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Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 Build IMM30B Released, Get Your Update on Early


Folks with a Galaxy Nexus, a treat popped up for you online today. Android 4.0.4 is now in the wild and available for you to install via custom recovery. The new build is IMM30B and like I said, brings you to 4.0.4 rather than the 4.0.3 that many were hoping for. There is no official changelog, but this appears to update the radios and bootloader at the very minimum. Funny thing is, I now get 3 bars of 4G LTE at my house, a place that I used to get just 1 or 2 bars. I’d say that bar calculation that Verizon had mentioned is included. Will be digging into it throughout the night to see what else has changed – for now, get to flashing.  

Download Link [mirror] [Google Link]


*These instructions use Clockwork Recovery.

*Reminder: If  you would like to keep root, feel free to try Voodoo RootKeeper before updating.

1.  You will need to be running stock Android 4.0.2 (ICL53F) in order to update to this.

*You will likely have to have stock radios, bootloader, and have made no system changes as well. If you need to flash those, you can get them from our Galaxy Nexus guide.

2.  Download the file from above and rename to update.zip.
3.  Reboot into Clockwork Recovery.
4.  Choose “install zip from sdcard” and then find the file and select it.
5.  Let it flash, reboot and enjoy 4.0.4.

*Note – Rooting instructions here.

And if someone has instructions for updating without using CWM, please let us know. I was unsuccessful in my attempts.

Via:  XDA, AC Forums

Cheers gerry, Jamie and everyone else!

  • I am new to the whole root game (so please be kind). How can I update to 4.0.4 if I am currently running 4.0.3??

  • Is this something that’ll work as a Canadian owner?  I know that seems like a silly question, but when it comes to phone stuff, I’m a full on n00b.  =

  • Just got around to flashing this. Was stock rooted, but had not made any filesystem modifications. It worked for me. I did loose root, but ran Voodoo RootKeeper and it restored root. The only issue I had was with Titanium Backup. I believe it said BusyBox was out of date, and asked if I wanted Titanium Backup to fix it. I said yes. After it fixed it, it said I need to reboot. So I did. Now Titanium Backup works as well. Very cool stuff!

  • Dpiffy

    this will be my first time doing ANY type of update on the Galaxy.. i had the bionic before.. I understand that since there is no SD ext card on the Galaxy, you can lose data (everything from pics/vids to other personal items) during CERTAIN updates or flashes….

    So the question is… doing this flash update, does it erase everything, basically where it would be best to back everything up on my computer first before doing this update? Or does it not touch any of that stuff? Thanks for the person who answers it first.

  • At the danger of sounding like a total moron, here I go.I am running a completely stock 4.0.2 Nexus and I am wondering if I have to unlock the phone to root it and accomplish this? Reason being is that I want to root my phone however, I really do not want to wipe it with an unlock to do so. Furthermore, this article says it is using clockwork recovery, in which case I am led to believe that it belongs in a SDk/Tools folder.  If so, I do not have this folder in my nexus. It is something that comes up after root? Unlock? Sorry for sounding like a moron. I rooted my Droid X no problem, yet here I am stumped. Maybe because I am on hour 36 of a 48 hour shift at work?

  • Niket Patel

    Hey I just flashed this, but I noticed that my Youtube app is messing up.  Everytime I try to view a user’s channel, it force closes.  Other than that it searches and plays videos just fine.  Any ideas??

  • I keep getting an error saying the update was aborted..
    plz help…newb here..lol

  • How can I get this upgrade on my Unlocked Bootloader, Stock ROM HSPA+ model?

  • Anonymous

    Bars?  When do we speak of ‘bars’ of reception?  There is a signal readout in settings that shows dBm – far far far more accurate than bars.

    Also, 4G has always worked fine on the LTE Nexus, it’s 3G that has the reception issue (all bars aside).  I’d really like to hear about a before and after 3G reception in dBm comparison.

  • QtDL

    Why aren’t these updates rolling out as OTA updates? Does the carrier have to approve them first?

    • fvqu


  • RW-1

    One issue I’ve noted, and wondering if anyone else can duplicate or has a fix for is this:Seems the selected ringtone for the unit doesn’t start at the beginning when the phone rings anymore, it starts in the middle (Only way I can describe it. I had the stock “Ariel” tone, which plays up in volume, when the phone rings now it blasts the middle part descending tones, then begins again) …Anyone else? Have rechosen another tone and same thing, wondering what I might have to clear data or cache et. to clear that out if possible or wait for next update.

    • JMack

      I have just noticed this as well, I wouldn’t say it is the middle per say, but it does not start at the beginning of the ringtone. But if you go preview it, it plays fine. 

  • Ltrujillo08

    will this work on a mac?

  • Jim McClain

    so does this work on a stock nexus ? why hasnt my phone updated

  • Taglogical

    Bars or not, here’s the bottom line: The RAZR and the BIONIC and the REZOUND all work in low signal areas (such as my basement) while TWO Galaxy Nexus’s devices sitting side-by-side with the other 3, don’t get any signal whatsoever.

    My boss is now returning his (THIRD) Galaxy Nexus for a Razr Maxx.

    • Jim McClain

      i think mine is going back soon,will get the razor maxx, I need a phone that works like its supposed to

      • rodney11ride

         your an idiot

  • Steve Danner

    When i try and flash it fails. this is what i get.
    Installing update…assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “toro” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “toro” E:error in /sdcard/update.zip (status 7) Installation aborted.

  • Swmask

    how long should this take? i’ve been waiting for like an hour for it to finish

  • anthony

    is there anyway to do this without being rooted?

  • Aarhed263

    anybody else having text notifications not show in the pulldown bar problem after updating to 4.0.4??

  • G-Nex

     Can someone please load a stock copy of the 4.0.2 build.prop

  • Freddyx_

    it looks like you have to be in total stock for this update. I’m on the right build version but have removed the perma-Google search bar and changed the button colors. oh well.

  • Jslafarr

    unofficial changelog

    Noticeably FasterAndroid OS bug fixed (in battery stats)Long-pressing on a blank spot on the last page of app tray bug is goneNew Radios. 3G/4G switching MUCH better. Don’t even notice it changing.Improved signal strengthNew Power Menu. New from 4.0.2, familiar to those who have used a stock 4.0.3 rom.PRIMELA03 BootloaderFaster boot up timeAuto-brightness Functionality changed. Smooth transitionHolding down camera button now refocuses againMultitouch issue seems resolved. Autorotate is fasterBrowser performance noticeably improvedRecent apps list opens fasterMiscellaneous camera UI changesIncreased volumeKeyboard fixesUpdated News & Weather app UIImproved quick controls in browser

  • Jslafarr

    just in case you missed it the first time

    4.0.4 – rooted – deodexed – busybox – zip-aligned



    • Dshudson

      This worked like a charm, Thanks. -D

  • 4.0.2 radios
    EK05 EK02

    ON CDMA Only
    -75 dbm 16 asu
    -83 dbm 4 asu

    -100 dbm 40 asu

    4.0.3 radios
    EK06 EK04

    ON CDMA Only
    -75 dbm 16 asu
    -83 dbm 4 asu

    -99 dbm 41 asu

    4.0.4 radios
    V.FA02 FA02

    ON CDMA Only
    -83 dbm 4 asu

    -101 dbm 39 asu

  • Anonymous

    Does this change who provides the updates from Google to Verizon?

  • Anonymous

    I’m making a very general assumption that you must be rooted and running stock to do this. 

    • Anonymous

       You don’t need to be rooted, but you do need to be unlocked and stock.

      • Jslafarr

        now are we talking about the OTA above – what this post is about?

        or are we talking about any update / rom / .zip?

        i mean… now im confusing myself…because technically you could flash whatever WITH having root – (im talking in general) – however – this is where it gets me – to unlock the bootloader is the most time consuming / to some the most difficult part of this entire process.

        ROOTING the phone consists of pushing the SU image to the phone AFTER the hard part of unlocking is completed. which takes literally 20 seconds.

        no again why would you go thru all the trouble of unlocking….and not root.
        i suppose if you want OTA’s but who wants those?!

        4.0.4 is already in a rooted deodexed rom – ready to flash – so again LOL why would you unroot / relock or flash previous basebands to get ahold of an OTA.

        HERE YA GO – why revert to stock and mess with all the BS when you can just flash this on your current setup.


  • Bert336

    Help Please: I am on stock 4.0.2 all i have done is change the home keys, root, change the boot animation and the radios. i have reverted back to 4.0.2 radios, i have unrooted with Voodoo_RootKeeper, and everytime i try to load the update.zip through Touch CWM i get the following error:   Installing update…assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “toro” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “toro” E:error in /sdcard/update.zip (status 7) Installation aborted. 

    • Jslafarr


  • I have a question that seems to have yet to be answered. This update is proclaimed to be a pulled OTA correct? Which should mean that someone with a stock/locked/unrooted phone can install it. How would someone go about doing that without rooting or temp root or whatever?

    I saw a few people talking about CWM temp fastboot but no one talks about what this is and how it differientiates from the normal CWM functions. Before anyone attempts to convert me, I’m simply not interested in rooting, I only want to know why this update seemingly cannot be applied without some aftermarket tinkering.

    I’ve attempted the stock recovery method but all I get is Andy with the red triangle.

    Anyone got any answers?

