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Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 Build IMM30B Released, Get Your Update on Early


Folks with a Galaxy Nexus, a treat popped up for you online today. Android 4.0.4 is now in the wild and available for you to install via custom recovery. The new build is IMM30B and like I said, brings you to 4.0.4 rather than the 4.0.3 that many were hoping for. There is no official changelog, but this appears to update the radios and bootloader at the very minimum. Funny thing is, I now get 3 bars of 4G LTE at my house, a place that I used to get just 1 or 2 bars. I’d say that bar calculation that Verizon had mentioned is included. Will be digging into it throughout the night to see what else has changed – for now, get to flashing.  

Download Link [mirror] [Google Link]


*These instructions use Clockwork Recovery.

*Reminder: If  you would like to keep root, feel free to try Voodoo RootKeeper before updating.

1.  You will need to be running stock Android 4.0.2 (ICL53F) in order to update to this.

*You will likely have to have stock radios, bootloader, and have made no system changes as well. If you need to flash those, you can get them from our Galaxy Nexus guide.

2.  Download the file from above and rename to update.zip.
3.  Reboot into Clockwork Recovery.
4.  Choose “install zip from sdcard” and then find the file and select it.
5.  Let it flash, reboot and enjoy 4.0.4.

*Note – Rooting instructions here.

And if someone has instructions for updating without using CWM, please let us know. I was unsuccessful in my attempts.

Via:  XDA, AC Forums

Cheers gerry, Jamie and everyone else!

  • Jim McClain

    ya know what really sucks, sitting on my living room, pick up my nexus and have 2 bars 4g,.pick it up 5 minutes later to check emails and it says i have no connection, nexus= crap

    • Anonymous

      Lol .. no point in trolling a niche android blog.. the users who could be swayed away from android are on endgadget … its trolling 101 bro

  • Watts1971

    Just update to this new leak and when rebooting it showed I had an update available for Google wallet. I side loaded wallet and have not tried linking it to the market, but suddenly it knows it is there.

    CDMA Nexus – stock/unlocked/rooted

  • JJ69Chev

    just flashed 4.0.4, no change in signal strength for me….bummer

    • JJ69Chev

      also getting faster upload speed than download, not by much but issue is still there.

  • GnexHelp

    For people having root issues after update use adb to push this su.zip. Works like a charm. All credit to OP.  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22207893&postcount=235

  • Marvin de Pano

    Just flashed this update. Screen transitions seem to be smoother. It’s too soon to tell whether I get better signal or not, but I was composing a message to a co-worker who also owns the GNex and it just randomly rebooted on me. Cute!

  • Bennotae

    I cannot install the update.zip.  Clockwork recovery aborts the update.  I tried the download from both the site and mirror.  No joy. 

  • Anonymous

    For rooted users.


    For those of you who haven’t scrolled down too far, Michael O’Brien posted this link.
    I downloaded it placed it on my Galaxy Nexus storage without changing the name. I was stock 4.0.2 unlocked bootloader and rooted. I flashed a new Clockwork recovery, booted into recovery out of ROM manager, selected this file (it’s called Stock_Imm30B) and flashed it. Did not clear cache or anything. Update flashed fine, rebooted. Phone processed update and came back just as it was. Still have root. Phone works fine. Stutter is gone from app drawer (didn’t realize how much that bugged me til it was gone). Rotation is better. Can’t comment on the 4G radio because currently out of the country. Good Luck.

    • Anonymous

      i did the same thing…seeing a 10dbm improvement and i’m in the nyc area with strong signal as it is

      • Anonymous

        Right on.

      • Tim242

        Signal didn’t change. I had the same dBm as before. Back to AOKP

        • Anonymous

          Why are you posting this over and over to the users who are getting exactly what the update intended to do, give better signal?

          I hope aokp is paying you

          • Tim242

            The update did not give better signal. Ever hear of the placebo effect? I have two Nexus phones in my household. I installed the update on one. Compared side by side. Same dBm…-93 in my house. In case you didn’t notice, there are far more people saying no change in signal.

          • You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself. 

        • You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself. 

    • The file is 186 MB? That’s huge. Can the file be deleted once installed?

      • Anonymous

        Yep. Just delete it after you flash.

    • jonny c

      question: is this file a custom stock ROM running 4.0.4? at first i though this is merely the update that doesn’t require me to go through the process of re-rooting device. if it is a ROM, how will it affect apps/system data, etc.? will i need to reinstall nova?

