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New DROID Bionic Soak Test on the Horizon, Ice Cream Sandwich or Just Another Bug Fixer?

Motorola is prepping a new “soak test” for the DROID Bionic, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what it may include. Everyone will likely assume that it is Ice Cream Sandwich, however, I would almost bet that the DROID RAZR will see Android 4.0 before any other Moto device. There is a good chance that this update is 5.9.902 that we received information about back in mid-January. You can see the changelog for it here.

Cheers J, D, D, J, and K!

  • obamasucks

    My Bionic has been awesome from day one. 1 reboot, very little data issues. The last update made it even better, People need to actually learn how to use and setup the phone. Every little whiner wants a laptop, xbox, nikon camera phone with wfi that never drops and can make calls from outer space phone. WAKE UP BITCHES! it’s a phone.  Here’s my wish list for my phone, I want mine to make my mortgage payments, through 4g lte of course… then pay my for kids college, then change its form into a super model and slip into bed with me at night and do me like the pig that I am…all at 4g lte speeds of course. It must be able to cook and clean, over wifi. Im hoping the next update will have this. If not I will cry and whine like a little school girl and maybe borrow my wife’s tampons and yell at VZW and say ” I want a nexus or a Rezound because I’m a 99% and deserve better!!!!  whaaaaaaaaaa 

    • Beentheir

      Your an idiot!! Why are you here> I am not talking about here on this forum. I am talking about here on earth. Go find somewhere else to play, like afternoon traffic.

      • obamasucks

        I am here to make you little vagina bleeders get angry!!!! and do your mom too! whaaaaaaaaaa why you here, whaaaaaaaaa go play in traffic (very original).Thats why I tossed in the very timeless mom crack in response to you very LAME traffic comment you sissy mary

    • Steve Faiella

       then change its form into a super model and slip into bed with me at night and do me like the pig that I am…all at 4g lte speeds of course.”

      ’cause that’s how long you last?   😉

    • Firstdroid

      Luv luv luv your comments but im sorry you didnt wait for the reazr maxx hd,As forme i love moto but the samsung 5.3 has the screen i need, i hope moto catches up since ill have two years to ewaitfor them tee

  • Anonymous

    let’s all stop arguing about who’s phone is better or who gets support or updates, we are all probably going to be on ICS by the end of the year anyway. And by then all the bugs will be worked out of that too. Then the next thing will come out. Ice Cream truck or something….. Today’s smart phones are all cool !!!!  there done.

    • My post is better than your post

      • obamasucks

        MY post is the BEST!!

  • Taglogical

    I had issues with my (launch) Bionic after 893 update.  Factory wiped and reapplied to no avail.  I received a replacement Bionic from Verizon that came with 893 on it already and the phone is working beautifully! This updated (?) Bionic blows doors off my bosses (THIRD!!) Galaxy Nexus. Also very interesting, this replacement Bionic has a different display (you can’t see the grid with the phone in standby, ghosting has been reduced – same great visibility in sunlight)

    (funny, my boss is returning his (THIRD!) Galaxy Nexus for a Razr Maxx =P)

  • D Frost21

    Like I commented on J. Dixon’s post. It’s ALWAYS going to be a peeing match over who’s phone is “better”. It’s all in how you tweak it to fit YOU. I enjoy my bionic, but if I had a og droid, razr, nexus, or a NASA communicator I would tweak it how it fit ME. And enjoy it just the same. Who cares what gets what first. Whoever gets it first will, no doubt, be on pages jumping around saying ” told you I’d be the first.” Who cares……it’s coming to ALL.

    • D Frost21

      And by ALL, I’m meaning the newer devices. The ones that are already told by the device manufacturer of whatever you hold in you hand.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not ICS it’s the 902 update.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s update we have all been waiting for. My Bionic has had 4 reboots since I got it the day it came out. My data drops are once maybe twice a week and only last maybe 30 seconds. The last update made my camera faster. I’ve not had hardly any issues with mine. I love my Bionic and all the good things I hear about the update, I can’t wait to get it. Updates are fun right….

    • Abc

      last update made my Bionic drop data even more… I hope 902 fixes it finally… otherwise, I’d rate it up there with the old 720 flip phone

      • Anonymous

        The Moto forums say yes this will fix data loss.

