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Report: Google Still Has Plans To Launch 7″ Tablet Later This Year?

According to an analyst over at DisplaySearch, Google still has plans to produce and launch their very own 7″ tablet this year. Back in December, Eric Schmidt talked about Google’s thoughts on bringing a very “high quality” tablet to the market, which were then followed by rumors of a tablet that was to launch in direct competition with the Kindle Fire. The new report states that this Google-branded tablet would have a 1280×800 resolution and of course, ship with Ice Cream Sandwich. What is still unknown is if Google does have intentions on marketing the tab as a direct competitor to Amazon’s extremely popular and affordable Kindle Fire.

The report states that production of this Google slate will begin in April and roughly two million units will be produced. Fingers crossed that once we get closer to proposed production time we can get some leaks on processor specs and other little goodies.


  • Gerret Walczak

    My only issue is that with phones trending towards 4.5″ screens and larger, that the gap between 4.5″ and 7″ isn’t discernible enough to warrant a purchase. That’s why I feel that the 9″ is the sweet spot.

  • Larizard

    Smart move. They learned from the Xoom that it’s not wise to to head-to-head with the iPad. They looked at the success of the Kindle Fire, and thought, they should go backwards. Release a smaller screen, cheaper tablet—more functionality than the Fire, unlocked, and of course, tied to the cloud. 

    Now they just have to back it up with content, and a push from Google Music, Books, and Movies should be integrated at launch.

  • Google is WINNING….

  • Bionic

    they need to hurry up, my birthday is in june

  • Bob

    If it has the specs…expect it to sell below 199.99….(key thing is to break the $200 barrier) 

  • MKader17

    I feel like all I could want a 7″ tablet for is a GPS for my car or an interactive TV remote. I could easily carry around a 7″ but with all the 4.3″+ screens around I wouldn’t carry both. 

    I think 10″ is big enough, and yet small enough, to carry in a small bag and to use why sitting still for enhanced browsing. It would also be usable in a vehicle with a proper mount.

    After owning a Transformer Prime I really want a 13″+ tablet with a keyboard dock. It could be very useful as a laptop and a tablet. With all the virtual connections that are accessible you can run Win7 on your tablet with a good internet connection.

    I’m excited to see Google produce a tablet, but I guess it just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I hope it appeals to the masses though, because anything to grow Android is good to me.

  • They GOTTA let Moto handle this one. And it HAS to be Nexus. {{-_-}}

  • Binglut9

    Android tablets suck so I don’t know what would be different

  • 1bad69z28

    I hope they come out with a 10 inch version 

  • GCurry

    I’ve had 2 Acer A500s, both returned for mic issues, and a Transformer Prime, returned for GPS/wifi issues.   But I’m a big fan of Moto six-sigma manufacturing quality.   My OG Droid was very good, in all respects.   So, I will wait for this moto ICS 7″ tab as my next.

  • BrianWenger

    I’m holding out for a sick nasty 10″ tablet with an HD screen and sick hardware specs. I’m guessing it’ll come from Samsung, but a Nexus branded 10″ tablet would be pretty sweet even if it doesn’t have top of the line specs.

  • master94

    I hope Google makes it high end but makes it cheap and relies on market sales to make up for the loss.

    • Raven

      I am afraid they will sell it cheap but then have AdMob banners popping up on the desktop to make up for it.

  • ddevito

    Will be cloud driven, with Google Drive baked in?

  • I’ve become a serious fan-boy for Google over time.  I research the company likes it’s my freaking job. It’s not even so much their services (which are great BTW) but how much I hate how greedy big corporations are.  Obviously we can argue Google does it’s fair share of “big corporation” tactics themselves but they found a way to do it while providing us with the best free software.

    I’m no expert on this but I’m pretty sure the DX/Razr are in the top 3 selling android devices of all time…I looked up other companies value and the cheapest was HTC at like 16 billion?  I don’t remember exactly.  So with moto…they get one of the most popular phone brands in the US other than apple, a HUGE folder of patents and it also just so happens to be the cheapest.

  • srh12

    Well, Ive held off on getting a tablet this long… this puppy could the the one I finally bite the bullet on. Like someone else said though, it better have a screen that can compare with the big ol retina on the new ipad, which is supposed to be pretty impressive.
    Im anxious to hear more about this, a nexus pad would be mighty nice.

  • I say make two versions, a 7″ Nexus version to compete with the Kindle Fire, and a bigger one say 8.9 inch or 10.1 inch to compete with the iPad 3.

  • Keith0606

    Hopefully New Exynos chipset but, if not give us tegra 3 
    Screen: (i’d like 8.9 inch display, but sounds like 7″) 
    decent cameras (don’t need to be spectacular ones).  
    HDMI and USB ports.Stock AndroidProbably too much to ask for $200.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I don’t think many people that already have 4+ inch android phones will see much appeal in a 7 inch tablet. But for those who don’t have smartphones, if it enables google to get the price down, it could be a good entry point.

  • ddevito

    Anyone want to bet an Intel chip will be inside?

    • Butters619

      I would bet against it.  Moto just signed that contract with Intel and devices won’t be seen until late this year.  Also this tablet may or may not be made by Moto since when this project was started the moto purchase wasn’t even close to being complete.

      • ddevito

        Don’t assume it’s going to be a Moto tablet. Google’s been working on porting Android to Intel architecture for a while now.


  • petrochemicals

    If Samsung is going to manufacture this one than count me out. Their poor build quality and support for the Nexus line has turned me off from anything Samsung makes.