    • Jslafarr

      ill be happy to remedy your inquiry.

      well, jamison – first off, if you arent interested in rooting… um.. you will just have to wait for verizon to push the ota to your phone. which could be… who knows since the gnex prob wont be supported for too much longer – cutting out all CDMA devices.

      also – and im not trying to be rude – how did you come to the conclusion that a locked / unrooted phone can flash updates? thru the stock recovery … id like to see that if that were possible. but its not.

      also # 2 – why would you only temp root when it takes literally the same amount of time to have permanent root – to set up SDK and ADB and correct the file path and push su and fastboot flash recovery – you have to go thru that entire process anyway even for TEMP root.

      so – to answer your question – No. no flashing of any kind can be done on a stock gnex.

      to finally answer your question – Fastboot is protocol used to update the flash filesystem on your phone from over USB. It allows flashing of unsigned partition images.

      done. hope that was helpful to you.

      • I came to that conclusion through doing it numerous times with previous android phones I’ve had. Someone posts an OTA update before it gets pushed to the masses, place on SD card, rename it update.zip, reboot in recovery and apply update, simple as that. Are you and everyone else trying to tell me that same process cannot be done on the nexus, or I should say more specifically ICS? I’m only saying I’ve been doing that for years now and now that I have the supposed baddest version of android ever I can no longer do what android has done all along?

        • Jslafarr

          well than sir – what you are describing sounds extremely familiar to back in the OG droid days. where you had to rename it to update.zip – HOWEVER – when i did that years ago – you still had to be rooted. what you are talking about – “reboot into recovery” – you have to flash the recovery to your phone to actually reboot INTO the recovery. LOL clockwork doesnt come pre-installed on android phones.

          second – has nothing to do with ICS – this phone came practically unlocked for the sole purpose of customizing it however you like.

          i dont quite understand the last part of your thought… please elaborate.

          i hope the information i am expelling is helpful to you – and im sorry if you do not agree – but those are the facts.

          • Look, what I’m referring to is the older phones (every phone I’ve ever touched that wasn’t an ICS device, had a boot menu with 4 options, apply update being one of them. I have rooted once so I half ass know what I’m doing but I was never rooted when I applied updates this way. I would download the OTA from the internet, load it on the SD card then reboot into the boot menu then update with no problems, all without ever having a rooted phone. I just don’t care to root, the benefits for it aren’t enough for me to give a damn to do it again.

            My biggest question is why have I been able to do this in the past but not now? With the way things have gone in the past, I should be able to hold the three buttons on the nexus, pull up the boot menu and apply the update. UNLESS this isn’t a true OTA that isn’t signed properly is the only thing I can think of. Anyway, I’m just saying I’ve done this countless times on countless phones of my own, friends, and family and all were not rooted. And yes, I know CWM isn’t preloaded on the phone, but there IS a recovery option on the phone straight out the gate.

          • Jslafarr

            i kinda sorta half-way understand… and this is why. 
            now – this intrigues me and i would like to help you get to the bottom of this. so help me help you.

            please give me the name of at least 1 phone that allowed you to apply updates without being rooted – also -whether this OTA is AOSP as in from google or not – makes no difference whether it can be flashed.

            OTA means over the air update – as in your phone will let you know a new version is out and if you are unrooted it will be pushed to your phone allowing you to install it. if you are rooted, having root blocks OTA’s.

            it would be nice to take the gnex out of the box and hold 3 buttons and flash whatever you want – but thats why there are lock bootloaders.

            the gnex is locked until you unlock it. sorry to say i wish it were simple. its quite easy to do and once you do it you will never have to do it ever again. i plan on having my gnex for at least 2 years – two years flashing whatever i want whenever i want – with about 30 minutes of getting it rooted.

            not to mention i almost took it back based on straight battery suckiness – but now i can go an entire day on one charge – unless its clocked at 1.3 and brightness is on and 4g then i can kill it in about 2 hours.

            back to my point – take my word. set aside some time and get all the information. you wont regret it

          • I’ve done it with the original droid across 3 updates, on my dad’s, stepmom’s, and a friend. On the Droid 2, droid x, droid x2, and my friends i can’t remember the name of.

            I’m not meaning to sound rude either, but it doesn’t seem like this is something you know what you are talking about. If you don’t believe me, just look up some old articles on this very website. Kellex has posted OTAs for people to download (specifically for unrooted individuals) over the past 2 years. It exists and can be done. Trust me. Like I said though, my question still stands for anyone that can answer it. Why was I able to do this in the past and not now?

          • Jslafarr

            lol well than. we might as well cross that bridge – and not to sound rude – now how, with the information i quickly gave you off the top of my head – how can i not know my stuff. 
            i do not know everything…far from it – but i guarantee i wouldnt be having this conversation if i didnt know half of what i have said. 
            for the droid X , X2 you have to have bootstrap to install any kind of “aftermarket update / rom. period. if you dont know what bootstrap is then YOU my friend have your facts alll turned around. 
            EITHER you really dont know what the difference is and youve been doing…i dont know what with an unrooted phone – or you are lying. but im pretty sure anyone else is going to give you some twist of what i already said.

            i know enough to thoroughly root every droid ive had – the gnex was the hardest to unlock – im trying to help you…but im afraid you cant be helped. or you are confused. 

            again dont take this the wrong way.

          • Cchandler66

            i am in the same boat as you. I have been trying to do it that way for a couple days now. I am getting the same error you are. It was much easier on a unrooted OG droid.

          • Anonymous

             You used to be able to flash on a completely stock device from the root of the SD card.

            Under ICS you can only flash from the /cache directory, which is only writable by root.

            They took the old functionality out in ICS. :^(

          • Jslafarr

            see, again this confuses me – what ONE device has allowed you to reboot into recovery – select the .zip and flash – all without being rooted? what device had clockwork already on it?

            please enlighten me.

            “Under ICS you can only flash from the /cache directory, which is only writable by root.”

            i do not know what that means ^ 

            i flash from wherever the file on on the media drive…non sd card..drive…thing.

            now – im really not trying to start an argument – i just have never…ever heard that before lol

          • Thank you for your reply, but that sucks ass. Any idea behind why they would do such a thing? I just don’t understand ever taking a step back in the world of technology.

          • Anonymous

            I can only assume it is to give them more control over the roll-out of official OTAs.

            Fully agreed with you that it sucks. It was one of the things I most appreciated about the Nexii phones. I could update to any signed update at any time without having to unlock or root.

        • Jslafarr

          also – if you truly want to full advantage of your bad a** device and and do whatever your heart desires with it…
          the last thing i would ever touch would be an OTA.

          stock experience is fine…i suppose – if you like that kinda thing

          take the time to root – the right way – carefully pick your rom – flash it – ENJOY what you are missing. 

          and if you are really chillin on a stock gnex still – you are missing out my friend.

  • doggystyle

    K I am running 4.0.4 and supposed to be rooted. Here is a list of apps that work Rom Manager, Titanium Backup and Light Flow. Apps that don’t work Root Explorer, Toolbox, Wireless Tether, Set CPU. They just freeze up and force close. It says application has stopped working.

    Is there anyone with the same issues?

    • Jneavesiv

      I am having issues with Wireless Tether, I don’t use the others. I don’t get a forceclose but it just says there were problems and to view log. I hit view log and it says there is no log…I’ve tried the latest Betas and Expiremental releases, so far no dice.

  • Jslafarr

    “back to aokp … no significant change … no noticeable improvements”
    i guess nobody reads comments on here before they post them.
    there WILL be a 4.0.43 rom with every feature there is that’s possible.

    mark my words : dont waste time until codename / gummy / or aokp   –   the three top roms out come out with a 4.0.4 rom.

    it will save a page load of useless, un-informational comments on a file that half of these people dont even know what it does.

    have fun reflashing your phone to RE acquire root?

    • Jslafarr

      im going to reply on my own comment – just the beginning – and i was right

      shout out to those with no patience and shouldn’t mess with their phone until the real deal come out and those who have clogged up this thread ( including me;)


    • RW-1

      You’re such a fracking troll.

      fastboot to flash cwm and install su, total of under 5 min to do.

      Mark MY words, troll, no one is falling for your AOKP kickback posts.

      If it is so bad to do this OTA, it’s obvious why you hang out here.

      In fact you’re an arrogant Troll to reply to your own comments. Why not go to a forum and run your own thread?

      4.0.3 stock – faster, VERY noticable change in data switching from my previous experience, and hence – better battery life than I have had (and I’m NOT a complainer about batt life – I never expected a phone that does all this to last a day on current battery technology)

      Please do the community a favor and go…

      • Jslafarr

        youre an idiot. my point was is that there are 200+ comments on here about people not knowing what they are doing or people flashing this “update” expecting different results.

        im trying to be kind enough to give those a heads up that there will be a rooted version or better yet a rom in the works. (see my link to my post you f**k)

        and that was within hours of this thread being started! 334 comments and apparently nobody uses google on their F****** GOOGLE PHONE.

        im on 4.0.3 – very fast / stable. you already know what rom im on. 

        and i would start my own thread but i would lost patience very quickly listening to people who want answers given to them instead of looking for the answers themselves.

      • Jslafarr

        ill go one step farther just to show you how arrogant i can be.
        your opinion doesnt mean anything to me son. 
        im on another level.


        you dont even know how to use your phone.

