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LG X3 Specs All But Confirmed Again – Semi-Stock Ice Cream Sandwich and a Massive Benchmark as Well


The LG X3 is their latest flagship Android attempt, one that may actually be worth a second look. With its Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 4.7″ HD display, 2000mAh battery, 8MP camera and what appears to be semi-stock Ice Cream Sandwich, how can you not be at least a little interested in it? And thanks to the crew at Modaco, we have benchmarks and proof of an ICS version that looks only lightly touched (Gesture, Lock screen, and Power Saver sections are not stock). And yes, that benchmark says 4412 (taken from the newest Quadrant that supports ICS and multi-core processors).

Jaws on the floor? Still not ready to buy into what LG has to offer? 4.7″ screen a turn-off or turn-on?

Via:  Modaco

  • Anonymous

    too many unknowns still (unlocked/unlockable bootloader, LTE, battery life, display quality…)

  • Flyinion

    Sort of a side topic but since Quadrant was mentioned I thought I’d post a quirk I just found in the new version.  If you are running a benchmark and have set your CPU to underclock at all….i.e. I normally run 700-1200mhz range…..at least with setCPU the speed is not bumping up to max when Quadrant runs.  I knew something was off when I was getting benchmarks just barely better than the Nexus S.  Set the min to 1200 as well and got 2175 off the first run.

    • Josh Nichols

      The speed isn’t supposed to bump up to max frequency when running a benchmark. You have to set it at max frequency and/or run the performance governor.

      • Flyinion

        Never had that happen on the older version of quadrant on my OG Droid.  It would always bump up to max speed when tasked with the load of a benchmark program.

  • DanSke

    Eh, its still gonna have Bing. haha

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have the numbers for the Transformer Prime? 

    • Treknologist

       When I ran the test on my Prime I got a score of 4072.  I don’t know how accurate these scores are but they don’t seem that far from each other.

  • Tom Luley

    Well with the radio problems on the Nexus (I have had 3 different units, it isn’t just MY phone), I am still looking for my perfect phone. I see that LTE isn’t mentioned so I guess this isn’t down my alley…

    • Anonymous

      Do you seriously think they would release a 3G phone? Seriously? Please use your power of reason.

      • Tom Luley

        What I meant by that was HSPA+ is a possibility. Nowhere on here does it say this phone is for Verizon. It is entirely possible it WILL NOT have LTE like I said and be an HSPA+ or a GSM phone for AT&T and others. Please use the power of your brain before responding.

        • Noyfb

          i’ve had no problems with phone calls or data transfers, i have 2 bars at home and get 15-21 mbps down in the st.louis market. My only problem with the nexus is the speaker’s low sound

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t say anything about LTE or HSPA+. Why even make a comment about it “not being down my alley”? As far as we know, it could be 7G-STE and down NO ONE’S alley. Anything is a possibility when no concrete facts are stated. Please exercise restraint the next time you have a comment.

          Useless comment is useless.

    • Anonymous

      You should try the leaked 4.0.4 update. The new baseband made massive improvements to my connection stability and I now get reception in places where I would previously lose connection. Average data speeds have gone up 1-2Mbps in my home as well.

      There is also the possibility that you simply live in a spotty 4G area. I think that probably explains a lot of the complaints about the G-Nex as well as just about every other 4G LTE phone released to date.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently you can order this phone from here. Has some specs and an estimated release date.


  • Anonymous

    Specs impress. Real world test (in my real world hands) needed. Def worth checking out though, if for nothing else than to have a valid opinion.

  • Anonymous

    LG, turn off based on phone history (even though the spectrum is better), but ON based on my LED TV on the wall.  4.7″ definitely could use more real estate than this 4.3″.  Quad core, HD – any styling cues/pics yet?  Thing’s going to be a beast.  Hopefully it’s packing the RAM and internal memory (spectrum 4GB 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      Aww come on, the LG Dare was awesome back in its day!!

  • tjmonkey15

    Sorry to bring up the Nexus, but why does it seem like every phone/tablet other than the Nexus is getting updated versions of ICS?

    • Anonymous

      I agree why hasn’t the Nexus received the official 4.0.3 OTA update yet? I thought it was first in line… 

      • Josh Nichols

        4.0.3 isn’t even being pushed OTA anymore.

    • VzwNex

      Only Tablets have OTA upgrades to ICS right now. No other phone currently has it but the nexus. At least not officially.

  • EC8CH


    I’ll only be interested in LG once it’s over 9000.

    • Matthew Rosidivito


      • Chad Ramey

        UGHHHHH ITS OVER 9,000 !!!!!

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    • Anonymous

      When will people learn that Quadrant scores are useless for comparing different devices. I was really hoping that this app would go away.

      • Anonymous

        Why do you say that? Do you have anything that backs up your statement as to why we should ignore these benchmarks? 

        If they’re meaningless like you claim, then why does this website bother to refer to them?

    • Anonymous

      Any benchmark to place the Galaxy Tab above the Galaxy Nexus is not worth looking at…

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if Moto already has an X3 planned.

  • I like the idea of LG having mostly stock ICS. I think more OEMs need to adopt this idea of LIGHT customization. LIGHT CUSTOMIZATION DANG IT!!!!!!!!! Put in your special apps and add a few features, but leave the appearance (as much as possible) alone. let your hardware, cameras and screens make you famous, not your skins.

  • I just don’t care about speed.  Give me a Nexus phone that will always have bare bones stock Andorid and updates direct from Google.

    • Gallyjh

      Even owning a Nexus doesn’t guarantee us updates from Google.  I still haven’t gotten my 4.0.4 from Google on my Galaxy Nexus.  Google just needs to make their own hardware phone with their own service provider.  Get rid of the middle men like Verizon and Samsung.  Hopefully with the purchase of Moto they have half that equation solved.

      • To be fair 4.0.4 shouldn’t even be available. I don’t think its even dumped into aosp. 4.0.3 wasn’t pushed because issues. Nobody really got it either.

        • Nick

          Right, 4.0.4 isn’t even in aosp. aosp is 4.0.3 right now, but that only made it to a few Nexus S’es before it got pulled for issues, and its gone for good. Once 4.0.4 is actually released, the Gnex and the S will get it, not 4.0.3. These people just like to complain about stuff.

      • kretz7

        That’d be a conflict of interest and I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) is against the law. 

        • Anonymous

          How would it be against the law for them to be a wireless provider ?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think making and releasing their own phone would make them a wireless provider.

        • Anonymous

          I’d like to know why you think it would be against the law.

      • Josh Nichols

        4.0.4 wasn’t meant to go public. Only ONE person that doesn’t work for Samsung got the 4.0.4 update.

  • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

    Make it with a 4.0-4.3″ screen and I would be throwing money at it. Larger screen seems like a cop-out for not being able to fit more hardware into the package.

    • Not much difference between 4.3 physical buttons and 4.6/7 on screen. They definitely need a high end 4″ device though. Maybe 4.3 with on screen buttons.

      I like the size of my nexus but realize not everyone does

      • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

        Indeed, to each his own – and I understand some people really like the bigger screen. My puny hands cannot handle the awesomeness that is 4.6″+ (even with on-screen buttons). I would love a 4.3″ with on-screen buttons or a 4″ with or without on-screen.

  • dodger55fan

    So when is the expected relese?

  • Anonymous