Share Dropbox Files Directly Inside of Facebook Messenger

Starting this week, users of Facebook Messenger and Dropbox can begin to share files stored on Dropbox directly within the Messenger app, no longer needing users to share files from inside of the Dropbox app. From Dropbox, a user can share videos, pictures, and even GIF images.

To access this function, while inside of a Messenger thread on your mobile device, hit the More button. Once pressed, you will see a Dropbox setting which will then allow for the syncing of data between the services. From here, simply select which file you want shared.  (more…)

Dropbox Shutting Down Mailbox and Carousel Early Next Year

In early 2016, Dropbox will shutdown Mailbox and Carousel permanently, the company made official this morning. Mailbox, first acquired by Dropbox in 2013 and then launched for Android in 2014, became quite the popular email client for users on multiple platforms, but apparently, Dropbox is looking for a more streamlined experience, and we should see many top features from both Mailbox and Carousel built into the Dropbox application.  (more…)

Dropbox Update Brings Redesign, New Features Like Faster Search

Dropbox on Android received a big update today that ushers in a new design for the storage app, along with a handful of new features.

In the redesign, Dropbox is giving you a taste of Material Design, with FAB, new slideout drawer, and cleaner UI. As Dropbox states, the “fresh look” is “right at home on the latest versions of Android.”

As for new features, Dropbox has added in the ability to take a photo from within a folder, should you want to save a photo directly to that folder. This could be really handy for not only snapping photos of events or gatherings, but also for those who snap photos of bills or other documents. They also improved search and made sharing controls more consistent across the app.  (more…)

Dropbox Update Brings PDF Viewer and In-Document Search

An update is rolling out to Dropbox users on Android, one which includes a built-in PDF viewer and an in-document search feature. For those who view a lot of PDFs on their phone or tablet, Dropbox allows you to share the file straight from the viewer, which will automatically save it in a Sent folder. This will make sure you don’t lose track of those important documents.  (more…)

Deal: 5-Star Productivity Pack Adds Dropbox Pro to Already Awesome Lineup, Still Just $60

Remember the deal we wrote up a month ago for a productivity pack that included premium subscriptions to Evernote, Pocket, Wunderlist, LastPass and the New York Times, at a ridiculously low price of $59.99? We now have that deal in our DL Deals shop, only it’s better than ever. If you pick-up the 5-Star Productivity Pack from us, you also get a 3-month premium subscription to Dropbox Pro for that same $59.99 price.

The total value here is around $182, so you are getting a solid discount. Keep in mind that the deal only runs for a week.

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