      • Jslafarr

        yea…replying again. thats how much you annoy me – you probably dont even know how to change your keyboard.

        now we can start over – and have a mature conversation – but we have nothing further to discuss.http://pictureshoster.com/files/e0d7cfa9m1dro59ijtii.pnghttp://pictureshoster.com/files/irltmlmlfw2uctlgb0ea.png

      • Jslafarr

        ignore that post.
        since my picture didnt work it really makes me look like an a**.
        im not purposely trolling i really dont even know what that means.

        i am just surprised many of these folks dont know about rootzwiki or xda or many other forums that have much more useful information and more.. updates / goodies
        i guess you could say.

        but since im here ill try to re upload these pics.
        i still have alot to learn as im sure many others do. i just take pride in figuring out and tweaking my beloved piece of samsung to the fullest.

        much love.


        • doggystyle

          I want to *UCK your sister bro.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    OK so I had the newer radios  EK06/EK04 but got errors when trying to install this build so I reflashed 4.02 and the tried again but still get the following errors:
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/build.prop”, <followed by 3 more parameters with big hex values)
    E:Error in /sdcard/Download/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    • RW-1

      the issue lies with your build prop, and likely is the radios you flashed earlier, flash back to the 4.0.2 radios and retry.

      • Edwinrivera7

        This is the first time I’ve ever done anything with my GNex.  I unlocked the bootloader successfully for the first time.  I then got the same error as above.  I’ve never messed with anything else like the radios.  Build prop does say “toro”.  I’d appreciate any help.

        • Edwinrivera7

          Sorry.  Mine is actually a different error.  Says getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “toro”

  • guest

    After upgrading to 4.0.4 I can know longer gain root access.. what am I doing wrong?

    • You flashed an unrooted version.  Google 4.0.4 rooted and download the one that p3droid has provided.  Or you can scroll down to my first post that had the link.  I did my research before installing a non-rooted update.

  • Installed. It was full of easy. So far, only noticed extra options in browser. No noticeable signal gains. 

  • TankerTough

    Do u have to flash this upgrade or are ROM devs going to make rooms with the 4.0.4 build in them?

  • Anonymous

     I installed and used Voodoo Root Keeper worked like a charm. I get better signal, more fluid transitions on the home screen( or it was the placebo effect,lol). Made a back up and now back to my Gummy Rom 0.7.0 with Franco’s latest kernel (15.1 I believe it is). I would never stay stock non-rooted or even stock rooted no matter how good the OTA/Download leak:)

  • Anonymous

    I updated without CWM by doing the following:

    adb remount

    adb push update.zip /cache/

    adb reboot-bootloader
    Then I held vol-up & vol-down & power, selected update from cache, and selected the update.zip

  • Dwolcot1

    Installed and signal has improved but my speeds seem worse. My Razr is getting twice the speeds. Nexus -107db while Razr is -85db. Pretty sad.

    • Tim242

      You do not understand what you are looking at. The Razr is showing you dBm in 3G, the Nexus is showing 4G. Verizon has explained this, along with this site as well. On 3G, they’d both show the same. One is not better or worse than the other.

    • Tim242

      3G and 4G are not measured the same.

  • Anonymous

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    С А S Н S Н А R Р . С О М

    • Jim McClain

      no one on  here is stupid enough to fall for this scam, give it up idiot

  • Tyler

    This really makes me want to root and flash really bad. Ive wanted to update4.0.3 with the improved radios and stuff but this makes that look very minor. Either way i want that ota update.

  • Tyler

    This really makes me want to root and flash really bad. Ive wanted to update4.0.3 with the improved radios and stuff but this makes that look very minor. Either way i want that ota update.

    • Tim242

      No you don’t. It is so minor, it isn’t worth it. What you want is AOKP. Stock 4.03, but with bug-fixes and a ton of customization options.

      •  You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself.

  • Tim242

    I installed the rooted update. No change in dBm, or signal bars. Not that mime was bad to start with, but better is good. Back to AOKP.

    • Anonymous

      Can you ban this idiot kellex?

      • Cam

        What’s idiotic about it? My signal didn’t change either.

    • You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself.

      • Tim242

        You can’t handle the truth haha

  • I’m still waiting for an update to bring back the ability to send a text message to “groups”. I can send a single message to multiple people just fine, but I have to add them one at a time. I would like to be able to send to my pre-defined groups I created. Seems ICS doesn’t support it. 🙁 Hopefully that is in the works!

  • I just updated my Gnex and I was hoping that it would fix the Facebook contacts but I still cannot add a Facebook contact. Although, there still is friendcaster!! My signal seems to be much more stronger though…

    • Tim242

      Signal didn’t change. I had the same dBm as before. Back to AOKP

      • Anonymous

        Ban this idiot

        • Tim242

          Also, in case you forgot…Verizon stated that there was no signal problem on the Nexus. They planned to just adjust how it displays bars.

      •  You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself.

  • Jim McClain

    ya know what really sucks, sitting on my living room, pick up my nexus and have 2 bars 4g,.pick it up 5 minutes later to check emails and it says i have no connection, nexus= crap

    • Anonymous

      Lol .. no point in trolling a niche android blog.. the users who could be swayed away from android are on endgadget … its trolling 101 bro

  • Watts1971

    Just update to this new leak and when rebooting it showed I had an update available for Google wallet. I side loaded wallet and have not tried linking it to the market, but suddenly it knows it is there.

    CDMA Nexus – stock/unlocked/rooted

  • JJ69Chev

    just flashed 4.0.4, no change in signal strength for me….bummer

    • JJ69Chev

      also getting faster upload speed than download, not by much but issue is still there.

  • GnexHelp

    For people having root issues after update use adb to push this su.zip. Works like a charm. All credit to OP.  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22207893&postcount=235

  • Marvin de Pano

    Just flashed this update. Screen transitions seem to be smoother. It’s too soon to tell whether I get better signal or not, but I was composing a message to a co-worker who also owns the GNex and it just randomly rebooted on me. Cute!

  • Bennotae

    I cannot install the update.zip.  Clockwork recovery aborts the update.  I tried the download from both the site and mirror.  No joy. 

  • Anonymous

    For rooted users.


    For those of you who haven’t scrolled down too far, Michael O’Brien posted this link.
    I downloaded it placed it on my Galaxy Nexus storage without changing the name. I was stock 4.0.2 unlocked bootloader and rooted. I flashed a new Clockwork recovery, booted into recovery out of ROM manager, selected this file (it’s called Stock_Imm30B) and flashed it. Did not clear cache or anything. Update flashed fine, rebooted. Phone processed update and came back just as it was. Still have root. Phone works fine. Stutter is gone from app drawer (didn’t realize how much that bugged me til it was gone). Rotation is better. Can’t comment on the 4G radio because currently out of the country. Good Luck.

    • Anonymous

      i did the same thing…seeing a 10dbm improvement and i’m in the nyc area with strong signal as it is

      • Anonymous

        Right on.

      • Tim242

        Signal didn’t change. I had the same dBm as before. Back to AOKP

        • Anonymous

          Why are you posting this over and over to the users who are getting exactly what the update intended to do, give better signal?

          I hope aokp is paying you

          • Tim242

            The update did not give better signal. Ever hear of the placebo effect? I have two Nexus phones in my household. I installed the update on one. Compared side by side. Same dBm…-93 in my house. In case you didn’t notice, there are far more people saying no change in signal.

          • You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself. 

        • You’re an idiot.  I know this could be considered insensitive…but kill yourself. 

    • The file is 186 MB? That’s huge. Can the file be deleted once installed?

      • Anonymous

        Yep. Just delete it after you flash.

    • jonny c

      question: is this file a custom stock ROM running 4.0.4? at first i though this is merely the update that doesn’t require me to go through the process of re-rooting device. if it is a ROM, how will it affect apps/system data, etc.? will i need to reinstall nova?

  • Anonymous

    How do I get back to stock when I have a custom rom???

  • Anonymous

    will there be a 4.0.4 custom rom for this?

  • Anonymous

    has anyone used OTA rootkeeper with this?  I may upgrade if it works,  not that concerned about losing root, i know how to fix it but im lazy and dont feel like it

  • Anonymous

    just updated using ps3roids file…still rooted, seeing a 10dbm improvement

  • Anonymous

    This is the reason i bought the nexus. No waiting for anything 🙂

  • Did the root toolkit and updated SU within the app. 

  • Anonymous

    Some new features & fixes I noticed right away:

    – Browser quick controls now include Bookmarks button and Add a Tab
    – Lag and auto-correct issue with landscape text input box appears to be fixed

    These were two big issues for me and I’m glad they have been addressed.

  • Did anyone else get the message: 

    attert failed:apply_patch_check(“system/build.prop”…. E:Error in: /sdcard/update.zip (Status 71)Installation abortedBecause I did. I tried installing it three times. I have permanent root and can get to “Install zip from SD” screen, no problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Ortizkenny1

    So I downloaded this and flashed it no problem, obviously I lost root. Well I rooted and tried flashing rom but got stuck on a boot loop. Anyone know if the previous roms (gummy is the one I had) don’t work on 4.0.4?

  • Mike Woods

    anyone know if the dropped call (other person not being able to hear you) issue has been resolved with this release?

  • Anonymous

    Posted late last night?   This site kicks so much ass.

