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Foursquare Update Includes NFC Beam Support, Piggybacking Your Friends’ Check-ins Became Awesome


Forget the new Google+ update that just went live, today is all about the fact that Foursquare included Android Beam support in their latest update. Now, when you are out with your crew and one of them checks into the strip chess club before you, a simple butt-to-butt rubbing between your Galaxy Nexii will get you checked in right behind him. No need to put your dollars Rook down for any two-thumbed typing. Bump Nexus, tap to Beam the venue, and check-in.

This is all with me assuming that you know another person that owns an NFC device. Love me some Beam.

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  • Raven

    Foursquare is still around?  I honestly don’t know a single person who uses it.  Everyone I know who is in to “checking in” just does it on Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else had any trouble with foursquare on their nexus? It seems like the refresh button  in the menu doesn’t actually do anything. 

  • Sam

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  • EC8CH

    I used NFC for the first time when Google paid for my Big Mac and McDonalds… poor kid behind the counter thought I was from the future.

    • lol. I did it at a CVS to pay for gum. she thought I was a hacker and the people in line were very skeptical about using their credit card. good times.

    • Anonymous

      Do all McDonalds have NFC??

    • Haha,, that sounds like it was fun.

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  • Firelight

    I’ve had all kinds of fun playing with NFC tags on my Nexus. I get all uber-nerdy and show it off to my friends and 

    they’re like: “cool, can we do that?” 

    and I go “sure … but not now unless you have a phone like this.  But you will one day .. most phones will.” 

    and they go: “yea … whatever”

    and I’m like: “yea” & I hang my head in geekified shame 

  • trevorsalienarms

    I’ve re-read the post headline like five times and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Man, I’m soooo behind the times.


    I don’t have any friends with beaming capabilities. Lol . In the only gnex in the crew.

  • Andy Blystone

    This will be handy in a few years when more people have NFC… u

  • Guest

    butt to butt rubbing? c’mon! gotta be a better way to accomplish this. i mean what kinda chess club are we talking about 😉

    • Gentleman’s chess club. 😛

      • So THAT’S where all the bishops hang out…

  • Can someone tell me the point of “checking in” and this app in particular.  If you want to let people know where you are, can’t you check in using facebook or google+?

    • You can. Foursquare is more of a game though. You get points, can become the major of locations, and can earn badges or achievements along the way.

      • CARPDM

        And you also get specials like free appetizers, etc. With certain check ins

      • Anonymous

        A ‘game’ to track everywhere you go, your habits, etc. What’s everyone’s need to let people know what they are doing all the time? Validation? I’m continually amazed how easily everyone pisses away their privacy

  • I cant wait for the the day where I can Beam money via google wallet into a friends account or vise varsa (with pin auth 🙂 )

  • Rmadler

    Places can now have NFC tags so that you can Check in just by tapping your phone as you walk thru the door.

    • Oh? When was this re-added. Because it seemed like it was gone when the Galaxy Nexus and 4.0.2 first came out.

  • I don’t even have two devices with NFC. rofl.