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³ Music Player Updated – High Res Album Art and Icon Included

People still rave about the music application called, “Cubed.” It’s a standard player, but brings a more aesthetically pleasing feel to your device by placing album covers around a cube that you can swipe and spin however you see fit. It’s a new twist on the idea of shuffling. Cubed has just received an update that brings a few tweaks here and there and an overall more stable and great looking app with added high resolution cover art.

I think it’s time for a music player poll…

Market Link

Cheers Jason!

  • Anonymous

    A great app but it wont read ID3 embedded album art (even when the box is checked). No embedded lyrics either. Back to PowerAMP. 

    Nice UI though, and I love the EQ. 

  • Anonymous

    PowerAmp. If the stock app actually had seamless playback, I’d consider using it more. I listen to a lot of minimalist classical pieces that are broken into multiple tracks. Stock Music app puts a gap between tracks, but PowerAmp plays through seamlessly. I believe they even allow you to adjust a gap between tracks, if you want.

  • Anonymous

    im most likely in the minority but i use the stock iOS music app haha…its the best STOCK music  player out of any OS….i have poweramp on my nexus s but i dont even have any music on it as i use my 4S for that 

  • Samhollenbeck

    Poweramp ftw

  • anyone have an .apk for poweramp?

  • Sam

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  • Dnyor93

    UberMusic <3 had it since it came out ^^ still have it 

    • Anonymous

      Yea, had it since the alpha builds & love the UI & themes, but needs a few more features. Would switch to it as my default player from PowerAMP if Fede would finally add a goddamn EQ & a few other things.

  • I am a die hard fan of this app, I almost thought it was me who sent in this tip when I read the “cheers  jason” at the end of the post 🙂

  • Raven

    I tried this long ago when I was looking for a better than stock player, but quickly dismissed it as an interesting novelty.  I used Meridian player for quite some time, but have recently switched to PowerAMP because Meridian’s paid for options cannot be unlocked on a device without an ESN (most tablets).  I quickly fell in love with it from there and have never looked back.  It makes Google Music look and feel like a joke.  It doesn’t even have the ability to find album art for my mp3’s despite being connected to Google.  Which is ironic because my other 2 favorite players both support automatically downloading album art from Google Images.

  • Anonymous

    MUSE on Droid Life!

  • 69 allthetime


  • Alex Burtson


  • Butters619

    PowerAMP.  And of course Google Music

  • Tyler

    Honestly don’t really care about this because i use Google music but why do the screenshots have two menu buttons?

    • Evan Knofsky

      He has a permanent menu button added in by flashing it or his current rom

      • Tyler

        That’s what i figured, because that’s how people have search buttons but i don’t really see the point of the menu button because Google’s trying to get rid of it but having two just seems like overkill and unnecessary.

  • Will Google ever allow Google Music integration into third party music players? 

    • I hope. I hate the Google Music stock app.

  • must… use… POWERAMP 😀

  • The Race To Die

    power amp for music on my phone and audiogalaxy for streaming because google music cant handle my whole library

    • Anonymous

      Never heard of “Audiogalaxy” before but checked it out, problem one – my host computer must be on at all time in order to stream. Google on the other hand Uploads all the music (20,000 songs – even a 320 kbps) you place in your folder very fast and in the Background. You do know it’s impossible to listen to 20,000 songs in one day right.

      • The Race To Die

        i rarely ever turn my laptop off so its not a problem for me. and i just like to have my whole library available if i or someone else wants to hear something. 90% of the time im using poweramp and just listening to whatever i feel like throwing on my phone.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, been playing with it for awhile and I Like it, of course it’s still scanning my 300+ gb Music Collection, just waiting to see if it upload my playlist in the folders.

          • The Race To Die

            no problem, glad you like it

  • EC8CH

    Google Music (the inverted themed one)

  • tjmonkey15

    I thought this post was saying that the stock Android music player was updated.  Missed the mini 3.

  • Anonymous

    Music Player Poll? My favorite music player is still Van Halen…

    • MUSE 😛

    • Anonymous

      David or Sammy????

      • Anonymous

        My answer really depends on my mood. If I was having a beer with one of them though, it would be Hagar. Roth seems like too much of a lunatic. 🙂

  • dodger55fan

    Definitely use spotify as my go to music app

  • Yes can we please have a Poll. Im interested to see what the best player is.

    • Anonymous

      A poll won’t reveal what the *best* player is, it will only reveal peoples preferences.  What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and vice versa…

  • Anonymous

    Nice, but it still says “Beta” in the Market, besides “Google Music” and “8Tracks” for my Streaming, and “PowerAmp” for SD Music. Checkout my Mixes http://8Tracks.com/DjSmooth 

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t even read the article once I saw the screen with the menu button enabled.  😛

  • Michael Forte

    It’s been all Google Music for me. I love not having to have any of my music on my phone’s storage.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      It was that way for me too until the last update now it won’t play certain formats for me.

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      • Anonymous

        Does she swallow?

  • Ganesha1994

    eh not bad

  • Let me vote on the poll that doesn’t exist yet – Google Music

    • I’m disappointed that Google Music removed the “add as ringtone” option from the app :/

      • Hmm, didn’t even know it ever had that.  Oh well, I use zedge for all of that anyway, and no offense but I hate when people have songs for their ringtone.

        • QtDL

           I find Zedge to be hit and miss with ringtones/wallpaper/etc. Try myxer….you can make your own ringtones. 🙂

        • I also find it incredibly annoying when people use songs, I however have a collection of a bout 10 gigabytes of video game music and sounds on my phone ranging from SNES, NES, gameboy, and others. My notification sound is a sound effect from Pokemon blue/red/ and ringtone is the battle theme.

          • QtDL

             Does the Star Wars theme count as a song? 🙁

      • Noyfb

        there is a free app that allows you to use music for ringtones, ringtones extended  in the android market, works great and plays full song for ring tone

  • Ganesha1994

    waited like 10 min for a new posting…..

    • Anonymous

      And yet despite giving us the courtesy of waiting, you’re still a tool…

  • Ganesha1994


  • Ganesha1994


  • Ganesha1994