  • RaptorOO7

    Can this be rooted using WugFresh’s root tool?  I wonder how long before we will see it officially be available given Google’s recent announcement or I guess we will have to wait for AOSP 4.0.4 to hit.

    • Ortizkenny1

      Yes it can

  • RW-1


    You shouldn’t have to reboot the phone to go into CWM if you just flashed it in adb.

    connect the phone, run:

    adb reboot bootloader (from your platform-tools folder)

    the phone will go into bootloader.


    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    (You have that file in your tools folder right?)

    the phone will now “Reboot” into recovery.

    in CWM now, you will scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”

    Then “choose zip from sdcard.”

    Choose the “su.zip” file and install it. (it is in your SDCARD folder right?)

    When that finishes, back out of recovery and reboot the system

    Let us know what happens

  • this is OTA? 🙂

  • Jslafarr

    yea i already posted a warning as too not wasting time on this as 4.0.4 will come out in a rom with all the features we have now. but nothing is ever good enough for the time being.
    also there are 1000000000000000000000000000 threads on how to unlock / adb / root / and everything else under the sun – if you have to post all that information to the guy underneath who
    says “Do I have to have backup assistant installed to flash this update??”
    LOL wtf
    everyone who knows what theyre doing should already be on 4.0.3
    have some patience

    • Wartrends

      Should have waited!

    • RW-1

      Mighty ignorant of you don’t you think?

      This has nothing to do with nothing ever good enough, there are those out there who want to get it, and need assistance.

      You are simply a troll in this thread; here to spout and to delay those looking for good information on this update leak.

      But I’ll tell you, the people who gave YOU that knowledge, or told you where to go look for the information so that you could do this are shaking their heads in discust.

      I not only am a Sr. Systems Engineer and director of an IT division and know a heck of a lot about PC’s and windows, but also am a CFII in Helicopters (That’s instrument instructor, highest you can go in that rating)

      I deal with the same noob type questions just about every day.

      You can either not tell them, or you educate them.

      My advice is that you just lurk and watch. 

      • Jslafarr

        i dont even know what you just said. and i read it twice.
        all i am saying – is that there are specific threads that deal with rooting and flashing – why clog up this post with that information because you cant google it and figure it out themselves.

        nobody should have to post to anyone else in this post at least HOW TO UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER AND ROOT – which leads me to believe they are “mighty ignorant” wanting to flash this when they cant figure out how to make a simple backup in clockwork.

        nobody gives a sh*t who you are. you could be some retarded pervert with thousands of child porn videos. 

  • Wartrends

    I did the update and lost root…I tried to re-root using the root method in the galaxy nexus guide posted above. How to I get root back I need to use titanium back up. I might just go back to 4.02 and re-root it cause my signal did not change. Same location in the house…-93db before and -93db after so WTF is this update all about anyways? This BS cost me 2 hours of my day! 

  • RW-1

    Kinda bumping this, the original is from Paul Harper (I embellished and added to it).

    READ it over to get the FLOW of what is going on, then you may substitute the OTA file to flash it first, then follow along using SU afterwards to get your root back.

    If you haven’t unlocked your phone, then you are not rooted (have to unlock to get root), so if that’s the case, you need to unlock and root first before you can even mess with this.

    Ensure your phone is back to stock, no system files messed with or it will fail the check (mine was an issue with roboto font file, replaced and good to go)

    You will need to use adb, instructions for doing that are on the how to root the gnex thread, so are the downloads mentioned.

    “You will need to follow these steps again if using temp root after installing the update.
    1. Download ClockworkMod Recovery for the G-Nex. (Its an image file)
    2. Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder (same place as your adb.exe).

    (This on windows could be c:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools)
    3. Download the superuser file aka the root file. (a zip, can get it from the DL site)
    4. Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder.
    (Again, This on windows could be c:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools)
    5. Open a command prompt from within your Tools folder and type the following:adb push su.zip /sdcard/

    (If you can’t right click on the folder and open a command prompt, you will have to just open your prompt and navigate to yout tools (or platform-tools) folder, then you can type the commands.
    In that vein, if you leave the command prompt open, when you go back to do the flash of recovery,again to do su, you can use the up/down arrows to list the commands you entered before so you won’t have to retype.)6. Then reboot into the bootloader:adb reboot bootloader7. When the boot menu loads, flash the new recovery image:fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- When that finishes, use the volume keys to highlight “Recovery mode,” press power to select it.9. From recovery, scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”10. Then “choose zip from sdcard.”11. Choose the “su.zip” file and install it.12. When that finishes, back out of recovery and reboot the system.13. Enjoy being rooted with a temporary recovery.  ”   

    To get CWM perm, instructions are avail on DL, it involves editing/removing another file and flashing CWM once more.

    Myself, I’m comfortable enough staying with stock recovery and temp flashing CWM for now, though the touch screen one is looking real nice lately.

    • Wartrends

      I already tried all of the above five times and still don’t have root so not sure what else to try.

      • RW-1

        You placed su.zip in the SDCARD folder, the used adb?

        Take us thru the commands you entered and the results, and what you did once in CWM ….

        • Wartrends

           5.  Open a command prompt from within your Tools folder and type the following:
          adb push su.zip /sdcard/

          6. Then reboot into the bootloader:

          adb reboot bootloader

          7.  When the boot menu loads, flash the new recovery image:

          fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

          8.  When that finishes, use the volume keys to highlight “Recovery mode,” press power to select it.

          9.   From recovery, scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”

          10.  Then “choose zip from sdcard.”

          11.  Choose the “su.zip” file and install it.

        • Wartrends

          I after doing the steps I just listed I reboot phone and Once in CWM I hit Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and once I do that It says  An eror occurred while attempting to run privileged commands.

    • RW-1

      And apologies, seems the post didn’t hold my line breaks in the second half … sorry ….

  • This change log looks awesome. But I’m in a lose right now on how to Boot successfully into “Stock” recovery mode without the red exclamation icon showing up. Why is it there when it doesn’t work? Am I missing something here?

    I am fully locked and fully unrooted. To be honest I love rooting but I’ve had zero luck in the past with stability but that’s besides the point.

    I know I might sound like a broken record on this thread but my question is how do I flash this update.zip file into a “stock” recovery without the bs of rooting my phone? lol 

    • RW-1

      You can try the method I outlined below, and see if you can temp flash CWM to flash the update, then reboot and you should remain locked and unrooted, but not 100% sure it will work.

      I’m puzzled about your stability comment, you can unlock, root and do nothing else to the phone other than this update, and being rooted will have ZERO impact on the stability of the OS itself, period. It’s a matter of being a regular user on the OS versus an administrator, nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    so for those of us who are stock, rooted, etc. simply changing to update.zip and dragging file to phone. restarting with vol down + power just brings you to lil green man. then what?

    • RW-1

      You can try using volume to select recovery, then hit power, if works, great.

      If not, then you’ll need to tether to a computer and use adb to flash CWM recovery and then use that recovery to flash the update, directions for this are further down in the thread, geared towards pushing SU, which you will have to do anyways, because the OTA while not wiping the phone, will break root.

      Once you have done it thru adb, it doesn’t take long.

  • Minesh Rai

    Noticeably FasterAndroid OS bug fixed (in battery stats)Long-pressing on a blank spot on the last page of app tray bug is gone……. http://mirolta.com/2012/02/05/android-4-0-4-update-is-available-for-verizon-samsung-galaxy-nexus/

  • Anonymous

    One of the joys of android and nexus is that it just comes to you ota and just works. No muss, no fuss. If it’s not pushed out yet, it’s not ready. I only want it when it’s ready. And on Nexus, that’s usually pretty quick. We’ll have to see if VZW throws any delay in there.

    • RW-1

      One of the real joys of the unlocked phone is that you CAN flash this and have it, and also grab the final as well, believe me, the final will leak way before it actually hits your phone OTA …

      I’m not knocking you here, but really, new radios, bootloader, the leaask is most likely really close, and if it had a major flaw in it you would know about it already here and on every other board.

      I respect your decision to wait, but the statement that it just works is a tiny bit off.All builds will have some issues …

      • Anonymous

        Good points.

        • RW-1

          Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    for those of us who can’t even spell root, when should we expect an update via verizon etc?  I hope the update includes a fix for landscape auto correct and recycling emails

  • Anonymous

    This breaks root!!! Use at your own risk!

    • RW-1

      Fking moron, of course it breaks root. and you can just repush SU like you did the first time and get it back.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, you f’cking moron. I knew that and was warning others about it in case they didn’t know. Everyone doesn’t know everything

  • Just realized this update breaks root and I didn’t install OTA root keeper as I figured an update for a Nexus wouldn’t mess with root since no updates on the Nexus S did, guess Verizon has influence over that now too…..

    • RW-1

      NO, its always been that way with an OTA. Just repush su afterwards.

  • RW-1

    Crap – Ok, at one point I messed with font manger, need assistance in correcting what was done, apply patch check: /system/fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf 

    I’m assuming that although I took font manager off after resetting to roboto that something isnt right in /system/fonts …

    • RW-1

      Well, I’m good to go, replaced font folder to clear out that issue, and it went quickly! Then pushed and flashed su as well.

      All in all it was easier than I thought it would be with the error I had.

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  • RW-1

    download unsuccessful 5 times tonight. WTF?

