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DROID X Update To .621 Firmware Rolling Out Now, The Mother Of All Bug Fixes

Owners of the DROID X are reporting success when manually pulling the .621 OTA update from Motorola and Verizon. This update is the major Gingerbread bug fixer that folks have been waiting too long for. Less device crashes, general improved stability, and even a fix for that annoying bug where the phone reboots while playing music. But remember, early reports are showing that after flashing the newest update, SBF abilities have been revoked and you could end up with a bricked device if you try to go back to earlier firmware. Good luck.

To pull update: Settings>About Phone>System Update

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Tmcffmn

    i just downloaded and installed it and my phone is screwed it locks up and wont get signal.  when i do get something to work it is EXTREMELY SLOW!

  • Jerhoneybear

    google sky map still not fixed!

  • BK

    I had constant reboots while streaming music.
    The update completely fixed that.

  • jroc74

    Good to see Moto still supporting a phone thats going on 2 years old.

    Moto does something halfway decent and they still get folks complaining…lol

  • Stock Droid X … no root no rom’s no shenanigans of any kind ever … updated like a champ. Quickly and cleanly.

    Running fast and smooth as buttah. All the bugs are gone as far as I can tell. Every one of them. GPS working flawlessly. WiFi working flawlessly and not disconnecting spontaneously. No more spontaneous reboots. No more duplicate texts. No hard button lights staying on in dock and they’re working just as they should. Music player works great with no glitches of any kind. Everything sync’s, updates, and back-ups are working. All the app’s are working and those with updates pending have been updating flawlessly. Memory card having no problems. Interfacing with computer is working perfectly. Plus, no new bloatware! yay!

    Jeez — and it only took Motobloata two years to get the Droid X to work as originally advertised. I may just keep this phone for a little while longer now.

  • myturbo1

    I think im going to just Sell my phone! .. I also read that if the phone has been flashed to another carrier you cannot receive OTA Updates…. Any one know for sure ? 

  • Smm13

    I updated mine, not a dang thing changed.  I still get duplicate texts and my phone is slower than crap.

  • Gregory Davidson

    Sadly I updated and all it has done was crash my phone or lock it up or whatever you want to call. I don’t do anything fancy with my phone, all stock all motorola/verizon. After installing and rebooting all my phone can do is be on the home screen. No button response… no touch response… no power off response except for removing the battery.

    I uninstalled my one app that changed the home appearance and thought that fixed it… but nope.

    The only issue I can debug is having apps on my memory card… or having a memory card installed at all.

    Card in… no worky… card out works fine (maybe a little slower… less responsive).

    At this point I can’t even receive phone calls.

    Factory reset maybe?

    •  I had the same problem. luckily after several reboots it kinda work snow. my alarms app got all fucked up and does not work. so I downloaded a new alarm app. this made me get to work 1.5 hrs late!

      I feel like they did this to force me to get a new phone since contract is up in a few months. I was perfectly happy with phone.

    • Galvan567

      i have the sam problem its driving me crazy 

  • Scott in MA

    I am still waiting to see what is available for me to choose when my Droid X contract is up.  Right now that would be the Nexus with the Razr Maxx a close consideration.
    Anyway, I am glad to have this update.  It will hopefully make my phone more usable until I get the next one.

  • myturbo1

    Well I SPF’d the phone. Now the system updates is not clickable , No OTA . WHY ?

  • TheDude

    Am I the only one not interested in this update? Sure, i’d rather have all the bug fixes and run stock rooted, but with no SBF and no way to re-root the device it just isn’t worth it. In fact, Moto has tried to push the update to my phone (it automatically downloaded the patch in the background which crippled the interface in the process). This seems like some kind of tactic to force people to break their phones to they can go in store and get talked into an upgrade.

    F**k you Verizon/Moto!

  • xiaobao22


  • myturbo1

    Im trying something else right now

  • Granted

    Considering the last major update for my DROIDX tried to destroy my phone and forced me to do a factory reset……yeah,ithink I may just pass on this. No reason to fix what is currently not broken.

    As for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 though,I am interested to see if they release ICS for it some day soon. But I am happy to note that Samsung did push out some kind of small update already. I had been talking with Google support a lot complaining about not being able to rate and review apps in the Honeycomb Market app. But they finally changed that and wrote back and told me that as of 3.2.1, you can now rate and review in the tablet Market app. And it’s true! I’ve been doing that ever since I updated my Tab. The only bizarre part is that the small update I did from Samsung doesn’t show my Galaxy Tab as being on 3.2.1, it still just says 3.2. So I have no idea why the hell that is, but im not one to look a gift horse in the mouth! I’m just super excited to not have to go to the Market webpage to leave reviews now!

    So if you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI, you should check for that small update, whatever number it is.

  • myturbo1

    So My phone was rooted before & some factory apps removed. & then unrooted.. HOW do i get them back so my phone will Actually update ?

