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BackDrop Root Not Only Backs Up Apps and Settings, But It Auto-Restores App Data After a Re-Install


Titanium Backup has been a standard root-friendly app since day 1, but what if you no longer want all of that information stored on your device? What if you would rather have it in the cloud for safe keeping? That’s exactly what BackDrop brings to the table along with a couple of other incredibly handy features.

In its basic form, BackDrop allows you back up all of your apps along with their application data to DropBox. Once you have it stored, you can restore it to your phone at any time assuming you have a data connection of some sort. Not only can it do apps, but it will also do Bluetooh pairings, bookmarks, contacts and call logs, text messages, and WiFi settings. It’s a fairly fully featured backup app.

Aside from that functionality, it also has two features that our ultimate ROM flashes will enjoy. The first is the ability for BackDrop to turn itself into an update.zip file that can be flashed immediately after you flash a new ROM. So on that first bootup, you will already have BackDrop installed so that you can then pull in all of your backed up apps along with their data. Nice, right?

The other nifty trick up its sleeve is an “auto-restore” option that pulls in application data that you have backed up whenever an associated app is installed. From my understanding, this should grab data for apps even if you install them from the market. It somehow syncs with new apps if it recognizes them and then ties them to your data. Impressive.

So the app is free in the market with a $1.99 unlock key to get you the auto-restore and update.zip options. Give it a shot.

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  • Anonymous

    I tried Titanium Backup once and it was a complete fail.  It put all my apps back on the device, but I couldn’t open them.  I also lost all my progress on the games I was playing.  That’s one of the major reasons I haven’t put a custom ROM on my Galaxy Nexus yet.  It’s annoying trying to get all my apps and settings back to where I want them without an easy backup solution.  Everybody swears by Titanium Backup so maybe I missed something.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Why can’t widget restore become a simple and built in feature? That’s one of the largest pains (the close other 2 restoring my ringtone/texttone/calendar tone/todo tone/etc and re-joining all my damn google/FB/Haxsync contacts everytime…). Anyway, I have over a dozen complicated widgets that I usually have to restore by hand. I recently was made aware of TiBu “Application Widgets” but can’t figure out how to make it work. I think I saw everything come back once, but after flashing yesterday, I had to once again re-add them. If the widgets exist when the data is restored for a particular launcher. Bam, there they should be in all their glory w/ the proper settings…

  • Anonymous

    So can titanium backup automatically restore the apps I want along with their data? Also when you say it can do so much more, what is that?

    • Mrblaza

      I’ve often wondered if I’m getting the most out of Titanium…how does that zip thing work?

      • Anonymous

        Menu->More->”Create ‘update.zip’ “… (it will allow you to name it this or ‘TitaniumBackup-version#.zip’).  The zip will be saved to the root of your sdcard.  The zip is then flashable in recovery next time you wipe/flash a rom.  Easy as pie.  (When creating the zip, you even have the option of having it install as a system or user app when flashing-a nice little feature.)

  • Bunie

    App is COMPLETELY useless free.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Gorgen

    News has really slow this week everywhere. Although, yes, I do love me some Backdrop.

  • Such a good app. I know the Dev too a very nice guy. 

  • I like AppExtractor. If it had a few more features that Titanium BackUp has, it would be SOLID. I like how you can use Rom Manager to make a nandroid backup and AppExtractor will restore apps/data/settings right from the nandroid backup, no need to do a separate backup.

    • Anonymous

      TiBU can do this as well.

    • Anonymous

      I also use Appextractor which was featured here a while back. I also have Titanium but prefer appextractor for ease of getting back up and running after a rom switch.

    • Anonymous

      The text restores has never worked for me

      • Anonymous

        Me either no matter what rom I am coming from or going to even if it is the some rom just updated.

      • Anonymous

        Have you tried SMS Backup+?  (This one: http://goo.gl/VyGD4)  It’s always worked great for me.  You can set a schedule for it to backup your SMS’s automatically, and restoring is drop dead simple.

      • Anonymous

        Text restores have always worked for me countless times. Of course you have to reboot after the restore in order for them to be there. 

        • The Race To Die

          exactly. i think people forget to do that

          • Anonymous

            i do reboot like it says, i have emailed them about it and have gotten no response…oh well it’s only texts. 

          • Anonymous

            Strange. I wonder what’s up cause I restore texts every time I install a new rom which lately has been every couple days. I’ve restored the texts with Appextractor probably 30 times without ever having a problem. 

            I just checked out this new app cause it looks good, but I stil prefer Appextractor for now. 

            The app works great for me, but I agree that the developer does not respond to emails to support his app. I sent a very simple question once and also never got a reply.

          • The Race To Die

            weird. to make things clear i was referring to tibu. with that said ive been using sms backup & restore for well over a year and have never had a problem with it. i highly recommend that for text backup and restoring.

  • El Big Chris

    Good thing I’ve held on purchasing titanium backup. $2 with all those features vs ~$5 and those features; I’d take this one 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You’re underestimating TB.  It has “those features” and so much more.  Plus, as I mentioned above, it’s *constantly* being updated by the dev, which means it has constant active development going on.  That is, again, well worth the cost of a small coffee, IMHO.

      • The Race To Die

        yup, the tibu dev is amazing. bought it a looong time ago when i had the og and its still getting constant updates with improvements and new features. and now works perfect on my nexus. best app ive ever bought.

  • Is it just me or is it missing scheduling?

  • Anonymous

    So what exactly does this do that Titanium doesn’t?  TiBU also has DropBox sync capability, as well as the ability to create a flashable zip of itself for installing immediately after flashing a ROM.  
    Oh, right, the auto-restore option.  I suppose that’s nice, but not worth giving up the bazillion other great features that TiBU has.So I say…Meh, no thanks.  Still, it’s always great to have options!

  • Gar

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  • srk

    Doesn’t TB do most of this already?  (It uses Dropbox.)

  • I like tits.
    Tit Back
    Titanium Back
    Titanium Backup…

  • Matthew Merrick

    this stings… i just caved in and bought titanium backup last week, haven’t even used it >_<

    • Anonymous

      Nah, don’t sweat it.  TiBU will keep you happy for some time.  See my post above.  The only thing your’e missing out on is the auto-restore feature.  Not only that, but it’s updated at least weekly, and has been forever, so you know that you’ve got active development going on.  That alone, IMHO, is well worth the price of admission.

    • Anonymous

      it shouldnt sting…every “cool” thing that was listed can be done by titanium backup.

      it can use dropbox to backup
      it can do one click auto restore
      it can make a update.zip(havent used it though)
      it backs data up
      it restores data(if you want) when you install the app from TB. or you can choose to install data after you download from the market
      it also attaches apps to the market

      Titanium Backup wins in every which way

      • dropbox doesn’t work well.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve yet to have an issue with it, and I’ve been using it for over 200 apps since the feature was introduced.  Has always worked perfectly for me.  As with everything else, YMMV.

      • Anonymous

        I have it scheduled to run nightly, a feature I can’t give up. I never have to worry about anything when flashing a new rom.

  • Greg Morgan

    very nice, might have to give this a look.