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  • Direktive4

    Im an android noob so forgive me if im making a rookie mistake. Im running stock ICS and have gone through the unlock/root process and havent done anything beyond that. I downloaded the above file and renamed it to update.zip. when i reboot into clockwork recovery, all i get is the android robot guy on his back with a big red caution (!) Symbol over him. Any ideas on what im doing wrong here?

    • Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery then try it again, worked for me. You will lose root though after you update. 

  • http://droidmodderx.com/galaxynexus/archives/378

    You can find the rooted version there courtesy of p3droid

    • Anonymous

      this worked perfectly, thanks man

      • I wish more people would like this.  All of these posts about losing root, and then trying to get root back.  No need with the file that p3droid has altered.  So far I have seen nothing but good things.

        • Roshan John

          So i’m running AOKP milestone 4. Does this mean, that I can just flash the p3droid version right onto it? without doing a wipe down to 4.0.2?

  • Cam

    Updated, still a crappy signal here (3G only, no 4G in the area to test).

  • Anonymous

    Will this wipe phone?

    • Cam


  • Alex Chota

    When I try to flash with CWM, I get an error saying “Assert failed:  apply_patch_check (“/system/app/VZQbackupassistant.apk” and a bunch of random numbers and letters following that…

    I’m on 4.0.2 stock with nova launcher installed in “system”, rooted and unlocked.  I used titanium back up to remove the two VZW apps.  Do I have to have backup assistant installed to flash this update??

    • Alex Chota

      I also did wipe cache and still got the error.

  • Ronaldo781

    flashed the new radios over the 4.0.3 leaked ones using fastboot from the rootzwiki radios/bootloader/roms thread. make sure to follow the instructions and grab the .img files there. don’t try to apply the 4.0.3 lte patch file this way.
    still on BB 4.0.3. so far a little bit stronger signal and faster 3g when im on lte/cdma mode.  no 4g coverage at my house (starts about a mile away grrr) but will test that shortly

  • it appears that the facebook sync still doesnt work in this just like the 4.0.2 

  • Anonymous

    Phone was previously unlocked and rooted.  I was running 4.02 with 4.03 radios.  I downgraded to 4.02 radios and ran the upgrade to 4.04 successfully but can’t get it rooted again.  Titanium Backup and Flash ClockworkMod Recovery can’t get root.  I have tried the original Superboot method that worked for me on 4.02 amd the Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit but neither has worked.  Can someone explain in detail what I could use to get root back on 4.04.  Any help is much appreciated.

  • went to the apple store today to buy my macbook pro and the apple stores att internet sucked and i was forced to whip out the galaxy nexus and throw some 4G LTE wifi in there when they were walking me through everything haha first mac…. i get about a 35 to 45mbps connection in Huntsville AL, they didn’t look very happy that they got samsunged lol……

    • I happen to live in Huntsville as well…just sayin!

      • Anonymous

        i live in Huntsville canada

      • Mikestolz

        As do i

      • Logan

        as do i

    • angermeans

      Did you get a new MBP? What size? I sold my 13″ 2008 MBP and got me a new one with the i5 processor. I love it and you probably will too. Thats one thing from Apple I wont leave and thats their great Mac OS X and the quality in their MBP and MAcbook Airs. I went into Apple the other day to look at the 11″ Macbook Air cause I think it would be nice to have a smaller laptop for school but it really isnt that much smaller. I’ll save the money and get me the new MBP later this year and hopefully it will have the higher res screen and hey maybe a touchscreen as well? Anyways have fun with your new toy I know I have been

    • Anonymous

      Is 4Mb download speed good on the nexus? 

      • that says 44Mbps

        • Ahsan

          Thats fast. Holy crap. My 3G on my Droid 2G barely passes 1Mbps if I’m lucky….

          • GUEST

            i get 7mbps in boston and like 20mbps in LA on 4gLTE

          • VaSqueezo

            Man guys.  I never realized Houston has it.  I’ve gotten up to 57Mbps here.  Last two guys that posted speeds, what kind of phones are you guys on?

        • Anonymous

          My bad, I meant 4MB, missed the shift key in my brain.

          • wowza

          • Anonymous

            It isn’t horrible, but the place you were at was either saturated with a bunch of devices or you had weak signal. With good signal I rarely see lower than 12Mbps and usually around 20-40Mbps.

    • Anonymous

      wow, that’s amazing

  • I’m still waiting for my 4.0.3 update?! I guess Google doesn’t like Sacramento?!

    • Binglut9

      I dont think they pushed 4.0.3 skipping over it my guess

    • David Verba

      Google is like Honey Badger, they don’t give a sh*t!  

      Just another publicly traded company that cares for nothing more than quarterly % profits for its share holders. 

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        you say that like its a bad thing.  profits are a very good thing, the country runs off of profits

  • Bionicman

    Good thing is this probably means itll be released soon.

  • Charles Daly

    I’m coming from the OG Droid X… How the hell can does stock recovery work on the GNEX? All I can seem to get it to do is start the phone…

  • Charles Daly

    Can someone see if this update will disable Google Wallet?

    • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

      I can’t verify for certain as I have yet to flash this update, but I did read a line from the code in this update that was posted to another forum:


      So perhaps this update will finally enable the Market DL of Wallet….?

      • [[[…babysmoker…]]]


        • [[[…babysmoker…]]]
    • Wallet app seems to still load fine, no errors. I haven’t used it for any purchases, yet, but I assume if there was a problem initializing NFC, it would have happened when I opened the app.

  • Heldadavid

    Think I will relax with 4.0.3 and wait for the gummy update 😉

    • Anonymous

      im thinking the same thing, gotta love gummy

  • Jim McClain

    so how does this help us who are still stock, lets see,the mic cuts out, speaker is crap,radios suck and the camera works like it came from walmart, I got 250 bucks invested in a piece of crap,growing to hate this thing more everyday

    • Uberblade

      You sir sound just a tad too bitter towards an albeit not perfect device but definately not as bad as your trying to make it sound.

    • Anonymous

      The worst phone in the world… except for everything else. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      why would u keep a nexus stock? sounds like you bought the wrong phone, the nexus is meant to be played with, i bet a good custom rom would fix all your problems and you have the phone to do it but you would rather do nothing and sit there and complain about it. you have all the tools so now its time to do something about it, go to youtube and search for galaxy nexus custom rom and start from there, pretty easy, do that or shut it lol

  • Paul Harper

    How are the ROMs thus far I been out to the ROM market since the OG but think I might be interested in a good one soon. Any ideas?

  • Tom

    I’m just going to wait for a rom… Preferably the upgrade to my current (Codename Android)

  • Upgraded from stock 4.0.2 (no root, no cwm) using temporary fastboot of CWM.  No problems whatsoever.  My #1 pet peeve is fixed.  That slight graphics hitch when flipping pages in the app drawer.  Smooth and super fast now.

    And is the “Android OS” calculation in Battery usage much reduced now?  I had 3-4 hours on battery and it’s claiming only 9%, instead of in the 30-40% range.  (My eyes might be deceiving me though)

  • Jslafarr

    why is anyone even trying to f*ck with this? its not official, might break root, and doesnt have ANY features any roms have that are out right now.

    why are people trying to put a leaked 4.0.4 on here without even a changelog!? 

    then this guy “running completely stock” has trouble booting into recovery ???!!!

    i dont even have words.

    • Paul Harper


    • angermeans

      Break root? You have a lot to learn. This is a nexus my friend the oem is google and they know this phone will be rooted. Someone didnt have to find an exploit for root just fastboot oem unlcok and flash superuser. Plus the rest of your post really makes no sense as again this is a nexus and most by this phone so they can tinker. You can always go back. I figured that the galaxy nexus wpuld bring a lot of popularity to the nexus platform and people would not knoww what to do but this is whu we buy nexii is this is how android is supposed to be we arebt fighting the oems to root our phones. Root and nexus go hand in hand its a dev phone.

      • TheRealBeesley

        It actually does “break root”.   So… yeah…  

      • Jslafarr

        Oh boy. Lol.
        What u just said makes absolutely no sense. At least if you’re replying to my post.
        It is possible to brick this phone. Unless you have the sbf files and sdk it. Do you know what that means.
        This is a developers device.
        So let the devs come out with a stable – rooted. – feature packed rom and then flash it.
        Or you can be like all the other bozos and waste your time.

        • Anonymous

          Contrary to what you might think there are folks who want to keep the stock rom. Not some crappy rom full of useless mods that no one wants.

          Also it doesn’t much matter in this instance that it isn’t official, it works just fine.

          Though I do have to laugh at “completely stock recovery” guy. That was funny.

      • Jslafarr

        And learn how to spell

    • Junior Youngman

      Alot of people want to flash this to fix “bugs” from earlier ICS builds. I myself have had the “mic cut out” issue first hand with several of these devices. So if others are having issues that have been reported then they as well are hoping this fixes them. And obviously your running custom roms which 98% of them are built off a leaked 4.0.3 build which actually is a build number for the nexus s 4g. So whats wrong with flashing one leaked build or another?