        • Abc

          I hope… I don’t have data more than I do… my work schedule is keeping me from getting in to Verizon to complain about it… it makes me feel like this is their way of limiting unlimited data(lol)… I wouldn’t have the Bionic if it wasn’t for my OG Droid meeting an untimely death

          • Anonymous

            You might also wanna try removing the SIM card and cleaning it. That’s what i did and it improved my data connection.

  • obamasucks

    you people need to get a life! arguing over phones!, really? who cares? “my phone doesn’t work” “my phone is better than yours” “whaaaaaaaa I want ICS”, “whaaaaaaaaa I hate MOTO and VZW”, “whaaaaaaaaaa You should get a Nexus”, grow up bitches!!!!!! IT’S A PHONE, NOT LIFE SUPPORT!!!!!!….stop whining and go back to your occupy tents and blame business for all your problems and President Bush for allowing Moto to release the DB and shut the F#$K up!

    • When Obama wins, I’m going to tell you the same thing.  LOL

      • obamasucks

        “whaaaaaaaaaa stop picking on obama whaaaaaaaaa”  it’s hard being a black democrat whaaaaaaaa

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  • RezCommando

    I fixed my Bionic by getting a Resound. So much betterin every way its not even funny. If you still have issues, bitch to vzw to make it right. You do not have to live with data drops.

    • did they offer you a razr at all? I hear mixed reviews of complaining to verizon that they offer you rezound or razr

    • I fixed my data drop issues by upgrading to 5.9.901, and my battery life in 4G is now the same as it was when I was running my phone almost strictly in 3G. I get 14+ hours strictly on 4G now out of my extended battery with moderate use.

  • Nklenchik

    Everyone chill…this is worse than a political debate haha

  • Azndan4

    Motorola sucks.

    • [email protected]

      I second that. I used to like Motorola but after having a razr for a few weeks I think their product are sub par. I switched to the resound and love that phone. Especially the ability trouble unlock the bootloader.

  • Better not be a bug fixer. I had none of the bugs that the fixer was supposed to fix..until i got that update.

  • GovGeek

    I didn’t “detect” any “smugness.” It was clearly typed in your vernacular. Apparently an imagination is required when reading your posts since you didn’t define what an “external charger” meant. I could solder two wires to a battery and call that an external charger! How on earth can you expect people to understand what you meant by using generalities? 

    More on topic now… An external battery pack does little good on-the-go anyway, rather than simply swapping out a battery. How cumbersome it must be to juggle an “external charger” (by that I meant an external battery pack) while making calls or simply trying to use the device. I wouldn’t want to be tethered to an external battery pack anymore than I like discussing the meaning of “assumption” to someone who doesn’t know how to stay on topic.

  • would anyone here like to buy my Bionic w/ accessories and extended battery?? – best offer, let me know!

    • D Frost21

      $? I have a buddy that wants mine. I said A”no way”.

  • it would be pretty cool if it were ICS

  • Anonymous

    I’ll believe it when I see it…Last update didn’t fix my phone….

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the radio will work with THIS update…

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, .901 works beautifully for me.

      • Same here. No data drops since I upgraded when it leaked out and my battery life is phenomenal now!

    • John Dixon

      901 leak that i did on the Bionic worked great. I have had zero data drops. 902 is built off the 901 so it should for ya. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Bionic owners no since in expecting & getting your hopes up to get the Ice Cream Sandwich first. We all know that Motorola & VZW thinks the RAZR is a better device & therefore should get 4.0 first. Not bcoz the Bionic came out before the RAZR & not bcoz the Bionic was delayed over & over. Also not bcoz that when it finally was released that it was teeming with bugs that it required not 1 but 2 OTA updates now possibly 3 if this is another bug fix. No I take that back the last reason is probably the actual reason for the RAZR receiving 4.0 first. That & bcoz the RAZR is their flagship not the Bionic. Of course I am basing my opinions on the way previous OS Updates have gone personally with me. So Bionic owners lets pray I’m so very wrong. Goodluck everyone.

    • Tony Allen


      to put it lightly.

  • Anonymous

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  • Alexander Garcia

    The Bionic’s still gettin’ love and support!? Wow! Quite impressive indeed Moto! HTC and Samsung!!! Take notes!!!

  • mike

    Just proving once again bionic is the red headed step child

    • Anonymous

      Being totally serious here…if the Bionic was unceremoniously dumped and never saw ICS officially (or receives a single, buggy, half-assed update along the lines of the DX & DP’s Gingerbread updates) I would not be at all surprised. It is so painfully obvious that the D4 and RAZR line are going to command ALL of Moto & VZW’s attention and support $ going forward.

