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Google’s Android Glasses With Built In Screen To Become Reality By This Year’s End?

Recent reports from various sources are stating that Google has plans to release specially designed glasses for consumers by the end of this year. Shown above is a pair of Oakley Thumps with the Google logo crudely shopped onto them. Minus the logo, sources close to the project have stated the glasses could look like Thumps but of course, will have a small screen built into the lenses for viewing by the wearer.

The glasses would be based on Android and even have 3G/4G data connections, plus GPS capabilities. If that isn’t enough, there are also indications that the glasses will come with a low resolution camera, for real-time layering of information on locations and other various things such as navigation. The most impressive part so far is what the price may be for technology like this. Sources state that they should cost no more than a regular smartphone. So we may be looking at about $300-$600 for a pair of these Terminator-like pieces of hardware.

Is this the next big thing, or is this just in gimmick phase? Would you be seen wearing these things and walking down the street? So far, I can only picture Eric Schmidt wearing these around town and thinking he looks awesome.

Via: NY Times

  • iHateiOS
  • This product is out of imagination can’t believe google is into such a good product, if this project comes into existance im sure it would take our world into next generation, what an imagination and what an effort for this wonderful peoduct hats off to google. I got to know the srtucture of this google glass released from this site “http://tech2wonder.com/google-glasses.html” im not sure whether the structure is perfect given by them..

  • Ryan Malaspina

    I would definitely get these if they were in black, and I would scratch off the Google logo if it came stamped on. It’s not that I don’t support Google, I just prefer generic looks.

  • techie_1

    Reminds me of the darknet glasses from the books Daemon and FreedomTM. A darknet app for these would be amazing!

  • Uncle Paul Hargiss

    Dog the Bounty Hunter approves. 

  • TC Infantino

    If they were an addition to the phone I already have, via Blutooth, then yeah, that would be very cool indeed.  I would be an early adopter of something like this.  Imagine if the lenses of the glasses would go from clear to tinted as you needed, plus add some IR sensors to the frames and you would have some great night vision glasses as well.  The possibilities are very broad.

  • LzY

    I’d buy these things on day one. For sure if they have a 4g data connection, although I’d be happy if they just had wifi capabilities. I could slack so hard with these things.

  • Wpc1956

    Mr. English, thou doust protest to much. Two comments, both with deregatory homosexual references. One stating your desire for fashion colors over the white glasses shown because those would make you look like Sir Elton John. Your other post, stating your fear of looking like your in a, “homo day parade”, says more about you than the glasses, which I believe is the point. You just need to come out of that big homophobic, self hating gay closet and be the fabulous Mr. English, you were born to be.

  • Kuboo99

    Picturing eric schmidt in these makes me chuckle

  • I would wear them, if they don’t make me blind. I don’t mind looking like a geek – I’m surrounded by idiots who don’t understand half of what I say anyway.

  • Taglogical

    Oh man, I’ll bet nothing can cause brain cancer faster than THESE sexy specs ^.^

    Attaching 4G radios to your dome… Good idea or bad Idea? Bad idea.

  • MrEnglish

    Hopefully they have some other color options because there’s no way I’m wearing those Elton John looking tragedies. I’m sure Congress is gearing up for a ban so we don’t have a million teenagers driving around playing games on the highway too.