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How to: Install Google Wallet From the Market on the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus

verizon nexus google wallet

We just discovered that Google Wallet has been given the green light for the Galaxy Nexus as long as it has an AT&T SIM (sorry T-Mo users), but the reason we discovered that in the first place, was a tip from a reader who claimed to have installed it on his Verizon LTE G-Nex. After following his instructions, we also were able to install the app directly from the Android Market without flashing a zip or doing anything that a non-rooted phone could not do. How did we do it?  Instructions below.  


*People are having much better luck with the long version below.

1.  From your phone, open the browser and head to http://market.android.com.
2.  Search for “Google Wallet.”

*If your browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. Just stay in the browser.

3.  When the results come back, tap on the Google Wallet icon.
4.  The phone will prompt you to leave the browser and go to the Market. Choose the Market this time.
5.  You should now be sitting in the Android Market with Google Wallet up.
6.  Tap “install” and enjoy.

If that short method is not working, here is the full method that our tipster gave us:

*Tip:  You may want to clear data and defaults on browser and Market before doing this.

1.  From your phone open the browser and head to http://market.android.com.
2.  Search for “Google Wallet.”

*If your browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. Just stay in the browser.

3.  When the results come back, tap on the Google Wallet icon.
4.  Tap the “Install” button from within the browser and then sign into your Google account.

*Again, this is all from the browser, not the Market app.

5.  Once you have signed in, you should be redirected back to the Market page in the browser.
6.  Obviously, you will not have the option to install there since the VZW Nexus is not supported.
7.  Tap the back button until you are prompted for the Market or Browser again, this time choosing the Market.
8.  The Android Market should open to the Google Wallet page with an option to install.

Video instructions (Cheers Joey!):

YouTube Preview Image

*Note 1 – This method should work to get almost any blocked app installed on your phone.

*Note 2 – The market is also now recognizing it as being installed:

Cheers Mbanicek!

  • ddevito

    I’ve had it side loaded since December and it’s always been listed under my apps (installed) in the market (on the web).

  • Q

    Got it working using the 2nd set of instructions.. Updated the current leaked version I already had installed.. Thanks for the tip DL!
    Love how it says I cant have it, while it’s installing 😀

  • ddevito

    Google Wallet has been my sleeper app/feature on the GNex and ICS. I use it almost daily.

    PayPass is everywhere and I am seeing Google Wallet terminals popping up in a lot of places.

  • Salty_teabag

    Took a LOT of playing around but finally worked…. had 4G and WiFi disabled when I did it, but dunno if that was what made the difference.

  • Teabling

    I got it to work after a few tries. the trick is to clear the browser data after every time it doesn’t work. then i followed the second longer way. when you press install, it asks you to sign in, you should get asked between the browser or market twice in a row. the second time asked, press market. it should take you strait to the accept/download page and still say it isn’t supported but will let you DL it anyway.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!  This did the trick for me, too.

  • Anonymous

    i did it with the long method with manual sign in on a locked, stock, non rooted nexus straight from vzw store on 12/15

  • Keir Stiegler

    Worked great to update my existing wallet!

  • tjmonkey15

    The long method worked on my stock, unrooted, NOT unlocked (yeah, I’m one of those non-hacker people…) Verizon GNex running 4.0.2.  I had installed an older version of Wallet through a different workaround a while ago, and this method updated the app to the most current version.  Thank you!!

  • Guest

    Where I got caught up was at step 6 using the long method. I have multiple Android devices and was prompted to choose one. I didn’t not get the message that my device was not supported so I chose the G-Nex and clicked install and finally got the message but this seemed make the remaining steps ineffective. If you just ignore step 6 of the long method and hit the back button once you have logged in within the browser and follow the steps it should work.

  • Bob

    Got it working, nice thanks gus

  • JB

    I just got it to work on my unrooted, unlocked Verizon GN.  Just sent the market link to my phone with Chrome to Phone, hit accept and download.  It complained but downloaded and installed anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using GW since it was presented here as a standalone. Works fine. Not touching the market until it is actually supported…..not broke, no need to fix.

  • David Elisha

    Running Completely Stock…Used to use the apk that I sideloaded, when I installed Wallet (with the full method)…. Doesn’t Work 🙁

    • CentervilleVA

      Try clearing the market defaults in settings. Worked for me a few seconds ago

      • David Elisha

        Actually after I tried using it, my phone had one of its random reboots and checked it out again and worked perfectly…. SWEET. Also the money I added from the apk app automatically came back. Now all I have to do is root the damn phone. 