  • Paul Harper

    You will need to follow these steps again if using temp root after installing the update.
    1.  Download ClockworkMod Recovery for the G-Nex. [Download]
    2.  Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder (same place as your adb.exe).
    3.  Download the superuser file aka the root file. [Download]
    4.  Place that file in your SDK/Tools folder.
    5.  Open a command prompt from within your Tools folder and type the following:

    adb push su.zip /sdcard/

    6. Then reboot into the bootloader:

    adb reboot bootloader

    7.  When the boot menu loads, flash the new recovery image:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

    8.  When that finishes, use the volume keys to highlight “Recovery mode,” press power to select it.

    9.   From recovery, scroll to “Install zip from sdcard.”

    10.  Then “choose zip from sdcard.”

    11.  Choose the “su.zip” file and install it.

    12.  When that finishes, back out of recovery and reboot the system.

    13.  Enjoy being rooted with a temporary recovery.

    • In step 7, I chose to not flash CWM.      Use fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-    to do a one-time CWM.   You’ll keep your stock recovery, if you want to keep your phone as close to stock as possible.

      C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdkplatform-tools>fastboot boot recovery-clockwork- ‘boot.img’…OKAY [  0.507s]booting…OKAY [  0.326s]finished. total time: 0.834s

      • Paul Harper

        Never thought about that but yeah that should work just as well. CWM just makes it a bit easier is all.

      • It doesn’t actually matter if you flash CWM or not. As soon as you boot AndroidOS, the stock recovery will be reflashed unless you remove recovery-from-boot.p

  • Gnexus

    DOES THIS WIPE DEVICE??? Should i worry about creating a TiBu??

    • Paul Harper

      Its does not require full wipe and does not wipe the device, however dalvik cache should be cleared.

  • anyone else get an error in CWM when trying to install the update? Mine says something about systemUI.apk then aborts.. weird. Im stock 4.0.2 but rooted/unlocked.hmm

    •  sooo.. i cant install this for some reason when it is verifying current system it says assert failed: apply_patch_check (“/system/app/SystemUI.apk then a lot of numbers and letters and then E: Error in /sdcard/ROMS/update.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. .. any thoughts? never had this or any problems before

      •  arrrrggg what the hell.. someone help please.. all i get is an installation aborted when i do this… its freaking bothering me i cant figure this out at all.

        • Paul Harper

          Are you unlocked and rooted and running stock 4.02 and using CWM recovery?

          •  yes unlocked, rooted, and just flashed the updated CWM … i havent messed with anything else.. just running NOVA Launcher .. it keeps giving me the same error about the systemUI .. im pretty well versed in flashing and rooting android.. this just has my mind boggled though. really pissing me off now.

          • Paul Harper

            I downloaded the file on my pc and placed it to the phone then went to CWM and said install from SD card had it wipe dalivk cache and create a recovery it then rebooted did both and was working fine all but root. I had to follow the steps to re root and all is working fine here.

          • And re-delete recovery-from-boot.p, so that you keep CWM!

          • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

            Did you flash the Nova .zip in recovery as a system file? If so that’s most likely the issue & you’ll have to uninstall it first. I’ve been debating flashing this & that was one of the big concerns floating around in my mind.

          •  that actually may be the problem.. didnt even think of that… smart thinking! forgot it wasnt just a regular app. .. i got around the problem but you may just be right. thanks!!

          • Coldness

            Yep, that was my problem as well. I ended up just re-flashing a stock system 4.0.2 over the top of it to clear up anything else my root apps have done and then flashing 4.0.4. Same error you were getting. It was pretty maddening for a few minutes though. 

          • Paul Harper

            i use adwlauncherex it works pretty well an doesnt require changing system files not sure what Nova is all about.

          • Anonymous

            Nova Launcher ( http://goo.gl/GrPAo ) is a Serious Polished ICS Launcher, the Best for ICS thus far.

          • I have NovaLauncher in system

            Not only did the update work fine – it didn’t even get rid of Nova!

          • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

            Edit: As Jeff stated, Nova is not the culprit. Just flashed the update without so much as a hiccup.

            Re-flashed the 4.0.2 radios (I was on 4.0.3), was otherwise already stock rooted so I just renamed the update .zip “update” & copied it to the root of my SD, flashed stock recovery, installed the .zip & it did it’s freaky, sexy Android thang.

            Upon rebooting I got the “Android Updating” screen (which told me it was “optimizing” a substantial number of my apps) which then it brought me to my beautiful homescreen. The only thing that I lost was root – Nova remained happily intact, invisible folder mod & all – so I flashed CWM recovery, re-installed SU & got my root back on. The whole process (nandroid back-up excluded) took no more than 10 minutes.

            New sh*t, as others have noted:
            Better signal & much faster hand-offs
            Portrait to landscape is sped up
            Browser now has much more intuitive quick controls
            New power-off screen
            “Dock” settings now added to the settings menu (unless that was there before & I simply didn’t notice)… functional docking station headed to a retailer near you in the near future?
            Things are generally snappier

            &…… not a single frackin bug as far as I can tell, but then again I never had any issues with this sexy beast to begin with 😉

          •  eh forget this method.. i just used P3Droid’s stock ROM from the TBH App and that worked fine.

          • Im getting this error cause i modified my softkeys. Still aearching for a fix.

  • Cchandler66

    I am having trouble with this. I boot into recovery mode using the volume and power keys. then i get the dead android with an explanation point. from there I can get the settings menu to come up, but there is no option for instal zip from sdcard. instead mine says instal from /cache. any idea on what I am doing wrong? running complete stock

    • Anonymous


      Try using ClockworkMod recovery. Not the stock one

      • Cchandler66

        still having trouble with this. I tried this method also and still got an error it said. I am locked and not rooted. I use to do this on the OG droid but am having problems with this now. any other ideas?

        • ramifications

           You need to first unlock your phone. It comes locked from the factory. Check out xda-developers (forum on the CDMA galaxy nexus development) for instructions.

        • Cpomike13

          I am unlocked and rooted, and I’m also having trouble flashing this also. I have tried many times

    • Anonymous

       Download Rom Manager from the Market and flash ClockworkMod (at the top of the list when you open Rom Manager).  Then you should have the ability to flash the update.

  • how do you get clockwork recovery when you are stock?

  • 103 down to 93

  • love the better signal got a huge boost down to 73dBm

  • Boston

    Does this break root? Also, does it require a data wipe?

    • It undoes root, but you can just redo it the same way. No data wipe required.

  • Anonymous

    The “rename to update.zip” part of step 2 is unnecessary if you’re pointing CWM to the zip you’re installing. I think at least, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I’m pretty sure this works: if the file is named update.zip, you can turn your phone off, hold Power and Volume Up to boot into the stock recovery, and then flash it from there. Feel free to check this.

    • Anonymous

      this is for stock people right? unrooted etc

    • Dennard70


  • I’m on 4.0.2 with updated radios. How do i go about getting this update without losing all my stuffs?

  • Glitchy

    Listen, I care about one thing only. Does this fix the dang glitches with hi bit rate streaming music and long podcasts?  I am ready to bite the bullet and buy a Rezound on Ebay rather than put up with the dang stuttering and glitching in my music streams whenever the screen goes dark!   My Gnex burps on streams that my OG Droid has no problem with!   Grrrr!

    • never heard this problem i listen to podcasts all day with zero problem…

    • Marvin de Pano

       Mine doesn’t only do that on streaming, even music stored on the flash partition is stuttering for me, regardless of what app I use (Winamp, Google Music, etc.) My OG didn’t do this either, and it’s supposed to be waaaaayyyy slower than the GNex. Ya, it’s annoying for a frigging flagship device and OS.

      • none

        didnt you get the memo its not a flagship phone anymore

        • Marvin de Pano

           At the time it came out it was. Were you hiding under a rock?

    • Charles Daly

      I was having those issues with Google Music until I unchecked “Cache music” in the “Music settings”. Since I did that it’s been smooth sailing.

  • Anonymous

    youtube videos now actually play in hd!

  • Just did update thru CWM and I have OTA Rootkeeper.  Update worked but lost root.

    • Gnexus

      are you able to re-root with the same su.zip?

      • Paul Harper


        • Just did re-root and seems to have worked, OTA Rootkeepr and CWM work fine..although Titanium Backup seems to believe there is no root..so go figure.

          • Huh?

            OTA Rootkeeper was supposed to keep root, and you lost root. So OTA Rootkeeper DOESN’T work fine…at all!

          • You are correct…I was not even close on this one.

          • Nick

            Well, this isn’t an OTA update. We’d best wait and see whether the final update pushed out breaks root or not.

  • SuperMario

    Don’t mean to troll but droid-life is the last website to report the story.. kind of disappointing as droid-life is usually my primary source for Verizon/Droid related news.

    • Magnious

      Droid Life doesnt really report much news on the weekends. That would be why.

    • I’m guessing Droid Life tested the update for a little bit before reporting… maybe. But yes, I had already flashed it by the time this article came out.

    • they don’t report much on weekends….

    • tlspatt

      yeah, probably because Kellen tries to have a life on the weekends. besides, we’ve had gorgeous weather up here in the PacNW yesterday–between 55 and 65 in Seattle. I’d be out doing other things too. If you lived without the update for this long then an extra couple hours won’t matter much…

      • I both agree and disagree with you. We had a couple of 60 degree days this January (in Ohio of all places), and I sure as hell did not want to do anything on those days except go outside and have fun. But, if one of the servers at my work crashed, and I said “too bad, it’s 60 outside”, I would have quickly found my way out of a job — and in fact, this happened on one of those days and I had to spend 5 hours in a windowless basement. Kellen depends on this blog and it’s readers, so when something big happens, he should be on it regardless of his whimsy.

