Video: Android 5.0 Feature – Power of Android Beam in the Share Menu

Back when the Android L preview was first released, we told you how excited we were that Android Beam was now included in the share menu. With Android 5.0 “Lollipop” official and up and running on our Nexus 5, we wanted to show you exactly why it is that we are so excited. In short, it makes sharing almost anything (more than just photos and links) in between devices so much easier.  (more…)

Android L Features: Android Beam Now a Part of Share Menu

In Android L, Google has included Android Beam in the sharing menu, making it arguably easier to share items using NFC.

When you go to share an item now in the L version of Android, you will see an icon for Android Beam, along with your icons for Drive or Box or Dropbox or any other app capable of sharing. Once Android Beam has been tapped, your device will tell you to “Tap another device to complete,” which then sends the item as soon as the second device is touched.  (more…)

Google+ App Receiving Update, Brings Android Beam and Daydream Support

Google Plus Logo

This morning, Google is pushing out a staged rollout of an updated Google+ application for Android through Google Play. The update isn’t your ordinary run of the mill bug fixer, though. Inside this update, Google is looking to take advantage of a few features that are uncommonly used on phones supporting the software, such as Daydream and Android Beam(more…)

More Pictures of the HTC Incredible 4G Emerge, NFC and Beam Onboard

A Reddit user was able to go hands-on with the upcoming DROID Incredible 4G yesterday thanks to a recent meeting with an HTC rep. During the encounter, he was able to snap a couple of pictures and also confirm some of the specs that have been floating around the web thanks to the leak on the DroidDoes page. The Inc 4G will have NFC capabilities and feature the Android Beam, which Galaxy Nexus users have been toying with for a few months now. As we already know, it will feature Verizon’s 4G LTE (naturally) and be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip. The display will be a qHD at 960×540 resolution to “help improve battery life.”

As far as when we can expect a launch, the rep had nothing but a guesstimation for May, so we’re here waiting to get the official word from Big Red. This device still perking your interest?

Via: Reddit | Phandroid

Foursquare Update Includes NFC Beam Support, Piggybacking Your Friends’ Check-ins Became Awesome


Forget the new Google+ update that just went live, today is all about the fact that Foursquare included Android Beam support in their latest update. Now, when you are out with your crew and one of them checks into the strip chess club before you, a simple butt-to-butt rubbing between your Galaxy Nexii will get you checked in right behind him. No need to put your dollars Rook down for any two-thumbed typing. Bump Nexus, tap to Beam the venue, and check-in.

This is all with me assuming that you know another person that owns an NFC device. Love me some Beam.

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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich’s Beam in Action on the Galaxy Nexus

One of the more talked about features from the Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong was Beam, the NFC-based information sharing tool. If you have a phone with an NFC chip running Android 4.0, you can share information with another phone who has the same capabilities. The possibilities will eventually be almost endless, but for now, you can send things like Maps listings or directions, Market app pages, contacts and even Facebook friends.

Since we have two phones (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S) with NFC chips and version of ICS, we were able to demo Beam in the video below. It should be fun come Friday when the world is running around beaming info to each other.  (more…)

PayPal Receives UI Upgrade, Widget For Making NFC Payments


A new version of the PayPal app on Android is available for everyone to download in the market this very minute. You will find a completely revamped UI that makes navigation much easier, improved support for tablets, a Send Money redesign, and more. Upgrades haven’t been just cosmetic though, as a brand new NFC payment widget is also available for the phones with the required NFC chip. Just plug in the amount you want, and tap phones with a friend to receive your payment. Simplicity at its finest. Well, at least simple bill paying by your broke a** couch surfing buddy, that is.

As an avid user of the PayPal app, I can tell you first hand that this update is a serious jump from the version before it. I cannot wait until the entire DL team has a Galaxy Nexus, so that I can rob Kellex of all that he owns at the pool table.

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Cheers 0mie!


Google Maps Update Includes NFC Support!


As I looked in my market for app updates this morning, I noticed that Google Maps was listed as having the ability to reduce downloads of maps for different screen resolutions. Seemed pretty minor until I clicked “Update” and noticed that a new permission was included : “Control NFC.” As you may recall from the Ice Cream Sandwich event, the Galaxy Nexus and Beam will be able to share Google Maps information via NFC. Now your G-Maps can too – well, if you have one of the few NFC-equipped phones that is. And not until your phone gets Beam or some other NFC type of app that can utilize this permission. OK, so we got a little too excited over a simple permission. That’s what ICS will do to a person though.

Oh, they also changed the zoom in/out buttons to a more eye-friendly and minimal box layout.

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