  • CentervilleVA

    this actually works for any app not compatible with ICS.  I downloaded Sims and HBOGO, but neither work well.  At least they will automatically update when they release the compatible versions.

  • Does not work any more.

  • Mikeyflo

    Got mine to work by searching for it on my computer. Went all the way to where I had to select which device to install it on, and used Chrome-To-Phone to send it to my Verizon GNex. Then selected Market when it came up on my device. My bootloader is unlocked and I’m rooted but stock

  • i didn’t have to do anything. i searched in the market and it updated google wallet that i sideloaded. LOL

  • It took awhile but it eventually worked and updated the version i had before.  I used the second method, but I had to make sure I signed out of my google account before doing it. 

  • Anonymous

    Would it be too much to ask Kellex if we could have a video tutorial for those of us having problems?

  • Anonymous

    make sure cellular data is on and you have service… then force stop wallet and clear its data and try again with cellular data on

  • Galaxynexus

    ANY RISK OF THE SECURE ELEMENT ERROR? Is warrenty covered if you do get the error?

  • Hcoboy1987

    those who got it to work do you have two step verification on your account?

  • Anonymous

    I got a message stating: Unforunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Almost makes me want to go down to CVS or peets coffee just to use it 😀

  • Anonymous

    I had several problems but i got it working (i had the xda app before and my balance remained 0.00) short method didn’t work the long way didn’t either… saw jmac726’s comment… long way works but do not use the yellow auto sign in, instead manually type in your email and password then select market it will bring you straight to the accept and download screen, have cellular data on or it won’t work. if you try without cellular data it says wallet is not available in your country (and it is supposed to be) go to settings force stop wallet and clear data it should work after that with cellular data on

  • Cereed09

    Doesn’t work…not compatible on my device.

  • Rdjr74

    yes i got it to work. completely stock verizon galaxy nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Got it over 3g with the long method. I cleared both the browser AND market cache though. Otherwise when I would go to the market, I would get a a “google+wallet” string in the search bar and a list of apps.

    • Anonymous

      p.s. I didn’t set my phone to CDMA, I just don’t get 4g at my house. =(

  • Dwjr82

    Should we uninstalled the old google wallet first

    • QtDL

      I did. As long as you have the APK saved somewhere you can always go back to it if needed.

  • Completely stock, unrooted, locked bootloader, as pure as the day I got it from the store and it works now. It took me THREE attempts however, and I had to use the long way. Wallet told me that my carrier wasn’t supported, but it still installed the app. 

    Thanks to Kellex and whoever sent this in.

  • awesomeguy

    Stock, unrooted, unlocked bootloader. Success with method 2!

  • RW-1

    No such luck. I’ll wait for XDA to sideload the APK, besides i have the first version and it is functional.

    Anyone know the improvements/changelog?

  • Locked and unrooted. Finally got it to work.  They key was clicking on the icon in the search results, not the Install button.

    • Anonymous

      Followed Mark P’s additional instructions and got it to work on my locked/unrooted device.

  • Anonymous

    yes this does work, i have had google wallet on my verizon nexus for quite some time, Have used it in store as well.

  • Cchandler66

    running complete stock. had the old leaked version. took a couple tries before it worked. I used the second one and about the second time it worked. 

  • little old me

    Does not work for me …. completely stock: not rooted, not unlocked.

    It doesn’t show up searching from the phone and when I go to the market on my laptop, it shows up but says it is not compatible with my devices and “not available on your carrier”

    le sigh.

  • Jon Tobin

    I just installed it on my T-Mobile Nexus S with ICS and it’s running great! I even got the free $10!

  • Anonymous

    Installed but now getting country/ carrier error

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where/how the hell you guys come up with this, but I’m very grateful you do. It worked with no problems. Amazing.

  • Azwillnj

    So I just tried this and it was already installed… I had downloaded the apk from DL earlier and installed it on my unlocked non-rooted nexus. I rooted yesterday and installed AOKP Milestone 3 and it installed it when it restored my apps automatically… Cool!

  • Not available with carrier 

    • I figured it out…You must sign out of your gmail account if you have auto sign in on. 

  • JMac726

    WORKED! I have a completely stock, not rooted, not unlocked, straight from Verizon retail phone…

    The fast version didn’t work for me.  Then I had to do the long version and that failed too.  I went and signed out of the market, and did the long version again.  when you get to the sign in page you HAVE to type out your account and password.  When I clicked the yellow bar that auto-signed me in, it didn’t work.  After signing in by typing everything out, I hit back, selected open with market, and it said “This item isn’t available by your carrier” but let me “Accept & Download” anyway….AWESOME!