    • Granted

      Isn’t it sad and so normal that no one offers to help you. I would gladly offer help but I don’t mess with that stuff. But most people who do would rather ride their arrogant ass high horse and belittle those people that they themselves once were, instead of offering a helping hand. They will say “Go look it up you newb!”, when I know damn well anyone who says that has asked questions at some point in regards to this stuff.

      • myturbo1

        Ya lol i had bought my phone used & he specifically said it has never been. What a load of crap! . this sucks lol . I really want this update. the Factory data reset does nothing. I read that you can boot up phone use’ing pwr &home button then press search key & it will completely reset phone & apps back to 2.1 (?) But when i press the Search key nothing happends 🙁

        • Blutodawg

          On gingerbread you hit the volume buttons at the same time, the search key was for froyo

    • As far as I know, the only way to do this is to SBF the phone, which it sounds like that option will be taken away with this update.  For instructions on how to SBF the phone, go here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-x-rooted-help/100038-complete-droid-x-sbf-flashing-guide.html#post1025361 and read the third post on the page.  You need to download some tools and an SBF image to do it.  I have done this with my Droid X and had no problems.  Just follow the directions.  Hope this helps.

    • Justin Frieberg

      If you want to make it really easy, you could re-root & use titanium backup to save all your apps and app data.  Go through the SBF process and reroot your phone, install Titanium backup and restore all of your apps w/ data. Then you can take the OTA

  • ostensibly

    I’m running CM7 – any thoughts on whether it’s worth switching back to stock for this?

  • Rajivr

    No more crashes yet, that’s the good news. But my radio keeps flipping to 1X, turning airplane mode On and then turning it Off restores radio to 3G but after a few minutes it goes back to 1X again. Any idea how to resolve this?

  • Adam

    FYI updated from stock root (previous latest build) and everything is fine. still have root. seems stable so far. I didn’t use OTA rootkeeper either.

  • cmumathwhiz

    For anyone who is having problems updating – remember to unfreeze any apps you froze and/or rename back any apps you renamed.  If you deleted system apps, you’ll need to put them back.

  • Ryan81192

    Now they just need to work on an update that fixes all of the bugs in droid 2 gingerbread. My phone reboots on its own at least 5 times a day (possibly due to the music app).

  • Villella1717

    Nice…..bumps phone to 2.3.4.

  • Dwjr82

    Need help. My wife’s dx will not pull the update. It says that system update is not available… any ideas?

  • guest

    This update absolutely saved my phone. No more crashing followed by 10 consecutive battery pulls just to get it up and running again, and now I can actually play music without it crashing and having to pull the battery multiple times again. 

    • hkklife

      Yep, this update makes it perform like a brand-new device. I installed it on a coworker’s phone today and it makes a world of difference.  Every bug I had noticed previously is now gone and the phone seems overall so much smoother and more stable. 

      I wish THIS was the initial GB update that Moto had released last year! If so, they would have had many fewer angry users.   Perfect timing today—the word of Jha’s imminent departure along with a nice update to send the Droid X out to pasture in the style it deserves.    Now to just see a comparable update released for the Droid 2, D2G, Droid Pro, and X2. 

  • antimatter-

    To little too late for me, i moved on to the galaxy nexus. To those still with the Droidx i feel your pain and hope it truely does fix most of the issues.

  • KleenDroid

    My son still has a Droid X and is still running a Froyo rom. It runs perfectly and he would never let me upgrade it. Good thing I guess.

  • Himeneslj

    OTA Rootkeeper worked with my rooted stock ROM

    • shinman

      me too, no issues

  • Guest

    Updating now…

  • gunner824

    Pulled the update just after midnight.  Update was successful and Root-keeper re-rooted my X with no problem. 

  • I dl’d the OTA RootKeeper and ran it just before I pulled this update, and my phone just failed to update the 2nd time in a row.  WTF?

    • craig1989

      dont worry about rootkeeper – you keep it regardless

      • SoSideways

        Well, my phone won’t update whether I have uninstalled OTA RootKeeper or have it installed, whether I have the root backed up or not. When i first installed OTA RootKeeper I hit back up root, then protect root, but i have also deleted the backed up root copy via the app. At a loss here on what to do.

        • Shamo316

          same thing here dont know what to do, mine wont update but my upgrade is next month on the 15 so im not too worried. cant decided between the razr maxx or galaxy nexus

    • looks like my phone actually unrooted itself recently.  I had to plug my phone into my desktop PC to get a few pictures off of it, and I am guessing the new Motorola desktop interface did something to the phone when I plugged it in?  I don’t think Verizon can unroot my phone with OTA forced dl of their stupid programs could they?

  • BuffaloBill

    And… the manual process isn’t working. (of course)

  • Aoholmes95

    X2 ???