      The poor Bionic will join the DX2 as the orphans in the Moto VZW lineup. Ironic, seeing as how I own both of those devices and the utter neglect shown to them is the main reason I may never buy another Moto product (or at least as long as Jha is at the helm).

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you actually know what that term means, because getting regular updates nd being the “red headed stepchild” don’t go together at all…

      • Anonymous

        I am very aware of what the term means, thanks. 

        The RAZR launched 2 months after the Bionic and had no major issues at launch yet it has received two official updates.  The Bionic, thus far, has received just one update (not minding the leaks) and still has some pretty severe issues that remain unaddressed (slow/poor camera, no connection/handoff problems).  Again, look at the DX–hugely popular device and yet its GB update remains borked and likely to never be fixed. 

        • Anonymous

           I wasn’t even talking to you but ok whatever. The Razr doesn’t have the same issues to fix and obviously these updates are mostly that, bug fixes. not like they’re adding any new features, then you could get mad.

          And I’m close friends with a bionic owner, he’s never had connection issues. The last update didn’t do much for him at all and I’d hardly call slow shutter speed a severe issue…

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I thought you were replying.  Anyway, not to disagree with your friend but I am on month #4 with a Bionic and I stil get the data drops/non-connections even with the leaked 901 update.  It’s definitely better, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. A guy who sits near me at work with a Rezound has almost 100% reliable LTE to 3G handoffs.  The other day I was trying to connect to my Bionic wi-fi hotspot with a new client sitting next to me and I had no data connection at all. Talk about embarressing and frustrating!  As for the camera issue, I do consider the DB’s camera the slowest to focus that I have ever had on any kind of camera.  Considering the RAZR supposedly uses the same camera module and takes lightning fast and sharp photos, I’d say that the Bionic has a major software problem with its camera. 

          • Anonymous

            Well what can I say, maybe not all Bionics are cut from the same cloth.
            My friend works the industry I do and he depends on a reliable connection as a hotspot for his tablet when he does appointments at a clients house. So spotty reception would be the end of that device for him. If his didn’t work he wouldn’t still have it.

          • People that live in heavy 4g area’s and don’t leave them, usually don’t experience any of the data loss problems, though some still do because of horrible hand offs.

            I live in a very saturated 4g area, but I drive for a living, and i drive through it all. It sucks for data hand offs. I use a Samsung Charge when driving now. It’s 100% better. at data hand offs. it’s VERY noticeable difference.

    • reyalP

       Poor Bionic owners! The Droid Bionic was just left on its own while much of the focus went to the Razr, Razr Maxx and Droid 4. The Bionic is to Motorola as the Thunderbolt is to HTC.

  • moto is usually pretty good about updating phones OS in the order they came out. For example the OG got Froyo first, even though the Droid X was the hotter phone at the time, so the Bionic could go before the razr for ics 

    • Tony Allen

      I bet it won’t though. The RAZR is their new baby, they’re trying to make it eclipse the fact that they released a Nexus. The Bionic is all but forgotten at this point, to those of us that know, it’s internally identical to the RAZR. I really hope we get ICS and a way to unlock the bootloader, so we can finally get some smooth, solid CM or AOKP type stuff on our Bionics. I love the hardware, hate moto’s crapware.

  • I really hope the 902 update fixes the data problems!

    • John Dixon

      901 leak fixed the data problems… i would only assume that the 902 will do the same for those that didn’t do the leak. I have had zero drops in data since i went to 901 leak. Best phone i’ve owned since the D1 sans the locked bootloader, i could careless. Running Eclipse RC1 and having zero issues!

      • Bart

        John, it only fixed for some. Others like me still have data drops all the
        time on .901   my guess is that’s why it was help up for this long. They
        were still tweaking it.

        • John Dixon

          hmm it must be area related maybe? I’m in TN and done 5 phones with the 901 and no issues. I did 1 phone in MI and no issues so far. I’m hoping root will still hold with 902 but i would like to see everyone get fixed so they can enjoy this great phone!