        • Anonymous

          What an idiot. Your servers crashing is not the same as putting up an article.  Your boss should tell you that you have to come in on Sat and Sundays and work. I don’t think you will do it for long.

          • Wait, how does Kellen pay his bills again? Oh, that’s right; HE HAS A BLOG. Explain to me the difference again. And you really must not have a job if you think people don’t work Saturdays and Sundays.  That’s just how exploitation… I mean employment works these days.

          • Calm down everyone. Let’s start the week off being happy. 🙂

            It’s true, we disappear on weekends as most people should. With that said, we were the 2nd site to report it and we actually gave you full instructions on how to install it, something no other site did.

          • That’s fair enough. And don’t get me wrong, we support you nonetheless. I had gotten the update in am email that morning, so for me, if would have been old news regardless of who reported it. I was just pointing out the fallacy of a “good weather” argument for anyone with a service job, even less for someone in a service career.

  • Does this do ANYTHING to the damn landscape/portrait transitions?

    • Paul Harper

      Seems that it improved the responsiveness of the transitions

    • Higbiz

      The transition delay is built in to android. Some custom ROMs (AOKP, for one) let you drop the delay down to only 10ms (from 200ms) which speeds them up quite a bit.

      • Anonymous

        I like the longer delay, it unwanted rotation drives me nuts.

  • Anonymous

    YES, finally!

  • Aarhed263

    anybody know if battery life is improved with this??

    • There’s no way to tell yet. It just broke a couple hours ago.

  • Anonymous

    Does this fix the auto brightness?

  • Kaoiv

    What about the multi-touch issue?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never had any multi-touch issues with mine, but its probably hardware related

    • Multitouch Issue is fixed, according to some of the posts in the XDA unofficial changelog thread. There are some screenshots posted from a multitouch test app showing all 4 corners being activated.

  • Anonymous

    Dang, just rooted yesterday… yeah, anyone know if you need to unroot to do this?

    • Gnexus

      same boat as you, i just rooted last night (or you could say very early this morning). I should work with root but the question is whether it maintains root. Will anyone please let us know if this breaks root and if so if OTA Rootkeeper will work with this?????

      • Paul Harper

        Root is not affected at all in doing this update

        • Gnexus

          Thanks Paul!! is this a personal account? also did you flash through COW? and lastly do you know if wireless tether stil works with this update?

          • Paul Harper

            I stand corrected it seems I dont have root access upon trying wifi tether
            Edit Reply

          • Paul Harper

            What method of root did you do permanent or the temp method? I had the temp method so it does not surprise me that I had to redo it. Took less than 5 mins to reroot no big deal.

          • Paul Harper

            Wifi tether is working perfectly and yes I am using CWM. Just reroot after install using sdk tools and reflash the recovery and su and you will be all set.

          • Gnexus

            i rooted with adb, and used root explorer to rename my /system recovery from boot file. Therefore im guessing i could just remove the extension to reboot with stock recovery to flash CWM and apply update? did the same su.zip file root the 4.0.4?

          • Paul Harper

            you possibly may not need to remove just install and see if your root sticks. and yes I used the same su.zip

          •  it’s CWM not COW,
            COW say MOOOOO but CWM make you say WOOOOO because it’s AWESOMEEEEE.

      • It’s very easy to unroot.Why dont you make a nandroid and a titanium backup and unroot it?

        • Paul Harper

          I lost no apps or data just root always a good idea to back up but really not necessary.

      • Paul Harper

        Using the temp root method I had to reroot after installing the update. No biggie just rerooted using sdk tools and reflashed recovery and su took a whole 5 mins and was honostly good practice lol

  • Christopher Riner

    Do you have to unroot?  Or will you lose root?

    • no need to unroot – but you will lose it and have to redo it. you will also probably need to reflash cwm

    • Anonymous

      no you need root in order to have clockwork recovery

  • Gnexus

    Can anyone confirm if this breaks Root? Will my OTA Rootkeeper app maintain the root with this update?

    • Yes it will “break” root.
      But you can just re-root without any problems.

      From the sounds of it, OTA Rootkeeper doesn’t work at all.

  • Garett

    Does anyone know if this fixes the wifi/infinite boot glitch? Haven’t been able to use wifi for a month now and it would be nice if I could.

  • Jslafarr

    rom devs will prob have their next batch on 4.0.4 – as that is how the game has gone since the OG droid.
    “id like to see google push official updates to the phone” LOL – as these clueless people are saying with rooted / roms gnex’s that BLOCK ota’s. who gives a sh*t. cant get the update anyway and even if you did youd have to re root all over again.
    pointless complaining that makes me waste time complaining myslef

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m just gonna wait until this goes into AOSP, or an official ota is sent out by Google. 4.0.3 works fine for me anyway on GummyNex so it’s not a huge deal.

  • vtcapsfan

    Can you flash this if youre unlocked bootloader/root but on stock 4.0.2

    • reversal

      I’m in the same boat, can someone answer this, and will you lose root?

      • Ahmed Said

        Yes I cant seem to root on 4.0.4 but on 4.0.2 it works fine.. SU can’t access root for some reason on 4.0.4

        • You lose root when you install the update, but putting su and Superuser.apk back on works the same as it did in 4.0.2.


      Yes as long as your on the stock recovery

      • vtcapsfan

        what if im on CWM

        • NEXUSSSSSS

          No must be stock recovery, otherwise you’ll have to wait for a ROM update

          • vtcapsfan

            The instructions above are for CWM..

          • NEXUSSSSSS

            Oh good look, flash away

        • Anonymous

          You can flash just the bootloader and radios if want on custom recovery.  You have to be on 4.0.2 bootloader and radios before upgrading though.

          If you are already on 4.0.3 you simply flash the stock bootloader and radios from your custom recovery and boot back up. Then go back into recovery and flash the upgrade.  I just did this myself and it works great, and only takes a few minutes.


          If you need the stock bootloader and radios just go to the second page in this thread above and download. Very simple

          • tlspatt

            thanks, now THAT was the answer I’ve been looking for–thanks Kleen and Timoh. no sense messing with an otherwise perfectly good ROM until we know the details of the update. only glitch I’ve noticed on AOKP or CND is that my panoramic mode on my camera sucks since flashing a 4.0.3 custom ROM. wonder if they did anything about the camera on this update? any dev’s dig through the contents of this update yet?  

  • Christopher Riner

    so FA02 and V.FA02 are the new radios? not ek04 and ek06?

  • Marvin de Pano

    Hoping Franco’s kernel gets updated to this soon too. Would like to couple that with stock 4.0.4.

  • NexusBRO

    My vagina hurts….stop your bitching.

  • ddevito

    I’ll wait for an updated Bugless Beast

  • Anonymous

    Since most are already on 4.0.3 roms it would be easier to wait until the roms update to this which will only take a few days rather than going back to stock for this.

    • A lot of 4.0.3 roms actually run the 4.0.2 radios. The link I put up also has a link to a zip to revert your radios and bootloader back to 4.0.2. Then you can flash the 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 radio zip.

      • Anonymous

        Yes this is what I ended up doing. It only took a few minutes…. Thanks.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Hopefully a ROM will have this soon, don’t want to redo everything yet again. Hope it fixes multi touch. Kind of sad how this is leaked before the real 4.0.3 update came.

    • They just skipped 4.0.3. no G-Nex got it

      • Gerrysafford86

        4.0.3 was designed for the nexus s…

  • The radios are updates, so it’s stronger signal, but can anyone who installs this tell if theres any sign of an update for the speaker? it needs to be louder

  • I’ll wait for it to hit the new build of AOKP.

    • Boblevel

      And then a day later on CodeName..lol..

      • Thus why I’m running AOKP and not Codename!

        • Anonymous

          I feel like I’m missing something here.. is codename kanging AOKP?

          • Ish…just replied above with my understanding of the whole thing. I meant it as much jokingly as serious, I guess, I don’t get worked up about it or anything, but I do prefer to support the devs actually doing the work.

        • Anonymous

          What’s wrong with Codename versus AOKP? I run Codename 1.2 and I think it’s pretty good, is there any reason I should switch? Haven’t been following the development of different roms that closely and genuinely curious.

          • Nothing wrong with it, I mean the dev does give credit for everything he put in, but the sour note seems to come from the idea that he didn’t put anything original in at all, just a “remix” of AOKP and some other things without any code or work of his own.

          • I just tried them both back to back this week… I started on codename 1.1.4 then went to 1.2.0.. then tried aokp milestone 3 for a bit, got curious and went back to codename to see what 1.3.0 was all about. codename seems to run ever so slightly faster, but AOKP has more polish as far as the mods and cusomization goes. I ended up back on AOKP.

  • looking forward to the OTA update for this.



    • Anonymous

      Reboots? more like complete damn shutdowns…. very much looking forward to a fix.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, same here about the mysterious random freezes/reboots. In the first two or so months since I’ve had my Nexus, nothing like that ever happened, but then a few weeks ago, when my phone was idle for longer than an hour, then I attempt to use the phone, it hung up, froze, then automatically rebooted.

        Hopefully this new Android update fixes these and other issues.

      • Anonymous

        Are you guys with these issues on stock or running roms?  Only reason I ask is I am running roms and have never had a reboot or shutdown. But I have read of those on stock that have had some reboots.