  • Michael_NM

    The biggest Moto bug fix was announced earlier today…

    • RufusX


    • @@Guest@@

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  • WAldenIV

    I don’t have any of the listed bugs.  My buttons don’t stay lit in the dock.  I might not bother with this update.

    If it fixes the multiple text message issue, I’ll be all over it.

    • The reading I’ve done on that problem indicates it’s almost certainly a carrier problem; thus it cannot be solved by Android.

      • WAldenIV

        Yeah, the update didn’t fix the multiple text issue.

  • Surprise, Motorola pulls a disgustingly selfish controlling move and try to parade it as an improvement.  Fantastic.

  • Prankm

    Too little, too late, MOTO.  The 2.3 bug onlsaught on the Droid X is the reason why I will never, ever, buy another Motorola Android phone again.  Now I will go lovingly caress my Galaxy Nexus.  

    • Love my G-Nex as if it was made just for me, but the Droid-X was my first android and was reliable. 

  • Winque

    If someone has forever root prior to taking the update – please report back if you were able to maintain root, thanks.

    • WAldenIV

      Or OTA Rootkeeper.

      • I have a rooted, but not ROM’ed DX.  I installed OTA Rootkeeper last week just for this occasion.  I tried to install the software update…but it failed.  Will try again and see if it works.

        • WAldenIV

          Worked fine for me.

  • Alejandrorfernandez

    If i have deoxed 605 can i pull this and it will install normally

    • NemaCystX

      anything that is Deodexed isn’t compatible with stock roms because they have .odex files for each .apk file. and accepting the update will just bootloop your rom

      • So best bet is to SBF back to .602 then update?  I dont really need root.. its my old DroidX i have to my fiance so not much toying around with this phone.  I just want stability.

    • LaCokaNostra

      It might freak it out. Theres no sbf to save you

  • NemaCystX

    From what I was reading from testers and ROM devs on Twitter, this is an UNROOTABLE build and that the Devs think this could spell trouble for Motorola devices going forward.

    Thank goodness I have a Galaxy Nexus lol

    • LaCokaNostra

      Great. good thing I traded an x for a thunderbolt

      • NemaCystX

        Still have mine along my OG Incredible

      • M.D.69

        Funny how the TB got so much negative comments from people, now we have people actually trading devices for it.  Just have to laugh.

        • KleenDroid

          The Thunderbolt is a great phone. There will always be those that don’t know what they are doing. You can also unlock its boot loader… try that on a Moto phone.

          • kixofmyg0t

            The Atrix, Photon and GSM RAZR would like to have a word with you. 

          • Big_EZ

            I had six thunderbolts, it’s nice having an unlocked bootloader but not at the expense of having horrible hardware. The audio jack messed up on all 6 (some even came that way) the power button would recess and stick causing it to constantly reboot, one of them would shock me if I hit the volume or power keys, the sound quality (both speakers and mic) were horrible. I could be in my truck with my ac on low and my wife would complain about the “wind noise” on my moto phones I can be i a hurricane and you couldn’t tell. The reception was good, not as good as motorola but good. The 4g radios sucked, although the 3g was solid, with moto i have some data loss when it switches from 4g to 3g but thats not often since it has great 4g radios. From what I’ve heard from HTC fans (ones who hated the t bolt) is that is wasn’t up to par with their previous HTC phones, but that the sound quality on all of them is subpar. Being that I only use about 300 minutes a months and spend countless hours flashing roms and creating themes I won’t count HTC out just yet but they have to put out one hell of a device to get me interested again. 

          • KleenDroid

            I am sorry the Thunderbolt did not work out well for you, and you are not alone. But I had a much different experience with mine and so have those that I know that have them. Compared to all my other phones it was the best I’d had to date. D1, D2, DX… Maybe I am lucky, but my Thunderbolt is great (now my wifes) and I think it still holds it’s own. I would take it over any Motorola phone until they unlock their bootloaders. 

          • Big_EZ

            Of the 3 people I know who had them only one still has a t bolt but doesn’t like it at all, the others ended up with the Droid Charge or Droid Bionic after many replacement devices. I also ended up on the bionic after 6 replacements, and much prefer my old Droid X over the t bolt.

      • burntcookie90

        Traded mine for an Inc2

    • craig1989

      Interestingly, you don’t loose Root. I didn’t bother even trying to maintain
      root – I’m trying to get this phone back into a state where i can maybe get a
      few $ for it.

  • So glad I put this site into Google Reader. Downloading now!

    • LaCokaNostra

      Root will be gone after you do it! And its unrootable. Be careful.

      • WAldenIV

        See if OTA Rootkeepr works.

        • 91STT

          OTA Rootkeeper worked with my rooted stock ROM

          • cmumathwhiz

             Thanks for the update – now I can upgrade mine without worry.

          • Winque

            Is OTA rootkeeper the same as forever root?  Modified file in /system/bin with chmod commands?