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Samsung: No Press Conference At This Year’s Mobile World Congress

Besides a possible few product introductions, it seems as though Samsung won’t have much of a strong presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). This morning, they have confirmed via email to PC Mag that they will not be hosting a press conference, but instead will be holding off on their big announcements until later this year.

Samsung won’t be showing up at MWC empty handed by any means though and analysts are anticipating the unveil of their newest line of tablet that sports the new Exynos 5250 processor. So we may not be seeing the new Galaxy SIII, but we are sure the wait will be worth it when this new Galaxy device is introduced.

Via: PC Mag

  • Anonymous

    IMO samsung is taking the apple road by staying as quiet as possible so their products can build up more and more hype like the ipad and iphone rumors…say what you want but samsung is trying more and more to be like apple minus the ridiculous ads that samsung somehow thinks are clever

  • Sam

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  • Wmsco51

    Another google episode, and it make me upset that verizon will most likely say no and last but not least it won’t be stateside until Europe has it. I think their business plan sucks but it will make their 4th quarter look good by the time it gets here.

  • Tim242

    They’re getting smart…creating their own show.

    • Anonymous

      They’ve found yet another way to copy Apple……

      • EC8CH

        yeah… next they’ll probably start posing as police officers to conduct illegal searches of people’s property.

      • Tim242

        Oh yes, because Apple was the first to do that. Don’t flatter yourself.

        • Anonymous

          Samsung has done PLENTY to flatter Apple….

          • Tim242

            Apple has done plenty in iOS to flatter Android. Apple flattered LG quite a bit with their first iPhone. Then, Apple flatters themselves a lot by suing everybody. They claim their patents are being violated, all the while violating as many as they can. I’m glad that is biting them in the a$$.

          • Anonymous

            Samsung is under investigation for FRAND abuse with Motorola on notice:


            In the end, we’ll see who gets bit in the ass….

            P.S. Apple began development of the iPhone as early as 2004:


            Care to share that LG Prada timeline??? I won’t hold my breath 🙂

          • Tim242

            Haha Apple is about to be paying Moto for every device ever sold, as well as royalties on all future devices. You people live in delusions and denial.

          • Anonymous

            How’s this for a delusion, fandroid:

            “German court dismisses Motorola’s patent lawsuit against Apple”


            Aaah to be a fandroid….so big on talk, so little on FACTS

            P.S. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you conveniently side-stepped my request for an LG Prada timeline 🙂

            Ha ha….

          • Tim242

            I haven’t side-stepped anything. It is widely known that apple copied LG. Apple has to pay moto….nothing non factual about that : )

          • Anonymous

            Wow….THAT’S your comeback??? I’ve provided evidence for EVERY claim I’ve made, and all you have provided is the same old tired, baseless fandroid talking points without a single shred of evidence to prove your absurd claims. You’re in over your head….

            It’s “widely known” that Apple copied LG? Yeah, widely know to wishful thinking fandroids who attempt to justify Google’s total rip-off of Apple by making baseless claims about Apple…..sooooo typical

          • Tim242

            Dude, I couldn’t care less, to be honest. Apple makes the inferior product. Android phones have far more features than iPhones. The irony of your screen name is that Droid does a lot more than iCrap.. Just paid for my Best Buy purchase with NFC. I have blazing fast 50 Mbps speeds. http://db.tt/cuiBH6zl
            I can download files from my browser. I can manage my files. I can side load apps. Enjoy your toy.

            sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • Anonymous

            Translation: I’ve done a piss-poor job refuting the points that he’s made, so let me make my penis feel like its bigger by bringing up a bunch of stuff that only über-geeks like myself care about.

            P.S. Most toys are made out of PLASTIC (Gnex) 🙂

          • Tim242

            Plastic is more durable. Making a phone our of glass is insane. I love how you dismiss features that people use every day on their computers, as geek only. that’d what you sheep do, over and over. You think features and basic functionality aren’t important, until you have it. My phone does so much, I rarely get on my laptop anymore. When the iPhone 6 comes out later this year with some of this functionality, you’ll be screaming from the rooftops “it’d magical!”. Of course, some basic functionality, you’ll never have from your walled garden. How can smartphone not be able to download files from the browser? *shakes head* As far as the patents, it’s all bull$hit from both sides. I truly couldn’t care less. I care more about being able to do what I want with the phone I purchased. I enjoy having a computer in my pocket. You have a device that does so little computer functionality, calling it a smartphone is a stretch.

          • Anonymous

            Oh my bad….I didn’t know that regular people uses NFC “every day”. I didn’t know that regular people side loads apps “every day”. I didn’t that regular people conducts geek-inspired speed tests “every day”. Didn’t know that regular people unlocks bootloaders “every day”. And as far as the iPhone not being able to download files from the web browser, try this:


            So not only are u a geek that cares about stuff the rest of the world doesn’t, you’re also an ignorant geek…..please take whatever funds you have and buy yourself a clue…

            P.S. Still waiting on that LG Prada timeline 🙂

          • Tim242

            Your link didn’t work. I’m assuming you were trying to say that you can download apps from iTunes? When I say download files from my phone’s browser…I mean ANY file, just like from a PC. Regular people certainly do that every day. People also manage files on their PC’s regularly. Smartphones and tablets can only replace PC’s, if they have true PC functionality. As far as NFC…you’ll be singing its praises when the iPhone gets it. There’s a reason we call your kind iSheep…

          • Anonymous

            Try this on for size, fandroid:


            There you have it….can download and manager files, just like your big, plastic, garage door opener iPhony. Once again, unlike you, providing PROOF to everything I say.