  • Brandon

    Black Man X stated a month or two ago that at E3 Google would unveil their tablet to compete directly with the iPad 3. I personally can not wait!

    • Google

      a 7” tablet with about half the resolution is not a real competitor to the iPad 3. 

      • ddevito

        it is if it’s $200

        • EC8CH

          just ask the Kindle Fire

        • Google

          if it is 200 bucks it competes with the Kindle Fire not the iPad3. Besides if it wants to have the same or close to the same specs to be able to compete with the ipad3 there is no way it can be $200. Apple has a strangle hold on the parts market and they receive everything cheaper because they can deliver huge numbers. Unless Google decides to take a loss on every tablet sold they cannot sell it that cheap. Amazon can afford to lose money on the tablets because they can make it back on e-books, movies and music. Google doesn’t sell enough through their online channels to make up the difference and they don’t make enough on mobile ads either. 

          • ddevito

            I (politely) disagree. I think the iPad is selling so well not just because of quality, but because of cost as well. The average consumer is starting to realize that for $500 they get a device that runs well, is new and exciting, and does 90% of what they did on a PC (remember, average consumer here not a power user).

            This is especially true in the enterprise and the BYOD phenonenom going on right now. 

            I don’t disagree when it comes to apps or iOS’s closed ecosystem, which to the average consumer works well. But there’s always a low end market in every industry.

            A $200 device will complete with the iPad is Google’s cloud services make up for the $300 difference. It’s quite possible, let’s see (and hope) Google can pull it off.

          • ddevito

            I also think Google has more at stake (and up their sleeve). I think it will be Intel based and will try to start migrating Android to Intel’s traditional architecture.

  • tjpeco

    Going to need to up that resolution if its going to play with the iPad3.

    • Really! Really! Really!

    • Sherman

      Must not have comprehended the full article. iPad 3 was mentioned no where. However the phrase “to compete with the popular Kindle Fire” was.

      They also mentioned the word “affordable” which is never associated with an iProduct.

      Thanks for the 2 cents tho.

    • Meaning NO PENTILE. {{-_-}}

  • Michael Forte

    Launch it at $200 with some impressive specs and I just may pick one up 🙂

  • This will be awesome like the Nexus, enough said. 

  • RedPandaAlex

    Production in April means it’ll be just in time to be a giveaway at I/O

    • ddevito

      (sorry, didn’t see your comment first).  +1

  • ddevito

    Google I/O 2012 giveaway anyone??

    A Nexus tablet might be tempting enough for me to finally buy one.

    • ddevito

      Jellybean and dual boot into Chrome OS.

  • Droidzilla

    It’ll be a typical Google product: not necessarily the best specs, low sales, and completely freaking awesome to use!

    I’d actually be cool with Google running Moto Mobility with an iron fist and branding all Motorola products as Google stuff (all unlocked and stock, of course). Pure Google software and Motorola hardware? Gadget heaven.

    • Michael_NM

      “… Google running Moto Mobility with an iron fist…” + 100000….00000

      • Larson

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    • Big_EZ

      Exactly, Motorola has the best hardware build quality/radios if they just wouldn’t screw it up with locked down software. I really don’t care if they keep blur I’d just like it unlocked so we get more dev support and for easier recovery. I only use Motorola phones due to crap radios and/or horrible sound and build quality of other manufacturers, but not so much when it comes to other devices.

      • Noyfb

        still crossing fingers for motorola builds with pure android software

        • Or at least  stock option (Like how you can order the same laptop to be just stock windows instead of the bloat version)

  • I want this tablet. I may go slightly crazy waiting for it, though.

  • EC8CH

    I’d worry less about competing with the Kindle Fire and more about competing with the ASUS Memo 370T

    • Pointless

      • EC8CH


    • RedPandaAlex

      Why do people think Google cares about how well nexus/motorola devices compete with other android devices that have google services? They win either way.

      • I agree! Just a bunch of over thinkers out there.

      • mustbepbs

        Why wouldn’t they care? If they can take more pieces of the pie, I’d imagine that’s what they want to do. Just because these other devices run Android–and yes they make money off that–doesn’t mean that they are satisfied with that. If they make a competing product, they want it to do well.

        • mjmedstarved

          I think the money to be made off of tablets and hardware period is NOTHING close to what they make in advertising.

          • mustbepbs

            Oh I absolutely agree with you. They are first and foremost an ad company. But they could make some serious cash on a nice tablet.

      • EC8CH

        I completely agree. I think Google cares more about Android marketshare than the sales of any particular device, even Nexus devices.

        Now that they will own Motorola though, the sales of those devices will have a direct impact to Google’s bottom line.

  • htowngtr

    They said maybe Q2 which would be April-June timeframe. 

  • Dereknmsu

    i’m not into tablets but this is good news.

  • WAldenIV

    It needs to have a proper aspect ratio, regardless of the size.  

    • EC8CH


      • hkklife

        I would prefer 16:10.

        • Michael_NM

          Would 8:5 work? 🙂

          • Captain_Doug


      • Google

        16×9 is a terrible aspect ratio for tablets. It basically makes portrait orientation worthless. 

      • Captain_Doug

        I’d say 16:10. 16:9 is too narrow for a tablet.

        • EC8CH

          I just through out 16:9 to mean wide screen vs 4:3.

          Aren’t pretty much all Android tablets 16:10 anyway?

          • Captain_Doug


    • Asus Transformer Prime 7″ will be the Google tablet.