  • Anonymous

    How do I get back to stock when I have a custom rom???

  • Anonymous

    will there be a 4.0.4 custom rom for this?

  • Anonymous

    has anyone used OTA rootkeeper with this?  I may upgrade if it works,  not that concerned about losing root, i know how to fix it but im lazy and dont feel like it

  • Anonymous

    just updated using ps3roids file…still rooted, seeing a 10dbm improvement

  • Anonymous

    This is the reason i bought the nexus. No waiting for anything 🙂

  • Did the root toolkit and updated SU within the app. 

  • Anonymous

    Some new features & fixes I noticed right away:

    – Browser quick controls now include Bookmarks button and Add a Tab
    – Lag and auto-correct issue with landscape text input box appears to be fixed

    These were two big issues for me and I’m glad they have been addressed.

  • Did anyone else get the message: 

    attert failed:apply_patch_check(“system/build.prop”…. E:Error in: /sdcard/update.zip (Status 71)Installation abortedBecause I did. I tried installing it three times. I have permanent root and can get to “Install zip from SD” screen, no problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Ortizkenny1

    So I downloaded this and flashed it no problem, obviously I lost root. Well I rooted and tried flashing rom but got stuck on a boot loop. Anyone know if the previous roms (gummy is the one I had) don’t work on 4.0.4?

  • Mike Woods

    anyone know if the dropped call (other person not being able to hear you) issue has been resolved with this release?

  • Anonymous

    Posted late last night?   This site kicks so much ass.

  • RaptorOO7

    Can this be rooted using WugFresh’s root tool?  I wonder how long before we will see it officially be available given Google’s recent announcement or I guess we will have to wait for AOSP 4.0.4 to hit.

    • Ortizkenny1

      Yes it can

  • RW-1


    You shouldn’t have to reboot the phone to go into CWM if you just flashed it in adb.

    connect the phone, run:

    adb reboot bootloader (from your platform-tools folder)

    the phone will go into bootloader.


    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    (You have that file in your tools folder right?)

    the phone will now “Reboot” into recovery.

    in CWM now, you will scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”

    Then “choose zip from sdcard.”

    Choose the “su.zip” file and install it. (it is in your SDCARD folder right?)

    When that finishes, back out of recovery and reboot the system

    Let us know what happens

  • this is OTA? 🙂

  • Jslafarr

    yea i already posted a warning as too not wasting time on this as 4.0.4 will come out in a rom with all the features we have now. but nothing is ever good enough for the time being.
    also there are 1000000000000000000000000000 threads on how to unlock / adb / root / and everything else under the sun – if you have to post all that information to the guy underneath who
    says “Do I have to have backup assistant installed to flash this update??”
    LOL wtf
    everyone who knows what theyre doing should already be on 4.0.3
    have some patience

    • Wartrends

      Should have waited!

    • RW-1

      Mighty ignorant of you don’t you think?

      This has nothing to do with nothing ever good enough, there are those out there who want to get it, and need assistance.

      You are simply a troll in this thread; here to spout and to delay those looking for good information on this update leak.

      But I’ll tell you, the people who gave YOU that knowledge, or told you where to go look for the information so that you could do this are shaking their heads in discust.

      I not only am a Sr. Systems Engineer and director of an IT division and know a heck of a lot about PC’s and windows, but also am a CFII in Helicopters (That’s instrument instructor, highest you can go in that rating)

      I deal with the same noob type questions just about every day.

      You can either not tell them, or you educate them.

      My advice is that you just lurk and watch. 

      • Jslafarr

        i dont even know what you just said. and i read it twice.
        all i am saying – is that there are specific threads that deal with rooting and flashing – why clog up this post with that information because you cant google it and figure it out themselves.

        nobody should have to post to anyone else in this post at least HOW TO UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER AND ROOT – which leads me to believe they are “mighty ignorant” wanting to flash this when they cant figure out how to make a simple backup in clockwork.

        nobody gives a sh*t who you are. you could be some retarded pervert with thousands of child porn videos. 

  • Wartrends

    I did the update and lost root…I tried to re-root using the root method in the galaxy nexus guide posted above. How to I get root back I need to use titanium back up. I might just go back to 4.02 and re-root it cause my signal did not change. Same location in the house…-93db before and -93db after so WTF is this update all about anyways? This BS cost me 2 hours of my day! 