            P.S. Now get me my LG Prada timeline!!! 🙂

          • Tim242

            Haha nice try! that’s only supports files that are supported downloads approved by apple. You cannot download ANY FILE THAT A PC CAN. Keep letting apple control your life. I enjoy freedom to do what the hell I please on my phone.

            As for LG Prada:

            Announced Dec 12, 1996, was submitted for design award in Sept 2006. The concept was shown before that. Be sure to read the iPhone controversy section.

            http:// en.m.wikipedia.org /wiki/ LG_Prada
            Just for kicks, this apple insider article proves that apple actually copied Samsung first.
            http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/04/19/android_fans_accuse_apple_of_copying_samsung_first.html On Feb 12, 2012 8:02 AM, “Disqus”

          • Anonymous

            Care to provide a link that proves LG announced the Prada in 1996? Or did u just pull that out of your ass??? (the former) I won’t hold my breath…….

            I’ve read that Wikipedia article several times before, and other than a butt-hurt LG guy who makes accusations and offers not one shred of proof, there’s nothing in that article that offers a timeline of development that proves that the Prada preceded the development of the iPhone. Please provide THAT specific information….again I wont hold my breath

            Uh, perhaps you need to take a class in reading comprehension. Did you even read the article that you referenced??? The article states that It was reported that Samsung showed the F700 at CEBIT IN 2006 and was later released in 2007. The TRUTH was later discovered that Samsung never showed a phone, just mentioned that one was forthcoming. They actually didn’t reveal the until February 2007, a full month AFTER Apple unveiled the iPhone in January. Seriously bro, are you getting THAT desperate to try and save face??? You are making a fool of yourself…

            P.S. STILL haven’t provided a timeline….just admit you don’t have one and try and salvage what little dignity you have left 🙂

          • Tim242

            I meant 2006, not 1996. All we have to go on is speculation from all sides. Apple has no proof that anything was copied from them. Look at everything they have copied. Steve Jobs even famously bragged about it. As I stated before, I couldn’t care less who copies whom. If you’re lucky, Apple will copy more. You’ll end up with a less crippled product. As far as dignity, my dignity comes from things outside of the world of blogs. At the end of the day, I have a 4.7″ pocket PC, with an HD screen, wicked fast data, NFC, and more computer functionality than you can even comprehend. You won’t see me on Apple blogs talking trash. You are the obvious insecure troll. So, instead of worrying about Android, go enjoy your iDevices. I’m enjoying my Nexus, and the way it reduces my dependency on traditional computers. As soon as a stock ICS tablet releases that I like, I’ll pick one up. At least on my platform of choice, I know that I can do what I want, and have things to look forward to. I love the idea that soon, I will have zero use for a traditional PC. I already only Get my laptop out about once per week. You truly have no idea what you are missing. You are not going to change anybody’s mind here. Is your life so boring that this is all you have to do? Maybe you just need to get laid. But, wasting time guessing when phones were in development, is a waste of both our time. Nobody truly knows. All we have, is hearsay articles. Now, go do something constructive.

          • Anonymous

            Translation: I’m tired of getting beat up with facts and looking like a fool in the process, so I’ll quit now.

            Lol! It’s all good bro….I’ll let u off the hook! Just do your homework next time! 🙂

          • Tim242

            Dude, all you provided was a speculative article. There was no proof. I hardly call that beat up, certainly not facts.

          • Tim242

            Oh, and attaching more to emails than just pics is something everybody does…but not on the iPhone or iPad. Pathetic.

  • Not really a good start for Samsung’s 2012.  That so-so Galaxy Note ad and then, seemingly, no big news at MWC?  I know it may just be to delay the unveilings, not the shipping, but It’s basically giving Apple half a year to control the message.

    Also: my view is that Samsung would still probably have an event if the Galaxy Tab 11.6 was going to show.  I could be wrong, but it doesn’t bode well.

    • Tim242

      They are creating their own show…where they will have all of the attention.

  • Anonymous

    In related news, fapple prepares to sue Samsung for using its strategy of not make announcements at industry events.

    • Actually, this is probably so that Samsung doesn’t get sued again… remember, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at MWC last year (I was there!) and then panicked when it apparently didn’t realize that Apple updates its iOS devices once a year.  Five weeks later, at CTIA (I was also there), there was a completely redesigned Tab 10.1 that was ‘mysteriously’ a lot thinner — and, let’s face it, looked more like an iPad 2.

      If the Tab 11.6 skips MWC, it could be as much to avoid being caught out by the iPad 3 as anything else.

      • EC8CH

        u were there bro?

        • LOL, yep, not mad, but I was there.

          The original Tab 10.1 was “fat” and slightly like an original iPad, but not by a whole amount.  Same innards (Tegra 2 and so on), just in a bulkier design.

          Sad thing is that the much thinner redesign (“we will not be outdone,” Samsung shouted) proved that Samsung could have done better, but waited until it had an example from the competition.

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  • Lmrojas

    Its not like if we would see anything in the US for 6 months anyway