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Video: Tilt Scrolling in Chrome for Android is Awesome


We love to tinker with apps, so whenever something new is released by Google, we almost always dive into the settings to look for developer options or new Labs features. Sure enough, Chrome for Android has just that in a feature called “Tilt Scrolling.” It’s not the most practical of all features, but the cool¬†factor is too high to not show off.

When you are in your “stack view” of open tabs, Chrome can use your accelerometer to spread your tabs apart or close them together. Again, the day-to-day usefulness of this can be questioned, but I think the point is to show you what this browser and a mobile device are capable of. We’re officially impressed.

To enable this option, head into Settings>developer tools and check the box to “Enable Tilt Scrolling.”

Other tips that you would like to share?

  • If only we could get ICS for the Thrill.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Cool feature: if you’re in the tabs screen and pull the top tab all the way down and flick up to the top, the tabs flip. Its cool visually ūüôā

  • B00mb00mchuck

    Droid Bionic… “not compatible with your device”… really?!?!

  • Tim242


    • Anonymous

      Seeing how you seem to enjoy posting this on every android web site you can find I guess I’ll just have to post my rebuttal to you again. My GN doesn’t use as much memory and its still less than the stock ICS browser.

      • Tim242

        It is not less memory than stock…not by a long shot. Reviewers have pointed this out. You are flat out lying. Also, the stock browser doesn’t run a 100 MB running BACKGROUND SERVICE. Do you even know where to find that? Show screenshots of browser memories compared…if you dare. I know…I have my screen shots.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason I can’t see the list of things anymore so I don’t know if it’s been said but if you have multiple tabs open and swipe from the left or right side you can quickly switch between them.

  • If you have a swiping down spazm on the tabs view the tabs become a card and do a flip.

  • the view pages from other devices doesnt seem to work well. and this really needs a view desktop mode. and the lack of flash support sucks.

  • pilot25

    doesn’t work for rooted phones

    • Anonymous

      Working Great on my Rooted GN

    • Yeah, you are doing something wrong. Works fine for me.

  • Apple will probably sue because they got a patent in 2001 for tilt scrolling.

  • I might be alone on this, but my favorite feature is the USB debugging in the browser. Debugging HTML5 mobile apps has been a huge pain, but now, I get native Chrome debugging, the exact same way I do for all my desktop apps. Yay!

  • its cool that while in a web page, you can flick to the right or left to go to an open tab…¬†

  • Anonymous

    When you click on an area with multiple small links a box pops up zoomed in on that area so you can choose the correct link. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/screenshot/Screenshot_2012-02-07-13-24-10.png?w=d0ee400c

    • Anonymous

      And yes, I am team White Mamba

    • That….is….awesome!!

  • novelty and useless

    • Au contraire, my friend. It may be a novelty if you just do a Google search or two every once in a while, but to the power user, this is already a must. To devs, it is a godsend.

      • Wait, never mind. I just remembered that this is the post about Tilt Scrolling, no Chrome itself. We are just treating it as a post about Chrome itself. I totally agree with you. The tilt scrolling is just eye candy.

        • ¬†Yeah I was just referring to the Tilting – personally, I use no tilting features whether it be games or anything else

        • Anonymous

          Its very similar to rolodex on windows 7. As a dev I open a looooot of windows and it helps quite a bit. Not sure about how useful it will be on a mobile browser as I tend not to open so much. But if I did being able to preview each chrome tab is useful. I did so with webOS on a tablet so I imagine this will become useful when I running more tabs on chrome or mobile web development.

  • planetes42

    Is there a way to change to “pinch zoom”? ¬†Some pages (specifically, grantland.com) have some weird setting and the font is always crazy small.

  • Binglut9

    So fast..better commenting not jumping around great day for android users Google needs to keep bringing their services together….auto correct works now in the browser love it way better

  • Anonymous

    no desktop mode, but they added back the keyboard prediction ūüôā¬†

  • thefullritz

    Sweet – galaxy nexus

  • Anonymous

    This is such a cool feature, it works very well.

  • I started off having trouble with sites opening only in mobile view, but after using it a while they have started to open in desktop. Could have been that once chrome recognizes screen size it determines which pages it is best to request, but it is awesome now. Honestly you can really tell it’s in Beta. Maybe now we can truly have a full web experience. Stock is good but it has issues with some pages.

  • Takeo Mosher

    Is Flash working?

    • Josh Groff


  • This doesn’t seem to work at all on my Xoom. The feature was enabled by default but, doesn’t work.

    • RadicalPie

      The Xoom already displays tabs at the top no tab screen

      • Yeah, it displays the tabs they just don’t do anything fun. I’m just happy to have Chrome so no big deal

        • RadicalPie

          Me to. What is cool is I just rebooted my Xoom and every tab I had open reopened when I launched the app

  • Deiler

    I love that you can close a tab by flicking to the side.  Like dismissing a notification in the notification bar.

    • Kierra

      Like WebOS. Im teamandroid nothing could outclass WebOS.

      • Anonymous

        Well, Honeycomb and (especially) ICS are very much bred from the mind of Matias Duarte (head designer for WebOS, now head designer for Android).

      • Anonymous

        I’m glad they are adopting some designs from webOS because webOS has a lot of features/interface functionality that is second to none imo.

    • Anonymous

      The stock browser has the same feature

      • Deiler

        Oh, I never noticed that.  Ha!

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  • Mtaylor924

    How do you see your open Chrome tabs from your computer? I have chrome open on two computers, both logged into Google, and neither of them are showing up in Chrome for Android.

    • Josh Groff

      You have to sign in to your Google account on both browsers first.

    • Yeah, you sign in on your computers browser under Google settings, takes a few minutes to show up too.

    • Miles Clarence

      if you’re signed in on desktop chrome, go to prefs. then personal stuff and click on advanced. Just make sure that everything is checked off allowing it to sync.

      After that, you should be ready to go on the mobile version. However, some of my tabs still don’t sync, but most of them do.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, for me its only showing 1 of my open tabs, and there doesnt seem to be a refresh button. (in the desktop tab screen)

  • Jothen2002

    Browsers¬†are like grocery stores for me..once I get use to where everything is I don’t like going to a new place so I can feel all lost and confused…I will have to give this a good honest run for a few weeks to see if it is worth the switch…( I refuse to go in a SMITHS )¬†

  • Looks like Google Voice has an update also well¬†at least¬†the icon looks different.

  • Mike Petty

    The big thing is that double-tap to zoom works soooo much saner here than the stock browser.  I was always navigating links when double-tapping with the stock browser.  That was something that ICS broke, but Chrome does it so nice here.

    Not to mention syncing with your chrome installation on your computers. ¬†I can see my desktops and laptops open tabs and navigate to them, and it syncs all of my passwords around so that on my mobile I’m already signed into all of my favorite sites.

    Chrome FTW!

  • Andrew

    This is so much better than the stock browser already

  • Flicking the card several times causes it to spin completely around like a slot machine ūüėÄ

  • Guest

    Chrome is overrated

    • We heard ya the first time.

      • Did not agree with him now or then¬†

    • Anonymous

      You’re confused with Firefox¬†

  • Anonymous

    ive got it to flick once

  • This will be awesome once its out of beta…..still needs a little work but pretty cool feature.¬†

    • I have one thing that bugs me about it. The screen shots and videos that Google has posted show a black browser, why is it white? I would much prefer a dark browser than a white one.¬†

  • Guest

    Chrome is overrated

    • o.o

      we know chrome rules !