  • RW-1

    Kinda bumping this, the original is from Paul Harper (I embellished and added to it).

    READ it over to get the FLOW of what is going on, then you may substitute the OTA file to flash it first, then follow along using SU afterwards to get your root back.

    If you haven’t unlocked your phone, then you are not rooted (have to unlock to get root), so if that’s the case, you need to unlock and root first before you can even mess with this.

    Ensure your phone is back to stock, no system files messed with or it will fail the check (mine was an issue with roboto font file, replaced and good to go)

    You will need to use adb, instructions for doing that are on the how to root the gnex thread, so are the downloads mentioned.

    “You will need to follow these steps again if using temp root after installing the update.
    1. Download ClockworkMod Recovery for the G-Nex. (Its an image file)
    2. Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder (same place as your adb.exe).

    (This on windows could be c:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools)
    3. Download the superuser file aka the root file. (a zip, can get it from the DL site)
    4. Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder.
    (Again, This on windows could be c:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools)
    5. Open a command prompt from within your Tools folder and type the following:adb push su.zip /sdcard/

    (If you can’t right click on the folder and open a command prompt, you will have to just open your prompt and navigate to yout tools (or platform-tools) folder, then you can type the commands.
    In that vein, if you leave the command prompt open, when you go back to do the flash of recovery,again to do su, you can use the up/down arrows to list the commands you entered before so you won’t have to retype.)6. Then reboot into the bootloader:adb reboot bootloader7. When the boot menu loads, flash the new recovery image:fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- When that finishes, use the volume keys to highlight “Recovery mode,” press power to select it.9. From recovery, scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”10. Then “choose zip from sdcard.”11. Choose the “su.zip” file and install it.12. When that finishes, back out of recovery and reboot the system.13. Enjoy being rooted with a temporary recovery.  ”   

    To get CWM perm, instructions are avail on DL, it involves editing/removing another file and flashing CWM once more.

    Myself, I’m comfortable enough staying with stock recovery and temp flashing CWM for now, though the touch screen one is looking real nice lately.

    • Wartrends

      I already tried all of the above five times and still don’t have root so not sure what else to try.

      • RW-1

        You placed su.zip in the SDCARD folder, the used adb?

        Take us thru the commands you entered and the results, and what you did once in CWM ….

        • Wartrends

           5.  Open a command prompt from within your Tools folder and type the following:
          adb push su.zip /sdcard/

          6. Then reboot into the bootloader:

          adb reboot bootloader

          7.  When the boot menu loads, flash the new recovery image:

          fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

          8.  When that finishes, use the volume keys to highlight “Recovery mode,” press power to select it.

          9.   From recovery, scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”

          10.  Then “choose zip from sdcard.”

          11.  Choose the “su.zip” file and install it.

        • Wartrends

          I after doing the steps I just listed I reboot phone and Once in CWM I hit Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and once I do that It says  An eror occurred while attempting to run privileged commands.

    • RW-1

      And apologies, seems the post didn’t hold my line breaks in the second half … sorry ….

  • This change log looks awesome. But I’m in a lose right now on how to Boot successfully into “Stock” recovery mode without the red exclamation icon showing up. Why is it there when it doesn’t work? Am I missing something here?

    I am fully locked and fully unrooted. To be honest I love rooting but I’ve had zero luck in the past with stability but that’s besides the point.

    I know I might sound like a broken record on this thread but my question is how do I flash this update.zip file into a “stock” recovery without the bs of rooting my phone? lol 

    • RW-1

      You can try the method I outlined below, and see if you can temp flash CWM to flash the update, then reboot and you should remain locked and unrooted, but not 100% sure it will work.

      I’m puzzled about your stability comment, you can unlock, root and do nothing else to the phone other than this update, and being rooted will have ZERO impact on the stability of the OS itself, period. It’s a matter of being a regular user on the OS versus an administrator, nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    so for those of us who are stock, rooted, etc. simply changing to update.zip and dragging file to phone. restarting with vol down + power just brings you to lil green man. then what?

    • RW-1

      You can try using volume to select recovery, then hit power, if works, great.

      If not, then you’ll need to tether to a computer and use adb to flash CWM recovery and then use that recovery to flash the update, directions for this are further down in the thread, geared towards pushing SU, which you will have to do anyways, because the OTA while not wiping the phone, will break root.