        P.S. this new set of radios do seem to be an improvement so far.

        If you are having some problems on stock, why not upgrade?

        • Anonymous

          Imm still stock/ Not Rooted. I just dont really feeling like doing the custom Rom dance just yet. Reason I got the Nexus was so that I didnt have to root to get updates quickly.

          • angermeans

            Hmm I got the Nexus so I could experience the excellent developer community and the great things that are sure to happen for the platform. The Nexus One still has a great life because of devs and there is no phone out there that is as popular in the community. The idea of a Nexus sure has changed in the past couple years. Then again I can understand your feeling as ICS does look and run great. I’m sure you will get there, but I can see your logic as if I was someone that didnt want to have to root (or have the time as I am noticing I rarely have the time with college classes and full time work) the promise of updates from Google would be a huge selling point. I can’t imagine owning this phone and not rooting it and running custom roms. I’ve been waiting years since getting my original Nexus One and being on Verizon (I refuse to leave as the network is light years ahead of the competition). To me the idea of a Nexus means rooting and roms and I couldn’t imagine not using it for that. 

          • Anonymous

            Thats the difference ivee seen. Folks have been screaming in the past for manufacturers tto just give us stock android. Especially because of the updates from google. The they get a stock device and root it and run custom roms on anyway. You can root and run custom roms on 99% of android phones. If I was just interested in Roms I would have just gotten the GS2. Sure its easier to ropt and Rom a Nexus… but its not much harder on most other phomes.

        • I’ve been running custom roms and still get the random shutdowns

          • babadush

            Are you using nova launcher? I noticed that hangs every now and then. Then reboots

        • Whenever I read about the reboot/shutdown issue, they’re always on 4.0.1.  Not saying it doesn’t happen with 4.0.2, but I’ve never seen one reboot/shutdown I didn’t request.

        • Rsmith Nikon

          I am unlocked and rooted… no custom rom. Today i was sitting at my kitchen table working on my computer when i noticed my phone rebooting next to me. I mentioned it to my wife and she said that her phone… stock… does the same thing. First time i evrr noticed it.

        • Totally retail stock, never had one single problem.  waiting for more awesome before I bother rooting.

    • John

      no issues here. has been solid

  • Anonymous

    where’s the google.com download link?

    • Anonymous

      it’s a leak… not an official release

  • Anonymous

    So much for getting direct updates from Google on the Galaxy Nexus. First no update to 4.0.3 and now a new update with no signs of an OTA push, still.

    • Madcow06

      Chill, there’s not going to be an update every month.

    • if you’re serious, then Stop posting. We do get direct updates from Google. This was a developer only release. they pulled the package and posted it online. 4.0.3 didn’t go to any galaxy nexus’. This might have a few bugs, which is why it hasn’t been pushed out yet

      • Anonymous

        Let’s see here Alex – there have been two separate OS updates to Android now since the Galaxy Nexus was released, including one that updated the base OS version (to 4.0.3), and yet there have been zero OTA pushes to the device.  Combine this with the recently released information about the CDMA devices basically being pulled from Google’s list of “officially supported devices”, and I say they are falling down on their promise with this phone.

        It’s easy to say “We do get direct updates from Google”, but until it actually happens, ever, then my comment stands.  I am very fond of my Galaxy Nexus, and actually have not had any real problems with it, but things definitely smell fishy coming from the direction of Google.

        • Madcow06

          Actually there was one, update pushed when you activated the phone.

        • 4.0.2 was pushed to the phone, it was done on launch day. 4.0.3 didn’t really go on any phones. They started to push it to the Nexus S but then halted deployment after bugs were found.

        • Nick

          You do realize that 4.0.3 was only for the nexus s. Unlocked gnex is still on 4.0.2

        • Tim242

          There was an OTA on day of release. It released with 4.0.1, updated to 4.0.2 15 minutes after activating. Be patient, damn!

        • vvvvvvvv ziiiiing. Dude, no one got the 4.0.3 update! they’re skipping and going to 4.0.4. We got 4.0.2 on the day we activated the phone, and the GSM version got that update after us.

    • Anonymous

      I also would like to see an official update of some sort. However the updates always leak out early for those that want to upgrade ahead of time. And this is the way I always want to keep it. 

      For instance most of us with the Thunderbolt were running Gingerbread months before the official ota. 

      But I would like to start seeing official updates.

  • xxdesmus

    so I assume this will screw with my root and unlock?

    • Nope, it’s all good.

      It will undo root, but you can just redo it easily enough. (just copy su and Superuser.apk back in).

      Unlock stays unlocked

  • Gerrysafford86

    your welcome kellex!!!! ;P

  • Marvin de Pano

    I’m sure someone (Peter Alfonso) will put out a stock rooted rom out there. #patienceisavirtue

    • Boblevel

      Yep, on Twitter he said it will be included in the next version soon..

      • Marvin de Pano

         Cool! I knew it.

  • Is the signal strength any different or does it just fake a stronger signal with more bars?

    • I had someone else post some screen shots for me and the signal to bar representation looks the same as always.

      I also just flashed them and I went from 113dBm to 93dBm. It appears that this does increase reception.

      I flashed only the bootloader and radios. Still running AOKP milestone 3.


      Do NOT flash this over anything but the 4.0.2 radios and bootloader. It patches the LTE radio and replaces the CDMA.

      • this was the news I was hoping to hear. I’ve been sitting tight on my Nexus waiting to really do anything with it but the signal improvement may be worth it. Besides stock ICS is beautiful so who can really complain?

        • huzzah! it definitely seems to boost reception. 

      • My 4G went from -90 dBm (3 bars) to -95 dBm (4 bars), so there’s that.

        • Maybe they changed it with the whole ROM/update. I only flashed the radio and had -93dBm with 2 bars.

        • Anonymous

          Thats strange since -95 is worse than -90

      • TLW

        I flashed it over the 4.0.3 radios/bootloader just fine.  

        • A lot of 4.0.3 ROMs actually run the 4.0.2 radios. Most ROMs don’t flash the radio.

          If you had EK05 EK02 then you already had the 4.0.2 radios.

          If you were running 4.0.3 radios(EK06/EK04) it will only change the botloader and the CDMA radio.

          It does it this way: Bootloader:replace, LTE:patch, CMDA:replace. Check your radios in the system info(baseband version), they should both end in FA02.

          If they don’t you should flash the 4.0.2 zip found on the second page of the thread that I linked, then flash the 4.0.4 upgrade.

          • Anonymous

            Good info to have, thanks!

    • Anonymous

      The browser quick controls have gained many new functions…there’s something new!

      • I don’t see anything new under the browser’s quick controls?

        • Anonymous

          They now include a Bookmarks button and Add a Tab. If you are using Browser+ you already had these but stock didn’t.

          • I bet that was already added in 4.0.3 because I’ve had both of those options in the stock browser.  I’ve been using 4.03 based ROMs for a while and must have forgotten that those options weren’t included in 4.0.2.

        • Anonymous

          There are more options now

    • My reception in my apartment was horrible I was lucky to get 1 bar of 4G (and i’m in the NYC market) but after this update I’ve been seeing 2 or 3 bars pretty consistently. +1 for this.

       I was actually at -140dBm before I did this (which was abnormally low I’m usually around 120) and afterwards it’s jumping from about 93 to 103 dBm

      edit – I tried changing my soft keys back to how they were with 4.0.2 where I had the roboto text….well that doesn’t appear to work right now as I got a systemui force close.

      Also it seems I have to keep flashing clockwork in order to get into it’s recovery mode. I’m sure this could be fixed by the permanent method but I haven’t tried it yet. Anyone else have this issue?

      • Softkeys can be rewritten, still. I used Zipthemer, updated Edify (giving it this update file as a source).

        SystemUI changes with Android version, so if you’re just using CWM to flash a zip file to change the softkeys, you’ll need to re-generate that zip file to use the new version of SystemUI.

        Android will keep re-flashing the stock recovery on every boot unless you remove /system/recovery-from-boot.p (the update restores this file)

        • oooh i hadn’t thought of giving it this update as a source. Good call!

  • Qbanito1967

    Great news

  • If the battery bar designation is the only thing they changed, then I almost see no point in moving up from 4.0.3

    • Anonymous

      I mean there is no change log yet… Kellex is just assuming. We’ll see soon enough I guess

      • There’s an unofficial changelog on XDA. It’s just full of changes known to be in the source code and observed by people testing it

  • All I want is for this to fix the multitouch.

    • Mike Wadsten

      I’ve read that it does fix the multitouch.

    • Anonymous

      what issue have you had with Multi-touch?

  • Anonymous

    Any guides to flash this on stock recovery?

    • Madcow06

      This is also what I want to know, can I rename it update.zip and use the stock recovery to flash?

      • No, do not do this. It’s not the same as a normal system update, it’s just a bunch of patches.

        • Madcow06

          Damn, I figured as much.

          • Someone will come up with a different method soon I’m sure.

    • 1). Install CWM
      2). Make a Backup
      3). Install this update
      4). Boot it back up

      When you boot it back up, it will put the stock recovery back in automatically.

      Maybe somebody can shed some light on this: Why are people willing to install updates without the safety net of a backup, but they aren’t willing to install a tried-and-true, trusted recovery image? Flashing clockworkmod recovery is COMPLETELY reversible!