that an LG Nexus device wouldn’t rely on LG to update or support it, right? So their lack in that area is irrelevant to the idea of them building the next Nexus..

        • It really doesn’t matter though, the build quality and hardware used on each of their devices isn’t up to par. They are the Blackberry of the Android world.

      • New_Guy

        My wife had an Ally as well. The worst piece of junk I have ever seen. LG, as a whole, are just a poor quality phone.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        So you bought a budget line phone and were shocked it was terrible? That’s like buying a boost mobile phone that runs android and thinking android sucks.

        • I didn’t say the phone was terrible, I said the company is terrible. Gingerbread was out for 6 months before the Ally saw Froyo. That is a company that doesn’t know what they are doing, especially considering that the Ally had Vanilla Android.

          Learn how to read.