    • Jd

      that helped a lot!

    • Isaac

      Thank you for the tip, Tried it your way and it worked!

    • Anthony Armando

      had to manually type in user name and password also. using the yellow bar for auto-sign-in did not work.

    • Anonymous

      agreed figured out that I had to do the same thing to make it work for me also. Wish I had read your comment firts.

    • Datbmxkid

      Yeah they should have mentioned in the post to not click on the yellow bar when signing in

    • This worked for me 100%.

    • Spokehedz

      Also worked for me. I had google 2-way auth on, which was a pain to work with but it WORKS. Completely stock, no root no funny biz here.

    • Anonymous

      The easiest way I found was to send a market link to my phone with the Chrome to Phone extension for the Chrome browser.  Opened automatically in the Market App and let me Accept & Download.

    • exiOS

      This worked for my unrooted device

    • Sanchezl99

      Thanks! This worked for me as well. Unrooted completely stock.

    • Anonymous

      Works! Thx +11111

    • Anonymous

      I can’t get it to work.  Stock Galaxy Nexus – no root.  I force close and clear data/cache on both the browser and the market.  I log out in the browser, access the market via the browser, search for Google Wallet, click “Install”, sign in manually when prompted (ignoring the yellow bar), and then EVERY TIME when I hit the back button – I get a connection error. I’ve tried the whole process 3 times and it happens the same way each time.  WTF.

      • JMac726

         When are you hitting back? you have to let it sign all the way in until you are back at the install page…on mine it twice asked me if i wanted to use browser before getting me back to that page.  Also, try clicking install from the google wallet market page itself, not from the search results page

        • That seems to be the problem.  If you attempt this from the search results page it fails.  You must be on the market page and you cant use the auto sign in yellow bar.  Worked perfectly!

    • ahwal

      i got it working too. it took quite a few tries, but i finally backed up at the right time. keep trying, it will work.

    • Anonymous

      I got this to work just fine as well.  My concern is that while it does show Wallet in my list of installed apps in my Market app when I open it, it just shows that whole “This item isn’t available by your carrier” blurb and there are no “Open” or “Uninstall” option buttons where they normally are, so I wonder if we’ll actually get updates to this like normal…..

    • Bcorrell34

      That’s how I did it too. HAVE TO TYPE IN LOGIN AND PASSWORD, not the auto-sign in!!!!

    • BigODroid

      It worked it worked, downloading now! Man I love the Android and DL community. did have to manually sign in as well. i hit that back button one time, hit play instead of browser and voila, hit accept and download. despit it telling me its not available by my carrier. So awesome.

  • This worked for me.  On AOKP ROM

  • iPhonesucks

    Galaxy Nexus…….Yeah I got it CHEA!

  • Hcoboy1987

    this doesn’t work.  period.  vapor ware

    • Tim242

      Yeah, that’s why it is working for so many people.

  • i have a stock, non-rooted, locked bootloader GNex and i cant get it to show in the market. i just keep on getting the “not on this carrier” warning. i can get to the market popup where you need to log in on the browser, then i cant get the popup to choose the market again. Guess ill just wait for an apk or an official version to maybe get released

    • woot! nevermind, did what some people suggested (airplane+wifi, clearing market app data) and finally got it to work! (had to long press of wallet icon in browser to get to the app info page, then hit install, signed in, and could agree & install) first launch said it wasnt available in country/carrier, but opening it again went right into app and could add cards!

  • Got the app installed, but when I run it, I get “Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.”  Any ideas?

    • Problem was being in airplane mode with Wifi.  Turn airplane mode off, force stop Google Wallet and try again.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone uninstalling apk to download this?

    • QtDL

      I did and it worked for me. Doesn’t show up in my market account though. I will be testing to make sure it actually does work in a store. I have the hacked APK saved in case I need to go back to it.

  • Anonymous

    Took me numerous tried but I finally got it! Woot!

  • QtDL

    So I uninstalled the hacked APK and did the ‘long way’ listed above. It says at the top of the market “this item isn’t available by your carrier” but it still downloaded, installed.and activated properly. Weird, sneaky loopholes are awesome but it still doesn’t show up in my market account. 🙂 Thanks anonymous reader and Droid Life!