  • anyone root their bionic and possibly installed a custom rom? its been several months and not sure if its worth it since there isnt much development with this phone (for obvious reasons yea yea i know)

    • I don’t know why the reasons should be obvious, but I digress.
      The roms we have for the Bionic are not only very well built, they are very very stable.  Whether it is worth it is up to you.  I’ve found that MasturMod’s Hon3y[S]cr3am theme looks fantastic, so I usually run Kin3tx so I can use it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s just a shame that DroidTheory quit making any ROMs because everyone kept treating him like it was his job.  Kejar moved on to GNex, so the only ROM that’s maintained, even a bit, is Eclipse, and that’s only because they’ve rolled in 901 to their newest release.  DHacker is still working hard on ICS though, so that’s good.

        • Jon

          sucks that DHacker ICS will not see camera or 3G/4G until an official OTA update to ICS from Motorola. 

          • Maybe, maybe not.  Hashcode is working on uniting the Moto dev community (what there is left of it) by getting CM9 running on all current-gen handsets (read D3, D4, Bionic, Razr).  Last I heard, the camera drivers are “really close”,  and once cameras are running on all roms the 4G data fix is next on their list.  Apparently, once CM9 is up and running, the devices are so similar that they shouldn’t take much to port ROMs from one to another.

    • Anonymous

      Eclipse rom is all you need for an amazing experience on the Bionic.

    • John Dixon

      I’m running 901 leaked and Eclipse RC1 and love every bit of it on the Bionic, best phone i have had. Feels solid, looks great and takes a beating! Phone is super smooth and stable running the custom rom. Fast and nimble. I dunno why people hate on the bionic but i have had zero data drops or issues with it. I do wish the camera was a bit faster but look at all the issue with the nexus camera and its super fast. Just install the DX camera apk and it makes it all better on the bionic. 

      • D Frost21

        I second the “best phone I have had”. It’s ALWAYS going to be a peeing match over who’s phone is better. Individuals make there phone theirs. ANY phone can be better than others, it’s all in how you tweak it to fit YOU. I LOVE my bionic! But, if I had a razr, nexus, or even a NASA communicator I would tweak it how I would enjoy it.

  • I think you should add “Get a Nexus” to your tasks widget.

    • Jay

      They could or they could get a Razr, which is a much more logical jump. It’s also a better device but we won’t go there for now.

      • Balls

        im still happy with my nexus, get what ever device you want i dont care

        • Jay

           that’s cool, never said Nexus owners shouldn’t be content with that they got, same goes for the Rezound and Razr.

          • Jade

            you need to stop talking.  what do you care if other people have a phone that you don’t like? does it really matter to you that much? seriously, get a life.

          • Jay

             When did I say I cared? Go back and read the whole exchange you moron

      • Tony Allen

        How is buying a locked down phone without a removable battery more logical? 

        • Jay

          1) Its no more locked down than the phone you already have
          2) you’re still on this battery crap? Let it go. A decent external charger is ~$30 and doesn’t become useless the moment you upgrade to a new device.

          • GovGeek

            1) Valid point. 2) Please stop being so smug, your comment is the same as the fruit bearing “battery elitists.” A swappable battery is a significant issue. For instance, we often frequent a popular theme park from morning until night, playing nonstop. Where could we possibly use a $30 charger on the go? (That was rhetorical). Each family member goes through 2.5 batteries a day while “playing” including the primary extended-life. While that is only one example, it’s quite relevant. Don’t hate on someone because we ACTUALLY USE more than one battery. ktb

          • Mark Ric55

            The smugness you’re detecting is in your imagination.

            Also you clearly don’t understand what I meant by external charger…it’s a battery pack that plugs directly into the phone via usb and charges the phone’s battery.

            How on earth you could think that I was presenting an ac adapter as the solution to a non-removable battery I’ll never understand. Perhaps you were momentarily blinded by my so-called smugness…

          • Jdigital36

            Jay…ur a dick!

          • Jay

            Oh no, you think I’m a dick? Say it isn’t so faceless internet commenter I don’t care about!

          • mario7

            If each family member is going through 3 batteries in a day I’d suggest staying home.  You really can’t be doing much in the way of enjoyment if your eyes are glued to a screen the entire time.

  • Jason Purp

    That’ll be one pixelated ice cream sandwich.

    • Anonymous

      It sucks that we have to choose between a HD screen or a decent phone. Oh wait, its a 4.3″ screen, its not that big a deal.

  • Hmmm. lemme think. Wait. 

  • Anonymous

    here we go again…

  • Isn’t that the phone with the uber locked bootloader that came out 6 months too late?

    • Anonymous

      9 months. It was still the best phone at release, and its bootloader is just as locked as any other Moto phone post OG

      • Dliuzzo110

        +1 for the deftones