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Google to Launch Cloud Storage Service “Drive” in Coming Weeks or Months?

Reports from the Wall Street Journal have hatched many stories across the Internet regarding Google’s up and coming launch of a cloud storage based system that would compete with and most likely try to dominate the competition. The service from Google is called, “Drive” and those close to the project say that it will be free for everyone unless if you want bigger online storage.

Drive is “expected” to launch in the coming weeks or months according to WSJ. Many have been comparing the new service to Dropbox or Box, but there are no official details as to whether or not this is exactly true. Some reports state Drive is a way for users to upload media/documents to the cloud, then share it across any other platform they see fit. Others have it pegged along the lines of tying in more with Google+ and Search, plus Your World. If reports from WSJ are correct, then maybe we will find out fairly soon.

Via: WSJ

  • Champlification

    Bitcasa Beta, if you can get into it, is unlimited cloud storage.  It basically maps a drive on your PC and in Windows it shows like 9EB(exobytes) available.  It’s slow, and the Windows application is kinda buggy, but it is still in beta.

  • Booboolala2000

    Sweet. Will be nice to use that one password. Simplify matters. Where’s the invites?

  • ddevito

    Geez, what is this, wall-street-journal-life.com?



  • FortitudineVincimus

    “it will be free for everyone unless if you want bigger online storage.”

    Yeah, what service is not free until you want more??? Duh!

    It’s about (1) how much is the free allotment and (2) what is the upload limit THAT is what I want to read in a story.

  • Bionic

    I HATE dropbox and box for one reason.  They dont allow files larger than 180mb to be uploaded.  That is pure BS.  I want to be able to “zip” my entire music collection and upload it to the cloud for safe keeping.  I dont want to do it one song at a time, who does?  

    • FortitudineVincimus

      WRONG for Dropbox (Box sucks)

      go do a search about the new 2.0.9 version and desktop version that now allows unlimited upload size. They are giving away 500mb just for trying the new app and then for every file you upload that is 500mb or bigger, you get an extra 500mb storage. I maxed out the free 5gb in a day uploading 500-1gb files.

  • I use KeePass to store my passwords. Using dropbox to keep my password file in sync on my android phone is an 80% solution… real close, but extra steps are necessary. If Google provides the same amount of space and reliability, with an active sync feature (even just for specified “favorite” files), and the same simple yet robust syncing ability for all desktop OSes, I’d jump ship in a heartbeat.

  • Chance of this being awesome: 100%
    Chance of me dropping the box: 100%
    Chance of being integrated with android/free extra space: 100%

  • HeLLo

    LMAO wow some of you are really sad….so you expect Google to offer 30GB+  for free?.Just because Google offers products for free does not mean it is mandatory for them to give you that amount for free.I guess some of you have been spoiled too much by Google and will bitch about it if Google only offered 5GB for free.

    • Batfan

      Yeah, that’s crazy. Why would they want to offer more free storage space than their competitor?

      ** blatant sarcasm

      Windows SkyDrive is 25 GB for free so, 30 GB for free is not so far fetched, smartguy.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      At a bare minimum, it better be no less than 10 and border on 30 if they want to be players. I have 50 free from Box and 15 free from Dropbox, no incentive to use them if they cannot meet or beat that. So yeah, dam nright I expect that much if not more. Please, they are late to the game.

  • I have 26.4gb on dropbox for free. Unless Google can provide a better experience with more storage, then I will stick with Dropbox

    • Anonymous


      • If I had to guess. 

        – He has an edu email address attached to his account.
        – He has made 32 referrals (or close to that).
        – He did everything at dropbox.com/free.
        – He participated in the beta for instant upload.
        – He installed Dropbox on an HTC phone.

        And if that’s not what he did, he has some new ideas. Lol

        • That is exactly what I did. I also participated in the free storage for the beta version.

    • Blood

      I have a 50 gb on box.com for free.

      • Anonymous

        I do to, but I think it had some ridiculous constraints that really made it not useful. 

  • I don’t know why more people don’t mention SugarSync. You get way more free storage(10gb or more), and it will even autosync folders across devices. The Android app will also autosync your pics and videos.

    Although, if Google did this, I’d obviously use it 😛

    • Google+ automatically backs up your photos to a hidden folder on your account automatically when you take a picture. (It may do videos too, I’ve never checked).
      Unlimited photo uploads.

      • Anonymous

        Video as well.

      • Noyfb

        Why is Google+ uploading my pictures and videos even though i have unchecked automatic uploading?
        I delete the pics from plus and it uploads them again, wtf is wrong?

  • Peter Kelly

    If it has the same capabilities as Dropbox, such as cloud backup of every file I’d really miss if the house burned down, then it’s a go.  And with Windows and linux desktop programs, to automagically  upload all those same, very important files without me having to do a thing.

    Otherwise, Dropbox still gets to take my money.

    • Anonymous

      What are some examples of files you would want to save because all I can think of is photos.

  • MFG

    Cue Dropbox offering 20gb for free…

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    • I have 26.88GB of space in my Dropbox, all free. 

  • John

    As long as they implement this properly, it will freaking kick some serious butt.

    • Ya, I imagine proper implementation is a prerequisite for kicking serious butt.

  • I already use Google Music’s cloud storage for all my music.  Now I just want something from Goog for my videos, pictures, and documents.

    • Anonymous

       Youtube, Picasa, Docs.


      • EC8CH

        epic reply

        • unlike yours. 😛

          • Larrytate


          • MrWolf


    • Anonymous

      Something like Google Music but for DVD collections would be nice. It would take a while to upload a DVD.

  • Jason Purp

    I might use it, depending on how it works. I use Dropbox constantly for customizing my phone with different files like wallpapers and icons, and sometimes I upload ROMs to it as well. However, I don’t use Google Music’s online storage.

    It also depends on whether or not Drive will have a program for Ubuntu, like Dropbox and Google Music.

    • Anonymous

      What is it about Google Music that you don’t like? I use it all the time.