      Once you have done it thru adb, it doesn’t take long.

  • Minesh Rai

    Noticeably FasterAndroid OS bug fixed (in battery stats)Long-pressing on a blank spot on the last page of app tray bug is gone……. http://mirolta.com/2012/02/05/android-4-0-4-update-is-available-for-verizon-samsung-galaxy-nexus/

  • Anonymous

    One of the joys of android and nexus is that it just comes to you ota and just works. No muss, no fuss. If it’s not pushed out yet, it’s not ready. I only want it when it’s ready. And on Nexus, that’s usually pretty quick. We’ll have to see if VZW throws any delay in there.

    • RW-1

      One of the real joys of the unlocked phone is that you CAN flash this and have it, and also grab the final as well, believe me, the final will leak way before it actually hits your phone OTA …

      I’m not knocking you here, but really, new radios, bootloader, the leaask is most likely really close, and if it had a major flaw in it you would know about it already here and on every other board.

      I respect your decision to wait, but the statement that it just works is a tiny bit off.All builds will have some issues …

      • Anonymous

        Good points.

        • RW-1

          Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    for those of us who can’t even spell root, when should we expect an update via verizon etc?  I hope the update includes a fix for landscape auto correct and recycling emails

  • Anonymous

    This breaks root!!! Use at your own risk!

    • RW-1

      Fking moron, of course it breaks root. and you can just repush SU like you did the first time and get it back.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, you f’cking moron. I knew that and was warning others about it in case they didn’t know. Everyone doesn’t know everything

  • Just realized this update breaks root and I didn’t install OTA root keeper as I figured an update for a Nexus wouldn’t mess with root since no updates on the Nexus S did, guess Verizon has influence over that now too…..

    • RW-1

      NO, its always been that way with an OTA. Just repush su afterwards.

  • RW-1

    Crap – Ok, at one point I messed with font manger, need assistance in correcting what was done, apply patch check: /system/fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf 

    I’m assuming that although I took font manager off after resetting to roboto that something isnt right in /system/fonts …

    • RW-1

      Well, I’m good to go, replaced font folder to clear out that issue, and it went quickly! Then pushed and flashed su as well.

      All in all it was easier than I thought it would be with the error I had.

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  • RW-1

    download unsuccessful 5 times tonight. WTF?

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  • Direktive4

    Im an android noob so forgive me if im making a rookie mistake. Im running stock ICS and have gone through the unlock/root process and havent done anything beyond that. I downloaded the above file and renamed it to update.zip. when i reboot into clockwork recovery, all i get is the android robot guy on his back with a big red caution (!) Symbol over him. Any ideas on what im doing wrong here?

    • Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery then try it again, worked for me. You will lose root though after you update. 

  • http://droidmodderx.com/galaxynexus/archives/378

    You can find the rooted version there courtesy of p3droid

    • Anonymous

      this worked perfectly, thanks man

      • I wish more people would like this.  All of these posts about losing root, and then trying to get root back.  No need with the file that p3droid has altered.  So far I have seen nothing but good things.

        • Roshan John

          So i’m running AOKP milestone 4. Does this mean, that I can just flash the p3droid version right onto it? without doing a wipe down to 4.0.2?

  • Cam

    Updated, still a crappy signal here (3G only, no 4G in the area to test).

  • Anonymous

    Will this wipe phone?

    • Cam


  • Alex Chota

    When I try to flash with CWM, I get an error saying “Assert failed:  apply_patch_check (“/system/app/VZQbackupassistant.apk” and a bunch of random numbers and letters following that…

    I’m on 4.0.2 stock with nova launcher installed in “system”, rooted and unlocked.  I used titanium back up to remove the two VZW apps.  Do I have to have backup assistant installed to flash this update??

    • Alex Chota

      I also did wipe cache and still got the error.

  • Ronaldo781

    flashed the new radios over the 4.0.3 leaked ones using fastboot from the rootzwiki radios/bootloader/roms thread. make sure to follow the instructions and grab the .img files there. don’t try to apply the 4.0.3 lte patch file this way.
    still on BB 4.0.3. so far a little bit stronger signal and faster 3g when im on lte/cdma mode.  no 4g coverage at my house (starts about a mile away grrr) but will test that shortly

  • it appears that the facebook sync still doesnt work in this just like the 4.0.2 

  • Anonymous

    Phone was previously unlocked and rooted.  I was running 4.02 with 4.03 radios.  I downgraded to 4.02 radios and ran the upgrade to 4.04 successfully but can’t get it rooted again.  Titanium Backup and Flash ClockworkMod Recovery can’t get root.  I have tried the original Superboot method that worked for me on 4.02 amd the Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit but neither has worked.  Can someone explain in detail what I could use to get root back on 4.04.  Any help is much appreciated.

  • went to the apple store today to buy my macbook pro and the apple stores att internet sucked and i was forced to whip out the galaxy nexus and throw some 4G LTE wifi in there when they were walking me through everything haha first mac…. i get about a 35 to 45mbps connection in Huntsville AL, they didn’t look very happy that they got samsunged lol……

    • I happen to live in Huntsville as well…just sayin!

      • Anonymous

        i live in Huntsville canada

      • Mikestolz

        As do i

      • Logan

        as do i

    • angermeans

      Did you get a new MBP? What size? I sold my 13″ 2008 MBP and got me a new one with the i5 processor. I love it and you probably will too. Thats one thing from Apple I wont leave and thats their great Mac OS X and the quality in their MBP and MAcbook Airs. I went into Apple the other day to look at the 11″ Macbook Air cause I think it would be nice to have a smaller laptop for school but it really isnt that much smaller. I’ll save the money and get me the new MBP later this year and hopefully it will have the higher res screen and hey maybe a touchscreen as well? Anyways have fun with your new toy I know I have been

    • Anonymous

      Is 4Mb download speed good on the nexus? 

      • that says 44Mbps

        • Ahsan

          Thats fast. Holy crap. My 3G on my Droid 2G barely passes 1Mbps if I’m lucky….

          • GUEST

            i get 7mbps in boston and like 20mbps in LA on 4gLTE

          • VaSqueezo

            Man guys.  I never realized Houston has it.  I’ve gotten up to 57Mbps here.  Last two guys that posted speeds, what kind of phones are you guys on?

        • Anonymous

          My bad, I meant 4MB, missed the shift key in my brain.

          • wowza

          • Anonymous

            It isn’t horrible, but the place you were at was either saturated with a bunch of devices or you had weak signal. With good signal I rarely see lower than 12Mbps and usually around 20-40Mbps.

    • Anonymous

      wow, that’s amazing

  • I’m still waiting for my 4.0.3 update?! I guess Google doesn’t like Sacramento?!

    • Binglut9

      I dont think they pushed 4.0.3 skipping over it my guess

    • David Verba

      Google is like Honey Badger, they don’t give a sh*t!  

      Just another publicly traded company that cares for nothing more than quarterly % profits for its share holders. 

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        you say that like its a bad thing.  profits are a very good thing, the country runs off of profits

  • Bionicman

    Good thing is this probably means itll be released soon.

  • Charles Daly

    I’m coming from the OG Droid X… How the hell can does stock recovery work on the GNEX? All I can seem to get it to do is start the phone…

  • Charles Daly

    Can someone see if this update will disable Google Wallet?

    • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

      I can’t verify for certain as I have yet to flash this update, but I did read a line from the code in this update that was posted to another forum:


      So perhaps this update will finally enable the Market DL of Wallet….?

      • [[[…babysmoker…]]]


        • [[[…babysmoker…]]]
    • Wallet app seems to still load fine, no errors. I haven’t used it for any purchases, yet, but I assume if there was a problem initializing NFC, it would have happened when I opened the app.

  • Heldadavid

    Think I will relax with 4.0.3 and wait for the gummy update 😉

    • Anonymous

      im thinking the same thing, gotta love gummy

  • Jim McClain

    so how does this help us who are still stock, lets see,the mic cuts out, speaker is crap,radios suck and the camera works like it came from walmart, I got 250 bucks invested in a piece of crap,growing to hate this thing more everyday

    • Uberblade

      You sir sound just a tad too bitter towards an albeit not perfect device but definately not as bad as your trying to make it sound.

    • Anonymous

      The worst phone in the world… except for everything else. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      why would u keep a nexus stock? sounds like you bought the wrong phone, the nexus is meant to be played with, i bet a good custom rom would fix all your problems and you have the phone to do it but you would rather do nothing and sit there and complain about it. you have all the tools so now its time to do something about it, go to youtube and search for galaxy nexus custom rom and start from there, pretty easy, do that or shut it lol